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Signum Classics

SIGCD001 TALLIS: The Complete Works, Vol. 1635212000120
SIGCD002 TALLIS: The Complete Works, Vol. 2635212000229
SIGCD003 TALLIS: The Complete Works, Vol. 3635212000328
SIGCD010 TALLIS: The Complete Works, Vol. 4635212001028
SIGCD012 BACH: The Six Partitas635212001226
SIGCD014 VIVALDI: 12 Sonatas for violin and continuo, Op. 2635212001424
SIGCD016 TALLIS: The Complete Works, Vol. 5635212001622
SIGCD017 GUERRERO: Requiem & Vespers for All Saints635212001721
SIGCD022 TALLIS: The Complete Works, Vol. 6635212002223
SIGCD024 BACH: Sonatas for Viola da Gamba & Harpsichord635212002421
SIGCD027 BACH: Die Kunst der Fuge635212002728
SIGCD029 TALLIS: The Complete Works, Vol. 7635212002926
SIGCD030 BACH: Italian Concerto & French Overture635212003022
SIGCD034 BACH: Music for Oboe and Harpsichord635212003428
SIGCD036 TALLIS: The Complete Works, Vol. 8635212003626
SIGCD045 CLEMENS NON PAPA: Missa Ecce quam bonum635212004524
SIGCD051 SHOSTAKOVICH: Hypothetically Murdered & other works635212005125
SIGCD059 Anthems for the 21st century635212005927
SIGCD062 POTT: Christus635212006221
SIGCD063 VIERNE: Symphonies pour orgue635212006320
SIGCD064 REICH: Different Trains, Triple Quartet & Duet635212006429
SIGCD065 Sacred Bridges635212006528
SIGCD066 TIPPETT/PURCELL: Remember your lovers & other songs635212006627
SIGCD070 All the ends of the earth635212007020
SIGCD072 The exquisite hour635212007228
SIGCD073 CHARPENTIER: Music for the Virgin Mary635212007327
SIGCD074 HANDEL/MOZART: Messiah635212007426
SIGCD076 LASSUS: Lamentations & Requiem635212007624
SIGCD078 TALBOT: Path of Miracles635212007822
SIGCD079 The Hymns Album635212007921
SIGCD080 POTT: Meditations & Remembrances635212008027
SIGCD081 MOZART: Piano Trios635212008126
SIGCD082 The Triumphs of Oriana635212008225
SIGCD083 TODD: Mass in Blue & other choral works635212008324
SIGCD084 Royal Albert Hall Organ Restored635212008423
SIGCD085 ALLEGRI: Miserere635212008522
SIGCD086 TELEMANN: The Virtuoso Godfather635212008621
SIGCD087 WEIR: On buying a horse & other songs635212008720
SIGCD088 Ghost stories635212008829
SIGCD089 The organ of Westminster Cathedral635212008928
SIGCD090 Landscape & Time635212009024
SIGCD091 BACH: Cello Suites635212009123
SIGCD092 TIPPETT: Choral images635212009222
SIGCD093 The Oxford Psalms635212009321
SIGCD094 Music for the Coronation of James II, 1685635212009420
SIGCD095 JAMES (J): Wanderer Fantasies after Schubert & Schumann635212009529
SIGCD096 SCOTT (FG): Moonstruck & other songs635212009628
SIGCD097 HAYDN: Piano Sonatas635212009727
SIGCD099 Scenes of spirits635212009925
SIGCD100 CHILCOTT: Man I sing & other choral works635212010026
SIGCD101 Songs from the Pleasure Garden635212010129
SIGCD102 GOTTWALD: Choral arrangements by Clytus Gottwald635212010228
SIGCD103 METCALF: In Time of Daffodils635212010327
SIGCD104 Beauty and the beatbox635212010426
SIGCD105 POTT: The Cloud of Unknowing635212010525
SIGCD106 HUGHES: A Purse of Gold – Irish Songs by Herbert Hughes635212010624
SIGCD107 The Swingle Singers ... unwrapped635212010723
SIGCD108 The Carols Album635212010822
SIGCD109 MONTEVERDI: Vespers635212010921
SIGCD110 DVORÁK: Symphonies Nos. 8 & 9635212011027
SIGCD111 Fiddlesticks635212011126
SIGCD112 VAUGHAN WILLIAMS/GURNEY/VENABLES: On Wenlock Edge & other songs635212011225
SIGCD113 BACH: The Well-tempered Clavier I635212011324
SIGCD114 The Organ of Buckingham Palace Ballroom635212011423
SIGCD115 Hear my words635212011522
SIGCD116 ELGAR/MYASKOVSKY: Cello Concertos635212011621
SIGCD117 GLASS: Complete String Quartets635212011720
SIGCD118 ELGAR/PAYNE: Symphony No. 3 & Pomp and Circumstance No. 6635212011829
SIGCD119 The Golden Age635212011928
SIGCD121 Simple Gifts635212012123
SIGCD122 BRITTEN: Britten Abroad635212012222
SIGCD123 BACH: The Well-tempered Clavier II635212012321
SIGCD124 ROTH: Songs in time of war635212012420
SIGCD125 The Division Flute635212012529
SIGCD126 MESSIAEN: Chamber Works635212012628
SIGCD127 O sacrum convivium635212012727
SIGCD128 Songs of Innocence635212012826
SIGCD129 Espressia – Armenian Metamorphoses635212012925
SIGCD130 Naji Hakim – The organ of Glenalmond College635212013021
SIGCD131 WERT: Vox in rama - Il secondo libro de motetti635212013125
SIGCD132 BRAHMS: Symphony No. 2635212013229
SIGCD133 SCHUBERT: Symphony No. 9635212013328
SIGCD134 WHITE: Sacred Music635212013427
SIGCD135 SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphony No. 5 Festive Overture635212013526
SIGCD137 BRITTEN/SHOSTAKOVICH: Cello Concerto & Cello Symphony635212013724
SIGCD138 KNOWLES: Poetry Serenade635212013823
SIGCD139 BEETHOVEN: Lieder und Gesänge635212013922
SIGCD140 Espressia – Tangos & Fantasies635212014028
SIGCD141 Emilia635212014127
SIGCD142 CHILCOTT: Making waves635212014226
SIGCD143 REICH/KRAFTWERK: Electric Counterpoint & other works635212014325
SIGCD144 BINGHAM: Remoter Worlds - Choral Music635212014424
SIGCD145 BEETHOVEN: Lieder und Gesänge635212014523
SIGCD146 GRANADOS: Goyescas635212014622
SIGCD147 Romance du soir635212014721
SIGCD148 STRAUSS: Till Eulenspiegel & Ein Heldenleben635212014820
SIGCD150 The King's Singers Live at the BBC Proms635212015025
SIGCD151 HOWELLS: I love all beauteous things & other works635212015124
SIGCD152 Spanish Heroines635212015223
SIGCD153 Razor blades, little pills and big pianos635212015322
SIGCD154 CARLSON: Anna Karenina635212015421
SIGCD155 LISZT: Songs635212015520
SIGCD156 Bach Transcribed635212015629
SIGCD157 TORELLI: The original Brandenburg Concertos635212015728
SIGCD158 Façades - Contemporary works for saxophone635212015827
SIGCD160 KORNGOLD: Sonnett für Wien & other songs635212016022
SIGCD161 The Frostbound Wood & other British songs635212016121
SIGCD162 HAWES: Song of Songs635212016220
SIGCD163 DURUFLÉ: Requiem635212016329
SIGCD164 RACHMANINOV: Violin Sonata & other works635212016428
SIGCD165 STRAVINSKY: L'oiseau de feu635212016527
SIGCD166 Yanomami - Music for choir and guitar635212016626
SIGCD167 The Organ of St Sulpice, Paris635212016725
SIGCD168 ELGAR: Enigma Variations635212016824
SIGCD169 BEETHOVEN: Symphonies Nos. 3 & 5635212016923
SIGCD170 ROSSINI: Mezzo - Scenes & Arias635212017029
SIGCD171 Dance of the three-legged elephants635212017128
SIGCD172 RACHMANINOV/GRIEG: Cello Sonatas635212017227
SIGCD173 SCHOENBERG: Gurrelieder635212017326
SIGCD174 Don't talk - just listen!635212017425
SIGCD175 LCO Live - Haydn, Mozart & Beethoven635212017524
SIGCD176 STAINER: The Crucifixion635212017623
SIGCD178 HAWES: Fair Albion - Visions of England635212017821
SIGCD179 ELGAR: Symphonies Nos. 1 & 2635212017920
SIGCD180 Naked Byrd635212018026
SIGCD181 HALLGRÍMSSON: Mini Stories635212018125
SIGCD182 What sweeter music635212018224
SIGCD183 DVORÁK: Symphonies Nos. 7 & 8635212018323
SIGCD184 VERDI: Requiem635212018422
SIGCD185 BACH/BUSONI/BEETHOVEN: now would all freudians please stand aside635212018521
SIGCD186 KERNIS: Goblin Market635212018620
SIGCD188 MAHLER: Symphony No. 9635212018828
SIGCD189 MOZART/GLUCK/BERLIOZ: Arias635212018927
SIGCD190 HOWELLS: Choral Music635212019023
SIGCD191 BRAHMS: Sinfonia in B635212019122
SIGCD192 Swimming over London635212019221
SIGCD193 BERLIOZ: Symphonie fantastique635212019320
SIGCD194 SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphony No. 7 'Leningrad'635212019429
SIGCD195 STRAVINSKY/LIADOV: Petrushka, The enchanted lake & other works635212019528
SIGCD197 POULENC: Figure humaine635212019726
SIGCD198 PACHELBEL: Vespers635212019825
SIGCD199 Deep in My Soul635212019924
SIGCD200 LCO Live - Beethoven & Mendelssohn635212020029
SIGCD201 LCO Live - Mozart, Beethoven & Rossini635212020128
SIGCD202 A Family Christmas635212020227
SIGCD203 METCALF: Paths of Song635212020326
SIGCD2033 Stokowski Philadelphia raritiesPreviously issued on CalaCACD0501635212203316
SIGCD204 VENABLES: At Midnight635212020425
SIGCD205 STRAVINSKY/POULENC: The Rite of Spring & Les biches635212020524
SIGCD206 LANGLAIS: Messe solennelle635212020623
SIGCD207 METCALFE: Constant Filter & other works635212020722
SIGCD2071 SIBELIUS: Symphonies Nos. 1 & 2Previously issued on CalaCACD0541635212207116
SIGCD208 BERKELEY: For You635212020821
SIGCD209 BACH: St John Passion635212020920
SIGCD2092 DEBUSSY: Engulfed CathedralPreviously issued on Cala 1024635212209219
SIGCD2093 DEBUSSY: Evening in GranadaPreviously issued on Cala 1025635212209318
SIGCD2094 BORODIN: Requiem & other worksPreviously issued on Cala 1029635212209417
SIGCD2095 MUSORGSKY: Pictures from an exhibition & from CrimeaPreviously issued on Cala 1030635212209516
SIGCD210 Dialogues of Sorrow635212021026
SIGCD211 LCO Live - Ravel, Fauré, Poulenc & Ibert635212021125
SIGCD212 LEVINE: Prayers for Mankind635212021224
SIGCD213 BACH: Motets635212021323
SIGCD214 PROKOFIEV: Suites from Cinderella and Romeo & Juliet635212021422
SIGCD215 BACH: Christmas Oratorio635212021521
SIGCD2159 RAVEL: Valley of the bells & other orchestral worksPreviously issued on Cala635212215913
SIGCD216 DEBUSSY/GLIÈRE/MOZART: Harp Concertos635212021620
SIGCD2160 RAVEL: Five o'clock foxtrot & other orchestral worksPreviously issued on Cala635212216019
SIGCD2161 RESPIGHI: Ballad of the gnomes & other worksPreviously issued on Cala635212216118
SIGCD2162 SAINT-SAËNS: Africa & other orchestral worksPreviously issued on Cala 4031635212216217
SIGCD2163 SAINT-SAËNS: Requiem & Organ SymphonyPreviously issued on Cala 4032635212216316
SIGCD2164 GRAINGER: The warriors & other worksPreviously issued on Cala 4033635212216415
SIGCD217 Songs of cricket635212021729
SIGCD218 BACH: Mass in B minor635212021828
SIGCD219 MAHLER: Symphony No. 4635212021927
SIGCD220 SHOSTAKOVICH/WALTON: Cello Concertos635212022023
SIGCD222 HAKIM: Hakim plays Hakim - Danish Radio organ635212022221
SIGCD223 English Organ Music from the Temple Church635212022320
SIGCD224 Romantic novelties for violin and orchestra635212022429
SIGCD225 The Majesty of thy Glory635212022528
SIGCD226 MUSORGSKY: Pictures at an exhibition635212022627
SIGCD227 Flux635212022726
SIGCD228 BRITTEN/POSTON: A Ceremony of Carols & An English Day-Book635212022825
SIGCD229 TCHAIKOVSKY/RACHMANINOV: Swan Lake & Symphonic Dances635212022924
SIGCD230 RACHMANINOV: Music for piano635212023020
SIGCD231 VIVALDI/PIAZZOLLA: The Eight Seasons635212023129
SIGCD232 SHEPPARD M: The soul rests eternal635212023228
SIGCD233 These visions635212023327
SIGCD234 HERMANN: Psycho Suite635212023426
SIGCD235 Naked Byrd Two635212023525
SIGCD236 Dance635212023624
SIGCD237 MONTEVERDI: Vespers635212023723
SIGCD239 An Irish Songbook635212023921
SIGCD244 RODRIGO: Works for guitar and orchestra635212024423
SIGCD245 HAKIM: Chamber music and organ works635212024522
SIGCD246 HANDEL: Messiah635212024621
SIGCD247 POULENC: The Complete Songs, Vol. 1635212024720
SIGCD248 VICTORIA: Requiem635212024829
SIGCD249 Concerti Curiosi635212024928
SIGCD250 BRAHMS: Symphonies Nos. 1 & 3635212025024
SIGCD251 MOZART: An Italian Journey635212025123
SIGCD252 CHOPIN/SAINT-SAËNS: Cello Sonatas635212025222
SIGCD253 TCHAIKOVSKY: Symphony No. 6635212025321
SIGCD254 BEETHOVEN: Symphony No. 9635212025420
SIGCD256 BRUCKNER: Symphony No. 4635212025628
SIGCD257 A Choral Christmas635212025727
SIGCD258 FROST/KARLSEN: Parapraxis & Bassoon Concertos635212025826
SIGCD259 MAHLER: Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen635212025925
SIGCD260 TALBOT: Tide Harmonic635212026021
SIGCD261 BACH: Organ Music635212026120
SIGCD262 High Flight635212026229
SIGCD263 POULENC: The Complete Songs, Vol. 2635212026328
SIGCD264 RACHMANINOV: Preludes & Melodies635212026427
SIGCD265 BACH: Mass in B minor635212026526
SIGCD266 ELGAR: Organ Music635212026625
SIGCD267 PARRY: Songs of Farewell635212026724
SIGCD268 Joy to the World635212026823
SIGCD269 Journey into light – Music for Advent & Christmas635212026922
SIGCD270 ROTH: Shared Ground635212027028
SIGCD272 POULENC: The Complete Songs, Vol. 3635212027226
SIGCD273 ANDRIESSEN: Anaïs Nin & De staat635212027325
SIGCD275 MAHLER: Symphony No. 6635212027523
SIGCD276 The ancient question - Jewish songs635212027622
SIGCD278 RAMEAU: Music for keyboard635212027820
SIGCD279 A Festival of Psalms635212027929
SIGCD280 BERLIOZ: Grande Messe des Morts635212028025
SIGCD281 A Song of Farewell635212028124
SIGCD282 HAWES: Lazarus Requiem635212028223
SIGCD283 A choral tapestry635212028322
SIGCD284 HAKIM: Hakim plays Hakim - Dudelange organ , Vol. 1635212028421
SIGCD285 DOVE: There was a child635212028520
SIGCD286 The glittering plain – New works for saxophone and ensemble635212028629
SIGCD287 A New Venetian Coronation, 1595635212028728
SIGCD288 A tribute to Benny Goodman635212028827
SIGCD289 Let the bright seraphim635212028926
SIGCD290 LISZT: Excerpts from Années de pèlerinage - Italie635212029022
SIGCD291 Voces 8 Christmas635212029121
SIGCD292 WIDOR: Complete Organ Symphonies, Vol. 1635212029220
SIGCD293 BENNETT: My dancing day & other choral works635212029329
SIGCD294 A Doll's House & other works for percussion635212029428
SIGCD295 BYRD/MONTE: The Word Unspoken635212029527
SIGCD296 HAKIM: Works for organ and chamber ensemble635212029626
SIGCD298 TODD: The Call of Wisdom635212029824
SIGCD300 MENDELSSOHN: Elijah635212030028
SIGCD306 In Recital at Tulle Cathedral635212030622
SIGCD307 Royal Rhymes and Rounds635212030721
SIGCD308 Jimmy - James Rhodes Live in Brighton635212030820
SIGCD309 BRAHMS: Alessio Bax plays Brahms635212030929
SIGCD311 CHILCOTT: The seeds of stars635212031124
SIGCD312 KHACHATURIAN/LYAPUNOV: Works for violin & orchestra635212031223
SIGCD313 24 lies per second635212031322
SIGCD315 ELGAR: Go, song of mine & other choral songs635212031520
SIGCD316 LEVINE: The Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom635212031629
SIGCD317 BRITTEN: The Canticles635212031728
SIGCD318 Around Britten635212031827
SIGCD319 WIDOR: Complete Organ Symphonies, Vol. 2635212031926
SIGCD320 RIMSKY-KORSAKOV: Sheherazade & The Invisible City of Kitezh635212032022
SIGCD321 MOZART: Piano Concertos Nos. 24 & 27635212032121
SIGCD322 DVORÁK/SCHUMANN: Cello Concertos635212032220
SIGCD323 POULENC: The Complete Songs, Vol. 4635212032329
SIGCD324 RACHMANINOV: Transcriptions and arrangements for organ635212032428
SIGCD325 BENNETT: Letters to Lindbergh & other choral works635212032527
SIGCD326 RICHAFORT: Requiem – A Tribute to Josquin Desprez635212032626
SIGCD327 TALBOT: Alice's Adventures & Fool's Paradise635212032725
SIGCD329 REGER: Organ Works635212032923
SIGCD330 RAVEL/STRAVINSKY: Mother Goose & The Rite of Spring635212033029
SIGCD333 POULENC: Songs, Vol. 5635212033326
SIGCD334 WIDOR: Complete Organ Symphonies, Vol. 3635212033425
SIGCD335 BEDNALL: Welcome all wonders635212033524
SIGCD336 BRITTEN: Cello Suites635212033623
SIGCD337 WIDOR: Complete Organ Symphonies, Vol. 4635212033722
SIGCD338 Libera nos - The cry of the oppressed635212033821
SIGCD339 LASSUS: Lagrime di San Petro635212033920
SIGCD340 BRITTEN: War Requiem635212034026
SIGCD341 Great American Songbook635212034125
SIGCD342 MENDELSSOHN: Violin Concertos635212034224
SIGCD343 MOZART: Die Schuldigkeit des ersten Gebots635212034323
SIGCD344 VICTORIA: Tenebrae Responsories635212034422
SIGCD345 MOZART: Horn Concertos635212034521
SIGCD346 Incarnation635212034620
SIGCD347 WIDOR: Complete Organ Symphonies, Vol. 5635212034729
SIGCD348 BRITTEN: Peter Grimes635212034828
SIGCD349 SAINT-SAËNS/GOSS/FRANCK: Piano Concertos635212034927
SIGCD360 MAHLER: Symphonies Nos. 1, 2 & 3635212036020
SIGCD361 MAHLER: Symphonies Nos. 4, 5 & 6635212036129
SIGCD362 MAHLER: Symphonies Nos. 7, 8 & 9635212036228
SIGCD363 MAHLER: The Complete Symphonies635212036327
SIGCD364 COOPER: Continuum & other works635212036419
SIGCD366 MEALOR/BRITTEN: The flowers have their angels635212036624
SIGCD367 TAVENER: The Veil of the Temple635212036723
SIGCD368 BIRTWISTLE: The Moth Requiem635212036822
SIGCD369 WOLF/BRAHMS: Lieder635212036921
SIGCD370 My Beloved's Voice635212037027
SIGCD371 James Rhodes 5635212037126
SIGCD372 BARTÓK: Duke Bluebeard's Castle635212037225
SIGCD373 MOZART: The A-Z of Mozart Opera635212037324
SIGCD374 Jewels of the Bel Canto635212037423
SIGCD375 PURCELL: A Purcell Collection635212037522
SIGCD376 1917 - Works for violin & piano635212037621
SIGCD377 VIVALDI: The Four Seasons635212037720
SIGCD380 PANUFNIK: Dreamscape - Songs and Trios635212038024
SIGCD381 JACKSON G: Airplane Cantata & other choral works635212038123
SIGCD382 DOWLAND: Mister Dowland's Midnight635212038222
SIGCD383 Avanti l'Opera – An A-Z of Italian Baroque Overtures635212038321
SIGCD384 Debussy, Françaix, Glinka, Milhaud, Prokofiev635212038420
SIGCD385 BACH: St Matthew Passion635212038529
SIGCD386 On Christmas night635212038628
SIGCD387 Christmas carols from village green to church635212038727
SIGCD388 WAGNER: Wagner without words635212038826
SIGCD389 HAKIM: Hakim plays Hakim - Bilbao, Vol. 1635212038925
SIGCD390 NIELSEN/MOZART: Clarinet Concertos635212039021
SIGCD391 MARCELLO: Psalms635212039120
SIGCD392 HANDEL: L'Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato635212039229
SIGCD393 Postcards - The King's Singers635212039328
SIGCD394 TODD: Lux et veritas635212039427
SIGCD395 BACH C P E: Symphonies635212039526
SIGCD396 SHOSTAKOVICH: 24 Preludes & Fugues, Op 87635212039625
SIGCD397 BEETHOVEN: Piano Sonatas635212039724
SIGCD398 The Captive Nightingale635212039823
SIGCD399 VAUGHAN WILLIAMS/ELGAR: The Lark Ascending635212039922
SIGCD400 MOZART: Mitridate, re di Ponto635212040027
SIGCD401 No Exceptions No Exemptions635212040126
SIGCD402 RAMEAU: Anacréon635212040225
SIGCD403 Psalm – Contemporary British Trumpet Concertos635212040324
SIGCD404 Homages - A Musical Dedication635212040423
SIGCD405 Sounds of Spain & the Americas635212040522
SIGCD406 The Cole Porter Songbook635212040621
SIGCD407 GLAZUNOV/PROKOFIEV/TCHAIKOVSKY: Variations on a Rococo theme & other works635212040720
SIGCD408 In the Midst of Life – Music from the Baldwin Partbooks I635212040829
SIGCD409 Out of darkness – Music from Lent to Trinity635212040928
SIGCD410 A Knight's Progress635212041024
SIGCD411 DAVIS O: Flight635212041123
SIGCD412 CHILCOTT: St John Passion635212041222
SIGCD413 ADÈS: The twenty-fifth hour & other chamber music635212041321
SIGCD414 Il Trionfo di Dori635212041420
SIGCD415 BIRD: The Oriental Miscellany635212041529
SIGCD416 Soli - Bartók, Kurtág, Benjamin, Penderecki635212041628
SIGCD417 PURCELL: Dido & Aeneas635212041727
SIGCD418 SHOSTAKOVICH: String Quartets Nos. 4, 8 & 11635212041826
SIGCD419 Surrender - Voices of Persephone635212041925
SIGCD420 TODD: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland635212042021
SIGCD421 WEIR: Storm & other choral works635212042120
SIGCD422 CHILCOTT: The Angry Planet & other choral works635212042229
SIGCD423 HANDEL: Handel in Italy, Vol. 1635212042328
SIGCD424 VENABLES: The Song of the Severn & other songs635212042427
SIGCD425 Inside tracks - the James Rhodes mix tape635212042526
SIGCD426 SCRIABIN/MUSORGSKY: Piano Sonata No. 3 & Pictures635212042625
SIGCD427 FAURÉ: Songs, Vol. 1635212042724
SIGCD428 HANDEL: Handel at Vauxhall, Vol. 1635212042823
SIGCD429 The shepherd on the rock635212042922
SIGCD430 BRAHMS/BRUCKNER: Motets635212043028
SIGCD431 BRUCKNER: Symphony No. 9635212043127
SIGCD432 SZYMANOWSKI/HAHN: Violin Sonatas635212043226
SIGCD433 MOZART: Il re pastore635212043325
SIGCD434 HAYDN: Symphonies Nos. 52, 53 & 59635212043424
SIGCD435 BACH/HANDEL/MOZART: Aksel! – Arias by Bach, Handel & Mozart635212043523
SIGCD436 Invisible Stars – Choral works of Ireland & Scotland635212043622
SIGCD437 DAVIS O/VIVALDI: Seaons635212043721
SIGCD438 WIDOR: Solo organ works635212043820
SIGCD439 Lullabies for Mila635212043929
SIGCD440 Only a Singing Bird635212044025
SIGCD441 TCHAIKOVSKY: Piano Concerto No. 1 & Nutcracker Suite635212044124
SIGCD442 TAVENER: Missa Wellensis & other sacred choral music635212044223
SIGCD443 Songs to the moon635212044322
SIGCD444 PALOMO/RODRIGO: Nocturnos de Andalucía635212044421
SIGCD445 Time and its Passing635212044520
SIGCD446 The Evening Hour635212044629
SIGCD447 Greensleeves635212044728
SIGCD448 BRAHMS/BRUCE: Clarinet Quintet & Gumboots635212044827
SIGCD449 Winchester Cathedral 50th Anniversary EP635212044926
SIGCD450 PALESTRINA: How fair thou art635212045022
SIGCD451 HUGHES B: I am the song & other choral works635212045121
SIGCD452 DOVE: For an unknown soldier & An airmail letter635212045220
SIGCD453 GOUGH: The world encompassed635212045329
SIGCD454 L'ESTRANGE: On eagles' wings & other choral works635212045428
SIGCD455 POULENC: Works for Piano Solo and Duo635212045527
SIGCD456 HARVEY: Choral music635212045626
SIGCD457 Where'er you walk - Handel's favourite tenor635212045725
SIGCD458 Christmas with St John's635212045824
SIGCD459 The King's Singers Christmas Songbook635212045923
SIGCD460 Adeste fideles635212046029
SIGCD461 SCHUBERT: Symphony No. 9635212046128
SIGCD462 HANDEL: Handel in Italy, Vol. 2635212046227
SIGCD463 HAKIM: Hakim plays Hakim - Bilbao, Vol. 2635212046326
SIGCD464 Queen Mary's Big Belly – Prayers for an heir in Catholic England635212046425
SIGCD465 Anthem – Great British Hymns & Choral Works635212046524
SIGCD466 BARTÓK: The Miraculous Mandarin & other works635212046623
SIGCD467 MOZART/NIELSEN: Flute Concertos635212046722
SIGCD468 ADAMS/HARRIS: Violin Concertos635212046821
SIGCD469 DAVIS O: Dance635212046920
SIGCD470 DURUFLÉ/VIERNE/BRIGGS: Midnight at St Etienne du Mont635212047026
SIGCD471 PARK/TALBOT: Footsteps & Path of Miracles635212047125
SIGCD472 FAURÉ: Songs, Vol. 2635212047224
SIGCD473 MOZART: Zaide635212047323
SIGCD474 Virgin and Child – Music from the Baldwin Partbooks II635212047422
SIGCD475 A New Heaven635212047521
SIGCD476 REGER: Fantasias & Fugues635212047620
SIGCD477 NIELSEN: Flute & Clarinet Concertos635212047729
SIGCD478 HANDEL: Handel in Ireland, Vol. 1635212047828
SIGCD479 HANDEL: Handel at Vauxhall, Vol. 2635212047927
SIGCD480 HAYDN: The Seasons635212048023
SIGCD481 BYRD/BRITTEN: Choral works635212048122
SIGCD482 CHOPIN: Preludes635212048221
SIGCD483 FAURÉ: The Complete Songs, Vol. 3635212048320
SIGCD484 RACHMANINOV: Symphony No. 1635212048429
SIGCD485 Perfido! – Opera arias635212048528
SIGCD486 GRIEG/VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: Subito - Violin Sonata & The lark ascending635212048627
SIGCD487 DOVE: In Damascus & other works635212048726
SIGCD488 BACH: The complete solo soprano cantatas, Vol. 1635212048825
SIGCD490 Silence & Music635212049020
SIGCD491 The House of the Mind635212049123
SIGCD492 BERNSTEIN/STRAVINSKY/SCHOENBERG: Symphonic Psalms & Prayers635212049228
SIGCD493 SHOSTAKOVICH: Piano Concertos & Sonatas635212049327
SIGCD494 Fire On All Sides635212049426
SIGCD495 McCARTHY/TODD: Codebreaker & Ode to a Nightingale635212049525
SIGCD496 WALEY-COHEN: Permutations635212049624
SIGCD497 The King's Singers Christmas Presence635212049723
SIGCD498 HAKIM: Phèdre, Caprice, Diptyque & Concerto635212049822
SIGCD499 MOZART: Il sogno di Scipione635212049921
SIGCD500 The King's Singers Gold635212050026
SIGCD501 TAVENER: Mother and Child635212050125
SIGCD502 Christmas with The King's Singers635212050224
SIGCD506 NYMAN: Music for two pianos635212050620
SIGCD509 Voyages635212050927
SIGCD510 DVORÁK/JANÁCEK/SUK: Bohemia - Violin Sonatas635212051023
SIGCD511 GIBBONS: In chains of gold635212051122
SIGCD512 CHILCOTT: In winter's arms635212051221
SIGCD513 The Art of Dancing – Concertos for trumpet, piano & strings635212051320
SIGCD514 Great Cathedral Anthems635212051429
SIGCD515 DVORÁK/SIBELIUS: Symphony No. 9 & Finlandia635212051528
SIGCD516 WILKINSON: The sunlight on the garden & other songs635212051627
SIGCD517 WILLIAMS R: Sacred choral works635212051726
SIGCD518 FITKIN: String Quartets635212051825
SIGCD519 TAVENER/PANUFNIK: 99 Words & other choral works635212051924
SIGCD520 LASSUS/TYMOCZKO: Sibylla635212052020
SIGCD521 LUKASZEWSKI: Daylight declines & other choral works635212052129
SIGCD522 DAVIS O: Liberty635212052228
SIGCD523 BEETHOVEN/MENDELSSOHN: Concertos635212052327
SIGCD524 KERNIS: Dreamsongs & other concertos635212052426
SIGCD525 BEETHOVEN: Piano Concerto No. 5 & works for solo piano635212052525
SIGCD526 Light Divine635212052624
SIGCD527 BEETHOVEN: Beethoven Unbound635212052723
SIGCD528 JENKINS: Complete Four-Part Consort Music635212052822
SIGCD529 WRIGHT L: Duets635212052921
SIGCD530 RACHMANINOV: Symphony No. 2635212053027
SIGCD531 SCHUBERT: Winter Journey635212053126
SIGCD532 White Light - the space between635212053225
SIGCD533 LISZT: Piano music635212053324
SIGCD534 Mozart in London635212053423
SIGCD535 Advent Live, Vol. 1635212053522
SIGCD536 A Rose Magnificat635212053621
SIGCD537 HANDEL/VIVALDI: Silete venti/Nulla in mundo635212053720
SIGCD538 Tanguero – Music from South America635212053829
SIGCD539 BLACKFORD: Niobe635212053928
SIGCD540 RACHMANINOV: Symphony No. 3 & Symphonic Dances635212054024
SIGCD541 VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: Mass in G minor & other choral works635212054123
SIGCD542 TCHAIKOVSKY/DUCHEN: The Nutcracker and I, by Alexandra Dariescu635212054222
SIGCD543 PANUFNIK R: Celestial Bird & other choral works635212054321
SIGCD544 TELEMANN: Solo Fantasias635212054420
SIGCD545 Praise my soul – Favourite hymns from Jesus College Cambridge635212054529
SIGCD546 The Organ of St Bavo, Haarlem635212054628
SIGCD547 MOZART: Grabmusik & Bastien und Bastienne635212054717
SIGCD548 RACHMANINOV/SIBELIUS: Piano Concerto No. 3 & Symphony No. 2635212054826
SIGCD549 Concerti by Telemann, Tartini & others635212054925
SIGCD550 SCHUBERT: Swansong635212055021
SIGCD551 Resilience635212055120
SIGCD552 MOZART/WEBER: Clarinet Quintets635212055229
SIGCD553 DOWLAND: First Booke of Songes or Ayres635212055328
SIGCD554 SCHUMANN/KILPINEN/BRAHMS: Nature's solace635212055427
SIGCD555 DVORÁK: String Quartets Nos. 5 & 12635212055519
SIGCD556 The romantic horn635212055618
SIGCD557 A walk with Ivor Gurney & other choral works635212055724
SIGCD558 Perpetual twilight635212055816
SIGCD559 SHOSTAKOVICH: String Quartets Nos. 1, 2 & 7635212055915
SIGCD560 TALLIS/STRIGGIO: Supersize polyphony635212056011
SIGCD561 BRUNNING: Swansongs635212056127
SIGCD562 Lest we forget635212056226
SIGCD563 TODD: Passion Music & Jazz Missa Brevis635212056325
SIGCD564 PANUFNIK (R): Love abide & other choral works635212056417
SIGCD565 Love songs635212056516
SIGCD566 MUSORGSKY/RAVEL/MESSIAEN: Pictures/Miroirs/Cantéyodjayâ635212056615
SIGCD567 Locus iste635212056714
SIGCD568 BLACKFORD: Kalon635212056813
SIGCD569 An English Coronation 1902-1953635212056912
SIGCD570 TAVERNER: Missa Gloria tibi Trinitas & other works635212057018
SIGCD571 DURUFLÉ: Complete Choral Works635212057117
SIGCD572 The Hymns Album II635212057216
SIGCD573 BACH C P E: Complete Original Works for Violin & Keyboard635212057315
SIGCD574 From the ground up - The chaconne635212057414
SIGCD575 MACMILLAN: One equal music & other choral works635212057513
SIGCD576 In nomine II635212057612
SIGCD577 MOZART: Apollo et Hyacinthus635212057711
SIGCD578 PHIBBS/MOZART: Clarinet Concertos635212057810
SIGCD579 Handel's Queens635212057919
SIGCD580 GUNNING: Flute Concertino, Clarinet & Guitar Concertos635212058015
SIGCD584 PROKOFIEV G: Saxophone Concerto & Bass Drum Concerto635212058411
SIGCD585 TAVENER: The protecting veil & readings635212058510
SIGCD586 NYMAN/PURCELL: If & other songs635212058619
SIGCD587 Song's first cycle635212058718
SIGCD588 Magnificat, Vol. 1635212058817
SIGCD589 PURCELL: King Arthur635212058916
SIGCD590 DAVIS O: Arcadia635212059012
SIGCD591 TODD: Noodles & other works635212059111
SIGCD592 The Soldier - From Severn to Somme635212059210
SIGCD593 GUNNING: Symphonies Nos. 2, 10 & 12635212059319
SIGCD594 TCHAIKOVSKY: Solo piano works635212059418
SIGCD595 Now may we singen635212059517
SIGCD596 WIDOR: The Complete Organ Works635212059616
SIGCD597 DVORÁK: String Quartets Nos. 8 & 10635212059715
SIGCD598 The last rose of summer635212059814
SIGCD599 BRUCE: The north wind was a woman & other chamber wo635212059913
SIGCD600 JANÁCEK: Solo piano635212060018
SIGCD601 The King's Singers - The Library, Vol. 1635212060117
SIGCD602 The Godfather635212060216
SIGCD603 ESENVALDS: There will come soft rains & other works635212060315
SIGCD604 Cantos sagrados635212060414
SIGCD605 Ash Wednesday635212060513
SIGCD606 HAYDN/SCHUBERT/WOLF: The divine muse635212060612
SIGCD607 Finding harmony635212060711
SIGCD608 VICTORIA/GUERRERO/MORALES: Salve Salve Salve – Josquin's Spanish legacy635212060810
SIGCD609 GIBBONS: In chains of gold, Vol. 2635212060919
SIGCD610 HANDEL: Messiah … Refreshed!635212061015
SIGCD611 Italian inspirations635212061114
SIGCD612 DÍAZ-JEREZ: Maghek – 7 symphonic poems about the Canary Islands635212061213
SIGCD613 MEALOR: Blessing & other choral works635212061312
SIGCD614 BEETHOVEN: Piano Concertos Nos. 1 & 2635212061411
SIGCD615 PURCELL: The Fairy Queen635212061510
SIGCD616 BEETHOVEN: Symphonies Nos 1-3635212061619
SIGCD617 VENABLES: Love lives beyond the tomb & other songs635212061718
SIGCD618 BEETHOVEN: Violin Sonatas Nos. 1, 5 & 8635212061817
SIGCD619 Sturm und Drang, Vol. 1635212061916
SIGCD620 BEETHOVEN: Piano Concertos Nos. 3 & 4635212062012
SIGCD621 GUNNING: Violin Concerto, Cello Concerto & Birdflight635212062111
SIGCD622 COUPERIN/GESUALDO: Leçons de ténèbres & Tenebrae Responsories635212062210
SIGCD624 FINNISSY: Pious Anthems & Voluntaries635212062418
SIGCD625 WHITACRE: Marimba Quartets635212062517
SIGCD626 Journeys to the New World635212062616
SIGCD627 A Ceremony of Carols635212062715
SIGCD628 PROKOFIEV: Concerto for turntables No 1 & Cello Concerto635212062814
SIGCD629 PARRY (B): The Hours635212062913
SIGCD630 WHITACRE: The Sacred Veil635212063019
SIGCD631 HANCOCK: Choral & organ music635212063118
SIGCD632 YOUNG: Beowulf635212063217
SIGCD633 The Sweetest Songs – Music from the Baldwin Partbooks III635212063316
SIGCD634 WRIGHT: The colour of intention635212063415
SIGCD635 The King's Singers - The Library, Vol. 2635212063514
SIGCD636 Sturm und Drang, Vol. 2635212063613
SIGCD637 BEETHOVEN: Piano Concerto No. 5 & Triple Concerto635212063712
SIGCD638 VAUGHAN WILLIAMS/SUK/DVORÁK: Tallis Fantasia & String Serenades635212063811
SIGCD639 BEETHOVEN: Symphonies Nos 4-6635212063910
SIGCD641 Extra time635212064115
SIGCD642 All things are quite silent635212064214
SIGCD643 Be all merry635212064313
SIGCD644 MARSH: Flare & other works635212064412
SIGCD645 SCHUBERT: A Schubert Journey635212064511
SIGCD646 A winter's night635212064610
SIGCD647 MATTHEWS D: A vision of the sea635212064719
SIGCD648 TCHAIKOVSKY: Swan Lake (excerpts)635212064818
SIGCD649 BRITTEN: A Ceremony of Carols & Saint Nicolas635212064917
SIGCD651 GERSHWIN: I got rhythm635212065112
SIGCD652 Between the clouds635212065211
SIGCD653 Music from the ghetto635212065310
SIGCD654 STRAUSS R/COPLAND: Duet Concertino & Clarinet Concerto635212065419
SIGCD655 GUNNING: Symphonies Nos. 6 & 7635212065518
SIGCD656 Rediscovered - British clarinet concertos635212065617
SIGCD658 HANDEL: Handelian Pyrotechnics635212065815
SIGCD659 BEETHOVEN: Symphonies Nos 7-9635212065914
SIGCD660 CHAPMAN CAMPBELL: For the love of life & other works635212066010
SIGCD661 Advent Live, Vol. 2635212066119
SIGCD662 Timelapse635212066218
SIGCD663 Settecento635212066317
SIGCD664 RUIZ: Behold the stars635212066416
SIGCD665 Spira, spera – Bach transcriptions635212066515
SIGCD666 BRAHMS: Piano Concerto No. 1 & Waltzes635212066614
SIGCD667 Magnificat, Vol. 2635212066713
SIGCD668 DAVIS O: Solace635212066812
SIGCD669 PROKOFIEV: Symphony No. 5635212066911
SIGCD670 MARTIN M: Lim Fantasy of Companionship635212067017
SIGCD671 BRAHMS: Clarinet Sonatas & Ernste Gesänge635212067116
SIGCD672 ARNE: ArtaxerxesPreviously issued on Linn CKD358635212067215
SIGCD673 PANUFNIK R: Heartfelt & other works635212067314
SIGCD674 BRAHMS: Piano Concerto No 2, Capriccios & Intermezzos635212067413
SIGCD675 GRIEG/RACHMANINOV: Piano Concertos635212067512
SIGCD676 GUNNING: Symphony No. 5 & String Quartet No. 1635212067611
SIGCD677 MACKEY/WHITACRE/TICHELI: Asphalt cocktail/October/Blue shades635212067710
SIGCD678 The King's Singers - The Library, Vol. 3635212067819
SIGCD679 HANDEL: Eight Great Harpsichord Suites635212067918
SIGCD680 An Elizabethan Christmas635212068014
SIGCD681 FAURÉ: The Complete Songs, Vol. 4635212068113
SIGCD682 IVES (G): Requiem635212068212
SIGCD683 Christmas Carols with The King's Singers635212068311
SIGCD684 Lamento635212068410
SIGCD685 Australian Thais – New music for saxophone and piano635212068519
SIGCD686 Manifesto635212068618
SIGCD688 Images635212068816
SIGCD689 LEHRER: The Queen's Six murder the songs of ...635212068915
SIGCD690 In winter's house – Christmas with Tenebrae635212069011
SIGCD691 The tree635212069110
SIGCD692 JOMMELLI: Il Vologeso635212069219
SIGCD693 BRESCIANELLO: Concerti & Sinphonie, Op. 1 Libro Primo635212069318
SIGCD694 Labyrinths635212069417
SIGCD695 BARRY: Alice's adventures under ground635212069516
SIGCD696 LOCKE: The Flat Consort635212069615
SIGCD697 SCHUBERT: Die schöne Müllerin635212069714
SIGCD698 From Windsor with love635212069813
SIGCD699 VIVALDI: Vivaldi's women635212069912
SIGCD700 CHOPIN: Piano Concertos635212070017
SIGCD702 PUCCINI: La bohème635212070215
SIGCD703 CHILCOTT: Circlesong & other choral works635212070314
SIGCD704 BEETHOVEN: Violin Concerto & Romances635212070413
SIGCD705 Forza azzurri!635212070512
SIGCD706 SCHUBERT: Violin Sonata, Fantasie & Rondo635212070611
SIGCD707 Eastertide Evensong635212070710
SIGCD708 When sleep comes635212070819
SIGCD709 DAVIS (O): Air635212070918
SIGCD710 BACH: Harpsichord Concertos Nos 1, 3, 4 & 7635212071014
SIGCD711 SCHUBERT: The fair maid of the mill635212071113
SIGCD712 BERG/WEBERN/SCHOENBERG: String Quartets635212071212
SIGCD713 HANDEL: Caio Fabbricio635212071311
SIGCD714 Celestial Dawn635212071410
SIGCD715 DUPARC: The complete songs635212071519
SIGCD716 LUPO: Fantasia635212071618
SIGCD717 HILDEGARD: Sacred chants635212071717
SIGCD718 The King's Singers - The Library, Vol. 4635212071816
SIGCD719 The Crown - Virtuosic arias635212071915
SIGCD720 STRAUSS (R): Santtu conducts Strauss635212072011
SIGCD721 The Psalms635212072110
SIGCD722 A percussionist's songbook635212072219
SIGCD723 Into the Light635212072318
SIGCD724 A Pembroke Christmas635212072417
SIGCD725 Divine Music635212072516
SIGCD726 HAYDN: Keyboard Works, Vol. 1635212072615
SIGCD727 WALTON/SHOSTAKOVICH: String Quartets635212072714
SIGCD728 LOCKE: The Little Consort635212072813
SIGCD729 CHILCOTT: Canticles of Light635212072912
SIGCD730 FALKENBERG: The Moons Symphony635212073018
SIGCD731 WEELKES/BYRD: Tom & Will635212073117
SIGCD732 Echoes635212073216
SIGCD733 BEETHOVEN: The late quartets635212073315
SIGCD734 VAUGHAN WILLIAMS/GRIEG: Violin Sonatas635212073414
SIGCD735 Visions illuminées635212073513
SIGCD736 Lovesick635212073612
SIGCD737 A Most Marvellous Party635212073711
SIGCD738 SILVERMAN: Piano Trios635212073810
SIGCD739 Wonderland635212073919
SIGCD740 SCARLATTI (F): Dixit Dominus & Messa a 16 voci635212074015
SIGCD741 MAHLER: Rückert-Lieder635212074114
SIGCD742 Magnificat, Vol. 3635212074213
SIGCD743 DAVIS (O): Blue635212074312
SIGCD744 BACH: Clavier-Übung III635212074411
SIGCD746 Vidi speciosam635212074619
SIGCD747 Après un rêve635212074718
SIGCD749 McDOWALL: Da Vinci Requiem & Seventy degrees below zero635212074916
SIGCD750 New Millennium635212075012
SIGCD751 An Englishman Abroad635212075111
SIGCD752 HAWES: The Nativity635212075210
SIGCD753 ROTH: The Traveller & Earth and Sky635212075319
SIGCD754 Noël635212075418
SIGCD755 Nova! Nova! Joy to the world!635212075517
SIGCD756 SCHUMANN: Piano Works635212075616
SIGCD757 FERRABOSCO JR.: Music to hear ...635212075715
SIGCD758 READE: A Celebration635212075814
SIGCD759 Sturm und Drang, Vol. 3635212075913
SIGCD760 MAHLER: Symphony No. 2635212076019
SIGCD761 Pastoral 21635212076118
SIGCD762 The Christmas album635212076217
SIGCD763 HOWELL: Orchestral works635212076316
SIGCD764 BACH: Harpsichord Concertos Nos. 2, 5 & 6635212076415
SIGCD765 Rhapsody635212076514
SIGCD766 Palimpsest – New Works from Old for saxophone and choir635212076613
SIGCD767 BRESCIANELLO: Concerti & Sinphonie Op 1 Libro Secondo635212076712
SIGCD768 Advent Live, Vol. 3635212076811
SIGCD769 Infinite refrain – Music of love's refuge635212076910
SIGCD770 SCHUBERT: Schubert in English635212077016
SIGCD771 HAKIM: Hakim plays Hakim - Dudelange organ , Vol. 2635212077115
SIGCD772 HAKIM: Anne Warthmann sings Naji Hakim635212077214
SIGCD773 BACH/MACMILLAN: Motets & Sacred Songs635212077313
SIGCD774 Songs for Peter Pears635212077412
SIGCD775 TANEYEV/SCHUMANN: Piano Quintets635212077511
SIGCD776 BYRD: Sacred Works635212077610
SIGCD777 Magnificat, Vol. 4635212077719
SIGCD778 PUCCINI: Orchestral transcriptions635212077818
SIGCD779 JENKINS K: The Armed Man635212077917
SIGCD780 PUCCINI: A te, Puccini635212078013
SIGCD781 TARTINI: Violin Sonatas635212078112
SIGCD782 SCHUMANN: Schumann in English, Vol. 1635212078211
SIGCD783 ROSEINGRAVE: Harpsichord Suites635212078310
SIGCD785 ELGAR: The Dream of Gerontius635212078518
SIGCD786 SHOSTAKOVICH: String Quartets Nos. 9 & 15635212078617
SIGCD787 DEBUSSY/RAVEL: Debussy and Ravel for two635212078716
SIGCD789 Earthcycle635212078914
SIGCD790 FORBES L'ESTRANGE: Heaven to Earth635212079010
SIGCD791 PIAZZOLLA/LINTENEN: Four Seasons & Cello Concerto635212079119
SIGCD792 FITKIN: Loosening & other works635212079218
SIGCD794 BEETHOVEN: Violin Sonatas Nos. 1, 6 & 8635212079416
SIGCD797 Beauty for ashes635212079713
SIGCD798 LISZT: Piano Works635212079812
SIGCD799 GRIEG & SCHUMANN (C): Piano Concertos635212079911
SIGCD800 BACH: The Complete Organ Works, Vol. 1635212080023
SIGCD802 BACH: The Complete Organ Works, Vol. 2635212080221
SIGCD803 BACH: The Complete Organ Works, Vol. 3635212080320
SIGCD804 BACH: The Complete Organ Works, Vol. 4635212080429
SIGCD805 BACH: The Complete Organ Works, Vol. 5635212080528
SIGCD806 BACH: The Complete Organ Works, Vol. 6635212080627
SIGCD807 BACH: The Complete Organ Works, Vol. 7635212080726
SIGCD808 BACH: The Complete Organ Works, Vol. 8635212080825
SIGCD809 BACH: The Complete Organ Works, Vol. 9635212080924
SIGCD810 BACH: The Complete Organ Works, Vol. 10635212081013
SIGCD811 BACH: The Complete Organ Works, Vol. 11635212081112
SIGCD812 BACH: The Complete Organ Works, Vol. 12635212081211
SIGCD813 BACH: The Complete Organ Works, Vol. 13635212081310
SIGCD814 BACH: The Complete Organ Works, Vol. 14635212081419
SIGCD816 CHAPMAN CAMPBELL: Contemplations635212081617
SIGCD819 The Covid-19 sessions635212181997
SIGCD821 HEWITT JONES: Christmas Party635212082126
SIGCD824 SCHUBERT/CHOPIN: Cello Sonatas635212082423
SIGCD826 The Silken Tent635212082614
SIGCD831 SCHUBERT: Piano Music, Vol. 1635212083116
SIGCD832 SCHUBERT: Piano Music, Vol. 2635212083215
SIGCD833 SCHUBERT: Piano Music, Vol. 3635212083314
SIGCD834 SCHUBERT: Piano Music, Vol. 4635212083413
SIGCD835 SCHUBERT: Piano Music, Vol. 5635212083512
SIGCD836 SCHUBERT: Piano Music, Vol. 6635212083611
SIGCD837 SCHUBERT: Piano Music, Vol. 7635212083710
SIGCD838 SCHUBERT: Piano Music, Vol. 8635212083819
SIGCD845 Church bells beyond the stars635212084519
SIGCD846 Electric635212084618
SIGCD847 COOPER: Oculus635212084717
SIGCD851 CHOPIN/BACH: Vitamin C635212085110
SIGCD856 STRAVINSKY: The Firebird & Petrushka Suites635212085615
SIGCD861 CHOPIN/SPACHT: Chopin at midnight635212086117
SIGCD863 Ireland you're my home635212086315
SIGCD866 DALE (R): Night Seasons & other works635212086612
SIGCD900 Russian Treasures635212090022
SIGCD901 Plainchant & Tallis Lamentations635212090121
SIGCD902 A Very English Christmas635212090220
SIGCD903 CHILCOTT: Sun, Moon, Sea & Stars635212090329
SIGCD904 Partsongs635212090428
SIGCD905 BONONCINI: How are the mighty fallen635212090510
SIGCD906 BEETHOVEN: The Final Sonatas635212090619
SIGCD907 TEN HOLT: Canto ostinato635212090718
SIGCD908 VIVALDI: Vivaldi x2 squared635212090817
SIGCD914 Harmonies of Devotion635212091418
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