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Helios CDH series

CDH55001 Favourite ClassicsOriginally issued on CDH88030034571150017
CDH55002 Favourite Encores for String QuartetOriginally issued on CDH88038034571150024
CDH55003 Music for Organ & BrassOriginally issued on CDH88005, CDH88017034571150031
CDH55004 VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: Mystical Songs & Tudor PortraitsOriginally issued on CDA66306034571150048
CDH55005 Concertos for the Kingdom of the Two SiciliesOriginally issued on CDH88025034571150055
CDH55006 GERSHWIN: Fascinating RhythmOriginally issued on CDH88045034571150062
CDH55007 HAYDN: ConcertosOriginally issued on CDH88037034571150079
CDH55008 Music for OboeOriginally issued on A66206034571150086
CDH55009 English Choral & Organ MusicOriginally issued on CDA66078034571150093
CDH55010 PURCELL: Ayres for the TheatreOriginally issued on CDA66212034571150109
CDH55011 SCHUMANN: Kerner Lieder & LiederkreisOriginally issued on CDA66596034571150116
CDH55012 STRAUSS R/VERDI: String QuartetsOriginally issued on CDA66317034571150123
CDH55013 How the world wagsOriginally issued on CDA66008034571150130
CDH55014 DEBUSSY: The complete music for two pianosOriginally issued on CDA66468034571150147
CDH55015 Oboe QuintetsOriginally issued on CDA66143034571150154
CDH55016 VIVALDI: Recorder ConcertosOriginally issued on CDA66328034571150161
CDH55017 RAFF: Symphonies Nos. 3 & 4Originally issued on CDA66628034571150178
CDH55018 From the Steeples & MountainsOriginally issued on CDA66517034571150185
CDH55019 BOUGHTON: Symphony No. 3 & Oboe Concerto No. 1Originally issued on CDA66343034571150192
CDH55020 Favourite Baroque ClassicsOriginally issued on CDA66600034571150208
CDH55021/8 BEETHOVEN: Complete String QuartetsOriginally issued on CDA66401/8034571150215
CDH55029 BRIAN: Symphony No. 3Originally issued on CDA66334034571150291
CDH55030 FAURÉ: Violin SonatasOriginally issued on CDA66277034571150307
CDH55031 CRUSELL: Clarinet QuartetsOriginally issued on CDA66077034571150314
CDH55032 PROKOFIEV: String QuartetsOriginally issued on CDA66573034571150321
CDH55033 VANHAL: Six Quartette Concertante034571150338
CDH55034 Five Italian Oboe ConcertosOriginally issued on CDH88014034571150345
CDH55035 The Concerto in EuropeOriginally issued on CDH88015034571150352
CDH55036 Praise to the LordOriginally issued on CDH88036034571150369
CDH55037 The Classical Harmonie034571150376
CDH55038 MONDONVILLE: De Profundis & Venite, Exultemus034571150383
CDH55039 SCHUMANN: Album for the YoungOriginally issued on CDH88039034571150390
CDH55040 HAHN: Chansons Grises & other songsOriginally issued on CDA66045034571150406
CDH55041 BIBER: Sonatae tam aris, quam aulisOriginally issued on CDA66145034571150413
CDH55042 HOLST: SavitriOriginally issued on CDA66099034571150420
CDH55043 BARGIEL/MENDELSSOHN: OctetsOriginally issued on CDA66356034571150437
CDH55044 VIERNE: Symphony No. 2 & Les AngélusOriginally issued on CDA66284034571150444
CDH55045 DYSON/HOWELLS: Rhapsodies & In Gloucestershire034571150451
CDH55046 DYSON: Hierusalem & other choral worksOriginally issued on CDA66150034571150468
CDH55047 BYRD: GradualiaOriginally issued on CDA66451034571150475
CDH55048 Baroque Christmas MusicOriginally issued on CDH88028034571150482
CDH55049 MARTUCCI/RESPIGHI: La Canzone dei Ricordi & Il TramontoOriginally issued on CDA66290034571150499
CDH55050 Lie strewn the white flocksOriginally issued on CDA66175034571150505
CDH55051 TAVERNER: Missa Corona SpineaOriginally issued on CDA66360034571150512
CDH55052 TAVERNER: Missa Gloria tibi TrinitasOriginally issued on CDA66134034571150529
CDH55053 TAVERNER: Missa Mater Christi sanctissimaOriginally issued on CDA66639034571150536
CDH55054 TAVERNER: Missa O MichaelOriginally issued on CDA66325034571150543
CDH55055 TAVERNER: Missa Sancti WilhelmiOriginally issued on CDA66427034571150550
CDH55056 TAVERNER: Western Wynde MassOriginally issued on CDA66507034571150567
CDH55057 VILLA-LOBOS: Music for FluteOriginally issued on CDA66295034571150574
CDH55059 Il BallarinoOriginally issued on CDA66244034571150598
CDH55060 English Clarinet Concertos, Vol. 2Originally issued on CDA66634034571150604
CDH55061 PARRY/STANFORD: Nonet & Serenade034571150611
CDH55062 FIORILLO/VIOTTI: Violin ConcertosOriginally issued on CDA66210034571150628
CDH55063 BRIDGE: Piano Trios & Piano QuartetOriginally issued on CDA66279034571150635
CDH55064 MENDELSSOHN: Complete Music for CelloOriginally issued on CDA66478034571150642
CDH55065 PURCELL: Songs & DialoguesOriginally issued on CDA66056034571150659
CDH55066 TOMKINS: Cathedral MusicOriginally issued on CDA66345034571150666
CDH55067 BRITTEN: Winter WordsOriginally issued on CDA66209034571150673
CDH55068 Clarinet Concertos034571150680
CDH55069 English Clarinet Concertos, Vol. 1034571150697
CDH55070 English Music for BrassOriginally issued on CDH88013034571150703
CDH55071 ARNOLD: Chamber Music, Vol. 1Originally issued on CDA66171034571150710
CDH55072 ARNOLD: Chamber Music, Vol. 2Originally issued on CDA66172034571150727
CDH55073 ARNOLD: Chamber Music, Vol. 3Originally issued on CDA66173034571150734
CDH55074 CZERNY: Music for horn & fortepiano034571150741
CDH55075 HANDEL: Six Concerti Grossi, Op. 3Originally issued on CDA66633034571150758
CDH55076 Clarinet QuintetsOriginally issued on CDA66479034571150765
CDH55077 HANDEL: Aminta e FillideOriginally issued on CDA66118034571150772
CDH55078 MENDELSSOHN/SCHUMANN: Piano TriosOriginally issued on CDA66331034571150789
CDH55079 TYE: Missa Euge boneOriginally issued on CDA66424034571150796
CDH55080 KROMMER/MOZART: Oboe ConcertosOriginally issued on CDA66411034571150802
CDH55081 SZYMANOWSKI: Piano MusicOriginally issued on CDA66409034571150819
CDH55082 BEETHOVEN: Diabelli VariationsOriginally issued on CDA66763034571150826
CDH55083 BEETHOVEN: The Last Three Piano Sonatas034571150833
CDH55084 Songs by Finzi & his friendsOriginally issued on CDA66015034571150840
CDH55085 English Music for ViolaOriginally issued on CDA66687034571150857
CDH55086 MUNDY: Sacred Choral MusicOriginally issued on CDA66319034571150864
CDH55087 BRAHMS: The Three Violin SonatasOriginally issued on CDA66465034571150871
CDH55088 Victorian Concert OverturesOriginally issued on CDA66515034571150888
CDH55089 SOMERVELL: Maud & A Shropshire LadOriginally issued on CDA66187034571150895
CDH55091 TELEMANN: Recorder ConcertosOriginally issued on CDA66413034571150918
CDH55092 MOZART: Wind Serenades & Overtures034571150925
CDH55093 MOZART: Serenade in B flat 'Gran Partita'Originally issued on CDA66285034571150932
CDH55094 MOZART: String Quartets, K499 & K589034571150949
CDH55095 PALESTRINA: The Song of SongsOriginally issued on CDA66733034571150956
CDH55096 Flute Music of the 16th & 17th centuriesOriginally issued on CDA66298034571150963
CDH55097 From a Spanish Palace SongbookOriginally issued on CDA66454034571150970
CDH55098 Spanish Music of the Golden AgeOriginally issued on CDA66327034571150987
CDH55099 Three English Ballet SuitesOriginally issued on CDA66436034571150994
CDH55100 PANUFNIK/SESSIONS: Symphony No. 8 & ConcertoOriginally issued on CDA66050034571151007
CDH55101 FINZI/STANFORD: Clarinet ConcertosOriginally issued on CDA66001034571151014
CDH55102 VIVALDI: La PastorellaOriginally issued on CDA66309034571151021
CDH55103 ENESCU: Violin SonatasOriginally issued on CDA66484034571151038
CDH55104 HOLST: Choral SymphonyOriginally issued on CDA66660034571151045
CDH55105 English Clarinet QuintetsOriginally issued on CDA66428034571151052
CDH55106 ZELENKA: Lamentations of JeremiahOriginally issued on CDA66426034571151069
CDH55107 KOECHLIN: Music for fluteOriginally issued on CDA66414034571151076
CDH55108 TELEMANN: Chamber MusicOriginally issued on CDA66195034571151083
CDH55109 Rare Piano EncoresOriginally issued on CDA66090034571151090
CDH55110 JACOB/SOMERVELL: Clarinet Quintets034571151106
CDH55111 HAYDN: Symphonies Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5Originally issued on CDA66524034571151113
CDH55112 HAYDN: Symphonies Nos. 6, 7 & 8Originally issued on CDA66523034571151120
CDH55113 HAYDN: Symphonies Nos. 9, 10, 11 & 12Originally issued on CDA66529034571151137
CDH55114 HAYDN: Symphonies Nos. 13, 14, 15 & 16Originally issued on CDA66534034571151144
CDH55115 HAYDN: Symphonies Nos. 17, 18, 19, 20 & 21Originally issued on CDA66533034571151151
CDH55116 HAYDN: Symphonies Nos. 22, 23, 24 & 25Originally issued on CDA66536034571151168
CDH55117 HAYDN: Symphonies Nos. 42, 43 & 44Originally issued on CDA66530034571151175
CDH55118 HAYDN: Symphonies Nos. 45, 46 & 47Originally issued on CDA66522034571151182
CDH55119 HAYDN: Symphonies Nos. 48, 49 & 50Originally issued on CDA66531034571151199
CDH55120 HAYDN: Symphonies Nos. 70, 71 & 72Originally issued on CDA66526034571151205
CDH55121 HAYDN: Symphonies Nos. 73, 74 & 75Originally issued on CDA66520034571151212
CDH55122 HAYDN: Symphonies Nos. 76, 77 & 78Originally issued on CDA66525034571151229
CDH55123 HAYDN: Symphonies Nos. 82, 83 & 84Originally issued on CDA66527034571151236
CDH55124 HAYDN: Symphonies Nos. 85, 86 & 87Originally issued on CDA66535034571151243
CDH55125 HAYDN: Symphonies Nos. 90, 91 & 92Originally issued on CDA66521034571151250
CDH55126 HAYDN: Symphonies Nos. 93, 94 & 95Originally issued on CDA66532034571151267
CDH55127 HAYDN: Symphonies Nos. 101 & 102Originally issued on CDA66528034571151274
CDH55128 Echoes of a WaterfallOriginally issued on CDA66038034571151281
CDH55129 ArabesqueOriginally issued on CDA66116034571151298
CDH55130 Caprices & FantasiesOriginally issued on CDA66340034571151304
CDH55131 SCHARWENKA: Piano Music, Vol. 1Originally issued on Collins13252034571151311
CDH55132 SCHARWENKA: Piano Music, Vol. 2Originally issued on Collins13522034571151328
CDH55133 SCHARWENKA: Piano Music, Vol. 3Originally issued on Collins13652034571151335
CDH55134 SCHARWENKA: Piano Music, Vol. 4Originally issued on Collins14742034571151342
CDH55135 BERKELEY: A Centenary TributeOriginally issued on A66086034571151359
CDH55136 HANDEL: Il Duello AmorosoOriginally issued on A66155034571151366
CDH55137 RIMSKY-KORSAKOV: AntarOriginally issued on CDA66399034571151373
CDH55138 LÔBO/MAGALHÃES: Requiem & Missa dilectus meusOriginally issued on CDA66218034571151380
CDH55139 HOWELLS: Music for violin & pianoOriginally issued on CDA66665034571151397
CDH55140 ROTT: Symphony in E majorOriginally issued on CDA66366034571151403
CDH55141 MOSZKOWSKI: Piano Music, Vol. 1Originally issued on Collins14122034571151410
CDH55142 MOSZKOWSKI: Piano Music, Vol. 2Originally issued on Collins14732034571151427
CDH55143 MOSZKOWSKI: Piano Music, Vol. 3Originally issued on Collins15192034571151434
CDH55144 WIDOR: Symphony No. 5Originally issued on CDA66181034571151441
CDH55145 MONTEVERDI: MassesOriginally issued on CDA66214034571151458
CDH55146 Ancient Airs & DancesOriginally issued on CDA66228034571151465
CDH55147 ELGAR: Cathedral MusicOriginally issued on CDA66313034571151472
CDH55148 Sacred and Secular Music from six centuriesOriginally issued on CDA66370034571151489
CDH55149 BARTÓK: Sonata, Contrasts & RhapsodiesOriginally issued on CDA66415034571151496
CDH55150 MENDELSSOHN: On wings of songOriginally issued on CDA66666034571151502
CDH55151 Gabriel's GreetingOriginally issued on CDA66685034571151519
CDH55152 HOWELLS: Howells' & Lambert's ClavichordOriginally issued on CDA66689034571151526
CDH55153 BOULANGER: Clairières dans le cielOriginally issued on CDA66726034571151533
CDH55154 BRITTEN: Music for Oboe & Music for PianoOriginally issued on CDA66776034571151540
CDH55155 WASSENAER: Concerti ArmoniciOriginally issued on CDA66670034571151557
CDH55156 Bird Songs at EventideOriginally issued on CDA66818034571151564
CDH55157 Violin Concertos034571151571
CDH55158 BRAHMS: Clarinet SonatasOriginally issued on CDA66202034571151588
CDH55159 In praise of womanOriginally issued on CDA66709034571151595
CDH55160 MAHLER: Songs of YouthOriginally issued on CDA66100034571151601
CDH55161 Joy to the WorldOriginally issued on CDH88031034571151618
CDH55162 Harp music of the Italian RenaissanceOriginally issued on CDA66229034571151625
CDH55163 KOECHLIN: Le cortège d'AmphitriteOriginally issued on CDA66243034571151632
CDH55164 IRELAND: The complete music for violin & piano034571151649
CDH55165 MONTEVERDI: BalliOriginally issued on CDA66475034571151656
CDH55166 HUMMEL: String QuartetsOriginally issued on CDA66568034571151663
CDH55167 POULENC/HAHN: Aubade, Sinfonietta & Bal de Béatrice d'EsteOriginally issued on CDA66347034571151670
CDH55168 MILHAUD: Le Carnaval d'Aix & other worksOriginally issued on CDA66594034571151687
CDH55169 THOMSON: Louisiana StoryOriginally issued on CDA66576034571151694
CDH55170 HOLST: The Evening WatchOriginally issued on CDA66329034571151700
CDH55171 HOLST: This have I done for my true loveOriginally issued on CDA66705034571151717
CDH55172 SCARLATTI D: Stabat materOriginally issued on CDA66182034571151724
CDH55173 GLINKA/RIMSKY-KORSAKOV: Grand Sextet & QuintetOriginally issued on CDA66163034571151731
CDH55174 BOUGHTON: String Quartets & Oboe Quartet No. 1034571151748
CDH55175 SATIE: Piano MusicOriginally issued on CDA66344034571151755
CDH55176 SATIE: Parade & other theatre musicOriginally issued on CDA66365034571151762
CDH55177 PROKOFIEV: Peter & the WolfOriginally issued on CDA66499034571151779
CDH55178 VIVALDI: Viola d'amore concertosOriginally issued on CDA66795034571151786
CDH55179 POULENC: Secular Choral Music034571151793
CDH55180 CHOPIN: Piano ConcertosOriginally issued on CDA66647034571151809
CDH55181 CHOPIN: The Four ScherziOriginally issued on CDA66514034571151816
CDH55182 CHOPIN: Ballades & Sonata No. 3Originally issued on CDA66577034571151823
CDH55183 CHOPIN: Demidenko plays Chopin034571151830
CDH55184 LISZT: SonataOriginally issued on CDA66616034571151847
CDH55185 MARTINU: Cello SonatasOriginally issued on CDA66296034571151854
CDH55186 The Courts of LoveOriginally issued on CDA66367034571151861
CDH55187 GURNEY/VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: A Shropshire LadOriginally issued on CDA66385034571151878
CDH55188 TAUSCH: Double Clarinet ConcertosOriginally issued on CDA66504034571151885
CDH55189 BEETHOVEN: Septet & SextetOriginally issued on CDA66513034571151892
CDH55190 VIVALDI: Cantatas, Concertos & MagnificatOriginally issued on CDA66247034571151908
CDH55191 MUFFAT: Armonico TributoOriginally issued on CDA66032034571151915
CDH55192 Italian Baroque Trumpet MusicOriginally issued on CDA66255034571151922
CDH55193 CAVALLI: Messa ConcertataOriginally issued on CDA66970034571151939
CDH55194 For ChildrenOriginally issued on CDA66185034571151946
CDH55195 LEIGHTON: Sacred Choral MusicOriginally issued on CDA66489034571151953
CDH55196 BEETHOVEN: The Creatures of PrometheusOriginally issued on CDA66748034571151960
CDH55197 CHAMINADE: Piano Music, Vol. 1Originally issued on CDA66584034571151977
CDH55198 CHAMINADE: Piano Music, Vol. 2Originally issued on CDA66706034571151984
CDH55199 CHAMINADE: Piano Music, Vol. 3Originally issued on CDA66846034571151991
CDH55200 ROSSINI: The String SonatasOriginally issued on CDA66595034571152004
CDH55201 BEETHOVEN/BRAHMS: VariationsOriginally issued on EL 1021-2034571152011
CDH55202 STRAUSS R: SongsOriginally issued on CDA66659034571152028
CDH55203 CRUSELL: Clarinet ConcertosOriginally issued on CDA66708034571152035
CDH55204 Land of Heart's DesireOriginally issued on CDA66988034571152042
CDH55205 HOWELLS: Concertos & DancesOriginally issued on CDA66610034571152059
CDH55206 GODOWSKY: Piano MusicOriginally issued on CDA66496034571152066
CDH55207 Bella DomnaOriginally issued on CDA66283034571152073
CDH55208 HAYDN: Harmoniemesse & Little Organ MassOriginally issued on CDA66508034571152080
CDH55209 RACHMANINOV: Music for two pianosOriginally issued on CDA66375034571152097
CDH55210 The last rose of summerOriginally issued on CDA66627034571152103
CDH55211 RHEINBERGER: Music for organ, violin & celloOriginally issued on CDA66883034571152110
CDH55212 LASSUS: Missa Bell' Amfitrit' altera034571152127
CDH55213 ANERIO: RequiemOriginally issued on CDA66417034571152134
CDH55214 HUMMEL: SeptetsOriginally issued on CDA66396034571152141
CDH55215 TCHAIKOVSKY: Piano Sonatas034571152158
CDH55216 O magnum misterium034571152165
CDH55217 Souvenirs de VeniseOriginally issued on CDA66112034571152172
CDH55218 Bridge, Elgar & WaltonOriginally issued on CDA66718034571152189
CDH55219 BOCCHERINI: Cello SonatasOriginally issued on CDA66719034571152196
CDH55220 HOWELLS/VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: Requiem & MassOriginally issued on CDA66076034571152202
CDH55221 GLAZUNOV: The Complete Solo Piano Music, Vol. 1Originally issued on CDA66833034571152219
CDH55222 GLAZUNOV: The Complete Solo Piano Music, Vol. 2Originally issued on CDA66844034571152226
CDH55223 GLAZUNOV: The Complete Solo Piano Music, Vol. 3034571152233
CDH55224 GLAZUNOV: The Complete Solo Piano Music, Vol. 4Originally issued on CDA66866034571152240
CDH55225 BRITTEN: PhaedraOriginally issued on CDA66845034571152257
CDH55226 YSAYE: Violin MusicOriginally issued on CDA66940034571152264
CDH55227 CLEMENTI: Demidenko plays Clementi034571152271
CDH55228 GIBBONS: Anthems & Verse AnthemsOriginally issued on CDA67116034571152288
CDH55229 Masterpieces of Portuguese PolyphonyOriginally issued on CDA66512034571152295
CDH55230 German 17th-Century Church MusicOriginally issued on CDA67079034571152301
CDH55231 VIVALDI: La FoliaOriginally issued on CDA66193034571152318
CDH55232 BACH C P E: La FoliaOriginally issued on CDA66239034571152325
CDH55233 SCARLATTI A: La FoliaOriginally issued on CDA66254034571152332
CDH55234 GEMINIANI: La FoliaOriginally issued on CDA66264034571152349
CDH55235 MARAIS: La FoliaOriginally issued on CDA66310034571152356
CDH55236 GRAINGER/GRIEG: At TwilightOriginally issued on CDA66793034571152363
CDH55237 War's EmbersOriginally issued on CDA66261/2, CDD22026034571152370
CDH55238 Strauss Waltz TranscriptionsOriginally issued on CDA66785034571152387
CDH55239 RACHMANINOV: Demidenko plays RachmaninovOriginally issued on CDA66713034571152394
CDH55240 CORELLI: La Folia & other sonatasOriginally issued on CDA66226034571152400
CDH55241 Awake, sweet loveOriginally issued on CDA66447034571152417
CDH55242 SCRIABIN: The Complete ÉtudesOriginally issued on CDA66607034571152424
CDH55243 All in the April eveningOriginally issued on CDA67076034571152431
CDH55244 BRITTEN: Five CanticlesOriginally issued on CDA66498034571152448
CDH55245 JONES: The GeishaOriginally issued on CDA67006034571152455
CDH55246 FRASER-SIMSON: The Maid of the MountainsOriginally issued on CDA67190034571152462
CDH55247 GOMBERT: Credo & other sacred music034571152479
CDH55248 Mortuus est Philippus RexOriginally issued on CDA67046034571152486
CDH55249 English Lute SongsOriginally issued on CDA67126034571152493
CDH55250 LOCKE: Anthems, Motets & Ceremonial MusicOriginally issued on CDA66373034571152509
CDH55251 ARNE: Six Favourite ConcertosOriginally issued on CDA66509034571152516
CDH55252 CROFT: Te Deum & Burial ServiceOriginally issued on CDA66606034571152523
CDH55253 LINLEY: Ode on the Fairies of ShakespeareOriginally issued on CDA66613034571152530
CDH55254 PHILIPS: MotetsOriginally issued on CDA66643034571152547
CDH55255 LOCKE: The Broken ConsortOriginally issued on CDA66727034571152554
CDH55256 LINLEY: Cantatas & Theatre MusicOriginally issued on CDA66767034571152561
CDH55257 BLOW/DRAGHI: Odes for St CeciliaOriginally issued on CDA66770034571152578
CDH55258 Sound the TrumpetOriginally issued on CDA66817034571152585
CDH55259 WEELKES: AnthemsOriginally issued on CDA66477034571152592
CDH55260 English Classical Violin ConcertosOriginally issued on CDA66865034571152608
CDH55261 English Classical Clarinet ConcertosOriginally issued on CDA66896034571152615
CDH55262 HANDEL: Italian Duets034571152622
CDH55263 BEETHOVEN: Mass in C majorOriginally issued on CDA66830034571152639
CDH55264 The Harp of LuduvicoOriginally issued on CDA66518034571152646
CDH55265 GABRIELI A: Missa Pater peccaviOriginally issued on CDA67167034571152653
CDH55266 PARRY: Violin SonatasOriginally issued on CDA66157034571152660
CDH55267 BARTÓK: 44 Duos for two violinsOriginally issued on CDA66453034571152677
CDH55268 MENDELSSOHN: Choral MusicOriginally issued on CDA66359034571152684
CDH55269 BACH/TELEMANN: Oboe & Oboe d'amore ConcertosOriginally issued on CDA66267034571152691
CDH55270 CHOPIN: Polish SongsOriginally issued on CDA67125034571152707
CDH55271 DUFAY: Music for St Anthony of PaduaOriginally issued on CDA66854034571152714
CDH55272 DUFAY: Music for St James the GreaterOriginally issued on CDA66997034571152721
CDH55273 The Marriage of Heaven & HellOriginally issued on CDA66423034571152738
CDH55274 The Castle of Fair WelcomeOriginally issued on CDA66194034571152745
CDH55275 SCHUMANN C: SongsOriginally issued on CDA67249034571152752
CDH55276 MORALES: Missa Queramus cum pastoribusOriginally issued on CDA66635034571152769
CDH55277 BRUCKNER: Mass in E minorOriginally issued on CDA66177034571152776
CDH55278 TELEMANN: Musique de TableOriginally issued on CDA66278034571152783
CDH55279 VIVALDI: Opera Arias & SinfoniasOriginally issued on CDA66745034571152790
CDH55280 HANDEL: Trio SonatasOriginally issued on CDA67083034571152806
CDH55281 The Spirits of England & France, Vol. 1Originally issued on CDA66739034571152813
CDH55282 The Spirits of England & France, Vol. 2Originally issued on CDA66773034571152820
CDH55283 The Spirits of England & France, Vol. 3Originally issued on CDA66783034571152837
CDH55284 The Spirits of England & France, Vol. 4Originally issued on CDA66857034571152844
CDH55285 The Spirits of England & France, Vol. 5Originally issued on CDA66919034571152851
CDH55286 SCRIABIN: The Early ScriabinOriginally issued on CDA67149034571152868
CDH55287 ASTORGA/BOCCHERINI: Stabat materOriginally issued on CDA67108034571152875
CDH55288 BUSNOIS/DOMARTO: Missa L'homme arméOriginally issued on CDA67319034571152882
CDH55289 The Garden of ZephirusOriginally issued on CDA66144034571152899
CDH55290 The Service of Venus & MarsOriginally issued on CDA66238034571152905
CDH55291 A Song for FrancescaOriginally issued on CDA66286034571152912
CDH55292 Music for the Lion-Hearted KingOriginally issued on CDA66336034571152929
CDH55293 The Medieval RomanticsOriginally issued on CDA66463034571152936
CDH55294 Lancaster and ValoisOriginally issued on CDA66588034571152943
CDH55295 The Study of LoveOriginally issued on CDA66619034571152950
CDH55296 LA RUE: Missa De Feria & Missa Sancta Dei genitrixOriginally issued on CDA67010034571152967
CDH55297 The Earliest Songbook in EnglandOriginally issued on CDA67177034571152974
CDH55298 The Voice in the GardenOriginally issued on CDA66653034571152981
CDH55299 GRIEG: String Quartets Nos. 1 & 2Originally issued on CDA67117034571152998
CDH55300 SCHUMANN: Piano SonatasOriginally issued on CDA66864034571153001
CDH55301 ELGAR: Quintet & Violin SonataOriginally issued on CDA66645034571153018
CDH55302 LINLEY: The Song of Moses & Let God ariseOriginally issued on CDA67038034571153025
CDH55303 PURCELL: Mr Henry Purcell's Most Admirable ComposuresOriginally issued on CDA66288034571153032
CDH55304 SCRIABIN/TCHAIKOVSKY: Piano ConcertosOriginally issued on CDA66680034571153049
CDH55305 SCHUBERT: String Quintet & String TrioOriginally issued on CDA66724034571153056
CDH55306 MUSORGSKY/PROKOFIEV: Pictures from an Exhibition/Romeo & JulietOriginally issued on CDA67018034571153063
CDH55307 BRITTEN: A Boy was BornOriginally issued on CDA66126034571153070
CDH55309 LIADOV: Solo Piano MusicOriginally issued on CDA66986034571153094
CDH55310 SCHÜTZ/GABRIELI: The Christmas Story & MotetsOriginally issued on CDA66398034571153100
CDH55311 ARENSKY: Piano MusicOriginally issued on CDA67066034571153117
CDH55312 BACH: Cantatas Nos. 54, 169 & 170Originally issued on CDA66326034571153124
CDH55313 GUERRERO: Missa Sancta et immaculataOriginally issued on CDA66910034571153131
CDH55314 MOZART: Epistle SonatasOriginally issued on CDA66377034571153148
CDH55315 MEDTNER: Demidenko plays MedtnerOriginally issued on CDA66636034571153155
CDH55316 VILLA-LOBOS: Bachianas brasileiras Nos. 1 & 5Originally issued on CDA66257034571153162
CDH55317 Masterpieces of Mexican PolyphonyOriginally issued on CDA66330034571153179
CDH55318 RACHMANINOV: The Divine Liturgy of St John ChrysostomOriginally issued on CDA66703034571153186
CDH55319 DAQUIN: Douze Noëls034571153193
CDH55320 CASTELLO/PICCHI: The Floating CityOriginally issued on CDA67013034571153209
CDH55321 MARTINU/SCHULHOFF: String SextetsOriginally issued on CDA66516034571153216
CDH55322 GLINKA/TCHAIKOVSKY: Piano TriosOriginally issued on CDA67216034571153223
CDH55323 GOMBERT: Missa Tempore paschali & MotetsOriginally issued on CDA66943034571153230
CDH55324 HANDEL: Handel in HamburgOriginally issued on CDA67053034571153247
CDH55325 While shepherds watchedOriginally issued on CDA66924034571153254
CDH55326 PEÑALOSA: MassesOriginally issued on CDA66629034571153261
CDH55327 PURCELL: Hail! bright Cecilia & Who can from joy?Originally issued on CDA66349034571153278
CDH55328 LÉONIN: Magister Leoninus, Vol. 1Originally issued on CDA66944034571153285
CDH55329 PIZZETTI: Orchestral MusicOriginally issued on CDA67084034571153292
CDH55331 TCHAIKOVSKY: SongsOriginally issued on CDA66617034571153315
CDH55332 BRUCKNER: Mass in F minorOriginally issued on CDA66599034571153322
CDH55333 MOZART: Piano Concertos Nos. 11, 12 & 13Originally issued on CDA67358034571153339
CDH55334 TARTINI: Violin ConcertosOriginally issued on CDA67345034571153346
CDH55335 PALESTRINA: O rex gloriae & Viri GalilaeiOriginally issued on CDA66316034571153353
CDH55336 Songs of ScotlandOriginally issued on CDA67106034571153360
CDH55337 MEDTNER/RACHMANINOV: Music for two pianosOriginally issued on CDA66654034571153377
CDH55338 LÉONIN: Magister Leoninus, Vol. 2Originally issued on CDA67289034571153384
CDH55339 DOWLAND: LachrimaeOriginally issued on CDA66637034571153391
CDH55340 GUERRERO: Missa De la batalla escoutez & other worksOriginally issued on CDA67075034571153407
CDH55341 English 18th-century Keyboard ConcertosOriginally issued on CDA66700034571153414
CDH55342 SAINT-SAËNS: Cello SonatasOriginally issued on CDA67095034571153421
CDH55343 MACKENZIE: Violin Concerto & PibrochOriginally issued on CDA66975034571153438
CDH55344 His Majestys Sagbutts & Cornetts Grand TourOriginally issued on CDA66847034571153445
CDH55345 MONTEVERDI: Sacred Vocal MusicOriginally issued on CDA66021034571153452
CDH55346 BRAHMS: MotetsOriginally issued on CDA66389034571153469
CDH55347 BACH: Violin ConcertosOriginally issued on CDA66380034571153476
CDH55348 BYRD: Mass for five voicesOriginally issued on CDA66837034571153483
CDH55349 ALBINONI/VIVALDI: Oboe ConcertosOriginally issued on CDA66383034571153490
CDH55350 HOLST/MATTHEWS: Planets/PlutoOriginally issued on CDA67270034571153506
CDH55351 PADEREWSKI: Symphony 'Polonia'Originally issued on CDA67056034571153513
CDH55352 GRECHANINOV: VespersOriginally issued on CDA67080034571153520
CDH55353 SAINT-SAËNS/YSAYE: Rare transcriptions for violin & pianoOriginally issued on CDA67285034571153537
CDH55354 SCARLATTI/HASSE: Salve regina, Cantatas & MotetsOriginally issued on CDA66875034571153544
CDH55355 HAYDN: SongsOriginally issued on CDA67174034571153551
CDH55356 BRUCKNER: Mass in D minor & Te DeumOriginally issued on CDA66650034571153568
CDH55357 PEÑALOSA: The Complete MotetsOriginally issued on CDA66574034571153575
CDH55358 VICTORIA: Missa Vidi speciosam & motetsOriginally issued on CDA66129034571153582
CDH55359 Music for St Paul'sOriginally issued on CDA67009034571153599
CDH55360 MENDELSSOHN: SongsOriginally issued on CDA67110034571153605
CDH55361 STANLEY: 6 Concertos in 7 parts, Op. 2Originally issued on CDA66338034571153612
CDH55362 STANFORD: Music for violin & pianoOriginally issued on CDA67024034571153629
CDH55364 Masters of the RollsOriginally issued on CDA67098034571153643
CDH55365 DVORÁK: Music for violin & pianoOriginally issued on CDA66934034571153650
CDH55366 POULENC: Voyage à ParisOriginally issued on CDA66147034571153667
CDH55367 PALESTRINA: Missa Hodie Christus natus estOriginally issued on CDA67396034571153674
CDH55368 PALESTRINA: Missa Aeterna Christi munera & MotetsOriginally issued on CDA66490034571153681
CDH55369 BRAHMS: String QuintetsOriginally issued on CDA66804034571153698
CDH55370 HANDEL: James Bowman sings Heroic AriasOriginally issued on CDA66483034571153704
CDH55371 MOZART: SongsOriginally issued on CDA66989034571153711
CDH55372 BRUCKNER/STRAUSS R: Quintet & CapriccioOriginally issued on CDA66704034571153728
CDH55373 SCHELLE: Sacred MusicOriginally issued on CDA67260034571153735
CDH55374 JOSQUIN: Missa Pange lingua & Vultum tuumOriginally issued on CDA66614034571153742
CDH55375 HANDEL: Fireworks Music & Water Music034571153759
CDH55376 VICTORIA: Missa Trahe me post te & MotetsOriginally issued on CDA66738034571153766
CDH55377 MENDELSSOHN: String QuintetsOriginally issued on CDA66993034571153773
CDH55378 BRITTEN: St Nicolas & Hymn to St CeciliaOriginally issued on CDA66333034571153780
CDH55379 HAHN: Chamber MusicOriginally issued on CDA67391034571153797
CDH55380 CHOPIN: The Complete Études034571153803
CDH55381 CHOPIN: The Complete Waltzes034571153810
CDH55382 CHOPIN: The Great Polonaises034571153827
CDH55383 CHOPIN: Preludes & Impromptus034571153834
CDH55384 CHOPIN: Chamber Music034571153841
CDH55385 WOLF: Italienisches LiederbuchOriginally issued on CDA66760034571153858
CDH55386 L'Album des SixOriginally issued on CDA67204034571153865
CDH55387 MOSCHELES: Complete Concert StudiesOriginally issued on CDA67394034571153872
CDH55388 LAMBERT: Summer's Last Will & TestamentOriginally issued on CDA66565034571153889
CDH55389 WOLF: Lieder nach Heine & LenauOriginally issued on CDA67343034571153896
CDH55390 MOZART: Oboe Quartet, Horn Quintet & other worksOriginally issued on CDA67277034571153902
CDH55391 CHOPIN: The Complete Mazurkas, Vol. 1034571153919
CDH55392 CHOPIN: The Complete Mazurkas, Vol. 2034571153926
CDH55393 KNÜPFER: Sacred MusicOriginally issued on CDA67160034571153933
CDH55394 KUHNAU: Sacred MusicOriginally issued on CDA67059034571153940
CDH55395 MACKENZIE: Orchestral MusicOriginally issued on CDA66764034571153957
CDH55396 Rare French works for violin & orchestraOriginally issued on CDA67294034571153964
CDH55397 LAMBERT: Piano Concerto & other worksOriginally issued on CDA66754034571153971
CDH55398 JANÁCEK: Choral MusicOriginally issued on CDA66893034571153988
CDH55399 GRECHANINOV: Piano TriosOriginally issued on CDA67295034571153995
CDH55400 TALLIS: Missa Salve intemerata & AntiphonsOriginally issued on CDA67207034571154008
CDH55401 My soul doth magnify the LordOriginally issued on CDA66249034571154015
CDH55402 My spirit hath rejoicedOriginally issued on CDA66305034571154022
CDH55403 RACHMANINOV: Études-tableauxOriginally issued on CDA66091034571154039
CDH55404 VIVALDI: Six Violin Sonatas, Op. 2Originally issued on CDA67467034571154046
CDH55405 DVORÁK: String Quintet & String SextetOriginally issued on CDA66308034571154053
CDH55406 For His Majestys Sagbutts & CornettsOriginally issued on CDA66894034571154060
CDH55407 PALESTRINA: Missa Ecce ego Johannes & other sacred musicOriginally issued on CDA67099034571154077
CDH55408 PÄRT: Berliner Messe & MagnificatOriginally issued on CDA66960034571154084
CDH55410 The Maiden's PrayerOriginally issued on CDA67379034571154107
CDH55411 ALBERT: Solo Piano MusicOriginally issued on CDA66945034571154114
CDH55412 DOHNÁNYI: Piano Quintets & SerenadeOriginally issued on CDA66786034571154121
CDH55413 HINDEMITH: Ludus Tonalis & Suite 1922Originally issued on CDA66824034571154138
CDH55414 TAVENER: Sacred MusicOriginally issued on CDA66464034571154145
CDH55416 SUK: Piano Quintet & Piano QuartetOriginally issued on CDA67448034571154169
CDH55417 BACH: The Six MotetsOriginally issued on CDA66369034571154176
CDH55419 HANDEL: English AriasOriginally issued on CDA66797034571154190
CDH55420 PALESTRINA: Missa De beata virgine & Missa Ave MariaOriginally issued on CDA66364034571154206
CDH55421 BURGON: Choral MusicOriginally issued on CDA67567034571154213
CDH55422 Blah blah blah & other triflesOriginally issued on CDA66289034571154220
CDH55423 DUFAY: Missa Puisque je vis & other worksOriginally issued on CDA67368034571154237
CDH55424 ZELENKA: Sacred MusicOriginally issued on CDA67350034571154244
CDH55425 CATOIRE: Piano MusicOriginally issued on CDA67090034571154251
CDH55426 ARENSKY/TCHAIKOVSKY: String Quartet & SouvenirOriginally issued on CDA66648034571154268
CDH55427 HUMMEL/SCHUBERT: Piano QuintetsOriginally issued on CDH88010034571154275
CDH55428 CHABRIER: BriséïsOriginally issued on CDA66803034571154282
CDH55429 BYRD: Consort SongsOriginally issued on CDA67397034571154299
CDH55430 Treasures of the Spanish RenaissanceOriginally issued on CDA66168034571154305
CDH55431 RACHMANINOV: Piano TriosOriginally issued on CDA67178034571154312
CDH55432 FINZI: Intimations of Immortality & Dies natalisOriginally issued on CDA66876034571154329
CDH55433 GRAINGER: Jungle Book & other choral worksOriginally issued on CDA66863034571154336
CDH55434 STANFORD: Piano Quintet & String Quintet No. 1Originally issued on CDA67505034571154343
CDH55435 WOLF: Eichendorff-LiederOriginally issued on CDA66909034571154350
CDH55436 Passiontide at St Paul'sOriginally issued on CDA66916034571154367
CDH55437 TCHAIKOVSKY: Liturgy of St John ChrysostomOriginally issued on CDA66948034571154374
CDH55438 BRITTEN: Sacred and Profane & other choral worksOriginally issued on CDA67140034571154381
CDH55439 VIVALDI: Concerti con molti istromentiOriginally issued on CDA67073034571154398
CDH55440 PROKOFIEV: Piano Concertos Nos. 2 & 3Originally issued on CDA66858034571154404
CDH55442 WARLOCK: SongsOriginally issued on CDA66736034571154428
CDH55443 Epiphany at St Paul'sOriginally issued on CDA67269034571154435
CDH55444 LANGLAIS: Missa Salve regina & Messe solennelleOriginally issued on CDA66270034571154442
CDH55445 Hear my prayerOriginally issued on CDA66439034571154459
CDH55446 PRAETORIUS: Christmas MusicOriginally issued on CDA66200034571154466
CDH55447 BLOW/PURCELL: Countertenor DuetsOriginally issued on CDA66253034571154473
CDH55448 POULENC: Mass & MotetsOriginally issued on CDA66664034571154480
CDH55449 PALESTRINA: Missa Dum complerentur & other sacred musicOriginally issued on CDA67353034571154497
CDH55450 SCRIABIN: The Complete Préludes, Vol. 1 – Opp. 2-16Originally issued on CDA67057/8034571154503
CDH55451 SCRIABIN: The Complete Preludes, Vol. 2 – Opp. 17-74Originally issued on CDA67057/8034571154510
CDH55452 VICTORIA: Missa Dum complerentur, Hymns & SequencesOriginally issued on CDA66886034571154527
CDH55454 GRAINGER: Rambles & ReflectionsOriginally issued on CDA67279034571154541
CDH55455 COUPERIN F: Leçons de TénèbresOriginally issued on CDA66474034571154558
CDH55456 HOWELLS: Choral MusicOriginally issued on CDA67494034571154565
CDH55457 CHAUSSON/INDY: String QuartetsOriginally issued on CDA67097034571154572
CDH55458 RACHMANINOV: The TranscriptionsOriginally issued on CDA66486034571154589
CDH55459 STANFORD: String QuartetsOriginally issued on CDA67434034571154596
CDH55460 SCHUBERT: OctetOriginally issued on CDA67339034571154602
CDH55461 WALLACE: Symphonic PoemsOriginally issued on CDA66848034571154619
CDH55462 Time stands stillOriginally issued on CDA66186034571154626
CDH55463 Advent at St Paul'sOriginally issued on CDA66994034571154633
CDH55464 COLES: Music from Behind the linesOriginally issued on CDA67293034571154640
CDH55465 WALLACE: Creation Symphony & other worksOriginally issued on CDA66987034571154657
CDH55466 KORNGOLD/SCHOENBERG: Sextet & Verklärte NachtOriginally issued on CDA66425034571154664
CDH55467 STRAVINSKY: Les Noces & other choral musicOriginally issued on CDA66410034571154671
CDH55470 VILLA-LOBOS: Missa São Sebastião & other sacred musicOriginally issued on CDA66638034571154701
CDH55471 SIBELIUS: SongsOriginally issued on CDA67318034571154718
CDH55472 DVORÁK: Piano Quintet & String QuintetOriginally issued on CDA66796034571154725
CDH55474 BRUCKNER: Symphony No. 3Originally issued on CDA67200034571154749
CDH55475 DURUFLÉ: The Complete Organ MusicOriginally issued on CDA66368034571154756
CDH55477 European Light Music ClassicsOriginally issued on CDA66998034571154770
CDH55478 BACH C P E: Die Auferstehung und Himmelfahrt JesuOriginally issued on CDA67364034571154787
CDH55479 BEETHOVEN: Early CantatasOriginally issued on CDA66880034571154794
CDH88005 Music for Organ and Brass Band034571180052
CDH88006 Service high & anthems clear034571180069
CDH88008 All in the April evening034571180083
CDH88009 Creole Belles034571180090
CDH88010 SCHUBERT/HUMMEL: Trout Quintet/Quintet in E flat034571180106
CDH88011 DOWLAND/CAMPION: It fell on a summer's day034571180113
CDH88012 VIVALDI: The Four Seasons034571180120
CDH88013 English music for brass034571180137
CDH88014 Oboe Concertos034571180144
CDH88015 The Concerto in Europe034571180151
CDH88016 BARBER: Piano Music034571180168
CDH88017 MUSSORGSKY: Pictures at an Exhibition034571180175
CDH88018 DEBUSSY/RAVEL: String Quartets034571180182
CDH88019 SMETANA: Dreams & PolkasOriginally issued on BVR312034571180199
CDH88020 SCHUMANN: Spring Symphony034571180205
CDH88021 SHAKESPEARE: The Sonnets, Vol. 1034571180212
CDH88022 SHAKESPEARE: The Sonnets, Vol. 2034571180229
CDH88023 My Lagan Love034571180236
CDH88024 Songs of the Hebrides034571180243
CDH88025 Concertos for the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies034571180250
CDH88026 Variations, Passacaglias & Chaconnes034571180267
CDH88027 Classical Folk Guitar034571180274
CDH88028 Baroque Christmas Music034571180281
CDH88029 TCHAIKOVSKY: 18 Piano Pieces, Op. 72034571180298
CDH88030 Favourite Classics034571180304
CDH88031 Joy to the World034571180311
CDH88032 BEETHOVEN: String Quartets, Op. 74 & 95034571180328
CDH88033 BACH C P E: Flute Concerto & Sonatas034571180335
CDH88034 SCHUBERT: Impromptus034571180342
CDH88035 L'Après Midi d'un Dinosaur034571180359
CDH88036 Praise to the Lord034571180366
CDH88037 HAYDN: Concertos034571180373
CDH88038 Favourite Encores034571180380
CDH88039 SCHUMANN: Album for the Young034571180397
CDH88045 GERSHWIN: Piano Music034571180458
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