What to do if you have a faulty Hyperion CD

All Hyperion CDs are carefully checked on delivery from our various factories. However, it is possible for occasional faulty discs to be found - it is not feasible for us to check every single copy, particularly given that we are unable to sell CDs which have been unwrapped.

If you have a problem with any Hyperion CD, please let us know:

Hyperion Records Limited
PO Box 25, London SE9 1AX, England
Telephone +44 [0]20 8318 1234
Fax +44 [0]20 8463 1230

We will aim to resolve all problems as soon as possible.

When contacting us, please include the following information:

  • The catalogue number and/or title of the CD.
  • The matrix number (or hubcode) etched around the centre-hole on the playing side of the disc.
  • The country of manufacture (printed on the CD, and on the back of the case).
  • A description, as precise as possible, of the problem.
  • (This information will help us to investigate any problem more quickly.)

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