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Artist Index – Singers – Sopranos

An alphabetical listing of all sopranos represented on this website.

Abraham, Christine (mezzo-soprano)
Adamczak, Agnieszka (soprano)
Adamonytė, Jurgita (mezzo-soprano)
Adams-Barbaro, Jennifer (soprano)
Ager, Jeanette (mezzo-soprano)
Alder, Louise (soprano)
Aldrich, Kate (mezzo-soprano)
Allan, Miriam (soprano)
Allen, Giselle (soprano)
Ambrose Evans, Rachel (soprano)
Ambrose, Katharine (soprano)
Ameling, Elly (soprano)
Anderson, Lorna (soprano)
Andrew, Bianca (mezzo-soprano)
Arcari, Cristiana (soprano)
Archibald, Jane (soprano)
Argenta, Nancy (soprano)
Armitage, Sapphire (soprano)
Armour, Emily (soprano)
Armstrong, Jane (soprano)
Arnet, Marie (soprano)
Arnold, Ruth (soprano)
Artaza, Carmen (mezzo-soprano)
Ashby, Helen (soprano)
Ashby, Kate (soprano)
Ashley, Charlotte (soprano)
Ashman, Magdalen (soprano)
Ashton, Caroline (soprano)
Ashworth, Laurie (soprano)
Atherton, Elizabeth (soprano)
Atwood, Ally (soprano)
Audere, Sanda (soprano)
Auger, Arleen (soprano)
Austruma, Marika (soprano)
Azcona, Amaia (soprano)
Bailey, Lucy (soprano)
Bailey, Susan Gilmour (soprano)
Baker, Dame Janet (mezzo-soprano)
Banse, Juliane (soprano)
Bao-Smith, Sumei (soprano)
Barcellona, Daniela (mezzo-soprano)
Barclay, Yvonne (soprano)
Bardon, Patricia (mezzo-soprano)
Barlow, Edith (soprano)
Barnett-Jones, Claire (mezzo-soprano)
Barratt, Christine (soprano)
Barrett-Hague, Charlotte (soprano)
Barron, Fleur (mezzo-soprano)
Beckley, Lisa (soprano)
Bedford, Charmian (soprano)
Bell, Emma (soprano)
Benson, Emily (soprano)
Bessent, Claire (soprano)
Bevan, Mary (soprano)
Bevan, Rachel (soprano)
Bevan, Sophie (soprano)
Bickley, Susan (mezzo-soprano)
Bird, Rebecca (soprano)
Bisatt, Susan (soprano)
Blažíková, Hana (soprano)
Blood, Sarah (soprano)
Bodsworth, Stephanie (soprano)
Bologna, Liz (soprano)
Bolton, Anna (soprano)
Boncompagni, Francesca (soprano)
Bonner, Tessa (soprano)
Bonney, Barbara (soprano)
Booth, Claire (soprano)
Booth, Juliet (soprano)
Boothroyd, Ansy (mezzo-soprano)
Borodina, Olga (mezzo-soprano)
Bott, Catherine (soprano)
Bott, Paula (soprano)
Bottone, Rebecca (soprano)
Bovell, Jane (soprano)
Boyle, Claudia (soprano)
Bradshaw, Emily (soprano)
Braga Simões, Eva (soprano)
Bragle, Meg (mezzo-soprano)
Brandon, Sarah-Jane (soprano)
Bray, Eleanor (soprano)
Breshears, Natalie (soprano)
Brewer, Christine (soprano)
Bridges, Venetia (soprano)
Broderick, Katherine (soprano)
Brookshaw, Zoë (soprano)
Brown, Zoë (soprano)
Bruce-Payne, Sally (soprano)
Buchanan, Isobel (soprano)
Buchanan-Barrow, Jessica (soprano)
Buffle, Christine (soprano)
Bufton Lowe, Amelia (soprano)
Bullock, Susan (soprano)
Bulycheva, Zlata (mezzo-soprano)
Burgess, Sally (mezzo-soprano)
Burggraaf, Cora (mezzo-soprano)
Burgos, Sophia (soprano)
Burns, Harriet (soprano)
Burtt-Jones, Natalia (soprano)
Byrne, Celine (soprano)
Byrne, Dorothy (mezzo-soprano)
Cale, Jessica (soprano)
Cals, Isabelle (soprano)
Carby, Catherine (mezzo-soprano)
Cargill, Karen (mezzo-soprano)
Carpanini, Amelia (soprano)
Carpenter, Josie (soprano)
Castle, Sarah (mezzo-soprano)
Cavaliero, Anna (soprano)
Chapa, Claudia (mezzo-soprano)
Charbonnet, Jeanne-Michèle (soprano)
Charlston, Helen (mezzo-soprano)
Chiejina, Francesca (soprano)
Christensson, Malin (soprano)
Clarke, Fiona (soprano)
Claycomb, Laura (soprano)
Clifton-Griffith, Natalie (soprano)
Coates, Jocelyn (soprano)
Cobb, Samantha (soprano)
Coburn, Sarah (soprano)
Cohn, Joanna (soprano)
Coldstream, Alison (soprano)
Coleman, Eleanor (soprano)
Collyer, Isobel (soprano)
Connell, Elizabeth (soprano)
Connolly, Dame Sarah (mezzo-soprano)
Conway, Hazel (soprano)
Cook, Allison (mezzo-soprano)
Cooke, Sasha (mezzo-soprano)
Cooper, Julie (soprano)
Cooper, Katy (soprano)
Cooper, Rosie
Coote, Alice (mezzo-soprano)
Cox, Lucy (soprano)
Coxwell, Janet (soprano)
Crabtree, Libby (soprano)
Cragg, Elizabeth (soprano)
Cronin, Hilary (soprano)
Crowe, Lucy (soprano)
Cull, Karen (soprano)
Cunnold, Judith (soprano)
Cvilak, Sabina (soprano)
Dalayman, Katarina (soprano)
Dalby, Emilia (soprano)
Daneman, Sophie (soprano)
Davidson, Grace (soprano)
Dawes, Louisa (soprano)
Dawid, Poppy (soprano)
Dawson, Anne (soprano)
Dawson, Lynne (soprano)
Dayan, Ruby (soprano)
de Niese, Danielle (soprano)
Deam, Donna (soprano)
Del Mar Fernández Doval, Maria (soprano)
Dennis, Anna (soprano)
Dennis, Eleanor (soprano)
Denoke, Angela (soprano)
DeShong, Elizabeth (mezzo-soprano)
Devin, Anna (soprano)
DeYoung, Michelle (mezzo-soprano)
Diamond, Roberta (soprano)
Dickens, Emily (soprano)
DiDonato, Joyce (soprano)
Dix, Helena (soprano)
Dockins, Gillian (mezzo-soprano)
Dominguez, Adele (mezzo-soprano)
Domnich, Ilona (soprano)
Donato, Emilia (soprano)
Doufexis, Stella (soprano)
Doyle, Emily (soprano)
Doyle, Julia (soprano)
Dreisig, Elsa (soprano)
Drury, Elizabeth (soprano)
Duarte, Cecilia (mezzo-soprano)
Dudinova, Liudmila (soprano)
Duffy, Kiera (soprano)
Dunkley, Sally (soprano)
Dunworth, Judith (soprano)
Eastwood, Rona (soprano)
Edwards, Elizabeth (soprano)
Edwards, Sophie (soprano)
Ek, Klara (soprano)
Elias, Rosalind (mezzo-soprano)
Elliott, Rachel (soprano)
Eriksmoen, Mari (soprano)
Evans, Rachel (soprano)
Evans, Rebecca (soprano)
Evera, Emily van (soprano)
Exelby, Saoirse (soprano)
Fairbairn, Charlotte (soprano)
Fassbaender, Brigitte (soprano)
Feaviour, Margaret (soprano)
Fedi, Elena Cecchi (soprano)
Felsberga, Katrīna Paula (soprano)
Ferrier, Kathleen (mezzo-soprano)
Field, Helen (soprano)
Field, Margaret (soprano)
Fink, Bernarda (mezzo-soprano)
Finnie, Linda (mezzo-soprano)
Fischer, Nora (soprano)
Fisher, Gillian (soprano)
Flowers, Suzanne (soprano)
Foggle, Samantha Joy (soprano)
Fontanals-Simmons, Marta (mezzo-soprano)
Forbes L'Estrange, Joanna (soprano)
Forbes, Patricia (soprano)
Forget, Danièle (soprano)
Foroughi, Soophia (mezzo-soprano)
Foulkes, Carolyn (soprano)
Fox, Sarah (soprano)
France, Jennifer (soprano)
Franklin, Gillian (soprano)
Franklin-Kitchen, Elizabeth (soprano)
Fraser, Anna (soprano)
Fraser, Hannah (mezzo-soprano)
Fredrick, April (soprano)
Frigato, Silvia (soprano)
Fuge, Katherine (soprano)
Furnivall, Theresa (soprano)
Gale, Elizabeth (soprano)
Gallagher, Lois (soprano)
Gallagher, Sophie (soprano)
Galliet-Jakoby, Inji (soprano)
Galoyan, Mané (soprano)
Gannon, Judith (soprano)
Gayer, Josepha (mezzo-soprano)
Geller, Brigitte (soprano)
Gheorghiu, Angela (soprano)
Giannattasio, Carmen (soprano)
Gibbins, Ruth (mezzo-soprano)
Gilday, Victoria (soprano)
Ginsborg, Jane (soprano)
Giraud, Maryam (soprano)
Golon, Erykah (soprano)
Gomez, Jill (soprano)
Gooding, Julia (soprano)
Gorbachyova-Ogilvie, Anna (soprano)
Gorham, Jennifer (soprano)
Gosling, Lara (soprano)
Gough, Alison (soprano)
Green, Aimée (soprano)
Green, Annabel (soprano)
Gregory, Katherine (soprano)
Grevelius, Anna (mezzo-soprano)
Gribbin, Alice (soprano)
Grimaldi, Erika (soprano)
Grimson, Martene (soprano)
Gritton, Susan (soprano)
Groop, Monica (mezzo-soprano)
Gruffydd Jones, Angharad (soprano)
Gubanova, Ekaterina (mezzo-soprano)
Gustafson, Nancy (soprano)
Haines, Andrea (soprano)
Haines, Rachel (soprano)
Hall, Lucy (soprano)
Halliday, Bethany (soprano)
Halstead, Alice (soprano)
Hamilton, Susan (soprano)
Hao, Lulu (soprano)
Harper, Jenni (mezzo-soprano)
Harries, Kathryn (mezzo-soprano)
Harris, Dorothea (soprano)
Hart, Catherine (soprano)
Hartelius, Malin (soprano)
Harvey, Anna (mezzo-soprano)
Harvey, Joélle (soprano)
Havel, Rosanne (soprano)
Haveman, Barbara (soprano)
Haworth, Amy (soprano)
Healey, Philippa (soprano)
Heeney, Aoife (mezzo-soprano)
Héglon, Meyrianne (mezzo-soprano)
Hellgren, Marianne (soprano)
Helsby, Genevieve (soprano)
Hemington Jones, Susan (soprano)
Henderson, Frances (soprano)
Henderson, Rosemary (soprano)
Henning, Rebecca (soprano)
Herrmann, Anke (soprano)
Hetherington, Ann (soprano)
Hickey, Rebecca (soprano)
Hicks, Angela (soprano)
Higgins, Julia (soprano)
Hill, Katy (soprano)
Hill, Susannah (soprano)
Hill, Valery (soprano)
Holden, Poppy (soprano)
Holowell, Sonya (mezzo-soprano)
Holton, Ruth (soprano)
Hoogveld, Irene (soprano)
Hopkins, Kirsty (soprano)
Hopper, Catherine (soprano)
Horsey, Kitty (soprano)
Hoskins, Dorothy (soprano)
Housková, Václava (mezzo-soprano)
Howard, Yvonne (mezzo-soprano)
Howarth, Judith (soprano)
Howley, Patricia (soprano)
Hughes, Emilia (soprano)
Hughes, Jessica (soprano)
Hughes, Ruby (soprano)
Hugh-Jones, Olivia (soprano)
Hulcup, Caitlin (mezzo-soprano)
Hunter, Harriet (soprano)
Huntly, Vanessa (soprano)
Hutton, Alexandra (soprano)
Hyde, Philippa (soprano)
Invernizzi, Roberta (soprano)
Irving, Eloise (soprano)
Irwin, Jane (mezzo-soprano)
Isokoski, Soile (soprano)
Jackson, Celia (soprano)
James, Ana (soprano)
Janes, Fiona (mezzo-soprano)
Jeffers, Gweneth-Ann (soprano)
Jiwey, Susan (soprano)
Johannsen, Robin (soprano)
Johnson, Miranda (soprano)
Johnston, Jennifer (mezzo-soprano)
Jones, Leah-Marian (mezzo-soprano)
Joshua, Rosemary (soprano)
Juntunen, Helena (soprano)
Kaduce, Kelly (soprano)
Kampe, Anja (soprano)
Kaņepe, Sniedze (mezzo-soprano)
Karnéus, Katarina (mezzo-soprano)
Keeble, Gaynor (mezzo-soprano)
Keily, Louisa (soprano)
Keith, Gillian (soprano)
Kelly, Janis (soprano)
Kelly, Rachel (mezzo-soprano)
Kemény, Louise (soprano)
Kemp, Eleanor (soprano)
Kennard, Julie (soprano)
Kenny, Yvonne (soprano)
Kerslake, Karen (soprano)
Kettlewell, Alison (mezzo-soprano)
Keys, Miranda (soprano)
Kiehr, Maria Cristina (soprano)
Kim, Haley (soprano)
King, Catherine (soprano)
King, Hannah (soprano)
Kirby-Ashmore, Emily (soprano)
Kirchschlager, Angelika (mezzo-soprano)
Kirkby, Emma (soprano)
Kitchen, Linda (soprano)
Kleiter, Julia (soprano)
Kołodziej-Gorczyczyńska, Dagmara (soprano)
Kožená, Magdalena (soprano)
Kravtsova, Tatiana (soprano)
Kronen, Beate (soprano)
Kryger, Urszula (mezzo-soprano)
Kuczera, Monika (soprano)
Kujawa, Patrycja (soprano)
Kwella, Patrizia (soprano)
Kyte, Emily (mezzo-soprano)
Labin, Ana Maria (soprano)
Lacey, Helen (soprano)
Lancelot, Rebecca (soprano)
Landes, Julie (soprano)
Lane, Carys (soprano)
Lang, Bryony (soprano)
Lang, Melanie (mezzo-soprano)
Lang, Petra (soprano)
Langley, Charlotte (soprano)
Lankshear, Chloe (soprano)
Lapido, Folasade-Nelleke (soprano)
Lapkovskaja, Anna (mezzo-soprano)
Larsson, Lisa (soprano)
Lawergren, Susannah (soprano)
Lawson, Mhairi (soprano)
Lay, Esther (soprano)
Le Blanc, Suzie (soprano)
Leblanc, Claudette (soprano)
Leeder, Natalie (soprano)
Lees, Susan (soprano)
Leese, Anna (soprano)
Lehner, Daniela (mezzo-soprano)
Leonard, Sarah (soprano)
Liepiņa, Dārta (soprano)
Lipovšek, Marjana (mezzo-soprano)
Lisovska, Inga (soprano)
Llewellyn, Elizabeth (soprano)
Long, Nancy (mezzo-soprano)
Lopez, Paolo (male soprano)
Lott, Dame Felicity (soprano)
Lumley, Eliza (soprano)
Lunn, Joanne (soprano)
Mackenzie, Janey (soprano)
MacLeod, Amanda (soprano)
Madalin, Carol (mezzo-soprano)
Mafi, Soraya (soprano)
Mahnke, Claudia (mezzo-soprano)
Majeski, Amanda (soprano)
Mallett, Esther (soprano)
Mancini, Luciana (mezzo-soprano)
Mannion, Rosa (soprano)
Markeby, Lina (mezzo-soprano)
Marshall, Naomi (soprano)
Mathis, Edith (soprano)
Matshikiza, Pumeza (soprano)
Matthews, Katie (soprano)
Matthews, Sally (soprano)
Maxwell, Léonie (soprano)
Mazzarri, Liliana (soprano)
McAllister, Maeve (soprano)
McAuley, Lucy (mezzo-soprano)
McCann, Jennifer (soprano)
McCarthy, Ella (soprano)
McCormack, Elizabeth (mezzo-soprano)
McCullough, Niamh (soprano)
McFadden, Claron (soprano)
McGreevy, Geraldine (soprano)
McIndoe, Katherine (soprano)
McKrill, Elaine (soprano)
McLaughlin, Marie (soprano)
McWilliams, Fiona (soprano)
Medeiros, Sandra (soprano)
Mellor, Cecily (soprano)
Meteyard, Victoria (soprano)
Middleton, Rosie (mezzo-soprano)
Miles-Johnson, Deborah (mezzo-soprano)
Millar, Maud (soprano)
Mills, Bronwen (soprano)
Milne, Lisa (soprano)
Milroy, Veronica (soprano)
Minty, Shirley (mezzo-soprano)
Mobbs, Charlotte (soprano)
Molendowska, Magdalena (soprano)
Molloy, Abby (mezzo-soprano)
Monserrat, Anita (soprano)
Moore, Amy (soprano)
Moore, Bethan (soprano)
Moore, Diana (mezzo-soprano)
Moore, Helena (soprano)
Morgan, Ghislaine (soprano)
Morris, Ruth (soprano)
Morrison, Amanda (soprano)
Morrison, Hannah (soprano)
Morton, Emilia (soprano)
Moss, Alexandra (soprano)
Mosuc, Elena (soprano)
Moultrie, Marissa (soprano)
Mouriz, Clara (mezzo-soprano)
Mulcahy, Ashley (mezzo-soprano)
Mulvey, Áine (soprano)
Murray, Dame Ann (mezzo-soprano)
Murray, Lorna (soprano)
Murray, Philippa (soprano)
Nathan, Regina (soprano)
Neeves, Helen (soprano)
Newton, Faye (soprano)
Nicholls, Rachel (soprano)
Nicoll, Flora (soprano)
Noon, Molly (soprano)
O'Brien, Sinéad (mezzo-soprano)
O'Connor, Aoife (soprano)
O'Connor, Kelley (mezzo-soprano)
Ogilvie, Imogen (soprano)
Olafimihan, Tinuke (soprano)
Oldfield, Laura (soprano)
O'Neill, Danielle (soprano)
O'Neill, Kiri (soprano)
Oshiro, Shana (soprano)
Osmond, Cecilia (soprano)
Outram, Rebecca (soprano)
Owen, Emily (soprano)
Owens, Anne-Marie (mezzo-soprano)
Paasikivi, Lilli (mezzo-soprano)
Page, Lucy (soprano)
Paish, Helena (soprano)
Pakalniece, Viktorija (soprano)
Palmer, Felicity (mezzo-soprano)
Palmer, Isabelle (soprano)
Partridge, Bethany (soprano)
Partridge, Hannah (soprano)
Paul, Elisabeth (soprano)
Pearce, Alison (soprano)
Persson, Miah (soprano)
Pethers, Agatha (soprano)
Pickard, Anna Sarah (soprano)
Pierard, Catherine (soprano)
Pierce, Rowan (soprano)
Pitt, Amanda (soprano)
Platt, Rachel (soprano)
Plitmann, Hila (soprano)
Pochin, Juliette (mezzo-soprano)
Pogorelc, Emily (soprano)
Pokupić, Renata (mezzo-soprano)
Ponsford-Hill, Alison (soprano)
Poole, Elizabeth (soprano)
Pope, Catherine (soprano)
Popova, Ekaterina (soprano)
Popp, Lucia (soprano)
Poulenard, Isabelle (soprano)
Poulsom, Hannah (mezzo-soprano)
Prendergast, Lucy (soprano)
Presland, Clare (mezzo-soprano)
Presswood, Aimee (soprano)
Preston-Dunlop, Emma (soprano)
Price, Margaret (soprano)
Pringle, Andrea (soprano)
Provost, Ruth (soprano)
Puig I Ferrés, Susanna (soprano)
Quinn, Jane (soprano)
Raitt, Tamsin (soprano)
Ramsey, Rebecca (soprano)
Ränzlöv, Ida (mezzo-soprano)
Rarity, Hannah (soprano)
Refvem, Hilde (soprano)
Rennert, Sophie (mezzo-soprano)
Resmark, Susanne (mezzo-soprano)
Reynolds, Ksynia (soprano)
Rice, Christine (mezzo-soprano)
Richardot, Lucile (mezzo-soprano)
Richardson, Nola (soprano)
Richter, Anna Lucia (soprano)
Rincón, Ana-María (soprano)
Roberts, Deborah (soprano)
Robinson, Charlotte (soprano)
Robinson, Olivia (soprano)
Robinson, Rachel (soprano)
Robinson, Twyla (soprano)
Rodgers, Joan (soprano)
Rogers, Kirsteen (soprano)
Rogers, Lesley Jane (soprano)
Romancane, Inese (soprano)
Roocroft, Amanda (soprano)
Röschmann, Dorothea (soprano)
Ross, Gill (soprano)
Rowlands, Angharad (soprano)
Rowley Jones, Emily (soprano)
Royal, Kate (soprano)
Rozario, Patricia (soprano)
Rudge, Kathryn (mezzo-soprano)
Ruiten, Lenneke (soprano)
Russell, Imogen (soprano)
Russell, Lynda (soprano)
Rutter, Claire (soprano)
Ryan, Josie (soprano)
Sampson, Carolyn (soprano)
Sanabras, Clara (soprano)
Sandström, Anna (soprano)
Santafé, Silvia Tro (mezzo-soprano)
Saunders, Elodie (soprano)
Saunders, Jennifer (soprano)
Schäfer, Christine (soprano)
Schiavo, Maria Grazia (soprano)
Schnur, Natasha (soprano)
Schofield, Katie (soprano)
Schwabe, Uta (soprano)
Schwanewilms, Anne (soprano)
Schwartz, Sylvia (soprano)
Schwedhelm, Ana Gabriela (soprano)
Seale, Camilla (soprano)
Seara, Joana (soprano)
Seaton, Claire (soprano)
Seers, Mary (soprano)
Semmens, Kate (soprano)
Semmingsen, Tuva (mezzo-soprano)
Sergeeva, Ekaterina (mezzo-soprano)
Seymour, Bethany (soprano)
Shaw, Madeleine (soprano)
Sherman, Helen (mezzo-soprano)
Shevtsova, Lia (soprano)
Shipp, Heather (mezzo-soprano)
Shkosa, Enkelejda (mezzo-soprano)
Shumate, Penelope (soprano)
Silkstone, Zoe (soprano)
Simeoni, Veronica (mezzo-soprano)
Simkin, Angela (mezzo-soprano)
Simmonds, Victoria (mezzo-soprano)
Simpson, Glenda (mezzo-soprano)
Sinclair, Julia (soprano)
Sitkovetsky, Julia (soprano)
Skeaping, Lucie (soprano)
Skerath, Chiara (soprano)
Skinner, Elizabeth (soprano)
Slatter, Mariella (soprano)
Smart, Alison (soprano)
Smith, Fleur (soprano)
Smith, Jennifer (soprano)
Smith, Jessica (soprano)
Solomou, Olivia (soprano)
Solovieva, Varvara (mezzo-soprano)
Spence, Patricia (mezzo-soprano)
St Clair, Julia (soprano)
Stafford, Frances (soprano)
Stafford, Gráinne (soprano)
Stamp, Alison (soprano)
Stamp, Kerry (soprano)
Stell, Judith (soprano)
Stéphany, Anna (mezzo-soprano)
Sterrett, Addy (soprano)
Stolere, Anna Amanda (soprano)
Stotijn, Christianne (mezzo-soprano)
Strachan, Amy (soprano)
Strachan, Stephanie (soprano)
Streeton, Jane (soprano)
Summerfield, Gemma (soprano)
Summerly, Helly (soprano)
Sun, Lucy (soprano)
Talbot, Melissa (soprano)
Tarvida, Dita (soprano)
Tawil, Rima (soprano)
Taylor, Gillian (soprano)
Telfer, Kate (soprano)
Teuscher, Lydia (soprano)
Theurer, Ella (soprano)
Thomas, Bethan (soprano)
Thomas, Elin Manahan (soprano)
Thursfield, Sarah (soprano)
Tibbels, Nicole (soprano)
Tibbles, Fiona (soprano)
Tilling, Camilla (soprano)
Todd, Madeleine (soprano)
Toll, Monica (soprano)
Tomlin, Claire (soprano)
Trethewey, Katie (soprano)
Tring, Emma (soprano)
Tubb, Evelyn (soprano)
Turalska, Aleksandra (soprano)
Tynan, Ailish (soprano)
Tynan, Sarah (soprano)
Umphress, Alysha (mezzo-soprano)
Van de Kerkhove, Inge (soprano)
Vermeulen, Olivia (mezzo-soprano)
Vitina, Nora (soprano)
Vivian, Sarah (soprano)
von Otter, Anne Sofie (mezzo-soprano)
Waddell, Faith (soprano)
Walford, Daisy (soprano)
Walker, Jennifer (soprano)
Walker, Margaret (soprano)
Walker, Sarah (mezzo-soprano)
Walmsley-Clark, Penelope (soprano)
Walshe, Emma (soprano)
Warthmann, Anne (soprano)
Waters, Rosalind (soprano)
Watson, Anita (soprano)
Watson, Eben (soprano)
Watson, Janice (soprano)
Watson, Katherine (soprano)
Watson, Lillian (soprano)
Watts, Elizabeth (soprano)
Webb, Harriet (mezzo-soprano)
Webster, Gillian (soprano)
Wenman, Emily (soprano)
West, Jayne (soprano)
Whately, Kitty (mezzo-soprano)
Wheatley, Georgina (soprano)
White, Elinor (soprano)
Wicks, Rosanna (soprano)
Wicks, Tanya (soprano)
Wight, Hannah (soprano)
Wilkinson, Clare (mezzo-soprano)
Williams, Ceri (mezzo-soprano)
Williams, Helen (soprano)
Wilson, Suzanne (soprano)
Winland, Ida Falk (soprano)
Winter, Louise (mezzo-soprano)
Wood, Amy (soprano)
Woodhouse, Hannah (soprano)
Wookey, Nicola (soprano)
Woolf, Leigh (mezzo-soprano)
Woulfe, Marie (mezzo-soprano)
Wyn Thomas, Meinir (soprano)
Wyn, Fflur (soprano)
Wyn-Davies, Catrin (soprano)
Wyn-Rogers, Catherine (mezzo-soprano)
Xanthoudakis, Elena (soprano)
Yang, Guang (mezzo-soprano)
Yanovitch, Sarah (soprano)
Yastrebova, Viktoria (soprano)
York, Deborah (soprano)
Yorulmaz, Alev Sibel (soprano)
Zavalloni, Cristina (soprano)
Zolynski, Rosemary (soprano)
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