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Artist Index – Conductors


Aadland, Eivind (conductor)
Adès, Thomas (conductor)
Alapont, Sergio (conductor)
Allwood, Ralph (conductor)
Alsop, Marin (conductor)
Ang, Darrell (conductor)
Anosov, Nikolai (conductor)
Aransay, Carlos Fernández (conductor)
Archer, Malcolm (conductor)
Ashkenazy, Vladimir (conductor)
Atherton, David (conductor)
Austin, Christopher (conductor)
Backhouse, Jeremy (conductor)
Baker, Martin (conductor)
Barbirolli, John (conductor)
Barlow, Jeremy (conductor)
Bateman, Paul (conductor)
Bath, Hubert (conductor)
Batsleer, Gregory (conductor)
Bedford, Steuart (conductor)
Bell, Christopher (conductor)
Bell, Stephen (conductor)
Bennett, Mark (conductor)
Best, Matthew (conductor)
Bicket, Harry (conductor)
Black, Frank (conductor)
Blake, Howard (conductor)
Blunier, Stefan (conductor)
Bogorad, Alexey (conductor)
Bonavera, Alfredo (conductor)
Bonynge, Richard (conductor)
Borowicz, Łukasz (conductor)
Botstein, Leon (conductor)
Boyd, Douglas (conductor)
Brabbins, Martyn (conductor)
Brewer, Michael (conductor)
Brico, Antonia (conductor)
Briger, Alexander (conductor)
Broekman, David (conductor)
Brough, Paul (conductor)
Brown, Ian (conductor)
Brown, Jonathan (conductor)
Brown, Mark (conductor)
Brown, Timothy (conductor)
Buribayev, Alan (conductor)
Burton, James (conductor)
Caballé-Domenech, Josep (conductor)
Cābulis, Jurģis (conductor)
Caetani, Oleg (conductor)
Cameron, Basil (conductor)
Carroll, Thomas (conductor)
Carwood, Andrew (conductor)
Ceccato, Aldo (conductor)
Chandler, Adrian (conductor)
Chapple, Stanley (conductor)
Chilcott, Bob (conductor)
Christophers, Harry (conductor)
Clausen, René (conductor)
Cleobury, Nicholas (conductor)
Cleobury, Sir Stephen (conductor)
Cohen, Jonathan (conductor)
Cole, Charles (conductor)
Cole, Jeremy (conductor)
Collingwood, Lawrance (conductor)
Collins, Michael (conductor)
Collon, Nicholas (conductor)
Corp, Ronald (conductor)
Cottis, Jessica (conductor)
Cox, Roderick (conductor)
Crouch, Gabriel (conductor)
Cullen, Joseph (conductor)
Cummings, Laurence (conductor)
Cunningham, Bridget (conductor)
Curtis, David (conductor)
Dalby, Graham (conductor)
Daniel, Nicholas (conductor)
Darlington, Stephen (conductor)
Darlow, Denys (conductor)
Dausgaard, Thomas (conductor)
Davan Wetton, Hilary (conductor)
Davies, David (conductor)
Davis, Carl (conductor)
Davis, Sir Andrew (conductor)
Davis, Sir Colin (conductor)
De Marchi, Alessandro (conductor)
de Ridder, André (conductor)
Demetriades, Dimitri (conductor)
Digby, Suzi (conductor)
Dixon, Alistair (conductor)
Dobbins, Bill (conductor)
Dohnányi, Christoph von (conductor)
Dougan, Eamonn (conductor)
Dworzyński, Michał (conductor)
Earley, Desmond (conductor)
Edusei, Kevin John (conductor)
Edwards, Sian (conductor)
Elder, Sir Mark (conductor)
Etheridge, Tom (conductor)
Eyre, Jonathan (conductor)
Faerber, Jörg (conductor)
Fagen, Arthur (conductor)
Farnes, Richard (conductor)
Faultless, Margaret (conductor)
Ferris, Neil (conductor)
Fevang, Øystein (conductor)
Fiedler, Max (conductor)
Filsell, Jeremy (conductor)
Firman, David (conductor)
Fischer, Thierry (conductor)
Forbes L'Estrange, Joanna (conductor)
Foster, Lawrence (conductor)
Francis, Alun (conductor)
Franków-Żelazny, Agnieszka (conductor)
Friend, Lionel (conductor)
Fritzsch, Johannes (conductor)
Frühbeck de Burgos, Rafael (conductor)
Furniss, Rosemary (conductor)
Gabbitas, Christopher (conductor)
Gant, Andrew (conductor)
García de Paz, Marco Antonio (conductor)
Gardiner, Sir John Eliot (conductor)
Gardner, Edward (conductor)
Garrard, Timothy (conductor)
Gauk, Alexander (conductor)
Gergiev, Valery (conductor)
Gernon, Ben (conductor)
Glover, Jane (conductor)
Glushchenko, Fedor (conductor)
Goehr, Walter (conductor)
Goodchild, William (conductor)
Goodman, Roy (conductor)
Goodwin, Paul (conductor)
Gough, Rupert (conductor)
Grier, Francis (conductor)
Griffith, Jonathan (conductor)
Gunning, Christopher (conductor)
Hager, Leopold (conductor)
Haitink, Bernard (conductor)
Hale, Simon (conductor)
Halls, Matthew (conductor)
Halsey, Simon (conductor)
Halstead, Anthony (conductor)
Hancock, Gerre (conductor)
Händler, Jack Martin (conductor)
Handley, Vernon (conductor)
Harding, Daniel (conductor)
Harrison, Charles (conductor)
Hawes, Patrick (conductor)
Heled, Simca (conductor)
Herbert, George (conductor)
Hermus, Antony (conductor)
Heward, Leslie (conductor)
Hewitt Jones, Thomas (conductor)
Hickox, Richard (conductor)
Higginbottom, Edward (conductor)
Hill, David (conductor)
Hogwood, Christopher (conductor)
Holland-Smith, Jeremy (conductor)
Hollingworth, Robert (conductor)
Holman, Peter (conductor)
Honeyball, David (conductor)
Hoving, Emilia (conductor)
Howarth, Robert (conductor)
Hunt, Donald (conductor)
Hyde, Daniel (conductor)
Illényi, Péter (conductor)
Ionascu, Howard (conductor)
Ipata, Carlo (conductor)
Ivanov, Konstantin (conductor)
Järvi, Paavo (conductor)
Jopling, Orlando (conductor)
Judd, James (conductor)
Jurowski, Vladimir (conductor)
Kalmar, Carlos (conductor)
Kamu, Okko (conductor)
Kaufman, Richard (conductor)
Keenan, Andrew (conductor)
Kemp, Thomas (conductor)
King, Robert (conductor)
Kiradjiev, Vladimir (conductor)
Kirkman, Andrew (conductor)
Kok, Nicholas (conductor)
Kolar, Victor (conductor)
Kondrashin, Kyrill (conductor)
König, Christoph (conductor)
Kord, Kazimierz (conductor)
Kraemer, Nicholas (conductor)
Krips, Josef (conductor)
Kubelík, Rafael (conductor)
Kuhrmann, Gretchen (conductor)
Kuijken, Sigiswald (conductor)
Kuypers, John M (conductor)
Labadie, Bernard (conductor)
Lamb, Ben (conductor)
Lamon, Jean (conductor)
Lapwood, Anna (conductor)
Larkin, Christopher (conductor)
Laughton, Sam (conductor)
Layton, Stephen (conductor)
Lazarev, Alexander (conductor)
Lazarova, Delyana (conductor)
Ledger, Philip (conductor)
Liebermann, Lowell (conductor)
Liebreich, Alexander (conductor)
Lintu, Hannu (conductor)
Litton, Andrew (conductor)
Llewellyn, Grant (conductor)
Lloyd-Jones, David (conductor)
López Cobos, Jesús (conductor)
Lu, Tianyi (conductor)
Lumsden, Andrew (conductor)
Maag, Peter (conductor)
Maazel, Lorin (conductor)
Macdonald, Rory (conductor)
Mackerras, Sir Charles (conductor)
Mäkelä, Klaus (conductor)
Maksymiuk, Jerzy (conductor)
Mandeal, Cristian (conductor)
Manze, Andrew (conductor)
Marlow, Richard (conductor)
Martín, Jaime (conductor)
Martin, Judy (conductor)
Martin, Matthew (conductor)
Marwood, Anthony (conductor)
Mathieson, Muir (conductor)
McCreesh, Paul (conductor)
Melville, Alan G (conductor)
Mena, Juanjo (conductor)
Menges, Herbert (conductor)
Miller, Rebecca (conductor)
Mitropoulos, Dimitri (conductor)
Monks, Christopher (conductor)
Morgan, James (conductor)
Morlot, Ludovic (conductor)
Nance, Richard (conductor)
Nelsons, Andris (conductor)
Nethsingha, Andrew (conductor)
Newsholme, David (conductor)
Ng, Kah-Ming (conductor)
Nicholson, Paul (conductor)
North, Alison (conductor)
Noseda, Gianandrea (conductor)
O'Donnell, James (conductor)
Ogden, David (conductor)
Oliver, Aidan (conductor)
O'Neill, Robin (conductor)
Oramo, Sakari (conductor)
Ormandy, Eugene (conductor)
Orrell, Keith (conductor)
Ossonce, Jean-Yves (conductor)
Otaka, Tadaaki (conductor)
Over, Simon (conductor)
Owens, Matthew (conductor)
Ozawa, Seiji (conductor)
Ozmo, Žak (director)
Page, Christopher (conductor)
Page, Ian (conductor)
Palmer, Ben (conductor)
Pappano, Sir Antonio (conductor)
Park, Owain (director)
Parnas-Simpson, Marianna (conductor)
Parrott, Andrew (conductor)
Parry, Ben (conductor)
Phillips, Peter (conductor)
Pinel, Richard (conductor)
Pitrėnas, Modestas (conductor)
Pitts, Antony (conductor)
Pople, Ross (conductor)
Portal, Eduardo (conductor)
Putniņš, Kaspars (conductor)
Rachmilovich, Jacques (conductor)
Rafferty, Michael (conductor)
Rattle, Sir Simon (conductor)
Raybould, Clarence (conductor)
Read, David (conductor)
Rees, Owen (conductor)
Reihl, Ingo Ernst (conductor)
Reinhardt, Ruth (conductor)
Rennert, Jonathan (conductor)
Reuss, Daniel (conductor)
Reynolds, Julian (conductor)
Reynolds, Lee (conductor)
Rice, Stephen (conductor)
Rickenbacher, Karl Anton (conductor)
Rizzari, Carlo (conductor)
Rizzi, Carlo (conductor)
Roberts, Timothy (conductor)
Robertson, Stewart (conductor)
Robinson, Christopher (conductor)
Rogers, Walter (conductor)
Ronald, Sir Landon (conductor)
Rooley, Anthony (director)
Rose, Gregory (director)
Rosenbaum, Rebecca (conductor)
Rosenzweig, Michael (conductor)
Rosina, Daniele (conductor)
Ross, Graham (conductor)
Rostropovich, Mstislav (conductor)
Roth, François-Xavier (conductor)
Rouvali, Santtu-Matias (conductor)
Rožeň, Jiří (conductor)
Rudin, Alexander (conductor)
Runnicles, Donald (conductor)
Russcher, Tristan (conductor)
Rustioni, Daniele (conductor)
Rutter, John (conductor)
Salonen, Esa-Pekka (conductor)
Salter, Robert (conductor)
Samuel, Gerhard (conductor)
Sanderling, Kurt (conductor)
Sanderling, Michael (conductor)
Saraste, Jukka-Pekka (conductor)
Sargent, Malcolm (conductor)
Sayer, Roger (conductor)
Schiff, Heinrich (conductor)
Schuldt, Clemens (conductor)
Schultsz, Jan (conductor)
Schwarz, Rudolf (conductor)
Scott, John (conductor)
Seaman, Christopher (conductor)
Setterfield, Ivor (conductor)
Seymour, Peter (conductor)
Shelley, Howard (conductor)
Shepel, Oleg (director)
Shepherd, Mark (conductor)
Sheppard, Philip (conductor)
Sherman, Alec (conductor)
Short, Nigel (conductor)
Sidwell, Steve (conductor)
Simon, Geoffrey (conductor)
Simović, Roman (conductor)
Simpson, Robert (conductor)
Singleton, Mark (conductor)
Sirmais, Māris (conductor)
Sitkovetsky, Dmitry (conductor)
Skeaping, Lucie (conductor)
Skidmore, Jeffrey (conductor)
Skinner, David (conductor)
Skrowaczewski, Stanisław (conductor)
Smith, Andrew-John (conductor)
Smith, Barnaby (conductor)
Stamp, Richard (conductor)
Steen, Jac van (conductor)
Stenz, Markus (conductor)
Stern, Michael (conductor)
Stokowski, Leopold (conductor)
Storgårds, John (conductor)
Strugała, Tadeusz (conductor)
Summerly, Jeremy (conductor)
Susskind, Walter (conductor)
Sutherland, Gavin (conductor)
Svetlanov, Yevgeny (conductor)
Swensen, Joseph (conductor)
Szell, Georg (conductor)
Tabakov, Emil (conductor)
Tate, Jeffrey (conductor)
Tavener, Sir John (conductor)
Taylor, Matthew (conductor)
Temirkanov, Yuri (conductor)
Temple, David (conductor)
Thurlow, Alan (conductor)
Ticciati, Hugo (conductor)
Titov, Alexander (conductor)
Todd, Will (conductor)
Tognetti, Richard (conductor)
Toscanini, Arturo (conductor)
Toscano, Luís (conductor)
Tracey, Ian (chorus master)
Trendell, David (conductor)
Trepte, Paul (conductor)
Trinks, Constantin (conductor)
Trory, Robert (conductor)
Tuckwell, Barry (conductor)
Turner, Bruno (conductor)
Turner, Gavin (conductor)
Tuxen, Erik (conductor)
Tyler, James (conductor)
Tzigane, Eugene (conductor)
Vallet, Pierre (conductor)
Vänskä, Osmo (conductor)
Vedernikov, Alexander (conductor)
Venzago, Mario (conductor)
Vivian, James (conductor)
Volkov, Ilan (conductor)
Waldren, Matthew (conductor)
Walker, Garry (conductor)
Ward, Lee (conductor)
Warren-Green, Christopher (conductor)
Watkins, Paul (conductor)
Watson, James (conductor)
Webber, Geoffrey (conductor)
Weigand, George (conductor)
Weigle, Sebastian (conductor)
Weissmann, Frieder (conductor)
Wellber, Omer Meir (conductor)
West, Jeremy (conductor)
Westrop, Stephen (chorus master)
Whitacre, Eric (conductor)
Wickham, Edward (conductor)
Wigglesworth, Mark (conductor)
Wilberforce, Richard (conductor)
Wilkinson, Stephen (conductor)
Willcocks, Sir David Valentine (conductor)
Willén, Niklas (conductor)
Williams, Huw (conductor)
Williams, Jonathan (conductor)
Williams, Mark (conductor)
Wills, Arthur (conductor)
Wilson, John (conductor)
Wishart, Stevie (conductor)
Wistreich, Richard (conductor)
Wood, Henry (conductor)
Wood, James (conductor)
Woods, Kenneth (conductor)
Wordsworth, Barry (conductor)
Zagrosek, Lothar (conductor)
Ziegler, Robert (conductor)
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