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Artist Index – Alphabetical – B

An alphabetical listing of all performers beginning with B represented on this website.

Babakhanian, Armen (piano)
Babayan, Sergei (piano)
Bach Choir, The
Backhouse, Jeremy (conductor)
Bacon, Nicholas (bass)
Badke Quartet, The
Badley, Paul (tenor)
Bagnall, David (tenor)
Baigent, Bertie (organ)
Baigent, Charlie (bass)
Bailey, Lucy (soprano)
Bailey, Robert (cello)
Bailey, Robin (tenor)
Bailey, Susan Gilmour (soprano)
Baillie, Alexander (cello)
Baillieu, James (piano)
Bain, Mark (trumpet)
Baker, Alasdair (speaker)
Baker, Benjamin (violin)
Baker, Dame Janet (mezzo-soprano)
Baker, Katherine (flute)
Baker, Martin (conductor)
Baker, Martin (organ)
Baker, Martin (piano)
Baker, Rebecca (organ)
Baker, Richard (narrator)
Balawi, Beans (treble)
Balding, Caroline (violin)
Baldock, Sarah (organ)
Baldry, William (organ)
Balfour, George (treble)
Balkwill, William (tenor)
Ball, Andrew (piano)
Balla, Jason (tenor)
Ballard, Jeremy (violin)
Ballard, Lucy (alto)
Balogh, Ferenc (violin)
Balsom, Alison (trumpet)
Banks, Barry (tenor)
Bannan, Richard (bass)
Bannik, Ilya (bass)
Banse, Juliane (reader)
Banse, Juliane (soprano)
Bantzer, Christoph (reciter)
Banwell, Adam (treble)
Banwell, Alexander (treble)
Bao-Smith, Ruihan (treble)
Barber, Graham (organ)
Barber, Thomas (oboe)
Barbrook, William (treble)
Barcellona, Daniela (mezzo-soprano)
Barclay, Yvonne (soprano)
Barda, Robin (tambourine)
Bardon, Patricia (mezzo-soprano)
Barford, Imogen (medieval harp)
Barley, Matthew (cello)
Barley, Max (organ)
Barlow, Edith (soprano)
Barlow, Jeremy (conductor)
Barnard, Andrew (percussion)
Barnard, David (bass)
Baron, Nick (timpani)
Barratt, Christine (soprano)
Barratt, Leilani (alto)
Barrett, Alexandra (alto)
Barrett, Heather (alto)
Barrett, Philip (tenor)
Barrett, Sam (bass)
Barrett-Hague, Charlotte (soprano)
Barritt, Paul (violin)
Barsony, László (viola)
Bárta, Jiří (cello)
Bartlett, Keith (percussion)
Barton, Fenella (violin)
Barwood, Simon (tenor)
Bary, Renaud (double bass)
Bateman, Paul (conductor)
Bates, Alan (reader)
Batsleer, Gregory (bass)
Batsleer, Gregory (conductor)
Battiwalla, Darius (organ)
Bauer, Thomas (baritone)
Bausor, Juliette (flute)
Bawtree, Adrian (organ)
Bax, Alessio (piano)
Baxter, Josh (tenor)
Baxter, Michael (baritone)
Bayley, Clive (bass)
BBC Concert Orchestra
BBC National Chorus of Wales
BBC National Orchestra of Wales
BBC Northern Singers
BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra
BBC Singers
BBC Symphony Chorus
BBC Symphony Orchestra
Beale, Matthew (tenor)
Beale, Simon Russell (narrator)
Beamish, Sally (viola)
Beatty, Gerald (tenor)
Beavan, Nigel (bass)
Becker, Markus (piano)
Becker-Bender, Tanja (violin)
Beckett, Edward (flute)
Beckett, Kevin (countertenor)
Beckett, Rachel (flute)
Beckett, Rachel (recorder)
Beckley, Lisa (soprano)
Beczala, Piotr (tenor)
Beddoe, James (tenor)
Bedford, Charmian (soprano)
Bedford, Steuart (conductor)
Bednall, David (organ)
Beekman, Marcel (tenor)
Beer, Cecily (alto)
Beer, Quintin (bass)
Beer, Quintin (treble)
Beeson, Gemma (piano)
Beezer, David (bass)
Begley, Kim (tenor)
Beinart, Sarah (alto)
Belarusian State Chamber Orchestra
Belcyr, Marcin (tenor)
Bell, Augustus (treble)
Bell, Christopher (conductor)
Bell, Emma (soprano)
Bell, Ian (bass)
Bell, Michael (tenor)
Bell, Simon (organ)
Bell, Stephen (conductor)
Bellamy, Alexandra (oboe)
Bending Adrian (tubular bells)
Benjafield, Richard (percussion)
Benjamin, Emilia (viol)
Bennesh, Robert (organ)
Bennett, Mark (conductor)
Bennett, Mark (trumpet)
Bennett, William (flute)
Benson, Clifford (piano)
Benson, Emily (soprano)
Benson-Wilson, Andrew (organ)
Bentley-Angell, Paul (tenor)
Berg, Nathan (baritone)
Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra
Berkieta, Stefan (bass)
Berman, Adam (treble)
Bernac, Pierre (narrator)
Bernardini, Alfredo (oboe)
Berne Symphony Orchestra
Bernhardsson, Sibbi (violin)
Berridge, Cara (cello)
Berridge, Simon (tenor)
Berry, Edmund (treble)
Berry, Jeremy (viola)
Bessent, Claire (soprano)
Best, Jonathan (bass)
Best, Martin (baritone)
Best, Martin (lute)
Best, Matthew (conductor)
Beston, Simon (tenor)
Betteridge, Stephen (piano)
Beuron, Yann (tenor)
Bevan, Benjamin (baritone)
Bevan, Mary (soprano)
Bevan, Maurice (bass)
Bevan, Rachel (soprano)
Bevan, Sophie (soprano)
Beynon, Catherine (harp)
Beynon, Emily (flute)
Bezdüz, Bülent (tenor)
Beznosiuk, Lisa (flute)
Beznosiuk, Pavlo (fiddle)
Beznosiuk, Pavlo (violin)
Bezzubenkov, Gennady (bass)
Bicat, Nick (percussion)
Bicket, Harry (conductor)
Bickley, Susan (mezzo-soprano)
Bicknell, Katherine (flute)
Bielow, Andrej (violin)
Bier, Robin (alto)
Bigley, Roger (viola)
Biliotti, Francesca (alto)
Billiald, Sarah (alto)
Binchois Consort, The
Bindley, Justin (tenor)
Binns, Malcolm (piano)
Birch, John (organ)
Birchall, James (bass)
Birchall, Jeremy (bass)
Birchall, Simon (bass)
Bircher, Katy (flute)
Bird, Rebecca (soprano)
Birkeland, Sigyn (bassoon)
Bisatt, Susan (soprano)
Bishop, Julia (violin)
Bishop-Kovacevich, Stephen (piano)
Bjarnason, Finnur (tenor)
Black, Jeffrey (baritone)
Black, Neil (oboe)
Blackadder, David (trumpet)
Blair, Emma (alto)
Blake, Howard (conductor)
Blake, William (tenor)
Bland, Dominic (tenor)
Bland, Simon (organ)
Blankestijn, Marieke (violin)
Blaze, Robin (countertenor)
Blažíková, Hana (soprano)
Blendis, Simon (violin)
Bliss, Julian (clarinet)
Blok, Alexander (piano)
Blood, Sarah (soprano)
Bloom, Joshua (bass)
Bloor, Ben (organ)
Blume, Norbert (viola)
Blunier, Stefan (conductor)
Blunt, Thomas (treble)
Bode, Simon (tenor)
Boden, Samuel (tenor)
Bodsworth, Stephanie (soprano)
Boduch, Mateusz (saxophone)
Boehler, Julie Angelis (timpani)
Boers, Christiaan (horn)
Boesch, Florian (baritone)
Bogorad, Alexey (conductor)
Bollmann, Günther (trombone)
Bolton, Anna (soprano)
Bonavera, Alfredo (conductor)
Boncompagni, Francesca (soprano)
Bond, Jilly (speaker)
Bond, Luke (organ)
Bondarenko, Andrei (baritone)
Bonner, Tessa (soprano)
Bonney, Barbara (soprano)
Bonynge, Richard (conductor)
Booth, Juliet (soprano)
Boothby Richard (singer)
Boothby, Richard (cello)
Boothby, Richard (viol)
Boothby, Richard (viola da gamba)
Boothroyd, Ansy (mezzo-soprano)
Borodina, Olga (mezzo-soprano)
Borowicz, Łukasz (conductor)
Borrett, Christopher (bass)
Boston Symphony Orchestra
Bostridge, Ian (tenor)
Botstein, Leon (conductor)
Bott, Archie (tenor)
Bott, Catherine (soprano)
Bott, Paula (soprano)
Bottone, Bonaventura (tenor)
Bottone, Rebecca (soprano)
Botvay, Károly (cello)
Boughton, Ian (baritone)
Boulton, Timothy (viola)
Bourne, Frances (alto)
Bournemouth Sinfonietta
Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra
Bouwmeester, Rianka (piano)
Bovell, Jane (soprano)
Bowden, Jonathan (tenor)
Bowen, Christopher (tenor)
Bowen, Gwilym (tenor)
Bowen, John (tenor)
Bowen, Ruairi (tenor)
Bowers-Broadbent, Christopher (organ)
Bowes, Thomas (violin)
Bowes, Timothy (treble)
Bowley, Jack (treble)
Bowley, John (tenor)
Bowman, James (countertenor)
Box, Jeffrey (double bass)
Boyd, Douglas (conductor)
Boyd, Douglas (oboe)
Boyd, James (viola)
Boyd, Nathanial (cello)
Boyes, Sean (tenor)
Brabant Ensemble, The
Brabbins, Martyn (conductor)
Bradford, Harry (tenor)
Bradley, Elsa (percussion)
Bradley, Sarah-Jane (viola)
Bradshaw, Emily (soprano)
Braga Simões, Eva (soprano)
Braga Simões, Gabriela (alto)
Bragle, Meg (mezzo-soprano)
Brandenburg Consort, The
Brandon, Sarah-Jane (soprano)
Brannick, Chris (percussion)
Brannick, Chris (timpani)
Branston, Joel (treble)
Braw-Smith, Sebastian (treble)
Bray, Eleanor (soprano)
Brazier, Jago (treble)
Brazil, Esther (soprano)
Breakwell, Ben (tenor)
Breen, Kevin (tenor)
Bremner, Rory (speaker)
Brendel, Adrian (cello)
Brenner, Roger (trombone)
Brett, Charles (countertenor)
Brett, Francis (bass)
Bretz, Gábor (bass)
Brewer, Christine (soprano)
Brewer, Michael (conductor)
Brewis, Kevin (baritone)
Brey, Carter (cello)
Bridges, Venetia (soprano)
Briger, Alexander (conductor)
Briggs, David (organ)
Briggs, Harry (treble)
Brighton Festival Chorus
Brighton Festival Youth Choir
Brittain, Daniel (countertenor)
Britten Sinfonia
Britten String Quartet, The
Britten-Pears Orchestra
Brno Chamber Choir
Brno Chamber Orchestra
Broadside Band, The
Broderick, Katherine (soprano)
Broman, Malin (violin)
Bron, Eleanor (reciter)
Bronfman, Yefim (piano)
Brook, Matthew (bass)
Brookes, Timothy (bass)
Brooks, Brian (violin)
Brooks, Hazel (speaker)
Brooks, Hazel (vielle)
Brookshaw, Zoë (soprano)
Brough, Harvey (tenor)
Brough, Paul (conductor)
Browder, Risa (viola)
Brown, Daniel (countertenor)
Brown, Ian (conductor)
Brown, Ian (piano)
Brown, Jonathan (bass)
Brown, Jonathan (conductor)
Brown, Jonathan (tenor)
Brown, Joshua (bass)
Brown, Mark (conductor)
Brown, Matthew (treble)
Brown, Oliver (treble)
Brown, Phillip (trombone)
Brown, Rachel (flute)
Brown, Timothy (conductor)
Brown, Timothy (countertenor)
Brown, Zoë (soprano)
Brownridge, Angela (piano)
Bruce-Payne, Sally (alto)
Bruce-Payne, Sally (soprano)
Bruerton, Christopher (baritone)
Bruine, Frank De (oboe)
Bruni, Romolo (reader)
Brussels Virtuosi, The
Bryan, Richard (countertenor)
Bryden, John (piano)
Bryson, Roger (bass-baritone)
Bryson, Roger (speaker)
Buchanan, Archie (tenor)
Buchanan, Isobel (soprano)
Buchanan-Barrow, Jessica (soprano)
Buckle, Ian (piano)
Bucknall, Nicholas (clarinet)
Buckoke, Peter (double bass)
Budapest Symphony Orchestra
Budd, Jeremy (tenor)
Budd, Jeremy (treble)
Buffle, Christine (soprano)
Bufton Lowe, Amelia (soprano)
Buhrs, Hans (reciter)
Bullock, Susan (soprano)
Bulycheva, Zlata (mezzo-soprano)
Bundy, Michael (baritone)
Bungard, Jonathan (tenor)
Buratto, Gianluca (bass)
Buratto, Luca (piano)
Burden, Andrew (tenor)
Burden, William (tenor)
Burdge, Ian (cello)
Burges, Daniel (tenor)
Burgess, Joby (percussion)
Burgess, Kenneth (baritone)
Burgess, Sally (mezzo-soprano)
Burggraaf, Cora (mezzo-soprano)
Buribayev, Alan (conductor)
Burley, Elizabeth (piano)
Burn Emily (singer)
Burns, Harriet (soprano)
Burnside, Iain (piano)
Burrowes, Connor (treble)
Burrowes, Edward (treble)
Burrows, Kenan (treble)
Burrows, Stephen (countertenor)
Burt, Robert (tenor)
Burtenshaw, Robert (trombone)
Burton, James (baritone)
Burton, James (conductor)
Burton, James (piano)
Burtt, Timothy (treble)
Burtt-Jones, Natalia (soprano)
Bury, Alison (violin)
Busbridge, Judith (viola)
Busher, Andrew (tenor)
Busiakiewicz, Robert (tenor)
Butler, Mark (violin)
Butler, Richard (tenor)
Butt Philip, David (tenor)
Butter, Markus (baritone)
Butterfield, Peter (tenor)
Butterworth, Oliver (violin)
Buttery, William (treble)
Buyse, Leone (flute)
Byram-Wigfield, Timothy (organ)
Byrne, Dorothy (mezzo-soprano)
Byrne, Thomas (treble)
De Blois, Peter (tenor)
te Brummelstroete, Wilke (alto)
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