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Artist Index – Alphabetical – W

An alphabetical listing of all performers beginning with W represented on this website.

de Winter, David (tenor)
de Winter, David (treble)
NFM Wrocław Baroque Orchestra
NFM Wrocław Philharmonic Choir
NFM Wrocław Philharmonic Orchestra
van de Wiel, Mark (clarinet)
Waddell, Faith (soprano)
Waddington, Henry (bass)
Wade, Eddie (baritone)
Wagner, Josef (baritone)
Wagstaff, Mark (timpani)
Wakefield, Frankie (narrator)
Wakeford, Lucy (harp)
Waldeck, Reinhild (recorder)
Waldren, Matthew (conductor)
Waley-Cohen, Tamsin (violin)
Walford, Daisy (soprano)
Walker, Dan (tenor)
Walker, Garry (conductor)
Walker, Jennifer (soprano)
Walker, Julian (bass)
Walker, Margaret (soprano)
Walker, Sarah (mezzo-soprano)
Walker, Thomas (tenor)
Walker, Timothy (guitar)
Wall, Ruth (harp)
Wall, Ruth (organ)
Wall, Simon (tenor)
Wallace Collection, The
Wallace, John (trumpet)
Walley, Tom (double bass)
Wallfisch, Elizabeth (violin)
Wallington, Lawrence (bass)
Walmsley-Clark, Penelope (soprano)
Walsh, Dominic (tenor)
Walsh, Michael (countertenor)
Walshe, Ciaran (bass)
Walshe, Emma (soprano)
Waltham, Vladimir (cello)
Walther, Geraldine (viola)
Walton, Benjamin (treble)
Walton, Jamie (cello)
Walton, Sam (percussion)
Warburton, Emma (alto)
Ward Clarke, Jennifer (cello)
Ward, Adrian (tenor)
Ward, Cecily (violin)
Ward, Jeremy (bassoon)
Ward, John (bass)
Ward, John Taylor (baritone)
Ward, Jonty (treble)
Ward, Lee (conductor)
Ward, Lydia (alto)
Ward, Toby (tenor)
Ward, Tom (organ)
Warden, Nicholas (bass)
Wardle, Chris (countertenor)
Wardman, Vicci (viola)
Warner, John (percussion)
Warren-Green, Christopher (conductor)
Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra
Warthmann, Anne (soprano)
Washington Chorus, The
Wass, Ashley (piano)
Wass, Oliver (harp)
Waterfield, Jan (organ)
Waterman, David (cello)
Waters, Mark (tenor)
Waters, Rory (alto)
Waters, Rosalind (soprano)
Watkin, David (cello)
Watkin, Richard (trombone)
Watkin, Thomas (treble)
Watkin, Toby (tenor)
Watkins, Alexei (horn)
Watkins, Huw (piano)
Watkins, Louis (tenor)
Watkins, Paul (cello)
Watkins, Paul (conductor)
Watkins, Richard (horn)
Watson, Anita (soprano)
Watson, Christopher (tenor)
Watson, Eben (soprano)
Watson, Ian (organ)
Watson, James (conductor)
Watson, Janice (soprano)
Watson, Katherine (soprano)
Watson, Keel (baritone)
Watson, Lillian (soprano)
Watts, Andrew (dulcian)
Watts, Elizabeth (soprano)
Watts, Sarah (clarinet)
Way, Anthony (treble)
Way, James (tenor)
Wayne, Henrietta (violin)
Wayne-Wright, Timothy (countertenor)
WDR Big Band
WDR Sinfonieorchester
Wearne, Nicholas (organ)
Webb, Christopher (bass)
Webb, Harriet (mezzo-soprano)
Webb, Hatty (alto)
Webb, Hugh (harp)
Webber, Aaron (treble)
Webber, Geoffrey (conductor)
Webber, Oliver (viola)
Websdale, Henry (organ)
Webster, Gillian (soprano)
Webster, Paul (piano)
Weigand, George (bandurria)
Weigand, George (conductor)
Weigand, George (lute)
Weigand, George (vandola)
Weigle, Sebastian (conductor)
Weir, Judith (narrator)
Weiss, Catherine (violin)
Weissmann, Frieder (conductor)
Weithaas, Antje (violin)
Welch, Jennifer (piccolo)
Wellber, Omer Meir (accordion)
Wellber, Omer Meir (conductor)
Wellington, Christopher (viola)
Wells Cathedral Choir
Wells Cathedral Oratorio Society
Wells Cathedral School Chapel Choir
Wells Cathedral Voluntary Choir
Wells, James (treble)
Wells, Matthew (trumpet)
Welsh National Opera Orchestra
Welsh, Moray (cello)
Wenman, Emily (soprano)
Wentink, Gwyneth (harp)
West, Andrew (piano)
West, Jayne (soprano)
West, Jeremy (conductor)
West, Jeremy (cornett)
West, Kevin (tenor)
West, Lewis (treble)
West, Sam (reader)
West, Timothy (narrator)
Westbrooke, Sophie (recorder)
Westminster Abbey Bells
Westminster Abbey Choir
Westminster Cathedral Choir
Westminster Cathedral Choristers
Westminster Cathedral Lay Clerks
Westminster School Choir
Westrop, Stephen (chorus master)
Westwood, Andrew (bass)
Wexler, Elizabeth (violin)
Wey, Terry (countertenor)
Whately, Kitty (mezzo-soprano)
Whatley Kirsty (baroque harp)
Wheatley, Georgina (soprano)
Whelan, Paul (baritone)
Whelan, Peter (bassoon)
Whewell, Sarah (flute)
Whight, Michael (clarinet)
Whistler, Simon (viola)
Whitacre, Eric (conductor)
Whitacre, Eric (speaker)
White, Elinor (soprano)
White, Heather (alto)
White, Jeremy (bass)
White, Kieran (treble)
White, Robert (bagpipes)
White, Robert (reed drones)
White, Robert (tenor)
Whitehead, Laurence (baritone)
Whitehead, William (organ)
Whiteley, Simon (bass)
Whiteley, Tim Scott (baritone)
Whitford, Stephen (bass)
Whyman, Peter (saxophone)
Whyms, Kevin (guitar)
Wibbenmeyer, Kimberly (speaker)
Wickens, Andrew (countertenor)
Wickham, Edward (conductor)
Wickham, Henry (bass)
Wickham, Oscar (treble)
Wicks, Joseph (organ)
Wicks, Joseph (tenor)
Wicks, Rosanna (soprano)
Wicks, Tanya (soprano)
Widdowson, Alan (tenor)
Widmer, Oliver (baritone)
Wiederspan, Ethan (tenor)
Wigglesworth, Mark (conductor)
Wight, Hannah (soprano)
Wightman, Brian (bassoon)
Wijzenbeek, Nadia (violin)
Wilberforce, Richard (conductor)
Wilberforce, Richard (countertenor)
Wilbraham, John (trumpet)
Wilde, Jack (tenor)
Wilde, Mark (tenor)
Wilder, Zachary (tenor)
Wildes, Declan (tenor)
Wilgenhof, Dennis (bass)
Wilkins, Genevieve (percussion)
Wilkinson, Clare (mezzo-soprano)
Wilkinson, Jamie (treble)
Wilkinson, Stephen (conductor)
Will Todd Ensemble
Will Todd Trio
Willatt, Guy (treble)
Willaume, Gabriel (violin)
Willcocks, Sir David Valentine (conductor)
Willén, Niklas (conductor)
William Byrd Choir
Williams, Angus (treble)
Williams, Ceri (mezzo-soprano)
Williams, Gillian (violin)
Williams, Helen (soprano)
Williams, Huw (conductor)
Williams, Huw (organ)
Williams, Jenevora (speaker)
Williams, Jeremy (violin)
Williams, Jeremy Huw (baritone)
Williams, Joel (tenor)
Williams, Jonathan (cello)
Williams, Jonathan (conductor)
Williams, Jonathan (horn)
Williams, Laurence (bass)
Williams, Llŷr (piano)
Williams, Louise (viola)
Williams, Mark (conductor)
Williams, Mark (harmonium)
Williams, Mark (organ)
Williams, Roderick (baritone)
Williams, Sioned (harp)
Williams, Stephen (double bass)
Williams, Tom (countertenor)
Williamson, Ben (treble)
Williamson, Clive (piano)
Williamson, Clive (synthesizer)
Willis, Johnson (baritone)
Wills, Arthur (conductor)
Wills, Arthur (organ)
Wilson, Agnus (bass)
Wilson, Christopher (guitar)
Wilson, Christopher (lute)
Wilson, Christopher (vihuela)
Wilson, Elias (tenor)
Wilson, Ian (recorder)
Wilson, John (conductor)
Wilson, Nicholas (tenor)
Wilson, Oliver (viola)
Wilson, Richard (tenor)
Wilson, Sam (percussion)
Wilson, Suzanne (soprano)
Wilson, Thomas (organ)
Wilson, Timothy (countertenor)
Wilson-Johnson, David (baritone)
Wimbledon Choral
Wimpeney, George (treble)
Winchester Cathedral Choir
Winchester Cathedral Choristers
Winchester College Chapel Choir
Winchester College Quiristers
Wingerden, Cottrell van (treble)
Wingfield, Benjamin (tenor)
Winkler, Martin (bass)
Winkworth, Susie (cello)
Winland, Ida Falk (soprano)
Winpenny, Tom (organ)
Winstone, Oliver (tenor)
Winter, Louise (mezzo-soprano)
Winterflood, Raymond (treble)
Wishart, Stevie (conductor)
Wishart, Stevie (medieval fiddle)
Wishart, Stevie (symphony)
Wistreich, Richard (bass)
Wistreich, Richard (conductor)
Witcomb, Nicholas (treble)
Witter-Johnson Ayanna (vocals/cello)
Wojtowicz, Ewa (alto)
Woldt, Lars (bass-baritone)
Wollston, Silas (harpsichord)
Wollston, Silas (organ)
Wong, Jordan (organ)
Wood, Amy (soprano)
Wood, Henry (conductor)
Wood, James (conductor)
Wood, Jonathan (bass)
Wood, Matthew (baritone)
Wood, Roland (baritone)
Woodcock, David (violin)
Woodford, Timothy (treble)
Woodgates, Benjamin (bass)
Woodhead, Michael (trumpet)
Woodhouse, Hannah (soprano)
Woodmansey, Andrew (tenor)
Woods, Kenneth (conductor)
Woodward, Adrian (cornett)
Wookey, Nicola (soprano)
Wookey, Simon (tenor)
Woolf, Adam (sackbut)
Woolf, Leigh (mezzo-soprano)
Woolley, Robert (harpsichord)
Woolley, Robert (organ)
Wootton, Douglas (tenor)
Worcester Cathedral Choir
Worcester Festival Choral Society
Wordsworth, Barry (conductor)
Worms, Guilhem (bass-baritone)
Worsey, Chris (cello)
Woulfe, Marie (mezzo-soprano)
Wright, Christopher (treble)
Wright, Lewis (vibraphone)
Wright, Stuart (tenor)
Wyn Roberts, Richard (countertenor)
Wyn Thomas, Meinir (soprano)
Wyn, Fflur (soprano)
Wynberg, Simon (guitar)
Wyn-Davies, Catrin (soprano)
Wyn-Rogers, Catherine (mezzo-soprano)
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