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Artist Index – Alphabetical – R

An alphabetical listing of all performers beginning with R represented on this website.

Radford, Martin (cello)
Radio Philharmonie Hannover des NDR
Rafferty, Michael (conductor)
Ragin, Derek Lee (countertenor)
Raglan Baroque Players, The
Raikes, George (bass)
Raitt, Tamsin (soprano)
Ralston, Gulliver (alto)
Ramirez, Charles (guitar)
Ram-Prasad, Krishnan (bass)
Ramsay, Parker (harp)
Ramsay, Parker (organ)
Ramsey, Rebecca (soprano)
Rancourt, Stéphane (oboe)
Ränzlöv, Ida (mezzo-soprano)
Rao, Arun (cello)
Raphael Ensemble, The
Rashbrook, Roy (tenor)
Raskin, Tom (tenor)
Rasumovsky Quartet, The
Rathbone, Ian (viola)
Rathore, Rohini (tanpura)
Rattle, Sir Simon (conductor)
Raude, Eirik (percussion)
Ravalde, Timothy (organ)
Raven Quartet, The
Ray, Tyler (tenor)
Rayfield, Benjamin (tenor)
Read, David (conductor)
Rebello Simone (bass drum)
Rebello, Simone (percussion)
Red Byrd
Redding, Harry (reader)
Rees, Andrew (tenor)
Rees, Dewi (organ)
Rees, Jonathan (viola da gamba)
Rees, Owen (conductor)
Reese, James (tenor)
Refvem, Hilde (soprano)
Reich, Steve (percussion)
Reid, Andrew (organ)
Reid, Rupert (bass)
Reihl, Ingo Ernst (conductor)
Reiter, Walter (violin in tromba marina)
Reiter, Walter (violin)
Relyea, John (bass)
Remijn, Elsbet (piano)
Rendell, Simon (alto)
Rennert, Jonathan (conductor)
Rennert, Jonathan (organ)
Rennert, Sophie (mezzo-soprano)
Rensburg, Kobie van (tenor)
Resmark, Susanne (mezzo-soprano)
Reuss, Daniel (conductor)
Rév, Lívia (piano)
Revell, Adrian (saxophone)
Rex, Oliver (treble)
Reynolds, Julian (conductor)
Reynolds, Ksynia (soprano)
Rhodes, Harumi (violin)
Rhodes, Iain (tenor)
Rhodes, James (piano)
Rhyne Jennifer (bass flute)
Rice, Charles (baritone)
Rice, Christine (mezzo-soprano)
Rice, Robert (baritone)
Rice, Stephen (conductor)
Rice, Tim (tenor)
Richard Hickox Singers, The
Richardot, Lucile (mezzo-soprano)
Richards, Ben (bass)
Richards, Gus (treble)
Richardson, Ed (drums)
Richardson, Nola (soprano)
Richardson, Stephen (bass)
Richardson-Eames, Cameron (tenor)
Riches, Ashley (bass)
Riches, Hannah (saxophone)
Richter, Anna Lucia (soprano)
Rickard, Paul (baritone)
Rickenbacher, Karl Anton (conductor)
Riddell, Duncan (violin)
Riddell, Gregor (cello)
Ridout, Timothy (viola)
Riebl, Thomas (viola)
Riga Cathedral Choir School Mixed Choir
Rigby, Jean (contralto)
Rincón, Ana-María (soprano)
Ritter, Matthias (treble)
Rix, David (clarinet)
Rizzari, Carlo (conductor)
Roach, Thomas (treble)
Robarts, Alexander (treble)
Robbins, Richard (tenor)
Robert, Christophe (violin)
Roberts Timothy (organ/regal/harmonium)
Roberts, Cameron (treble)
Roberts, Deborah (soprano)
Roberts, Fabian (treble)
Roberts, Jamie (tenor)
Roberts, Keith (countertenor)
Roberts, Marcus (tenor)
Roberts, Rachel (viola)
Roberts, Stephen (baritone)
Roberts, Timothy (conductor)
Roberts, Timothy (fortepiano)
Roberts, Timothy (harpsichord/spinet/virginals)
Robertson, Jane (piano)
Robertson, Martin (saxophone)
Robertson, Nicolas (tenor)
Robertson, Stewart (conductor)
Robinson Nicholas (The Master over the Choristers)
Robinson, Charlotte (soprano)
Robinson, Christopher (conductor)
Robinson, Dean (bass)
Robinson, Hannah (alto)
Robinson, John (organ)
Robinson, Olivia (soprano)
Robinson, Paul (baritone)
Robinson, Rachel (soprano)
Robinson, Twyla (soprano)
Robson, Anthony (oboe)
Robson, Barnaby (clarinet)
Robson, Christopher (countertenor)
Robson, Timothy (baritone)
Robson, Tom (tenor)
Rock, Duncan (baritone)
Roden, Anthony (tenor)
Rodgers, Joan (soprano)
Rodolfus Choir, The
Rodwell, Nicholas (clarinet)
Roelofs, Joris (clarinet)
Rogé, Pascal (piano)
Rogers, Fiona (alto)
Rogers, Jane (viola)
Rogers, Kirsteen (soprano)
Rogers, Laurence (horn)
Rogers, Lesley Jane (soprano)
Rogerson, Benedict (treble)
Roles, Kenneth (bass)
Rolfe Johnson, Anthony (tenor)
Roman, Joshua (cello)
Romancane, Inese (soprano)
Romanov, Sergei (baritone)
Ronconi, Luca (violin)
Roocroft, Amanda (soprano)
Rooley, Anthony (chitarrone)
Rooley, Anthony (director)
Rooley, Anthony (gittern)
Rooley, Anthony (lute)
Rooley, Anthony (vihuela)
Röschmann, Dorothea (soprano)
Roscoe, Martin (piano)
Rose, Gregory (director)
Rose, Matthew (bass)
Rose, Nicola (piano)
Rose, Peter (bass)
Rosefield, Gemma (cello)
Rosenbaum, Rebecca (conductor)
Rosenstock Tristan (bodhrán)
Ross, Alastair (harpsichord)
Ross, Alastair (organ)
Ross, Anthony (cello)
Ross, Gill (soprano)
Rostad, Masumi Per (viola)
Rostropovich, Mstislav (conductor)
Roth, Detlef (bass)
Roth, François-Xavier (conductor)
Roth, Linus (violin)
Rouse, Dalton (guitar)
Rouvali, Santtu-Matias (conductor)
Rowell Dave (whistler)
Rowland, William (treble)
Rowlands, Angharad (soprano)
Rowlands, Deian (harp)
Rowley Jones, Emily (soprano)
Rowntree, Richard (tenor)
Royal Ballet Sinfonia
Royal College of Music Brass Band
Royal Flemish Philharmonic
Royal Holloway Choir
Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Choir
Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra
Royal Northern Sinfonia
Royal Opera Chorus, The
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Royal Scottish National Orchestra
Royal Scottish National Orchestra Junior Chorus
Royal String Quartet
Royal, Kate (soprano)
Royall, Christopher (countertenor)
Rozario, Patricia (soprano)
Rožeň, Jiří (conductor)
RSVP Voices
RTÉ Vanbrugh Quartet
Rudge, Kathryn (mezzo-soprano)
Rudin, Alexander (conductor)
Rügamer, Stephan (tenor)
Rugg, James (treble)
Ruhemann, Ileana (flute)
Ruiten, Lenneke (soprano)
Ruiz, Ramon (guitar)
Rumsey, Shirley (guitar)
Rumsey, Shirley (lute)
Rumsey, Shirley (vihuela)
Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin
Runnicles, Donald (conductor)
Rupp, Andrew (bass)
Russcher, Tristan (conductor)
Russcher, Tristan (organ)
Russcher, Tristan (piano)
Russell, Bruce (bass)
Russell, Imogen (soprano)
Russell, Lindsey (narrator)
Russell, Lynda (soprano)
Russell, Will (trumpet)
Rutherford, James (baritone)
Rutter, Claire (soprano)
Rutter, John (conductor)
Rybin, Sergey (speaker)
Ryder, Benjamin (treble)
Rykkvin, Aksel (treble)
Rzempołuch, Jacek (tenor)
Wyn Roberts, Richard (countertenor)
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