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… from bursting suns escaping … (Mason)
2 Pieces for 4 Brothers (Davis)
24 Caprices, Op 1 (Paganini/Bryan)
A Christmas Carnival (Bissill)
A Christmas Overture (Hess)
A dream
A Gaelic blessing (Rutter)
A play
A prayer (Le Page)
A quiet stroll (Williams)
A remark you made (Sheppard)
A song about myself
A song my mother taught me
A sonnet
A Sudden Rainbow (Schwantner)
A suite
A thing of beauty
A young Austrian went yodelling (Anon/Doughty)
A young man who astonished a watchman
Absolved in the mirror
Açai Palm
Acid House
Adagio for Strings, Op 11 (Barber)
After the blast of lighting from the East
Aftertones (Matthews)
Aggiacciato tremar trà nevi algenti
Air de diable
Air 'on the G string'
Air Waltz (Davis)
Airborne Dances (Davis)
Alceste (Lully/King)
All shod with steel
All they that see him laugh him to scorn (tenor)
Alla caccia, HWV79 (Handel/Bennett)
Allegro spiritoso (Senaillé/Perkins)
Alleluia. Laudate Dominum in sanctis eius
Alphabicycle order (Matthews)
Alpine Pastures (Ellis/Torch)
American Symphonette No 3 (Gould)
Aminte délaissée
Amor, Amor, Amor (Ruiz/Palmer)
An ending 'Ascent' (Eno/Le Page)
An English Mass (Howells)
An imperial elegy
An optical illusion
An ordinary Tuesday (Sheppard)
And he shall purify the sons of Levi
Andalucia Suite (Lecuona/Palmer)
Angel Tidings (Rutter)
Angels' Carol (Rutter)
Angels from the realms of glory (Smart/Cullen)
Anno (Davis)
Antiphon (Walton)
Apocalyptic primordial call
Apollon musagète (Stravinsky)
Apothéose: Poco meno mosso
Appalachian Spring Suite (Copland)
Arboretum Suite (Davis)
Arco (Davis)
Arrival of the guests
Artemis and Orion (Sheppard)
As I drew nurture from my mother's breast
As I looked over the castle wall
as though birds (Ogonek)
Asyla, Op 17 (Adès)
At Friar Laurence's cell
Au couvent
Aubade (Poulenc)
Aubade héroïque (Lambert)
Augurs of Spring (Dances of the Young Girls) –
Ave Maria (Lamb)
Awake thou that sleepest
Baba Yaga (The hut on fowl's legs)
Baba Yaga, Op 56 (Liadov)
Bacchanalia of John of Kronstadt and Paraskeva Piatnitsa
Bacchus (Davis)
Balcony scene
Bali (Eichheim)
Ballade (Martin)
Ballade No 2 (Nenov)
Ballet of the unhatched chicks
Ballo (Matteis Jr./Chandler)
Be slowly lifted up, thou long black arm
Beachcomber (Richardson)
Beatitudes of St Isaac the Syrian
Beautiful fresh flower (Anon/Grainger/Sculthorpe)
Before action
Begin the Beguine (Porter/Palmer)
Behold and see if there be any sorrow like unto his sorrow (soprano/tenor)
Belle of the Ball (Anderson)
Billy the Kid Suite (Copland)
Birdflight (Gunning)
Blaze away! (Holzmann)
Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord
Blue notebook No 10
Boléro (Ravel)
Bone Palace ballet (Roth)
Bonny at morn (Anon/Perkins)
Born in a stable so bare
Bounce (Clowes)
Brahms, Op 21 (Adès)
Brixton briefcase (Lee)
Brown leather sofa (Chadburn)
Bugles sang, saddening the evening air
Burg meiner Väter … O Vater der Güte ich stammle (Graf)
But thou didst not leave his soul in hell (soprano/tenor)
But today we collect ads (Sergeant)
But who may abide the day of his coming? (alto/bass)
By a bierside (Gurney/Howells)
By the Rio Grande they dance no sarabande
Bydlo (A Polish Ox-cart)
Ca' the yowes (Anon/MacLean/Bateman)
Caledonia (MacLean/Logan)
Calliope (Cooper)
Candlelight Carol (Rutter)
Canzona for brass (Simpson)
Capriccio (Stravinsky)
Capriol (Warlock)
Captured (Parker)
Carol of the Children (Rutter)
Carriage and Pair (Frankel)
Castor et Pollux (Rameau/Aareskjold/Bennett)
Catacombae. Sepulchrum Romanum
Cavalcade of youth (Beaver)
Celebra il Vilanel con balli e Canti Del felice
Celebration (after Billy's capture)
Cello Concerto (Adler)
Cello Concerto (Gunning)
Cello Concerto (Honegger)
Cello Concerto (Honegger/Maréchal)
Cello Concerto (Howells)
Cello Concerto (Prokofiev)
Cello Concerto (Walton)
Cello Concerto in A major (Dvořák/Raphael)
Cello Concerto in E minor, Op 58 (Prokofiev)
Cello Concerto No 2 in G major, Op 126 (Shostakovich)
Cello Sonata in C major, Op 119 (Prokofiev)
Chamber Symphony (Roslavets)
Chamber Symphony (Tchaikovsky)
Chamber Symphony, Op 110a (Shostakovich/Barshai)
Chamber Symphony, Op 118a (Shostakovich/Barshai)
Chanson dansée
Chant d'amour 1
Checkmate. Ballet Suite (Bliss)
Chillingham (Davis)
Chloé réapparaît
Chorale (Wallen)
Christ our Emmanuel (Rutter)
Christmas Carol Fantasy (Anon/Campbell)
Christmas Lullaby (Rutter)
Christmas Party (Hewitt Jones)
Christmas spirit (Curtis)
Christmas trees and boughs of holly
Cielito Lindo (Santos/Palmer)
Cinderella Suite No 1, Op 107 (Prokofiev)
Cinderella Suite No 2, Op 108 (Prokofiev)
Cinderella Suite No 3, Op 109 (Prokofiev)
Cinderella's Waltz
Circus World (Tiomkin)
Clarinet Concerto (Blake)
Clarinet Concerto (Copland)
Clarinet Concerto (Phibbs)
Clarity (Davis)
Clear in the darkness a light shines in Bethlehem
Coda: Apollon et les Muses
Comfort ye, my people (tenor)
Comptine d'un autre été, l'après-midi (Tiersen/Le Page)
Con mortuis in lingua mortua
Concertino for organ, strings and percussion (Petit)
Concertino for piano and orchestra (Honegger)
Concertino in G minor, Op 132 (Prokofiev)
Concerto for bassoon and small orchestra (Panufnik)
Concerto for french horns in F major, HWV331 (Handel/Bennett)
Concerto for guitar and orchestra (Adler)
Concerto for orchestra (Sessions)
Concerto for orchestra No 1 'Naughty limericks' (Shchedrin)
Concerto for piano and large orchestra (Bolcom)
Concerto for piano and orchestra No 1 (Adler)
Concerto for string orchestra (Bacewicz)
Concerto for string orchestra (Howells)
Concerto for two pianos and orchestra (McDonald)
Concerto for violin and orchestra (Adler)
Concerto funebre (Hartmann)
Concerto in D (Stravinsky)
Concerto movement for basset clarinet in D major (Süssmayr/Freyhan)
Concerto pathétique in E minor, S365b (Liszt/Reuss)
Concerto with echoes (Kernis)
Concerto-Rhapsody in B flat minor (Khachaturian)
Confessions (Muhly)
Confutatis maledictis
Contemplation Suite (Cooper)
Continuum (Cooper)
Continuum (Cooper)
Coronation Scot (Ellis)
Coronation Te Deum (Walton)
Cosmic rising
Country Dance
Crossing the Alps (Matthews)
Cyrano de Bergerac (Tiomkin)
Dance (Davis)
Dance Epilogue (Davis)
Dance Odyssey (Davis)
Dance of an ostracized imp (Curzon)
Dance of the five couples
Dance of the Workers
Dance of the young girls with lilies
Dance preludes (Lutosławski)
Dance Suite for orchestra and piano (Chisholm)
Dance with mandolins
Dancing Folk (Davis)
Dancing lesson and Gavotte
Dancing Out of the Earth
Danse de Félicita et de Fabrino
Danse grotesque de Dorcon
Danse, L77 (Debussy/Ravel)
Danses 'Corps de ballet': Moderato
Daphnis et Chloé (Ravel)
Dark Iridescent
Dawn on the Moscow river
De l'aube à midi sur la mer: Très lent
De profundis clamavi
Dead man's dump
Death of Juliet
Deep peace of the running wave to you
Denn alles Fleisch es ist wie Gras
Der Graf von Gleichen, D918 (Schubert/Dünser)
Der Liebe himmlisches Gefühl, K119 (Mozart/Bliss)
Der Schwanendreher (Hindemith)
Der Sturm (Martin)
Desires (Ashby)
Développement de l'amour
Dialogue du vent et de la mer: Animé et tumultueux
Dies irae
Dies natalis, Op 8 (Finzi)
Divertissement (Ibert)
Do not forsake me
Dog and frog
Domine Jesu Christe
Donkey Carol (Rutter)
Dormi, Jesu (Rutter)
Double Bass Concerto No 2 in D major (Dittersdorf/Nwanoku)
Dreamsongs (Kernis)
Drifting on winds and currents (Adler)
Drum & Bass
Duettino of Ivan and the Tsar Maiden
Dying sun, shine warm a little longer!
Ebb of winter (Maxwell Davies)
Ebbing tides (Taplin)
Ecce homo
Ein deutsches Requiem, Op 45 (Brahms/Farrington)
El Capitan (Sousa)
El Noi de la Mare 'The Son of the Virgin' (Anon/Rutter)
Elegy for a lost son (Sheppard)
Elegy for Lazarus
Elizabethan Masque (Bayco)
Elizabethan Serenade (Binge)
Ellie's theme (Sheppard)
Energy (Simpson)
Entrance fanfare (Bullock)
Entre un groupe de jeunes filles costumées en bacchantes – Danse générale – Danse de Daphnis et Chloé – Danse de Dorcon – Danse finale: Bacchanale
Entrée de Félicita
Epilogue (Davis)
Equinox (Davis)
Eros and Psyche (Davis)
Es ist ein' Ros' entsprungen (Anon/Rutter)
Es muss sein(?) – Labyrinthus
Etenraku (Anon/Konoye)
Evening prayer (Beaser)
Every valley shall be exalted (tenor)
Evocation of the Ancestors –
Exaudi orationem meam
Façade. Ballet suite (Walton)
Façade. Ballet suite (Walton/Palmer)
Faded by rage, Aphrodite sends
Faint with love
Fair Albion (Hawes)
Fairtrade? (Witter-Johnson)
Fairy grandmother and fairy Winter
Fairytale Sleighride (Saunders)
Fanfare for a newborn child (Suckling)
Fantaisie (Hüe)
Fantasia and Fugue in C minor, BWV537 (Bach/Elgar)
Fantasie in C major, Op 17 (Schumann/Joseph James)
Far away, far away shines a light
Fast blues: Allegro
Festival of the Workers Suite (McDonald)
Festive Overture, Op 96 (Shostakovich)
Finale: Scherzo – Nocturne – Scherzo
Five Fragments, Op 42 (Shostakovich)
Five Melodies, Op 35bis (Prokofiev/Swensen)
Flare (Marsh)
Flatiron Copse
Flēotan (Piper)
Floating Dreamsongs
Flute Concerto (Ibert)
Flute Concerto (Rouse)
Flying down to Rio (Youmans/Palmer)
Folk dance
Fool's Paradise (Talbot)
For an unknown soldier (Dove)
For behold, darkness shall cover the earth (bass)
Frail skies (Campbell)
Frenesi (Domínguez/Palmer)
Friar Laurence
From all the jails the boys and girls
From the True Edge of the Great World (Chisholm)
Frontiers (Davis)
Fugue in B flat major
Fugue in D major
Further public festivities
Galitsin's journey
Game of Abduction –
Gånglåt fran Äppelbo (Anon/Perkins)
Geistliches Lied, Op 30 (Brahms/Gardiner)
Geme la tortorella
Gemini (Davis)
Gethsemane: Shards
Gethsemani (De Sabata)
Giant (Tiomkin)
Girls in grey (Williams)
Giunt' è la Primavera e festosetti
Gloria (Poulenc)
Gloria (Rutter)
Glorification of the Chosen One –
Glory be to God on high
Glory to God in the highest
Glory to God in the highest
Gnossienne No 1 (Satie/Corp)
Gnossienne No 2 (Satie/Corp)
Gnossienne No 3 (Satie/Corp)
Go forth into the world (Rutter)
Goblin Market (Kernis)
God be in my head (Forsdyke)
God of strength
God save the King
God's creation
Going through the hills on a night all starry
Gold und Silber (Lehár)
Good people all, this Christmas time
Gospel of St John
Granular fragments (Moriarty)
Green grow the rashes (Anon/MacLean/Logan)
Grosse Fantasie 'Wanderer', D760 Op 15 (Schubert/Joseph James)
Ground O (Beaser)
Guillemont to Ginch
Guitar Concerto (Beaser)
Guitar Concerto (Davis)
Guitarre, Op 28 (Lalo/Pierné)
Gun battle
Guns of Navarone (Tiomkin)
Gypsy dance
Hail, veil of the temple
Hallelujah, for the Lord God omnipotent reigneth
Halo (Maistorovici)
Harmony in the mist
Have you heard the sound of the angel voices
Have you heard the story that they’re telling ’bout Bethlehem
He shall feed his flock like a shepherd (alto/soprano)
Heiland Harry (Anon/MacLean/Bateman)
Henry V (Walton/Wills)
Heroes (Bowie/Eno/Le Page)
Herr, lehre doch mich
Hesychast meditation
High Heels (Duncan/Trebilcock)
High Noon (Tiomkin)
Hippolyte et Aricie (Rameau/Aareskjold/Bennett)
His yoke is easy and his burthen is light
Hitchcock Suite (Tiomkin)
Holding back (MacLean/Logan)
Holiday for strings (Rose)
Holy is the true light
Holy Mary
Holy, holy, holy, Lord God of hosts
Homage fanfare – Acclamations (Bullock)
Horace victorieux (Honegger)
Horn Concerto (Matthews)
Horn Concerto in E flat major, K370b (Mozart/Roberts)
Horn Concerto No 1 in D major, K412 (Mozart/Roberts)
Horoscope. Ballet Suite (Lambert)
Hostias et preces tibi
How beautiful are the feet of them that preach (soprano)
How do you capture the wind on the water?
How hard the year dies: no frost yet
How like an Angel came I down!
How long
Hungarian Dances, WoO1 (Brahms/Gál)
Hungarian Dances, WoO1 (Brahms/Hallén)
Hungarian Dances, WoO1 (Brahms/Schmeling)
Hymnus (Sheppard)
Hymnus Paradisi (Howells)
Hypothetically murdered, Op 31a (Shostakovich/McBurney)
I am the song – Birth
I believe in one God, the Father Almighty
I found the man grown to a dwarf
I heard a voice from heaven
I know that my Redeemer liveth (soprano)
I know there is a man for me, I know
I pray (Mealor/Campbell)
I seem to see how the reader
I sing of a maiden (Rutter)
I will lift up mine eyes (Rutter)
I wonder as I wander (Rutter)
Ibéria: Le matin d'un jour de fête
If (Nyman/Keenan)
If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels
Ihr habt nun Traurigkeit
I'll walk with God (Brodsky/Keenan)
I'm homesick for my hills again
Images (Debussy)
Imagination,—lifting up itself
In all towns and villages both far and near
In Exile (Sumsion)
In Flanders (Gurney/Howells)
In party mood (Strachey)
In semine durat genus / The race continues in the seed
In this valley of dying stars (Shin)
In time of daffodils (Metcalf)
Incentive (McCormack)
Inferno (Davis)
Intercession in Late October
Into beauty
into the open … (Gruber)
Introduction à la vie joyeuse
Introduction et Danse religieuse
Invention (primarily in 2 parts)
Invierno porteño
Invisible Mosaic II (Kernis)
It seemed that out of battle I escaped
Jamaican Rumba (Benjamin)
Japanese Nocturne
Jardin du sommeil d'amour
Jaunting Car
Jesu Joy – Crucifixus
Jesu, my love, my joy, my rest
Jesus Child (Rutter)
Jesus having risen from the tomb
Jeux de vagues: Allegro
Jeux 'Poème dansé' (Debussy)
Jingle bells (Pierpont/Campbell)
Jingle bells (Pierpont/Gould)
Johnny Marks Medley (Marks/Bateman)
Joie du sang des étoiles
Joie et Paix sur Toi Israël!
Jolly old Saint Nicholas 'Christmas time' (Anon/Doughty)
Joseph's carol (Rutter)
Juliet alone
Juliet the young girl
Juliet the young girl
Jumping Bean (Farnon)
Juventus (De Sabata)
Kalon (Blackford)
Khovantchina (Musorgsky/Rimsky-Korsakov)
Khovantchina (Musorgsky/Stokowski)
Kikimora, Op 63 (Liadov)
Klag-Lied, BuxWV76b (Buxtehude/Gordon)
Knights Templar in the temple church
Kolïbel'naya 'Lullaby'
Konzertmusik, Op 48 (Hindemith)
Kora Song
Kreegi vihik 'Kreek's Notebook' (Kõrvits)
Kyrie eleison: Chant
La belle Damnée de Chez Maxim's
La captive 'Orientale', Op 12 (Berlioz/Manze)
La Cucaracha (Anon/Atmajian)
La finta giardiniera, K196 (Mozart/Isserlis)
La mer, L111 (Debussy)
La notte di Plàton (De Sabata)
La Paloma (Iradier/Atmajian)
La Primavera (McCabe)
La rotta (Anon/Le Page)
La Senna festeggiante, RV693 (Vivaldi/King)
La Statira (Albinoni/Bennett)
Lacrimosa (Maskats)
Lacrymosa: Stabat Mater
Lady of Spain (Evans/Hartley/Warner)
Lament for Pasiphaë
Lament with variations
L'apothéose de Molière, Op 286 (Milhaud)
Larghetto and Allegro for two pianos and orchestra in E flat major (Mozart/Lev)
Las cuatro estaciones porteñas (Piazzolla)
Lass dich nur nichts nicht dauren mit trauren
Last door of light (Maxwell Davies)
Lazarus Requiem (Hawes)
Le Bœuf sur le Toit, Op 58 (Milhaud)
Le carnaval d'Aix, Op 83b (Milhaud)
Le carnaval de Londres, Op 172 (Milhaud)
Le combat
Le consolateur facétieux
Le roi nu (Françaix)
Le tombeau de Couperin (Ravel)
Leçon de Félicita
Left hand singing
Lenda üles kurbtusest
Les amours ont chassé l'amour
Les biches (Poulenc)
Les bosquets de Cythère (Françaix)
Les demoiselles de la nuit (Françaix)
Les Indes galantes (Rameau/Bennett)
Les jeunes filles attirent Daphnis – Danse générale
Les larcins galants
Les malheurs de Sophie (Françaix)
Les patineurs (Waldteufel)
Let us break their bonds asunder
Let us sleep now …
Lever du jour – Daphnis cherche Chloé et il rêve d'elle – Daphnis et Chloé miment l'aventure de Pân et de Syrinx
Liber scriptus
Liberty (Davis)
Lift up your heads, O ye gates
Lift up your hearts
Light Iridescent
Light of Christ
Like Snow
Lim Fantasy of Companionship (Martin)
Lim Fantasy of Companionship (Martin/Barua)
Lim Fantasy of Companionship (Martin/Danziger)
Lim Fantasy of Companionship (Martin/Eymard)
Limoges, the market place
Little Serenade (Tomlinson)
Little Suite (Duncan/Trebilcock)
Long and weary was the journey
Long time ago in Bethlehem
Lord, have mercy.
Losing things
Lost Lake (Davis)
Louisiana Story – Acadian Songs and Dances (Thomson)
Louisiana Story – Suite (Thomson)
Love abide (Panufnik)
Love abide (Panufnik)
Love came down at Christmas (Rutter)
Love is the master
Love's echo
Lullaby (Sheppard)
Lux aeterna
Lux aeterna
Lux aeterna (Lauridsen)
Ma kiitlen ükspäinis neist verisist haavust
Mahámátar (Tavener)
Maiden's round dance and quadrille
Man lebt nur einmal (Adler)
Man of Sorrows (Tsontakis)
Manhattan Beach (Sousa)
Many waters
March for one
March of the Bowmen
Marche des combattants
Marche funèbre d'une marionnette (Gounod/Perkins)
Marching Strings (Ross/Martin)
Mary Queen of Scots (MacLean/Logan)
Mary Theotokos
Mary's boy child (Hairston/Rutter)
Mary's Lullaby (Rutter)
Mass of the angels (Panufnik)
Media morte in vita sumus (Simpson)
Meeting of Tybalt and Mercutio
Melody on the move (Richardson/Hanmer)
Mercure (Satie)
Messiah, HWV56 (Handel/Goossens/Beecham)
Mexican dance and finale
Mid-Winter (Chilcott)
Mid-Winter Songs (Lauridsen)
Mini Stories (Hallgrímsson)
Minu hing, oh ole rõõmus
Miri it is – Sumer is icumen in (Anon/Lamb)
Miss Melanie (Binge)
Missa Mirabilis (Hough)
Missa Sabrinensis (Howells)
Missa solemnis, Op 123 (Beethoven/Busoni)
Mist-covered mountains (Anon/Perkins)
Morning dance
Morpheus (Davis)
Mother and child (Tavener/Barley)
Mother of God
Mountain hemlock
Mountain Songs (Davis)
Move him into the sun
Movements (Stravinsky)
Mr Ben Jonson's Pleasure: At a leisurely pace
Music for Strings, Trumpets and Percussion (Bacewicz)
Musical Box (Davis)
Mystery of the nothingness of God
Mystic Circle of the Young Girls –
Mystical love song of the Sufis
Mystical navigation
Naissance d'Apollon
Narcissus and Echo (Davis)
Nativity Carol (Rutter)
Nazareno (Golijov/Grau)
Nella Fantasia (Morricone/Keenan)
New Jerusalem: Upanishad hymn
New worlds – High flight
Night on Bare Mountain (Musorgsky/Rimsky-Korsakov)
Night voyage (Gunning)
Niobe (Blackford)
No man's land (Matthews)
Noche española
Noel! (Elms)
Nola 'A silhouette' (Arndt/Zamecnik)
Non che non sei capace, K419 (Mozart/Bliss)
'None', said the other
Now the holly bears a berry as white as the milk
Nowell! A babe is born
Nun laube, Lindlein, laube!: Sehr ruhig
Nüüd ole, Jeesus, kiidetud
O Albion (Adès)
O blessed paradise, pray for me
O Domine Jesu Christe
O Himmel! Kannst du mir so freundlich lächeln? … Mein Weib, o Gott, mein süßer Knabe (Graf)
O holy night (Adam/Battiwalla)
O holy night (Adam/Cullen)
O lamb of God
O Narcissus Love flowering ‘round you
O nata lux
O Psyche Beautiful soul
O the high valley, the little low hill
O thou that tellest good tidings to Zion (alto)
O, I'll go walking
Oblivion (Piazzolla/Garcia)
Oboe Concerto in C major (Cimarosa/Benjamin)
Oh võta, armas Jeesus, vastu mult –
Ojos del cielo (Siem)
Old Sir Faulk
On a Spring note (Torch)
On the nature of daylight (Richter)
Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary
One ever hangs where shelled roads part
One for the star in the sky over Bethlehem
Orchestral Suite No 1 in F sharp minor, Op 19 (Dohnányi/Heifetz)
Orchestral Suite No 3 in D major, BWV1068 (Bach/Siloti)
Orchids in the moonlight (Youmans/Palmer)
Oriental Impressions (Eichheim)
Ossianic lay
Otoño porteño
Our Father
Out of the deep
Out there, we've walked quite friendly up to Death
Outside the gates of paradise
Ouverture a 5 in D (Böhm/Holman)
Ouverture anacréontique (Françaix)
Over the fence
Over the hills and far away (Anon/Bennett)
Overture – Davy Crockett – Battle – Epilogue
Pantomime: Lento
Panufnik Variations (Panufnik/Finnis)
Panufnik Variations (Panufnik/Goves)
Panufnik Variations (Panufnik/Matthews)
Panufnik Variations (Panufnik/Mayo)
Panufnik Variations (Panufnik/Sammoutis)
Panufnik Variations (Panufnik/Semmens)
Panufnik Variations (Panufnik/Wardener)
Panufnik Variations (Panufnik/Winters)
Panufnik Variations (Panufnik/Yiu)
Panufnik Variations (Panufnik/Young)
Parade (Satie)
Paradise haunts … (Metcalf)
Parallels I (Nesbit)
Parallels II (Nesbit)
Partita for orchestra (Walton)
Pas d'action
Pas de châle
Pas de deux
Pas de deux: Adagio
Passacaglia: Theme and Variations – Fugato – Coda (Scherzando)
Pavane pour un Génie vivant (Françaix)
Pavane, Op 50 (Fauré)
Peanut Vendor (Simons/Alexander)
Pearl of Freedom (Marsh)
Perfida (Domínguez/Atmajian)
Perpetual Emotion
Personent hodie (Anon/Holst)
Pesni i plyaski smerti 'Songs and dances of death' (Musorgsky/Shostakovich)
Peter and the Wolf, Op 67 (Prokofiev)
Petite chanson dansée
Petite suite (Borodin/Glazunov)
Piano Concerto (Barry)
Piano Concerto (Goss)
Piano Concerto (Khachaturian)
Piano Concerto (Nenov)
Piano Concerto (Tippett)
Piano Concerto in D minor (Howell)
Piano Concerto No 1 'Pìobaireachd' (Chisholm)
Piano Concerto No 2 (Shchedrin)
Piano Concerto No 2 'Hindustani' (Chisholm)
Piano Concerto No 2 in B flat major, Op 19 (Beethoven/Hough)
Piano Concerto No 2 in G major, Op 44 (Tchaikovsky/Hough)
Piano Concerto No 2 in G major, Op 44 (Tchaikovsky/Siloti)
Piano Concerto No 2 in G minor, Op 16 (Prokofiev)
Piano Concerto No 3 in C major, Op 26 (Prokofiev)
Piano Concerto No 5 (Shchedrin)
Piano Concerto No 5 in G major, Op 55 (Prokofiev)
Piano Concerto No 6 in B flat major, K238 (Mozart/Hewitt)
Piano Concerto, FP146 (Poulenc)
Pictures from an exhibition (Musorgsky/Leonard)
Pictures from an exhibition (Musorgsky/Ravel)
Pictures from the Crimea (Musorgsky/Goehr)
Pie Jesu
Pie Jesu Domine
Pièce (Fauré/Perkins)
Pièces en concert (Couperin/Bazelaire)
Pifa 'Pastoral Symphony'
Plaisir d'amour (Martini/Berlioz/Manze)
Platée (Rameau/Aareskjold/Bennett)
Plink, plank, plunk! (Anderson)
Pluto – The Renewer (Matthews)
Poème (Canteloube)
Poinciana (Simon/Atmajian)
Polaris 'Voyage for orchestra' (Adès)
Polkovodets 'The field-marshal'
Polovtsian Dances and Suite from Prince Igor (Borodin/Glazunov/Rimsky-Korsakov)
Pomona (Lambert)
Popular Song
Popule meus (Tavener)
Port a beul
Portrait of a flirt (Farnon)
Portuguese Party (Vinter)
Postlude 'Monsieur Croche' (Matthews)
Power Among Men – Fugues and Cantilenas (Thomson)
Pozières: The Moulin
P-p-paranoia (Ward)
Prairie night (Card game at night)
Praise the Lord, O my soul (Rutter)
Prelude and Fugue, Op 29 (Britten)
Prelude in D minor
Prelude 'The Bells' (Tchaikovsky/Klimov)
Prelude, Fugue and Riffs (Bernstein)
Prélude, Fugue et Postlude (Honegger)
Preparations for the ball
Primavera porteña
Primordial call
Prize Fight (Lambert)
Procession of the Oldest and Wisest One
Processional on Tu es Petrus (MacMillan)
Prologue (Sheppard)
Promenade 'Walking the dog' (Gershwin/Berkowitz)
Psalm 150
Psalm of creation
Puffin' Billy (White)
Pulcinella Suite (Stravinsky)
Pyramid song (Radiohead/Le Page)
Quanta qualia (Hawes)
Qué li darem a n'el Noi de la Mare?
Queen Bean
Raag Bhairavi (Khan/Trainer)
Rapsodie espagnol (Ravel)
Rapsodie espagnole, S254 (Liszt/Busoni)
Rawhide (Tiomkin)
Recordare Jesu pie
Red trees, blue sky, dead leaves
Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion (soprano)
Relâche (Satie)
Rending of the veil of the temple: Maya Atma
Requiem (Borodin/Stokowski)
Requiem (Ives)
Requiem (Rutter)
Requiem aeternam
Requiem aeternam
Requiem aeternam
Requiem, K626 (Mozart/Druce)
Requiem, K626 (Mozart/Finnissy)
Requiem, K626 (Mozart/Levin)
Requiem, K626 (Mozart/Levin/Beyer)
Requiem, K626 (Mozart/Maunder)
Requiescant in pace
Revealing (Giguère)
Rêverie (Douma)
Rhapsody: Recitativo stromentato
Rhythm on rails (Williams)
Ring of Kerry (Hope)
Ring the bells (Larsen/Bateman)
Ripples (Sheppard)
Ritual Action of the Ancestors –
Robin Hood Suite (Curzon)
Romanza: Andante poco moto
Romeo and Juliet (Lambert)
Romeo and Juliet before parting
Romeo and Juliet Suite No 1, Op 64bis (Prokofiev)
Romeo and Juliet Suite No 2, Op 64ter (Prokofiev)
Romeo and Juliet, Op 64 (Prokofiev)
Rondeau for horn and orchestra in E flat, K371 (Mozart/Roberts)
Rondes de printemps
Rouge et noir (Hartley)
Rough Music (Gruber)
Rude awakening! (Yarde)
Sacrificial Dance
Sailing by (Binge)
Sakura (Gynn)
Sanctus – I will lift up mine eyes
Sans Day Carol (Rutter)
Saxophone Concerto (Prokofiev)
Scènes de ballet (Stravinsky)
Schelomo (Bloch)
Scherzo in B flat major (Musorgsky/Rimsky-Korsakov)
Scherzo in C minor, WoO2
Schola Missa de angelis (Panufnik)
Scoot (Morgan-Williams)
Scotch Rhapsody
Scuola di Ballo (Françaix)
Search for Paradise (Tiomkin)
Second Amen (Rutter)
Sed signifer sanctus
See the child that Mary bore
Selig sind die Toten, die in dem Herrn sterben
Serenada 'Serenade'
Sérénade (Françaix)
Serenade (Warlock)
Seven halos
Seven Halts on the Somme (Pritchard)
Seven Last Words from the Cross (MacMillan)
Shakespeare Scenes (Saxton)
She tells her love while half asleep
Shepherd's Pipe Carol (Rutter)
Siciliano (Dexter)
Siesta (Walton)
Silent night! holy night!
Silver bells (Livingston/Cullen)
Since by man came death
Sinfonia in B major, Op 8 (Brahms/Swensen)
Sinfonia No 4 'Strands' (Walker)
Sinfonia, Op 67 (Matthews)
Sinfonietta (Bacewicz)
Sinfonietta (Poulenc)
Sinfonietta for string orchestra (Tchaikovsky)
Sing O the wild wood, the green holly
Sing this night, for a boy is born in Bethlehem
Singing lesson
Six Études for strings and organ (Tchaikovsky)
Skyspace (Pritchard)
Skyward (Davis)
Sleep 1 (Clowes)
Sleep 2 (Gordon)
Sleep softly (Le Page)
Slow blues: Andante –
Smert. He has a strange taste in his mouth. It is death
So Abram rose, and clave the wood
Solace (Davis)
Somewhere in my memory (Williams)
Sonar (Davis)
Sonata for flute and piano (Poulenc/Berkeley)
Sonata in A minor 'F-A-E' (Brahms/Swensen)
Sonata in A minor 'F-A-E' (Schumann/Swensen)
Song of Songs
Song of the mavis
Sorochinskaya yarmarka 'Sorotchinsky fair' (Musorgsky/Liadov)
Sotto dura Staggion dal Sole accesa
South of the border (Kennedy/Palmer)
Speranza (Turnage)
Spindrift (Ashton)
Spiral (Davis)
Spiral (Putt)
Spitfire Prelude and Fugue (Walton)
Spring Rounds –
Ständchen (Heykens)
Star Carol (Rutter)
Steal away (Anon/Dunstall)
Stirring suddenly from long hibernation
Street in a frontier town
Strike, Life, a happy hour, and let me live
Su hooleks ennast annan ma
Subtile tendresse
Sudden squall, sudden shadow (Winters)
Suite antique (Rutter)
Suite for jazz band No 1 (Shostakovich)
Summae Trinitati (MacMillan)
Summer Day, Op 65b (Prokofiev)
Suo gân (Anon/Innes)
Surely he hath borne our griefs
Suzi's carol (Rutter)
Sweet Infancy!
Swiss Yodelling Song
Symphony (Bacewicz)
Symphony in A major (Berwald/Druce)
Symphony in B flat (Tippett)
Symphony in D major, D615 (Schubert/Newbould)
Symphony in D major, D708a (Schubert/Newbould)
Symphony in G major (Françaix)
Symphony 'Mathis der Maler' (Hindemith)
Symphony No 1 (Adler)
Symphony No 1 (Ives)
Symphony No 1 (Simpson)
Symphony No 1 (Tippett)
Symphony No 1 in B flat minor (Walton)
Symphony No 1 in F minor, Op 10 (Shostakovich)
Symphony No 10 (Gunning)
Symphony No 10 (Mahler)
Symphony No 10 (Panufnik)
Symphony No 10 (Simpson)
Symphony No 10 in D major, D936a (Schubert/Newbould)
Symphony No 10 in E minor, Op 93 (Shostakovich)
Symphony No 11 (Simpson)
Symphony No 12 (Gunning)
Symphony No 15 in A major, Op 141 (Shostakovich)
Symphony No 2 (Adler)
Symphony No 2 (Gunning)
Symphony No 2 (Ives)
Symphony No 2 (McDonald)
Symphony No 2 (Simpson)
Symphony No 2 (Tippett)
Symphony No 2 (Walton)
Symphony No 2 in C minor (Bruckner/Payne)
Symphony No 3 (Simpson)
Symphony No 3 (Tippett)
Symphony No 4 (Ives)
Symphony No 4 (MacMillan)
Symphony No 4 (Simpson)
Symphony No 4 (Tippett)
Symphony No 4 in C major, Op 112 (Prokofiev)
Symphony No 4 in C minor, Op 43 (Shostakovich)
Symphony No 5 (Gunning)
Symphony No 5 (Simpson)
Symphony No 5 in B flat major, Op 100 (Prokofiev)
Symphony No 5 in D minor, Op 47 (Shostakovich)
Symphony No 5½ 'A Symphony for Fun' (Gillis)
Symphony No 6 (Adler)
Symphony No 6 (Gunning)
Symphony No 6 (Simpson)
Symphony No 6 in B minor, Op 54 (Shostakovich)
Symphony No 6 in E flat minor, Op 111 (Prokofiev)
Symphony No 7 (Gunning)
Symphony No 7 (Simpson)
Symphony No 7 in C sharp minor, Op 131 (Prokofiev)
Symphony No 7 'Leningrad', Op 60 (Shostakovich)
Symphony No 8 (Simpson)
Symphony No 8 in C minor, Op 65 (Shostakovich)
Symphony No 8 'Sinfonia votiva' (Panufnik)
Symphony No 8, Op 131 (Matthews)
Symphony No 9 (Simpson)
Symphony No 9 in E flat major, Op 70 (Shostakovich)
Symphony of Psalms (Stravinsky)
Symphony-Concerto in E minor, Op 125 (Prokofiev)
Tabarinage (Docker)
Talking with my father (MacLean/Logan)
Tambor en blanco y negro
Te decet hymnus
Te Deum (Rutter)
Te re rem: Ecstatic chant
Tesoro mio! (Becucci)
Tevot (Adès)
The Age of Anxiety 'Symphony No 2' (Bernstein)
The Alamo (Tiomkin)
The Archangel Gabriel's number
The Arkansas Traveller 'Old Fiddlers' Breakdown' (Anon/Guion/Schmid)
The arrival of the lorry
The Art of Dancing (Young)
The Bird Actors (Lambert)
The Boulevardier (Curzon)
The call
The calligrapher's manuscript (Kaner)
The Carioca (Youmans/Palmer)
The Carousel Waltz (Rodgers/Walker)
The centre of the universe
The Conquest of Ireland (Barry)
The death of Ivan Ilyich (Tavener)
The death of Tybalt
The Devil's Galop (Williams)
The dormition
The Duke's command
The fall of the leaf, Op 20 (Finzi)
The field 'Landscape'
The fight
The First Nowell (Anon/Gould)
The Four Poster (Tiomkin)
The Four Temperaments (Simpson)
The Gadfly Suite, Op 97a (Shostakovich/Hazell)
The gael (MacLean/Logan)
The girl from Corsica (Duncan/Trebilcock)
The gospel of St John
The Grand Mine
The Great Gate of Kiev
The Great Sacrifice: Introduction –
The incarnation
The infinite ocean (Davis)
The John 'Duke' Wayne march
The King's Herald (Howells)
The Kiss of the Earth
The Lady in Red (Wrubel/Palmer)
The lament of the Mother of God at the cross
The last farewell
The last rose of summer (Anon/Cambell)
The Left-Hander (Shchedrin)
The legend of the Arkansas traveller (McDonald)
The Lent lily
The Little Humpbacked Horse (Shchedrin)
The Lord gave the word
The Lord is my shepherd
The Lord is my shepherd
The Lord's prayer
The Magic Island
The Montagues and the Capulets
The most wonderful birthday of all (Davis)
The nativity of the Mother of God
The nurse
The Old Castle (Il vecchio castello)
The Old Clockmaker (Williams)
The open prairie again
The Peanut Polka (Farnon)
The people continue to make merry
The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light (bass)
The Plow that Broke the Plains – Suite (Thomson)
The poets are waiting
The protecting veil (Tavener)
The quarrel
The Rapture: Danza
The Raven (Dubensky)
The resurrection
The Rio Grande (Lambert)
The Rite of Spring (Stravinsky)
The river bed
The Runaway Rocking-Horse (White)
The Salutation: Aria
The ship sails north
The soul rests eternal (Sheppard)
The Storm on the Heath
The street awakens
The Sucrerie: Longueval
The sun is shining, the grass is green
The Sundowners (Tiomkin)
The Toy Trumpet (Scott/Warnow/Lane)
The true suffragette is a warrior
The trumpet shall sound (bass)
The Ugly Duckling, Op 18 (Prokofiev)
The universe a river of light
The vanishing mahogany of the Amazon
The veil between worlds (Davis)
The Veil of the Temple (Tavener)
The very best time of year (Rutter)
The Watermill (Binge)
The well-tempered Clavier Book 1, BWV846-869 (Bach/Villa-Lobos)
The well-tempered Clavier Book 2, BWV870-893 (Bach/Villa-Lobos)
The Westminster Waltz (Farnon)
The wind on the downs
Theatreland (Strachey/Bowden)
Their sound is gone out into all lands
There is a flower (Rutter)
There was a child
There were shepherds, abiding in the field (soprano)
Therma (Mayo)
These little Limbs
They sang that when she waved her wings
This is a sacred city, built of marvellous earth
This love will carry (MacLean/Logan)
This mortal man (Davis)
Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron (tenor)
Three Mobiles (Metcalf)
Three pieces in old style (Górecki)
Three Romances, Op 22 (Schumann/Swensen)
Thrice-Holy Hymn: Resurrection
Through the sunny garden
Thus saith the Lord of hosts (bass)
Thy perfect love (Rutter)
Thy rebuke hath broken his heart (soprano/tenor)
Till tomorrow (MacLean/Logan)
Tintinnabulum (Sheppard)
Tiresias (Lambert)
Tmesis (El-Turk)
To an early daffodil
To his love
Toccata festiva, Op 36 (Barber)
Totenfeier (Mahler)
Touch her soft lips and part
Toward sunrise, Op 117 (Matthews)
Transition to the field
Trauermusik (Hindemith)
Trio Sonata in G major, HWV399 (Handel/Bennett)
Tristes apprêts
Trois Nocturnes, L98 (Debussy)
Trônes Wood
Tu es Petrus (MacMillan)
Tuileries. Children quarrelling after play
Turangalîla-Symphonie (Messiaen)
Turning away (MacLean/Logan)
Two ancient liturgical melodies 'Veni Creator Spiritus & Veni Emmanuel' (Anon/Stokowski)
Two Orchestral Interludes, Op 19e (Milford)
Two Polish Jews, one rich, the other poor (Samuel Goldenberg and Schmuyle)
Tybalt and Mercutio fight
Une Cantate de Noël (Honegger)
Une larme (Musorgsky/Kindler)
Une lumière irréelle enveloppe le paysage – Danse lente et mystérieuse
Up on the housetop (Hanby/Campbell)
Vanity Fair (Collins)
Variation 'Ballerina': Andantino
Variation d'Apollon
Variationen 'Seid ihr nicht der Schwanendreher?': Mäßig schnell
Verano porteño
Versuchung des heiligen Antonius
Via Crucis (Łukaszewski)
Victory Boogie-Woogie
Vien con nuova orribil guerrra
Viola Concerto (Barry)
Viola Concerto (Kernis)
Viola Concerto (MacMillan)
Viola Concerto (Walton)
Viola Concerto, Op 37 (Rózsa)
Violin Concerto (Adams)
Violin Concerto (Chisholm)
Violin Concerto (Gunning)
Violin Concerto (Harris)
Violin Concerto in D major, BWV1053 (Bach/Debretzeni)
Violin Concerto in D minor, BWV1052 (Bach/Fischer/Debretzeni)
Violin Concerto No 2 in G minor, Op 63 (Prokofiev)
Violin Concerto, Op 14 (Barber)
Vir dolorum, tanquam oves erravimus
Visions (Rutter)
Volcano (Simpson)
Vortex (Simpson)
Voyager (Davis)
Waking in the land of Pan
Walking in the air (Blake)
Waltz memories
Waltz on the ice
War broke: and now the Winter of the world
War Requiem, Op 66 (Britten)
Warlencourt Ridge
Water Scenes, Op 13 (Nevin/Myddleton)
We praise thee, O God
We wish you a merry Christmas (Anon/Warrell)
Wein, Weib und Gesang, Op 333 (Strauss Jr./Berg)
Wenn nachts das Gespenst erscheint
Wexford Carol (Anon/Earley)
What God is, we do not know
What is this lovely fragrance? (Anon/Willan)
What passing-bells for these who die as cattle?
What sweeter music? (Rutter)
What they sell in the stores nowadays
When a knight won his spurs (Anon/Lamb)
When I was no older than the clouds
White and green
White Christmas (Berlin/Cullen)
Who owns the mountain?
Why do the nations so furiously rage together? (bass)
Wie lieblich sind deine Wohnungen
Wild Wood Carol (Rutter)
Will you see the infancy of this sublime and celestial greatness?
William of Barbary (Anon/Moray)
Winds of change (Davis)
Winter Bonfire, Op 122 (Prokofiev)
With shouts and squeals
Women at munition making
Wonder: Arioso
Woodland Revel (Melachrino)
Worthy is the Lamb that was slain – Amen
You mantle yourself in light
Zoroastre (Rameau/Bennett)
Zwischen Berg und tiefem Tal: Langsam
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