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[untitled] (Barley/Joseph)
[Used to be a] Cha Cha (Pastorius)
… depart in peace … (Tavener)
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (Prokofiev)
14 Songs, Op 34 (Rachmaninov)
203085 Pte Joe Wood
24 Preludes and Fugues, Op 87 (Shostakovich/Campbell)
3 Duets (Shostakovich)
4 Chair legs (Schwartz)
4 Romantic Pieces, Op 75 (Dvořák/Isserlis)
6 Studien in kanonischer Form, Op 56 (Schumann/Debussy)
A birthday (Hawes)
A boy and a girl (Whitacre/Burgess)
A chantar m'er (La Comtesse de Die/Wishart)
À Chloris (Hahn)
A Fantasy about Purcell's Fantasia upon One Note (Carter)
A fidler 'The fiddler'
A fine lady
À huit (Françaix)
A kiss, Op 15 (Venables/Lloyd)
A little jazz Mass (Chilcott)
A Little Waltz
A peasant enters with a bear
A Persistent Illusion (Wagstaff)
A Queen's Fanfare (Walton)
A quiet chamber (Peterson)
A riveder le stelle, R8 (Ruiz)
A small quartet (Fitkin)
A smooth one (Christian)
A Song for Kate (Bevan Baker)
A summer day
Abîme des oiseaux
Abodah (Bloch)
Ach, wie sehnlich wart ich der Zeit (Bach/Pienaar)
Adagio (Khachaturian/Babakhanian)
Adagio 'Cinderella and the Prince', Op 97bis (Prokofiev)
After the rain (Hawes)
Agios o Theos
Ah! You dirty cheat, it's you!
Ainsi la nuit (Dutilleux)
Air de diable
Air mail special (Goodman/Mundy/Christian)
Air vif. Torture d'Alphise
Akhmatova Songs (Tavener)
Alexandria: Slowly and expressively
Algal Bloom
All Roads (Simcock)
All shall be well
All sides endlessness (Farrin)
Allegro spiritoso (Senaillé/Perkins)
Along the field as we came by
Alpestre: Allegretto
Also hat Gott die Welt geliebt, BWV68 (Bach/Pienaar)
Amadis des Gaules, WG39 (Bach/Pienaar)
America: Before the war
Among angels (Todd)
An absence of heart (Wright)
An autumn meditation
An invite to eternity
An Òg-Mhadainn (Sweeney)
An Wasserflüssen Babylon, BWV653b (Bach/Pienaar)
And when I die
Andalucia Suite (Lecuona/Nash)
Andante (Saint-Saëns)
Andante and Scherzo (Simaku)
Angel in dark green (Cooper)
Anno Epilogue (Davis)
Another small quartet (Fitkin)
Arcadiana (Adès)
Are vé lo mes de maig (May)
Aria (Auric)
Armenian Rhapsody (Arutunian/Babadjanian/Babakhanian)
Around three corners (Panufnik)
Ascension (Hawes)
Asphalt cocktail (Mackey/Bliss/Burgess)
At sige verden ret farvel 'The last farewell to life on earth'
Audiotectonics III (Fairclough)
Auf dem Wasser zu singen
Aung-ze Paing-ze
Automne (Damase)
Autumn: Winds
Avec ses quatre dromadaires
Balancing the books (Nyman/Boothby)
Ballad of the army carts
Ballade in C major, Op 15 (Prokofiev)
Ballade No 1 in G minor, Op 23 (Chopin/Ysaÿe)
Ballet suite No 1 (Shostakovich/Atovmian)
Barbara’s jig – Kenny MacDonald’s jig – Joseph MacDonald’s jig (Anon/Johnstone/MacDonald)
Barcarolle (Sauguet)
Bash peace (Bedford)
Bassedance 'En vray amoure a 4, a 6' (Henry VIII/McGowan)
Bassoon Sonata (Bennett)
Bassoon Sonata (Hindemith)
Batalla de octavo tono (Ximénez/Roberts)
Beau soir (Debussy)
Beauty no other thing is than a beam
Because I liked you better
Bedtime story: The fairy princess
Befal du dine veje 'Commit thy way'
Begin to Charm, and as thou strok’st mine ears
Berceuse sfaradite (Ben-Haïm)
Birdsong (Ashton)
Black dance
Black Mrs Behemoth
Blood oath
Blue (Davis)
Blue shades (Ticheli/Bliss/Burgess)
Blue water … a clear moon
Bogle move (Prokofiev)
Boris Pasternak
Born upon an angel's breast
Brass Sextet (Glass)
Brasstango (Franzetti)
Breather (Copeland)
Bridges of love (Farber)
Brilliant corners (Monk)
Brussels Fanfare (Patterson)
Burletta (Kaufmann)
Burya 'The Storm'
But these chair legs were St Michaels and all angels
Bute Cello Duets (Davis)
By a wall the stranger now calls his
By hours we all live here
By the lake
Canciones de clarines (Anon/Roberts)
Caneuon Cymru (Petrie)
Cantate Domino (Hawes)
Cantator and Amanda (Panufnik)
Capriccio (Hakim)
Caprice en rondeau (Hakim)
Caprice No 24 (Paganini/Skip Martin/Thornton)
Carbon copy (Burgess/Fairclough)
Carignane (Ibert)
Castell Dolbadarn (Metcalf)
Castellain sunshine (Joseph)
Catch (Duddell)
Celebration: Allegro
Cello Concerto in A minor, RV418 (Vivaldi/Sobol)
Cello Sonata in B flat major, Op 71 (Kabalevsky)
Cello Sonata in B minor (Borodin/Goldstein)
Cello Sonata in D major, Wf X:2 (Bach/Pienaar)
Cello Sonata in D minor, Op 40 (Shostakovich)
Cello Suite No 6 in D major, BWV1012 (Bach/Fryer/Pienaar)
Cérémonial (Delerue)
C'est pour aller au bal
Chaconne Ground in D minor 'remix' (O/Modernt Chamber Orchestra)
Chamber Music V (Britten)
Chamber Symphony (Roslavets)
Chamber Symphony (Tchaikovsky)
Chamber Symphony, Op 110a (Shostakovich/Barshai)
Chamber Symphony, Op 118a (Shostakovich/Barshai)
ChangeUp (Prokofiev)
Chants du Roussillon '5 Catalan folksongs' (Anon/Reade)
Cheap Attraction (Jack)
Chopcherry (Warlock)
Chorale for Organ and Brass (Harris)
Chosen Tune
Cinderella (Prokofiev/Rostropovich)
Clapping music (Reich)
Clarinet Quintet (Cooke)
Clarinet Quintet (Françaix)
Clarinet Quintet (Maconchy)
Come to me in the silence of the night
Commentary on BWV562 (Finnissy)
Concerto in B minor, Op 6 No 3 (Torelli/Ng)
Concerto in C major, Op 6 No 7 (Torelli/Ng)
Concerto in E minor, Op 6 No 2 (Torelli/Ng)
Concerto in F major, Op 6 No 8 (Torelli/Ng)
Concerto in G minor, Op 6 No 5 (Torelli/Ng)
Concerto No 4 (Hakim)
Concerto para quinteto (Piazzolla)
Consolation 'Pensée poétique' No 3, S172 No 3 (Liszt/Milstein)
Contredanse générale
Conversations (Bliss)
Cool is the autumn wind
Cortège (Litaize)
Country dance
Courage (Chapman Campbell)
Creole Belles (Lampe/Weigand)
Creole Medley (Gottschalk/Weigand)
Cymbeline (Bruce)
Dance (Chapman Campbell)
Dance (Shirin/Babakhanian)
Dance of girls in pink
Dance of the ballerina
Dance of the dragonfly (Tippett)
Dance of the wet-nurses
Dance play (Hayes)
Dancing in the spirit (Jegede)
Dans le buisson de mimosa
Dans vos viviers, dans vos étangs
Danse de la chèvre (Honegger)
Danse de la fureur pour les sept trompettes
Danse villageoise
Darkness (Cooper)
Das klinget so herrlich, das klinget so schön
Dauphins, vous jouez dans la mer
De matinet me vaig llevar (The nightingale's advice)
Dear Lord and Father of mankind (Parry/Chambers)
Deep in my soul (Friend/Haywood)
Definitely disco (Poppy)
Dejlig er den himmel blå 'Lovely is the blue sky': Andante
Den mørke nat forgangen er 'The gloomy night to morning yields'
Denn es gehet dem Menschen
Der Heiland
Dervish (Brophy)
Deux pièces (Vierne)
Dew Point
Di alte kasche 'The ancient question'
Dialogo 4 (Börtz)
Diaphanousphere (Pankhurst)
Dido's lament 'remix' (O/Modernt Chamber Orchestra)
Die Apostel (Hakim)
Die Sommernacht, D289 (Schubert/Lee)
Die Taube (Hakim)
Die Zauberflöte (Mozart/Busoni)
Die Zauberflöte (Mozart/Heidenreich)
Different Trains (Reich)
Diódia 'String Quartet No 3' (Tavener)
Diptyque (Hakim)
Diversions, Op 63 (Berkeley)
Divertissement (Françaix)
Dixie's Land (Emmett/Weigand)
Do you remember an Inn?
Dover Beach, Op 3 (Barber)
Down a hot and dusty road
Dreaming of Li Bai
Dreams (Chapman Campbell)
Dreamscape (Panufnik)
Drehorgel 'Hurdy-gurdy'
Drumming (Reich)
Du sollst nit geyn 'You shall go with no other, girl!'
Duet (Reich)
Duet suite (Corea/Carrington)
Duettino Concertante (Mozart/Busoni)
Duo (Bevan Baker)
Duo for two violins, Op 258 (Milhaud)
Dvustishie 'Couplet'
Ecce sacerdos magnus (MacMillan)
Echo (Cooper)
Echoes (Herrmann)
Echolalia (Leach)
Eclogue (Bevan Baker/Osborne)
Eight Colors (Dun)
Eight Poems of Li-Po (Lambert)
El cant dels ocells 'The song of the birds' (Anon/Reade)
El ultimo cafe (Stamponi/Babakhanian)
Elegy (Finzi)
Elegy: Adagio e mesto
Elthe to phos to alithinon
Embraceable you (Gershwin)
En famille
English Suite No 2 in A minor, BWV807 (Bach/Pienaar)
Entrée majestueuse des dieux
Erschallet, ihr Lieder, erklinget, ihr Saiten!, BWV172 (Bach/Pienaar)
Escualo 'Ritmo libre' (Piazzolla)
Estampie on 'Vide miser et iudica' (Anon/Wishart)
Est-il un coin plus solitaire
Et … (tango mortale)
Et barn er født i Betlehem 'A child is born in Bethlehem': Allegro
Étude in the form of a canon
Études, Op 25 (Chopin/Glazunov)
Eurostar Fanfare (Patterson)
Evening bells
Evensong (Hall)
Every day (Davis)
Expressia (Zarifyan)
Éyze shéleg 'What snow!'
Façade (Walton)
Façades (Glass)
Fair one, when you were here, I filled the house with flowers
Falla con misuras (Ebreo da Pesaro/Ashton)
Family Portrait for brass quintet 5 (Thomson)
Family Portrait for brass quintet 6 (Thomson)
Family Portrait for brass quintet 8 (Thomson)
Family Portrait for brass quintet, 4&7 (Thomson)
Fanfare for the common man (Copland)
Fantaisie (Messiaen)
Fantasia in F minor, K608 (Mozart/Busoni)
Fantasy for horn, Op 88 (Arnold)
Fantasy for oboe, Op 90 (Arnold)
Fantasy Trio (Lloyd Webber)
Far in a western brookland
Fascinating rhythm (Gershwin)
Fear no more the heat o' the sun
Fear not
Festival Suite, Op 97 (Milford)
Feuillet d'album
Finale (after Prelude No 24)
Find only joy
Fire & flow (Wright)
First dance (Volans)
Fivatak (Prokofiev)
Five choral scherzi (Adler)
Five choral scherzi (Adler)
Five choral scherzi (Adler)
Five choral scherzi (Adler)
Five choral scherzi (Adler)
Five Hebrew Love Songs (Whitacre)
Five Melodies, Op 35bis (Prokofiev)
Five pieces for string quartet (Szymański)
Five Pieces from The Gadfly, Op 97 (Shostakovich/Borisovsky)
Five Short Pieces (Tippett)
Five Yiddish Songs (Anon/Plitmann)
Flute Sonata, Op 121 (Arnold)
Flute Sonatina, Op 19 (Arnold)
Flux (Long)
Folk Festival
Folk music 'Daithi's dumka' (Cutler)
Folk reflections (Ananyan/Babakhanian)
For His Majestys Sagbutts and Cornetts (Locke/Roberts)
For wherever you go I will go
Forever (Witter-Johnson)
Forlane (Tailleferre)
Fortuna (Wright)
Fouillis d'arcs-en-ciel, pour l'Ange qui annonce la fin du Temps
Four in the morning
Four Madrigals (Martinů)
Four pieces for string quartet (Szymański)
Four scenes from childhood (Waxman)
Four sketches (Jacob)
Fox-trot 'Old Sir Faulk'
Frensham Pond 'Aquarelle' (Lloyd Webber)
From Albert to Bapaume
From San Domingo (Benjamin)
Frozen tears are all I weep
Frühlingswalzer 'Spring waltz'
Fugue in B flat major
Fugue in C major
Fugue in D major
Funeral music (from Black Rain)
Gamayun, ptitsa veshchaya 'Gamayun, the prophet bird'
Gamlet 'Hamlet', Op 32 (Shostakovich/Chelkauskas)
Gardener Janus catches a naiad
Gavotte (Kodály)
Gavotte vive (pour les Zéphirs)
Gefrorne Tränen
Gentle Annie (Foster/Weigand)
Gharnati (Jones)
Give me your fiddle
Glass (Fitkin)
Gloriette (Hawes)
Go, little book, Op 18 (Milford)
Goldberg Variations 'Aria mit verschiedenen Veränderungen', BWV988 (Bach/Sitkovetsky)
Golden friends
Good morning
Goodbye (Jenkins/Thornton)
Gorod spit 'The city sleeps'
Graceful giants
Grandmother and Kimitake
Green into red (Prokofiev)
Grieving for the young prince
Grinnell Fanfare (Cowell)
Gumboots (Bruce)
Hadal Zone
Haifa: With a slow lilt
Halleluyah 'Praise the Lord'
Hambledon Hill (Souster)
He’d have given me rolling lands
Heartfelt (Panufnik)
Hejze Ino! Fijołecku leśny!
Heptade (Jolivet)
Her sanctuary (Locke)
Herbst, D945 (Schubert/Lee)
Here again (MacDonald)
Here's that rainy day (Van Heusen/Burke/Thornton)
Herzlich tut mich verlangen, BWV727 (Bach/Reger)
Hevelspending (Long)
Hiawatha Rag (Moret/Weigand)
Hil dig, Frelser og Forsoner! 'Hail You, Saviour and Atoner'
Holding (Simcock)
Honey-coloured cow, Op 3d (Gipps)
Hope (Chapman Campbell)
Hora Bessarabia (Panufnik)
Humoresque, Op 5 (Rostropovich)
Hungarian Dances, WoO1 (Brahms/Joachim)
Hunter's moon (Vinter)
Hurly burly (Orlovich)
Hurray, here we are!
Hymn (Ives)
Hymn and Fuguing Tune No 12 for three horns (Cowell)
I am
I am the moon
I dreamt that tonight
I got rhythm (Gershwin)
I have a secret to tell
I never saw another butterfly (Laitman)
I sing because …
I still love you
Ich bin ein guter Hirt, BWV85 (Bach/Pienaar)
Ich lasse dich nicht, BWVAnh159 (Bach/Pienaar)
Ich wandte mich, und sahe an alle
If (Nyman/Boothby)
Ikon of Light (Tavener)
Illusion (Cooper)
Im Frühling, D882 (Schubert/Lee)
Imaginées 1 (Auric)
Improvisation (Datta/Singh)
Improvisation (O/Modernt Chamber Orchestra)
Improvisation (Ticciati/Barley)
Improvisation (Ticciati/Datta)
Improvisation and Dance, Op 30 (Ben-Haïm)
Improvisation 'Being' (O/Modernt Chamber Orchestra)
Improvisation 'Breath' (O/Modernt Chamber Orchestra)
Improvisation 'Ground' (O/Modernt Chamber Orchestra)
Improvisation No 2 (Barley/Joseph)
Improvisation No 3 (Barley/Joseph)
Improvisation No 7 (Barley/Joseph)
In crime and enmity they lie
In Damascus (Dove)
In memoriam (Williamson)
In nomine (Bryars)
In the ballroom
In the deserted garden among the crumbling walls
In the golden lightning
In the tube at Oxford Circus
Incertitude, ô mes délices
Inch Khonim Hekimn (Sayat-Nova/Babakhanian)
Informal dance (Fitkin)
Inside (Fitkin)
Inside one breath (Marmén)
Intermezzo (Kodály)
Intermezzo: Andante
Into my heart an air that kills
Into the radiant boundaries of light (Adler)
Introduction and Polonaise brillante in C major, Op 3 (Chopin/Bliss)
Invite to Eternity, Op 31 (Venables)
Irish Tenebrae (Bingham)
Is it August yet? (Warren)
Is my team ploughing?
Isaan (Euprasert)
Jeanie with the light brown hair (Foster/Weigand)
Jodelling song
Jorh – Jhala
Kaleidoscope (Davis)
Kammerkoncert No 1 'Solen skinner altid på Beirut' (Hakim)
Kammerkoncert No 2 'Kom, lad os gå til Betlehem' (Hakim)
Kashmiri song
Kato's revenge (Ozone/Carrington)
Kei 'Scenes of Spirits' (Tono)
Keyboard Concerto No 4 in A major, BWV1055 (Bach/Pienaar)
Khani Vur Jan Im (Sayat-Nova/Babakhanian)
Kintamani (Wright)
Kintha dance
Kite (Metcalfe)
Kumpo (Anon/ensemblebash)
La carpe
La dame aveugle
La joye
La montagne
La sauterelle
La valse
La Verità nell'Inganno (Caldara/Matteis Jr./Chandler)
La ville: Cancan macabre
Lachrymae, Op 48a (Britten)
Lacus doloris 'Lake of sorrows'
Lady be good (Gershwin/Gershwin/Thornton)
Lady in the red hat (Nyman)
Lament for a Bulgarian dancing bear
Langsamer Satz (Webern)
L'après-midi d'un dinosaur
Lárov 'Mostly'
Lazy bones 'Up a lazy river' (Carmichael/Arodin/Thornton)
Le bal masqué (Poulenc)
Le bestiaire, ou Cortège d'Orphée, FP15 (Poulenc)
Le merle noir (Messiaen)
Le soir
Les Boréades (Rameau/Lidström)
Les champs
Les douze Noëls (Daquin/Wright)
Les eaux
Les lilas (Wright)
Les poils de cette chèvre et même
Lessons of the sky (Rogers)
Letter 1
Letters from Burma (Panufnik)
L'heure du berger (Françaix)
Libertango (Piazzolla/Bax/Chung)
Lieux retrouvés (Adès)
Light (Cooper)
Lines written in autumn
Lithium tango
Liturgie de cristal
Llwybrau Cân 'Paths of Song' (Metcalf)
LM-7: Aquarius (Jackson)
Lo que vendrá (Piazzolla/Bax/Chung)
Lonely and bare and desolate
Long steel grass
Louange à l'éternité de Jésus
Love song (Panufnik)
Love transfered to outer space
Loveliest of Trees
Ludlow and Teme (Gurney)
Lullaby (Gershwin)
Lullaby for Jumbo
Lullaby in valley green (Cooper)
L'ultimo balleto: Aria per li Mascari
Lunar seas (Painter)
Lux aurumque (Whitacre/Burgess)
Madam and her Madam
Madam Noy (Bliss)
Madame la Dauphine, fine, fine, fine
Madame Mouse trots
Madhya laya – teental
Madrid (Stravinsky/Stravinsky)
Mallet Quartet (Reich)
Man is a watch, wound up at first
Man proposes, God disposes
Many a girl of the south is white and lucent
Many years (Tavener)
Maple Leaf Rag (Joplin/Weigand)
Mapping Wales (Metcalf)
Marche funèbre (after Prelude No 14)
Marche funèbre d'une marionnette (Gounod/Perkins)
Marche triomphale (Françaix)
Mare anguis 'Serpent sea'
Marseille: With a happy spirit
Mass (Stravinsky)
Mazurka (Milhaud)
Mazurka in E minor
Meat in Thy Hall: Tempo di menuetto, in strict time throughout
Meditation: Sehr langsam
Medley (Morricone/Friend)
Mélodie (Bloch)
Mélodie amoureuse (after Prelude No 17)
Memento (MacMillan)
Memory fields (Prokofiev)
Mettle (Wright)
Mï bïli vmeste 'We were together'
Michurin, Op 78 (Shostakovich/Atovmian)
Miles beyond (McLaughlin)
Milonga azure (Lynch)
Milonga del ángel (Piazzolla/Bax/Chung)
Mine eye (Panufnik)
Minuet (Finnissy)
Miri it is – Estampie (Anon/Wishart)
Mit deinen blauen Augen (Lassen/Casals)
Mit hjerte altid vanker 'Always my heart wanders'
Mobocracy (Prokofiev)
Moderato (Shostakovich)
Moonglade in jet black (Cooper)
Moonglow (DeLange/Hudson/Mills/Thornton)
Moonlit night
Moonmoons (Meredith)
Mopti Street (Limbrick)
Mourn no moe (Warlock)
Much Ado About Nothing, Op 11 (Korngold)
Muerte del angel (Piazzolla)
Mulberry Cottage (Lloyd Webber)
Mummenschantz (Hornpipe)
Music after a while (Nyman)
Music for 18 musicians (Reich)
Music for pieces of wood (Reich)
Music of training and rest (from José Torres)
Music, thou queen of heaven
Mutations from Bach (Barber)
Muza 'The muse'
My gaze is ever upon you (Tavener)
My gostly fader (Warlock)
My lady is a pretty one (Warlock)
My Lagan love
My little sweet darling (Warlock)
My old Kentucky home, good night (Foster/Weigand)
My only friend through all the years
Mystic Prayer to the Holy Spirit
Nacht und Träume, D827 (Schubert/Isserlis)
Nærmere, Gud, til dig 'Nearer, my God, to Thee'
Naïve waltz (Kats-Chernin)
Naked I lie in the green forest of summer
Nie ma czego trzeba 'Faded and vanished', Op 74 No 13 (Chopin/Isserlis)
Night (Bloch)
No more sorrow (Barnes)
No time in eternity (Nyman)
Nobilissima visione (Hindemith)
Nocturne (Boulanger)
Nocturne in E flat major, Op 55 No 2 (Chopin/Saint-Saëns)
Nocturne in E flat major, Op 9 No 2 (Chopin/Bliss)
Nocturne in E flat major, Op 9 No 2 (Chopin/Popper)
Nocturne in E major, Op 62 No 2 (Chopin/Saint-Saëns)
Nonet (Martinů)
North: Moderato molto
Nostalghia (Takemitsu)
Nous nous sommes
Now he comes to another land
Now thank we all our God
Nu blomstertiden kommer 'Now the flowers are blooming'
O Albion
O Gud, du ved og kender 'O God, Thou knowest'
O Lamm Gottes, unschuldig, BWV656 (Bach/Pienaar)
O Mensch, bewein' dein' Sünde gross, BWV622 (Bach/Pienaar)
O solitude, my sweetest choice!, Z406 (Purcell/Boothby)
O Tod, wie bitter bist du
Oboe Quartet, Op 61 (Arnold)
Oboe Sonatina, Op 28 (Arnold)
Octet, Op 4 (Ferguson)
October (Whitacre/Bliss/Burgess)
October (Whitacre/Burgess)
Oh! weep for those (Nathan/Isserlis)
On song (Metcalf)
On the city street
On the idle hill of summer
Once I knew
Ono no komachi (Wright)
Op, al den ting, som Gud har gjort 'Arise, all things that God has made'
Orfeo ed Euridice (Gluck/Kreisler)
Other Love Songs (Hough)
Oui (O), prince, je languis, je brûle pour Thésée
Ourania (Cooper)
Out of time (Dove)
Ouverture (La discorde et la guerre)
Ouverture: Largo – Presto – Adagio – Presto
Overture in G major (Bach/Pienaar)
Overture on Hebrew Themes, Op 34 (Prokofiev)
Overture-Suite in D major (Brescianello/Chandler)
Ovod 'The gadfly', Op 97 (Shostakovich/Atovmian)
Paris Fanfare (Patterson)
Partita, Op 5b (Ferguson)
Parts upon a ground (Purcell/Ashton)
Påskeblomst (Hakim)
Påskeblomst! hvad vil du her? 'Paschal Flow'r! why do you care to come forth?'
Pasquinade 'Caprice', RO189 Op 59 (Gottschalk/Weigand)
Past the sunset’s flaming wreckage
Past three o'clock (Anon/Harvey)
Pastoral (Bliss)
Pastoral reflections (Prokofiev)
Pastorale (Stravinsky)
Pastorale. Allegretto (Tailleferre)
Pastorale. Enjoué (Tailleferre)
Pavane 'She's so fine' (Adams)
Pawn (Fitkin)
Paysages (Bloch)
Peace (Chapman Campbell)
Perseus (Bray)
Pesnya Ofelii 'Ophelia's Song'
Petrushka (Stravinsky)
Phantasy in blue (Gershwin/Malzew)
Phèdre (Hakim)
Phos I
Piano Concerto (Hakim)
Piano Quartet (Walton)
Piano Quintet (Adès)
Piano Quintet (Dove)
Piano Quintet (Schnittke)
Piano Quintet in E major, Op 15 (Korngold)
Piano Quintet in G minor, Op 57 (Shostakovich)
Piano Quintet, Op 92 (Ornstein)
Piano Sonata in C sharp minor 'Moonlight', Op 27 No 2 (Beethoven/Bowen)
Piano Trio (Eben)
Piano Trio (Ravel)
Piano Trio in A major, R9 (Ruiz)
Piano Trio No 1 in C minor 'Poème', Op 8 (Shostakovich)
Piano Trio No 1 'In celebration' (Silverman)
Piano Trio No 2 in E minor, Op 67 (Shostakovich)
Piano Trio No 2 'Reveille' (Silverman)
Piano Trio, Op 1 (Panufnik)
Piano Trio, Op 54 (Arnold)
Pièce pour piano et quatuor à cordes (Messiaen)
Pièces en concert (Couperin/Bazelaire)
Pishnetto (Tortelier)
Plantation Medley (Foster/Bland/Anon/Weigand)
Please, kind sir, can I come in?
Pocket calculator (Kraftwerk)
Poem (Piazzolla)
Poète et ténor
Polonaise No 10 in F minor, F12 (Bach/Pienaar)
Popular song
Ports of call 'A Mediterranean suite' (Adler)
Préambule et Air de bravure
Prélude (Auric)
Prelude (Moeran)
Prelude and Fugue in G major, BWV541 (Bach/Pienaar)
Prelude in D minor
Private Joe (Panufnik)
Private Joe (Panufnik)
Private Joe (Panufnik)
Private Joe (Panufnik)
Promenade 'Walking the dog' (Gershwin/Wakefield)
Proverb (Reich)
Psycho Suite (Herrmann/Birchall)
Pulse (Reich)
Pushkin and Lermontov
Quartet (Reich)
Quartettino for four bassoons (Schuman)
Quatre poèmes de Max Jacob (Poulenc)
Quatuor pour la fin du Temps (Messiaen)
Quintet movement in B flat major, K516c (Mozart/Druce)
Raag Gezellig (Pitts)
Radioactivity (Kraftwerk)
Rag Gaoti (Khan)
Rag Yaman Kalyan (Khan)
Raga (Khan/Pugh)
Raise (for Z) (Wright)
Rakút 'Tenderness'
Rapsodie nègre (Poulenc)
Recover (Wright)
Reflessivo (Prokofiev)
Reflexionem (Hawes)
Réparateur perclus
Resolve (Wright)
Rhapsody (Bliss)
Rimfire (Montague)
Romance (Honegger)
Romance del diablo (Piazzolla)
Romance in A minor (Scriabin)
Rondo (Cowell)
Rondo in memory of Prokofiev, Op 79 (Kabalevsky)
Rorate caeli desuper (Bevan Baker)
Rose room (Hickman)
Rout (Bliss)
Rozhinkes mit mandlen 'Raisins and almonds'
Rumpole of the Bailey (Horovitz)
Russian dance
Russian Funeral (Britten)
'S wonderful (Gershwin)
Så vældigt det mødte os først i vor dåb 'How wonderful, that the Word first met us in baptism'
Sabia (Jobim)
Sabre dance
Sad colours 1 (Prokofiev)
Said King Pompey
Saint Blue (Gordon)
Sakskøbing Præludier (Hakim)
Salome. Suite (Lambert)
Salonika: With wild abandon
Samakhti beomrim li 'I was glad when they said to me'
Sarabande (Honegger)
Sarabande et Cortège (Dutilleux)
Sati (Wright)
Scene: Moderato
Scherzo humoristique, Op 12bis (Prokofiev)
Schwingt freudig euch empor, BWV36 (Bach/Roberts)
Scotch rhapsody
Scottish Dance (Brade/McGowan)
Sea Dances (Davis)
Second home (Panufnik)
Seek out light
Seht, was die Liebe tut
Sein Lauf kam von Vater her
Sem Stikhotvoreniy A Bloka (Shostakovich)
Septet (Metcalf)
Serenade (Schnittke)
Serenade: Morning dew
Serenata for wind sextet (Reade)
Serenity flux (Pang Vongtaradon)
Servant (Fitkin)
Seven come eleven (Goodman/Christian/Thornton)
Seven Preludes from 24 Preludes, Op 34 (Shostakovich/Strakhov)
Sextet (Reich)
Sextet, Op 47 (Berkeley)
Shafteni Elohim 'Vindicate me, Lord'
Shard (Fitkin)
Sharmanka (Barrel-Organ Waltz)
She is a southern girl of Chang-kan Town
Sheik of Araby (Synder/Smith/Wheeler/Thornton)
Sheikh Zayed's parade (Marsh)
Simon, son of John
Sinfonietta, Op 1 (Britten)
Sing, sing, sing (Prima)
Sir Beelzebub
Slavonic Dances, Op 72 (Dvořák/Kreisler)
Sleep (Whitacre/Burgess)
Slipped disc (Goodman)
Slip-stream (Skempton)
Slow 'In nomine a 5' (Muhly)
Small talk
Smert 'Death'
So oft ich meine Tobackspfeife (Bach/Pienaar)
Soft winds (Goodman/Royal/Thornton)
Some folks (Foster/Weigand)
Some of the silence (Tann)
Somebody loves me (Gershwin)
Something lies beyond the scene
Somewhere (Bernstein/Friend)
Sonata for cello and piano (Poulenc)
Sonata for cello and piano No 1 (Schnittke)
Sonata for clarinet and bassoon (Poulenc)
Sonata for clarinet and piano (Poulenc)
Sonata for flute and piano (Poulenc)
Sonata for four hands, FP8 (Poulenc)
Sonata for horn, trumpet and trombone (Poulenc)
Sonata for oboe and piano (Howells)
Sonata for oboe and piano (Poulenc)
Sonata for trumpet and piano (Pilss)
Sonata for two clarinets (Poulenc)
Sonata for two violins, Op 56 (Prokofiev)
Sonata for viola and piano, Op 147 (Shostakovich)
Sonata for violin and piano (Poulenc)
Sonata in A major, BWV1032 (Bach/Beznosiuk)
Sonata in A minor 'F-A-E' (Brahms/Bliss)
Sonata in D major, Op 94 (Prokofiev/Bliss)
Sonata in D minor (Glinka/Bliss)
Sonata in F major (Bach/Pienaar)
Sonata in G minor 'Il trillo del Diavolo', Bg5 (Tartini/Kreisler)
Sonata in G minor, H47 Wq65/17 (Bach/Pienaar)
Sonata No 12 in F major, Op 1 (Handel/Ashton)
Sonatine (Langlais)
Sonatine for flute and piano (Gieseking)
Sonatine, Op 100 (Milhaud)
Sonatine, Op 76 (Milhaud)
Songs in time of war (Roth)
Songs of love (Todd)
Songs, Op 34 (Rachmaninov/Conus)
Soon (Gershwin)
Sorrig og glæde 'Sorrow and gladness': Andante
Sound asleep (McGarr)
Souvenirs de voyage (Herrmann)
Spring scene in time of war
Spring: Flowers
Stamp 'To avoid erotic thoughts' (Dennehy)
Stay with me, Lord (Todd)
Storm Surge
Strike up the band (Gershwin)
String (Fitkin)
String Quartet (Berkeley)
String Quartet (Lutosławski)
String Quartet in A minor (Walton)
String Quartet in C minor, Op 35 (Chausson/Indy)
String Quartet No 1 (Glass)
String Quartet No 1 (Gunning)
String Quartet No 1 (Penderecki)
String Quartet No 1 (Simpson)
String Quartet No 1 in B minor, Op 50 (Prokofiev)
String Quartet No 1 in C major, Op 49 (Shostakovich)
String Quartet No 11 (Simpson)
String Quartet No 11 in F minor, Op 122 (Shostakovich)
String Quartet No 12 (Simpson)
String Quartet No 13 (Simpson)
String Quartet No 14 (Simpson)
String Quartet No 14 in D minor 'Death and the Maiden', D810 (Schubert/Mahler)
String Quartet No 15 (Simpson)
String Quartet No 2 (Mykietyn)
String Quartet No 2 (Penderecki)
String Quartet No 2 (Simpson)
String Quartet No 2 'Company' (Glass)
String Quartet No 2 in A major, Op 68 (Shostakovich)
String Quartet No 2 in A major, Op 68 (Shostakovich/Morton)
String Quartet No 2 in F major, Op 92 (Prokofiev)
String Quartet No 2 in F minor (Bliss)
String Quartet No 2, Op 99 (Ornstein)
String Quartet No 3 (MacMillan)
String Quartet No 3 (McCabe)
String Quartet No 3 (Simpson)
String Quartet No 3 in F major, Op 73 (Shostakovich)
String Quartet No 3 'Mishima' (Glass)
String Quartet No 3, Op 46 (Ullmann)
String Quartet No 3, Op 94 (Britten)
String Quartet No 4 (McCabe)
String Quartet No 4 (Simpson)
String Quartet No 4 (Williams)
String Quartet No 4 'Buczak' (Glass)
String Quartet No 4 in D major, Op 83 (Shostakovich)
String Quartet No 5 (Glass)
String Quartet No 5 (McCabe)
String Quartet No 5 (Simpson)
String Quartet No 6 (Simpson)
String Quartet No 6 in G major, Op 101 (Shostakovich)
String Quartet No 7 (Simpson)
String Quartet No 8 (Simpson)
String Quartet No 8 in C minor, Op 110 (Shostakovich)
String Quartet No 9 (Simpson)
String Quartet, Op 32 (Venables)
String Quintet (Simpson)
String Quintet No 2 (Simpson)
String Sextet in D major, Op 10 (Korngold)
String Trio (Berkeley)
String Trio (Klein)
String Trio (Simpson)
String Trio in B minor (Taneyev)
String Trio in D major (Taneyev)
Strømmende 'Streaming': Ritmico
Subito (Lutosławski)
Sucking cider through a straw
Suite breve (Bogdanović)
Suite for organ, violin and cello, Op 149 (Rheinberger/Carey)
Suite for percussion quintet (Simcock)
Suite for piano (Bevan Baker)
Suite for trumpet and piano (Chabrier/Pienaar)
Suite for variety orchestra (Shostakovich/Fontaine)
Suite from Brundibár (Krása/Matthews)
Suite from Gayane (Khachaturian/Babakhanian)
Suite from Nais (Rameau/Pienaar)
Suite No 4 in C major (Bach/Pienaar)
Summer: Birds
Sweet the merry bells ring round
Symphony No 2 in C minor (Bruckner/Payne)
Tall Tale (Cowell)
Tango (Davis)
Tango (Nyman)
Tango (Stravinsky/Babin)
Tango (Stravinsky/Dushkin)
Tango del diablo (Piazzolla)
Tango No 2 (Piazzolla/Bax/Chung)
Tannhäuser (Wagner/Schulz)
Tarantella d'amore
Tayniye znaki 'Mysterious signs'
Te Deum (Todd)
Tears (Chapman Campbell)
Tears of the Angels (Tavener)
Tehilim 'Psalms' (Harlap)
Tema con variazioni (Françaix)
Temazcal (Álvarez)
Temporal Variations (Britten)
Temuná 'A picture'
Tenebrae (Golijov)
That we may love again
The Archer
The Art of Fugue, BWV1080 (Bach/Simpson)
The Art of Fugue, BWV1080 (Bach/Tovey/Simpson)
The aspens
The battle of Waterloo – The wee highland laddie (Anon/MacLeod)
The Blacksmith
The Bridal Chamber (Tavener)
The butterfly
The call (Hawes)
The Call of Wisdom (Todd)
The chant of Rattanatri
The choice
The city's love
The committee meeting
The conjuring trick
The consolation of rain (Bruce)
The crescent moon is a dangerous lunatic
The crowds
The crying of the women at the slaughter
The Curlew (Warlock)
The definition of beauty
The elements (Davis)
The Fairest May (Warlock)
The far country
The Four Quarters (Adès)
The garden
The glittering plain (Lawson)
The grass of Yen is growing green and long
The gypsy girls' dance
The head of brass (Reynolds)
The intruder
The lads in their hundreds to Ludlow come in for the fair
The last galop
The Lent Lily
The letter
The long-departed lover
The Lord is my shepherd
The love of three oranges (Prokofiev/Rostropovich)
The man from a far countree
The moon for her (Garland)
The moor's cell
The Moth Requiem (Birtwistle)
The mountain shares her solitary dreams
The mummers
The night wants you to forget
The north wind was a woman (Bruce)
The north wind was a woman (Bruce)
The octogenarian
The old cypress tree at the temple of Zhu-ge Liang
The old house
The old woman of Beare (Alcorn)
The Pastor
The prettiest girl that ever I saw
The puffer fish
The Renaissance Suite (Cooper)
The road to Sligo
The Royal Eurostar (Patterson)
The ruin of the Ku-Su palace
The sailor boy
The salley gardens (Anon/Britten/Siem)
The sea is calm tonight
The shrove-tide fair
The sinking of the Titanic (Bryars)
The snow is completely without hope
The soldier's tale (Stravinsky)
The song of separation and waiting (Khan)
The sparkling heavens (Todd)
The Starwatcher
The sun at noon to higher air
The Sussex mummer's Christmas carol (Anon/Grainger)
The Sword in the Stone (Britten)
The Swordsman
The twenty-fifth hour
The visitor
The wake: Round the house and Mind the dresser
The watch
The water in the mirror lake
The well-tempered Clavier Book 1, BWV846-869 (Bach/Villa-Lobos)
The well-tempered Clavier Book 2, BWV870-893 (Bach/Villa-Lobos)
The Western Playland (Gurney)
The white owl
The Women of Yueh (Bliss)
The World (Tavener)
Thème et variations (Messiaen)
Thème varié (Hüe)
Ther is no rose of swych vertu. Instrumental realization (Anon/Wishart)
These visions did appear … (Boden)
They gave the word for the band to play
They meet in the pink dust of the city street
Things are uncertain and the more we get
This is the day
Thoughts while travelling at night
Three Dances (Norris)
Three easy pieces (Stravinsky)
Three Essays (Shaw)
Three Fantastic Pieces (Head)
Three Film scores for string orchestra (Takemitsu)
Three Madrigals (Martinů)
Three Madrigals (Schnittke)
Three Pieces, Op 28 (Howells)
Three spirits of ASEAN (Dhamabutra)
Through gilded trellises
Thy Bin of Wine: Adagio – Allegro
Tidal warning (Witter-Johnson)
Tide Harmonic (Talbot)
'Tis spring; come out to ramble
To a skylark (Cooper)
To music
To the Evening Star
To Wei Ba, who has lived away from the court
Toccata: Allegro ma non troppo
Tokyo '81 (Wright)
Tongataboo: Allegro
Tour de France (Kraftwerk)
Trio (Schnittke)
Trio for piano, oboe and bassoon (Poulenc)
Trio in F (Martinů)
Trio Sonata in C major, BWV529 (Bach/King)
Trio Sonata in C minor, BWV526 (Bach/King)
Trio Sonata in D minor, BWV527 (Bach/King)
Trio Sonata in E flat major, BWV525 (Bach/King)
Trio Sonata in E minor, BWV528 (Bach/King)
Trio Sonata in G major, BWV530 (Bach/King)
Triple Quartet (Reich)
Triptych (Bevan Baker)
Trisagion (Tavener)
Trisagion I
Tumbalalaika (Anon/Kernis)
Twenty-four Preludes, Op 28 (Chopin/Casals)
Twice a week
Two Grounds in C minor 'remix' (O/Modernt Chamber Orchestra)
Two Pieces (Bloch)
Two pieces for string octet, Op 11 (Shostakovich)
Two pieces for string quartet (Szymański)
Un peu triste (after Prelude No 10)
Unter a kleyn beymele 'Under a small tree'
Untitled instrument piece (Anon/Wishart)
Uudslukkelig 'Unextinguishable': Allegro con fuoco
V B nimble, V B quick
Valencia: Fast and exuberant
Valse (Poulenc)
Valse oubliée No 1, S215/1 (Liszt/Hubay)
Valse-Caprice 'Soirées de Vienne d'après Schubert No 6', S427 No 6 (Liszt/Oistrakh)
Vanishing (Cooper)
Variations (Hindemith)
Variations on a Rococo theme, Op 33 (Tchaikovsky/Malzew)
Variations on a theme by Grieg (Gieseking)
Velkommen igen, Guds engle små 'Welcome again, God's small angels': Allegro
Venezia notturno
VENT (Fitkin)
Venus in sunlight grey (Cooper)
Vermilion Rhapsody (Dudley)
Vier ernste Gesänge, Op 121 (Brahms/Bliss)
Vika (Joseph)
Vilambit laya – teental
Villanelle (Dukas)
Villanelle for piccolo and piano (Poulenc)
Viola Sonata (Benjamin)
Viola Sonata (Hindemith)
Viola Sonata, Op 17 (Arnold)
Violin Sonata in C major (Hindemith)
Violin Sonata in E major (Hindemith)
Violin Sonata in F major, Op 5 No 10 (Corelli/Beznosiuk)
Violin Sonata in F major, R6 (Ruiz)
Violin Sonata No 1 in F minor, Op 80 (Prokofiev)
Violin Sonata No 2 in D major, Op 94bis (Prokofiev)
Violin Sonata No 3 in A minor, WoO27 (Schumann/Isserlis)
Violin Sonatina (Benjamin)
Virtue (Panufnik)
Vitrail (Durosoir)
Vocalise, pour l'Ange qui annonce la fin du Temps
Voici la fine sauterelle
Voilà que j’espère vous effraye
Von Gott kömmt mir ein Freudenschein
Wake: the silver dusk returning
Waltz (The ballerina and the moor)
Waltz and Celebration from Billy the Kid (Copland)
Waltz in E minor, KKIVa/15 (Chopin/Ysaÿe)
Waltz No 2
Waltz: Quasi improvisatore –
Water Dances (Nyman)
Water has no equal (Dargaville)
Water party
We ask our father why
We know this story well
Weep no more, nor sigh, nor groan
Wein, Weib und Gesang, Op 333 (Strauss Jr./Berg)
Welcome to earth, Thou noble guest
Wenn ich mit Menschen- und mit Engelzungen redete
Wer an ihn gläubet
When I have passed
When I was one-and-twenty
Why (Nyman/Boothby)
Wilt thou go with me, sweet maid?
Wind Sextet (Britten)
Winding wind (Garland)
Wine of love
Winter: Moon
Winterreise, D911 (Schubert/Lee)
With a man of leisure
With B.E.F. June 10. Dear Wife
With rue my heart is laden
Wonder (Chapman Campbell)
Ye holy angels bright
Yes, that's the way things are
Yonder the mountain flowers are out
You have seen the house built (Todd)
Young birds outside cages
Zarabanda solitaria (Lord)
Zoroastre (Rameau/Bennett)
Zwei Menschen trafen
Zwölf Vierhändige Clavierstücke für kleine und grosse Kinder, Op 85 (Schumann/Joachim)
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