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A thousand sev'ral ways I tried, Z359 (Purcell)
Ach, dass ich Wassers gnug hätte in meinem Haupte 'Lamento' (Bach)
Ad te clamamus exules, fili Evae
Ah nò, mia cara Elvira
Ah silly soul (Byrd)
Ah! cruel nymph!, Z352 (Purcell)
Ah, how pleasant 'tis to love, Z353 (Purcell)
Al alva venid, buen amigo (Anon)
All as a sea (Byrd)
All Roads (Simcock)
Alles, alles in den Wind
Alpenlied, Op 167 No 7 (Späth)
Am Donaustrande
Amintas, to my grief I see, Z356 (Purcell)
Amintor, heedless of his flocks, Z357 (Purcell)
An aged dame (Byrd)
An jeder Hand die Finger
An Wasserflüssen Babylon (Tunder)
Antonilla es desposada (Encina)
As on Euphrates' shady banks (Blow)
Ask me to love no more, Z358 (Purcell)
Auf dem Gebirge, SWV396 (Schütz)
Auf, lasst uns den Herren loben (Bach)
Awake, awake, my Lyre! 'A Supplication' (Blow)
Bacchus is a pow'r divine, Z360 (Purcell)
Begin the Song! (Blow)
Beneath a dark and melancholy grove, Z461 (Purcell)
Beware, poor shepherds 'The Caution', Z361 (Purcell)
Blest be those sweet Regions (Clarke)
Blest pair of sirens (Smith)
Bring gentlest thoughts, that into language glide
Cast me not, Lord (Lawes)
Chloe found Amyntas lying all in tears 'Rondelay' (Blow)
Christ unser Herr zum Jordan kam (Schein)
Christum ducem, qui per crucem (Rosenmüller)
Come then, with tuneful breath and string
Con amores, mi madre (Anchieta)
Constant Penelope (Byrd)
Cor mio, deh non languire
Corinna is divinely fair, Z365 (Purcell)
Correa nel seno amato (Scarlatti)
Cuius animam gementem
Cupid, the slyest rogue alive, Z367 (Purcell)
De profundis clamavi (Gabrieli)
Dentro en el vergel moriré (Anon)
Die grüne Hopfenranke
Draw near, you lovers, Z462 (Purcell)
Eia ergo advocata nostra
Eia mater, fons amoris
Ein dunkeler Schacht ist Liebe
Elvira, anima mia
Erbarm dich mein, o Herre Gott, SWV447 (Schütz)
Es bedet das Gesträuche
Es war aber an der Stätte (Geist)
Fac, ut ardeat cor meum
Farewell to Locaber (Anon/Bach)
Farewell, all joys, Z368 (Purcell)
Farewell, ye rocks, ye seas and sands, Z463 (Purcell)
Fata la parte (Encina)
Fear no more the heat o' the sun
Finstere Schatten der Nacht
Fly swift, ye hours, Z369 (Purcell)
Forever (Witter-Johnson)
Froh, durch blüthenvolle Gründe
Frolic and free (Arne)
From silent shades 'Bess of Bedlam', Z370 (Purcell)
From the famous peak of Derby (Johnson)
Già lusingato appieno (Scarlatti)
Gloria Patri et Filio (Lawes)
Gloria Patri, qui creavit nos (Blow)
Go, perjur'd man, and if thou ere return 'The Curse' (Blow)
Hark how the waken'd strings resound
Hark how the wild musicians sing, Z542 (Purcell)
Hark, Damon, hark, Z541 (Purcell)
Hashirim Asher Li'Shlomo (Rossi)
He himself courts his own ruin, Z372 (Purcell)
Hermitaño quiero ser (Encina)
High on a throne of glitt'ring ore, Z465 (Purcell)
Höchster, mache deine Güte
How dull were life, how hardly worth our care –
How pleasant is this flowery plain and grove!, Z543 (Purcell)
I love and I must 'Bell Barr', Z382 (Purcell)
I loved fair Celia, Z381 (Purcell)
I resolve against cringing and whining, Z386 (Purcell)
Ich Kose süss mit der und der
If ever I more riches did desire, Z544 (Purcell)
If grief has any pow'r to kill, Z378 (Purcell)
If music be the food of love, Z379a (Purcell)
If music be the food of love, Z379b (Purcell)
If music be the food of love, Z379c (Purcell)
If pray'rs and tears, Z380 (Purcell)
Ihr schwarzen Augen
Il Primo Libro de Madrigali (Rossi)
Il Primo Libro de Madrigali a Quattro Voci (Rossi)
Il Terzo Libro de Madrigali (Rossi)
In caelestibus regnis (Pergolesi)
In Cloris all soft charms agree, Z384 (Purcell)
In dolci lacci
In the beginning, O Lord (Locke)
In vain we dissemble, Z385 (Purcell)
Inflammatus et accensus
Iubilate Domino, omnis terra, BuxWV64 (Buxtehude)
Jauchzet Gott in allen Landen!, BWV51 (Bach)
Jesu, meine Freud und Lust, BuxWV59 (Buxtehude)
Les douze Noëls (Daquin/Wright)
Let each gallant heart, Z390 (Purcell)
Let formal lovers still pursue, Z391 (Purcell)
Let God arise (Locke)
Let us, kind Lesbia, give away, Z466 (Purcell)
Liebeslieder Walzer, Op 52 (Brahms)
Lord, in thy wrath (Lawes)
Love arms himself in Celia's eyes, Z392 (Purcell)
Love is now become a trade, Z393 (Purcell)
Love, thou can'st hear, tho' thou art blind, Z396 (Purcell)
Lovely Albina's come ashore, Z394 (Purcell)
Madrigaletti a due voci (Rossi)
Más vale trocar (Encina)
Messaggier di speranza
Miserere (Anon)
Mizmór letodá
Music's the cordial of a troubled breast
Musing on cares of human fate, Z467 (Purcell)
My heart, whenever you appear, Z399 (Purcell)
Nachtigall, sie singt so schön
Nagen am Herzen fühl ich
Nein, es ist nicht auszukommen
Nein, Geliebter, setze dich
Nicht wandle, mein Licht
No, to what purpose should I speak?, Z468 (Purcell)
Not all my torments can your pity move, Z400 (Purcell)
O castillo de Montagnes (Encina)
O clemens, o pia
O die Frauen, o die Frauen
O dulce nomen Jesu (Sances)
O God my strength and fortitude (Lawes)
O Jesu Christ, mein Lebens Licht, BWV118 (Bach)
O Jesu, du mein Leben (Krieger)
O Lord, in thee is all my trust (Lawes)
O quam tristis et afflicta
O solitude, my sweetest choice!, Z406 (Purcell)
O wie sanft die Quelle
Odesha ki anitani
Of all the girls that are so smart
Oh! what a scene does entertain my sight, Z506 (Purcell)
Oh, fair Cedaria, hide those eyes, Z402 (Purcell)
Ohimè, se tanto amate
Olinda in the shades unseen, Z404 (Purcell)
Olládeme, gentil dona (Encina)
On the brow of Richmond Hill, Z405 (Purcell)
Paratum cor meum, Deus (Blow)
Pargoletta, che non sai
Partirò, ma vedrai quanto
Pase el agoa (Anon)
Passo al rogo fatal
Pastora's beauties when unblown, Z407 (Purcell)
Phillis, I can ne'er forgive it, Z408 (Purcell)
Phillis, talk no more of passion, Z409 (Purcell)
Piano Trio No 2 'Reveille' (Silverman)
Pious Celinda goes to prayers, Z410 (Purcell)
Poor Celadon, he sighs in vain 'Loving above himself' (Blow)
Praise the Lord, O my soule (Jeffreys)
Pupille vaghe
Quae moerebat et dolebat
Quando chiami dolce, e cara
Quando corpus morietur
Quello che senti, ò bella
Quis est homo qui non fleret
Rashly I swore I would disown, Z411 (Purcell)
Rede, Mädchen, allzu liebes
Rimanti in pace
Rosen steckt mir an die Mutter
Sally in our alley (Carey)
Salvator mundi, salva nos (Blow)
Salve mi Jesu (Tunder)
Salve regina (Pergolesi)
Sancta mater, istud agas
Sawney is a bonny lad, Z412 (Purcell)
Scarce had the rising sun appear'd, Z469 (Purcell)
Schlage doch, gewünschte Stunde (Hoffmann)
Schlosser auf, und mache Schlösser
Schwarzer Wald, dein Schatten
Schwingt freudig euch empor, BWV36 (Bach/Roberts)
See how the fading glories of the year, Z470 (Purcell)
See where she sits 'Weeping', Z508 (Purcell)
Sei lob und Preis mit Ehren
Sein Lauf kam von Vater her
Sfogava con le stelle
She loves and she confesses too, Z413 (Purcell)
She that would gain a faithful lover, Z414 (Purcell)
She, who my poor heart possesses, Z415 (Purcell)
Shir hamma'alót L'David
Sieh, wie ist die Welle klar
Since one poor view has drawn my heart, Z416 (Purcell)
Since the pox, or the plague, Z471 (Purcell)
Sing, ye muses 'Epilogue' (Blow)
So ell enzina, enzina (Anon)
Some talk of Alexander and some of Hercules
Spite of the godhead, pow'rful love, Z417 (Purcell)
Stabat mater (Pergolesi)
Sylvia, now your scorn give over, Z420 (Purcell)
Sylvia, 'tis true you're fair, Z512 (Purcell)
The British Grenadiers (Anon)
The fatal hour comes on apace, Z421 (Purcell)
The First Set of Psalmes of III Voyces (Child)
The glittering sun begins to rise
The humble suite of a sinner 'O Lord, of whom I do depend' (Lawes)
The Melancholy Nymph
The Morning (Arne)
The What d'ye Call it? (Handel)
They say you're angry, Z422 (Purcell)
Tirsi mio, caro Tirsi
Toccata – Soccorrete, luci avare (Granata/Strozzi)
Tremori al braccio
Tres morillas (Anon)
'Twas when the seas were roaring
Udite, lacrimosi spirti d'Averno
Una sañosa porfia (Encina)
Urge me no more, Z426 (Purcell)
Vater unser, der du bist im Himmel (Geist)
Vedrò 'l mio sol
Verzicht, o Herz, auf Rettung
Vidit suum dulcem natum
Vögelein durchrauscht die Luft
Vom Gebirge, Well auf Well
Vuestros amores e señora (Encina)
Vuestros ojos tienen d'amor no sé qué (Anon)
Wahre, wahre deinen Sohn
Was betrübst du dich, meine Seele? (Bernhard)
We reap all the pleasures, Z547 (Purcell)
Weiche Gräser im Revier
Wenn so lind dein Auge mir
Wenn wir in höchsten Nöten sein, BWV432 (Bach)
What a sad fate is mine, Z428a (Purcell)
When first my shepherdess and I, Z431 (Purcell)
When her languishing eyes said 'Love!', Z432 (Purcell)
When my Aemelia smiles, Z434 (Purcell)
When Strephon found his passion vain, Z435 (Purcell)
Who but a slave can well express, Z440 (Purcell)
Who can behold Florella's charms?, Z441 (Purcell)
Who likes to love (Byrd)
Why stays the bridegroom to invade (Ferrabosco Jr.)
Wie des Abends schöne Röte
Wir danken dir, Gott, wir danken dir, BWV29 (Bach)
Without the sweets of melody
Wohl schön bewandt war es
Woo her, and win her (Campion)
Ye happy swains, whose nymphs are kind, Z443 (Purcell)
Ye sacred Muses (Byrd)
Yo soy la locura (Bailly)
Young Thirsis' fate, Z473 (Purcell)
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