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Artist Index – Woodwind

An alphabetical listing of all woodwind players represented on this website.

Agnew, David (oboe)
Arfken, Katharina (oboe)
Augustyniak, Jarek (bassoon)
Austen-Brown, Rebecca (recorder)
Baigent, Mark (oboe)
Baker, Katherine (flute)
Barber, Thomas (oboe)
Barrios, Cristo (clarinet)
Bausor, Juliette (flute)
Bayley, Dan (clarinet)
Beckett, Edward (flute)
Beckett, Rachel (flute)
Beckett, Rachel (recorder)
Bellamy, Alexandra (oboe)
Bennett, William (flute)
Bernardini, Alfredo (oboe)
Beynon, Emily (flute)
Beznosiuk, Lisa (flute)
Bicknell, Katherine (flute)
Bircher, Katy (flute)
Birkeland, Sigyn (bassoon)
Black, Neil (oboe)
Bliss, Julian (clarinet)
Boyd, Douglas (oboe)
Brawn, Victoria (oboe)
Brown, Rachel (flute)
Bruine, Frank De (oboe)
Bucknall, Nicholas (clarinet)
Buyse, Leone (flute)
Callimahos, Lambros (flute)
Campbell, David (clarinet)
Campbell, James (clarinet)
Canter, Robin (oboe)
Castelló López, Sergio (clarinet)
Chaplin, Rachel (oboe)
Chi, Hyowon (flute)
Cigleris, Peter (clarinet)
Clarke, Diane (flute)
Clegg, Rachael (oboe)
Clemmow, Katie (oboe)
Coates, Geoffrey (oboe)
Coles, Samuel (flute)
Collins, Michael (clarinet)
Cowley, David (oboe)
Cox, Michael (flute)
Cross, Fiona (bass clarinet)
Daniel, Nicholas (oboe)
Darke, Valerie (oboe)
Davies, Gareth (flute)
Davies, Philippa (flute)
Davies, Philippa (piccolo)
Day Kiku (jinashi-shakuhachi)
de Guise-Langlois, Romie (clarinet)
de Vries, Han (oboe)
Debus, Tabea (recorder)
Detroit Symphony Orchestra
Dobing, Duke (flute)
Dobrée, Georgina (basset horn)
Dobrée, Georgina (clarinet)
Eliot, Rosemary (flute)
Evans, Lewis (saxophone)
Farrall, Joy (clarinet)
Francis, Sarah (oboe)
Friend, Lisa (flute)
Fuest, David (clarinet)
Garratt, Christine (flute)
Garthwaite, Joel (saxophone)
Gauthier Daniel (soprano saxophone)
Ghiro, Yann (clarinet)
Goldman, Aaron (flute)
Gonçalves, Marta (flute)
Goodwin, Paul (oboe d'amore)
Goodwin, Paul (oboe)
Gough, Rachel (bassoon)
Grauwels, Marc (flute)
Hadden, Nancy (flute)
Hamer, Lauren (saxophone)
Handley, Catherine (flute)
Hanke, David (recorder)
Hanrath Simon (tenor saxophone)
Harman, Amy (bassoon)
Harris, Michael (basset horn)
Harris, Michael (clarinet)
Harrop, Sally (clarinet)
Hauwe, Joris van der (oboe)
Heller, Paul (clarinet)
Hennessy, Gail (oboe)
Holtslag, Peter (recorder)
Hosford, Richard (basset horn)
Hosford, Richard (clarinet)
Hu, Yu-Wei (flute)
Hulse, Gareth (oboe)
Humphrys, Sarah (oboe)
Hussain, Amina (flute)
Ipata, Carlo (flute)
Jackson, Sally (bassoon)
Jackson, Sally (dulcian)
James, Mary (oboe)
Johnson, Emma (clarinet)
Jones, Karen (flute)
Katz, Moran (clarinet)
Keen, Helen (flute)
King, Dame Thea (basset clarinet)
King, Dame Thea (clarinet)
Kitteringham, Matthew (bassoon)
Kivleniece-Cābule Katrīna (soprano saxophone)
Klaucke, Inga Maria (bassoon)
Knight, Janice (cor anglais)
Knights, Andrew (oboe)
Koch, Juliana (oboe)
Lamb, Anthony (clarinet)
Latham, Rachel (flute)
Lawson, Colin (basset horn)
Lawson, Colin (chalumeau)
Lawson, Colin (clarinet)
Leveaux, Ursula (bassoon)
Lines, Timothy (clarinet)
Lockhart, Katie (clarinet)
Lyons William (bajón)
Lyons, William (dulcian)
MacKenzie, Adam (bassoon)
Malsbury, Angela (clarinet)
Mann, Elizabeth (flute)
Marq, Sébastien (recorder)
Marriner, Andrew (clarinet)
Marshall, Eliza (flute)
Marshall, Keith (oboe)
Martín, Jaime (flute)
McDermid, Catriona (bassoon)
McGowan, Keith (dulcian)
McLaren, Neil (flute)
Meija, Ilona (flute)
Messiter, Malcolm (oboe)
Milan, Susan (flute)
Miles, Rebecca (recorder)
Mitchell, Alastair (bassoon)
Mitchell, Alison (flute)
Mitchell, Jane (flute)
Mosnier, Magali (flute)
Moss, Rachel (flute)
Murphy, Emma (recorder)
Neidich, Charles (clarinet)
Nelson, Howard (flute)
Neufang, Jens (clarinet)
Nicholson, Andrew (flute)
O'Connor, Tara Helen (flute)
O'Flynn, Sarah (flute)
Oliva, Andrea (flute)
O'Neal, Christopher (oboe)
O'Neill, Robin (bassoon)
Ottensamer, Ernst (clarinet)
Pailthorpe, Daniel (flute)
Pay, Antony (clarinet)
Pearce, Judith (flute)
Perkins, Laurence (bassoon)
Peters, Olivier (flute)
Pike, Anthony (clarinet)
Pottmeier Sebastian (baritone saxophone)
Rancourt, Stéphane (oboe)
Richards, Chris (clarinet)
Riches, Hannah (saxophone)
Rix, David (clarinet)
Roberts, John (oboe)
Robson, Anthony (oboe)
Robson, Barnaby (clarinet)
Rodwell, Nicholas (clarinet)
Roelofs, Joris (clarinet)
Ruhemann, Ileana (flute)
Ryan, Anna (flute)
Šablovskis Ainars (tenor saxophone)
Salvage, Graham (bassoon)
Samek, Victoria (clarinet)
Scheck, Gustav (flute)
Schied, Emma (oboe)
Scott, Ruth (oboe)
Seaver, Michael (clarinet)
See, Janet (flute)
Sheen, Graham (bassoon)
Sholl, Emma (flute)
Sīmanis Artis (alto saxophone)
Simpson, Mark (clarinet)
Sleath, Will (flute)
Smith, Fenwick (flute)
Smith, Kenneth (flute)
Snowden, Jonathan (flute)
Solomon, Ashley (flute)
Sparks, Peter (clarinet)
Sperry, Julian (flute)
Spreckelsen, Katharina (oboe)
Stankiewicz, Olivier (oboe)
Stenhouse, John (bass clarinet)
Stockel, Arthur (clarinet)
Strassmayer, Karolina (flute)
Strickland, Louise (chalumeau)
Theodore, David (oboe)
Thompson, Amy (bassoon)
Thomsen, Janne (flute)
Turnovsky, Stepan (bassoon)
Vallés Mateu Miguel (alto saxophone)
van de Wiel, Mark (clarinet)
Vernon-Purves, Lily (flute)
Viscardi, Giulio Giannelli (flute)
Waldeck, Reinhild (recorder)
Ward, Jeremy (bassoon)
Watts, Andrew (dulcian)
Watts, Sarah (clarinet)
Welch, Jennifer (piccolo)
Westbrooke, Sophie (recorder)
Whelan, Peter (bassoon)
Whewell, Sarah (flute)
Whight, Michael (clarinet)
White, Robert (reed drones)
Wightman, Brian (bassoon)
Wilson, Ian (recorder)
Xanthoudakis, Jason (clarinet)
Zucchi David (baritone saxophone)
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