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A Hymn on Divine Musick (Croft/Britten)
A morning hymn, Z198 (Purcell/Britten)
A solis ortus (Anon)
Ach, Herr! wie lange willst du mein so ganz vergessen
Adiuro vos, filiae Hierusalem
Adoro te devote (Anon)
Aeterna Christi munera (Anon)
Ah! si vous saviez comme on pleure
Ah! To be all alone in a little cell
All Canaan's heathen race
Alleluia. Dominus dixit (Anon)
Alleluia. Felix es (Anon)
Alleluia. Veni Sancte Spiritus (Anon)
Alleluia: per te Dei genitrix (Anon/Tallis)
Alma redemptoris mater (Anon)
Also hat Gott die Welt geliebt, BWV68 (Bach)
Angeli, Archangeli, Throni et Dominationes
Angenehmer Zephyrus
Ante sex dies (Anon)
Antiphon for First Vespers, Epiphany (Anon)
Antiphon for First Vespers, Feasts of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Anon)
Antiphon for First Vespers, St Mary Magdalen, 22 July (Anon)
Antiphon for First Vespers, The Feast of All Saints, 1 November (Anon)
Antiphon for First Vespers, The Nativity of Our Lord, 25 December (Anon)
Antiphon for Second Vespers, Corpus Christi (Anon)
Antiphon for Vespers, Saturday before Palm Sunday (Anon)
Apparuit benignitas et humanitas salvatoris nostri Dei (Anon)
Apud Dominum misericordia (Anon)
Artium dignitas (Anon)
Asperges me, Domine (Anon)
At St Patrick's Purgatory
Attende, Domine (Anon)
Audi, benigne conditor (Anon)
Aurelianis civitas (Anon)
Aus Novalis Hymnen an die Nacht (Reichardt)
Author of Light (Campion)
Ave Maria
Ave Maria (Anon)
Ave Maria (Gounod)
Ave Maria (Mendelssohn)
Ave Maria Salus hominum (Anon)
Ave Maria! Jungfrau mild
Ave Maria! maiden mild!
Ave maris stella (Anon)
Ave regina caelorum (Anon)
Ave, generosa (Hildegard)
Ave, tuos benedic (three-part) (Anon)
Ave, tuos benedic (two-part) (Anon)
Ave, virga decoris incliti (Anon)
Beata Dei genitrix (Anon)
Beata es, Virgo Maria (Anon)
Beata viscera (Anon)
Beate virginis (Anon)
Beatus vir (Anon)
Begin the Song! (Blow)
Begin the song, and strike the living lyre, Z183 (Purcell)
Benedicamus Domino (Anon)
Benedicat vos – Ite, missa est (Anon)
Benedicta es (Anon)
Benedicta sit sancta Trinitas (Anon)
Benedictus Dominus, Deus Israel (Anon)
Bist du bei mir, BWV508 (Bach)
Bring gentlest thoughts, that into language glide
Bulla fulminante (measured) (Anon)
Bulla fulminante (unmeasured) (Anon)
By harmony's entrancing power
Canticum Canticorum Salomonis 'The Song of Songs' (Palestrina)
Cantique de Noël (Adam)
Captivity (Storace)
Caput eius aurum optimum
Celorum porta (Anon)
Christe, qui lux es et dies (Anon)
Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat
Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat
Clarifica me, Pater I (Anon/Tallis)
Come then, with tuneful breath and string
Completi sunt dies Mariae (Anon)
Conditor Kyrie omnium (Anon)
Converte nos, Deus (Anon)
Crastina die delebitur iniquitas terrae (Anon)
Credo IV (Anon)
Credo quod redemptor meus vivit (Anon)
Cry aloud and spare not (Blow)
Cum ortus fuerit sol de caelo
Cum ortus fuerit sol de caelo (Anon)
Da pacem, Domine (Anon)
Das grosse Halleluja, D442 (Schubert)
Das Marienbild, D623 (Schubert)
De fructu ventris tui (Anon)
Dem Unendlichen, D291 Second version (Schubert)
Denn es gehet dem Menschen
Der 13. Psalm, D663 (Schubert/Mandyczewski)
Der 23. Psalm, D706 (Schubert)
Der Friede sei mit euch!
Der Odem Gottes weht!
Der Überläufer
Descendi in hortum meum
Deus creator omnium (Anon)
Deus in adiutorium (Anon)
Deus, cuius hodierne (Anon)
Dic, Christi veritas (monophonic) (Anon)
Dic, Christi veritas (three-part) (Anon)
Dignus est Agnus (Anon)
Dilectus meus descendit
Dixit Dominus (Anon)
Doleo super te (Anon)
Dominus vobiscum – Ite, missa est (Anon)
Dominus vobiscum (Anon)
Drop, drop, slow tears
Drop, drop, slow tears
Drop, drop, slow tears – Song 46 (Gibbons)
Dum transiret Jhesu Christi
Duo ubera tua
Ecce ciphus ponderosus
Ecce mitto angelum (Anon)
Ecce tempus idoneum (Tallis/Anon)
Ecce tu pulcher es
Ego sum resurrectio et vita – Benedictus Dominus, Deus Israel (Anon)
Ego sum resurrectio et vita (Anon)
Ehre sei dem Hocherhabnen, dem Ersten
Ellen's Song (Attwood)
Elogium 'Octavo Kalendas Ianuarii' (Anon)
Est secretum, Valeriane (Anon)
Evangelium Johannes, D607 (Schubert)
Evening Hymn, Z193 (Purcell/Britten)
Evigila super nos (Anon)
Ex more docti mistico (Redford/Tallis/Anon)
Ex ore infantium (Anon)
Excutere de pulvere (Anon)
Exortum est in tenebris (Anon)
Famulis tuis (Anon)
Fasciculus myrrhae dilectus meus
Gaude Maria virgo (Anon)
Gaude, virgo virginum (Anon)
Gaudeamus omnes (Anon)
Genitus divinitus (Anon)
Give to God our thankful songs (Haydn/Gardiner)
Gloria tibi Trinitas (Anon/Tallis)
Gloria, HWVDeest (Handel)
Gloriosae virginis (Anon)
God is very greatly to be feared
Gott der Weltschöpfer, D986 (Schubert)
Gott ist mein Hirt, mir wird nichts mangeln
Great Antiphon, 18 December (Anon)
Guttur tuum sicut vinum optimum
Haec dies quam fecit Dominus (Anon)
Hark how the waken'd strings resound
Harmonie du soir
Hermit Songs, Op 29 (Barber)
Hermit Songs, Op 29 (Barber)
Hermit Songs, Op 29 (Barber)
Hermit Songs, Op 29 (Barber)
Heu quo progreditur (Anon)
Himmelsfunken, D651 (Schubert)
Hinüber wall’ ich
Hinüber wall’ ich
Höchster, mache deine Güte
Hodie Christus natus est (Anon)
Hosanna filio David (Anon)
How dull were life, how hardly worth our care –
How foolish the man who does not raise
Hymn for a child
Hymn to God the Father (Humfrey/Britten)
Hymne an den Unendlichen, D232 (Schubert)
Hymne I, D659 (Schubert)
Hymne II, D660 (Schubert)
Hymne III, D661 (Schubert)
Hymne IV, D662 (Schubert)
I do not know with whom Edan will sleep
I will take nothing from my Lord, said she
I would like to have the men of Heaven in my own house
Iam lucis orto sidere (Redford/Anon/Tallis)
Ich sag es jedem, dass er lebt
Ich wandte mich, und sahe an alle
If I could shut the gate (Danyel)
Ignatus est super nos lumen vultus tui Domine
Il est né, le divin enfant (Anon/Fauré)
Illuxerunt coruscationes tuae (Anon)
In den Garten wollen wir gehen
In der Zeit sprach der Herr Jesus
In diebus illis
In ferventis (Anon)
In illo tempore Angelus Domini apparuit (Anon)
In nigrorum monachorum
Innocentes pro Christo infantes (Anon)
Introduxit me rex in cellam
Inviolata (Anon)
Ista dies celebrari (Anon)
Iste confessor (Anon/Tallis)
It has broken us, it has crushed us
Iube, Domine, benedicere (Anon)
Jauchzet Gott in allen Landen!, BWV51 (Bach)
Jehovah ever be my song
Jesu fili virginis (Anon)
Jesu salvator (Anon)
Jesu, fili virginis (Anon)
Job's curse, Z191 (Purcell/Britten)
Johannis solemnitas digne celebretur
Kyrie fons bonitatis (Anon)
Laeva eius sub capite meo
Laudes Regiae (Anon)
Laudes Regiae (Anon/Dearnley)
Le jet d'eau
Legend 'The Crown of roses'
Let the night perish; cursed be the morn
Levate capita vestra (Anon)
Librum clausum et signatum (Anon)
Liebesklage des Mädchens
Lo, the waves thy breath obey
Lord! I have sinned (Humfrey/Britten)
Lord, what is man?, Z192 (Purcell/Britten)
Love of the Father
Magi videntes stellam
Magnificatus est rex pacificus (Anon)
Mahomets Gesang, D549 (Schubert/Hoorickx)
Mahomets Gesang, D721 (Schubert/Hoorickx)
Matronarum hec matrona (Anon)
Media vita in morte sumus (Anon)
Mein Herze schwimmt im Blut, BWV199 (Bach)
Minuet, Chrétiens
Mira fuit quam videbat
'Mong the Gods by men adored
Music's the cordial of a troubled breast
My fair
My foes prevail, my friends are fled
My song shall be alway 'Chandos Anthem No 7', HWV252 (Handel)
My song shall be alway, Z31 (Purcell)
My soul the great God's praises sings (Lawes)
Nachthymne, D687 (Schubert)
Naturas Deus regulis (Anon)
Natus est nobis hodie (Anon/Tallis)
Nesciens mater (Anon)
Nigra sum (Anon)
Nigra sum sed formosa
No force can stand
Nobilis et pulchra (Anon)
Non vos relinquam orphanos (Anon)
Now that the sun hath veiled his light
O Adonai (Anon)
O Adonai, et Dux domus Israel
O Clavis David (Anon)
O Emmanuel (Anon)
O Israel turn – The wave hath closed
O Lord God of hosts, who is like unto thee?
O mighty God, who sit'st on high (Blow)
O Oriens (Anon)
O Radix Jesse (Anon)
O Rex gentium (Anon)
O rex gloriae (Anon)
O sacrum convivium
O Sapientia (Anon)
O sing unto the Lord a new song (Amner)
O sing unto the Lord a new song (Tomkins)
O sing unto the Lord a new song (Tomkins)
O Tod, wie bitter bist du
O vos felices radices (Hildegard)
Oh! that mine eyes would melt into a flood (Blow)
Osculetur me osculo oris sui
Osterlied 'Jesus Christus unser Heiland', D168a (Schubert)
Pange lingua … Comitis (Anon)
Pange lingua … Corporis (Anon)
Pange lingua 'The story of the Salve regina' (Anon)
Pangur, white Pangur
Pastor cesus in gregis medio (Anon)
Pater iuste, mundus te non cognovit
Pater noster (Anon)
Pax vobiscum, D551 (Schubert)
Pity me on my pilgrimage to Loch Derg!
Porta salutis (Anon)
Post partum (Anon)
Praise be to God, and God alone
Prière (Gounod)
Propter veritatem (Anon)
Psalm 133 'Ecce nunc benedicite', with antiphon (Anon)
Pueri Hebraeorum portantes (Anon)
Pulchra es amica mea
Qui servare puberem (monophonic) (Anon)
Qui servare puberem (three-part) (Anon)
Qui servare puberem (two-part, measured) (Anon)
Qui servare puberem (two-part, unmeasured) (Anon)
Quid ultra tibi facere (Anon)
Quo vadis, quo progrederis? (Anon)
Quod promisit ab eterno (Anon)
Redemptionem misit populo suo (Anon)
Reges Tharsis (Anon)
Regina caeli (Anon)
Relegentur ab area (Anon)
Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine (Anon)
Resonet in laudibus (Lassus)
Responsorium breve 'Hodie scietis quia veniet Dominus' (Anon)
Rex pacificus magnificatus est (Anon)
Rorate caeli (Anon)
Ruh von schmerzensreichen Mühen
Salva nos, Domine (Anon)
Salvator mundi (Anon)
Salve regina (Anon)
Sancta Maria, succurre miseris
Scitote quia prope est regnum Dei (Anon)
Sea Snatch
Sechs Gedichte und Requiem, Op 90 (Schumann)
Seht den Felsenquell
Seht den Felsenquell
Sei gegrüsst, du Frau der Huld
Serbate, o Dei custodi, D35 No 3 (Schubert/Orel)
Shestnadtsat Pesen dlya detey 'Sixteen Songs for children', Op 54 (Tchaikovsky/Lubbock)
Si ignoras te, o pulchra
Sieben Lieder, Op 48 (Brahms)
Six nouvelles poésies (Rollinat)
Song 46 (Gibbons/Dearmer)
Songs Sacred and Profane (Ireland)
Songs Sacred and Profane (Ireland)
Songs Sacred and Profane (Ireland)
Spem in alium (Anon)
St Ita's Vision
Stella serena (Anon)
Stephani sollempnia (Anon)
Surgam et circuibo civitatem
Sursum corda (Anon)
Tecum principium (Anon)
Tell me, some pitying angel, quickly say
Tes beaux yeux sont las, pauvre amante!
The advent
The Blessed Virgin's Expostulation when our Saviour, at twelve years of age, had withdrawn himself, Z196 (Purcell/Britten)
The Desire for Hermitage
The Monk and his Cat
The Office for St John of Bridlington (Anon)
The Praises of God
The salley gardens
The scapegoat
The sea is before them
The soldier's return
The Song of Moses (Linley Jr.)
The Song of the Birds (Anon/Ribo)
Thee and thy wondrous deeds (Lawes)
Thither thy people, Lord
Thou wakeful shepherd, that does Israel keep
Thou, as thy mercy had decreed
Three Sacred Songs (Head)
Thus the foe with haughty pride
Tonus orationis 'Kyrie eleison' (Anon)
Tota pulchra es (Anon)
Tota pulchra es, amica mea
Tu autem in nobis (Anon)
Überwunden hat der Herr den Tod!
Ut non ponam (Anon)
Veni Emmanuel (Anon/Lawson)
Veni Sancte Spiritus (Anon)
Veni, dilecte mi
Veni, redemptor gentium (Anon)
Veni, redemptor gentium (Anon/Tallis)
Vergangen ist mir Glück und Heil
Veste nuptiali (measured) (Anon)
Veste nuptiali (unmeasured) (Anon)
Vexilla regis prodeunt (Anon)
Vier ernste Gesänge, Op 121 (Brahms)
Vineam meam non custodivi
Virgo flagellatur (Anon)
Voici venir les temps où vibrant sur la tige
Vox dilecti mei
Wenige wissen
Wenn alle untreu werden
Wenn ich ihn nur habe
Wenn ich mit Menschen- und mit Engelzungen redete
Wer an ihn gläubet
Wer sehen will zween lebendige Brunnen
What art thou? From what causes dost thou spring?
When Jesus Christ was yet a child
When man for sin thy judgment feels (Lawes)
Wie erhebt sich das Herz, wenn es dich
Wilt thou forgive that Sin, where I began?
Without the sweets of melody
Ye sacred Muses (Byrd)
Zerreißet, zersprenget, zertrümmert die Gruft, BWV205 (Bach)
Zu Gott, zu Gott flieg’ auf, hoch über alle Sphären!
Zwischen Himmel und Erd’ hoch in der Lüfte Meer
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