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A Bellman's Song (Ravenscroft)
A solfing song (Tallis)
A song called trumpets (Parsons)
A song of Mr Robert Parsons (Parsons)
Adieu bergère pour jamais (Guédron)
Adiuro vos, filiae Hierusalem
Ah dear heart (Gibbons)
Ah silly soul (Byrd)
Airs de cour avec la tablature de luth d'Antoine Boesset Book 16 (Boësset)
Airs de cour avec la tablature de luth d'Antoine Boesset Book 5 (Boësset)
Airs de cour avec la tablature de luth d'Antoine Boesset Book 9 (Boësset)
Airs de cour eet de différents auteurs Book 5 (Boësset)
All as a sea (Byrd)
All looks be pale (Campion)
All ye whom Love or Fortune hath betrayed (Dowland)
Alleluia: per te Dei genitrix (Anon/Tallis)
Amico hai vint'io (India)
An aged dame (Byrd)
And is it night? Are they thine eyes that shine? (Jones)
Author of Light (Campion)
Awake, sweet love, thou art returned (Dowland)
Away with these self-loving lads (Dowland)
Beauty, since you so much desire (Campion)
Behold a wonder here (Dowland)
Blame not my cheeks (Campion)
Break now, my heart, and die (Campion)
Burst forth, my tears (Dowland)
Can doleful notes? (Danyel)
Can she excuse my wrongs? (Dowland)
Canticum Canticorum Salomonis 'The Song of Songs' (Palestrina)
Canto de' profumi (Anon/Isaac)
Canto dello zibetto (Anon/Isaac)
Caput eius aurum optimum
Care-charming sleep (Johnson)
Carters, now cast down (Farnaby)
Cessés mortels de soupirer (Guédron)
Clarifica me, Pater I (Anon/Tallis)
Come again, sweet love doth now invite (Dowland)
Come away, come sweet love (Dowland)
Come to me, grief, for ever (Byrd)
Come, cheerful day, part of my life to me (Campion)
Come, heavy Sleep (Dowland)
Come, you pretty false-eyed wanton (Campion)
Con che soavità (Monteverdi)
Constant Penelope (Byrd)
Corri, Fortuna (Isaac)
Coy Daphne fled (Danyel)
Dear, if you change, I'll never choose again (Dowland)
Descendi in hortum meum
Diana 'Questo dardo, quest' arco' (India)
Did not you once, Lucinda, vow (Coleman)
Dilectus meus descendit
Donne, quest’è un animal perfetto
Dost thou withdraw thy grace? (Danyel)
Draw on, sweet night (Wilbye)
Drop not, mine eyes
Drop, drop, slow tears
Drop, drop, slow tears
Drop, drop, slow tears
Drop, drop, slow tears – Song 46 (Gibbons)
Drop, drop, slow tears – Song 46 (Gibbons/Forshaw)
Duo ubera tua
Ecce tempus idoneum (Tallis/Anon)
Ecce tu pulcher es
Eliza is the fairest queen (Johnson)
Ex more docti mistico (Redford/Tallis/Anon)
Eyes, look no more (Danyel)
Fain would I wed (Campion)
Fair, if you expect admiring (Campion)
Fantasia I a 6 'A song of two basses' (Byrd)
Farewell, fond youth (Jones)
Fasciculus myrrhae dilectus meus
Fine knacks for ladies (Dowland)
Fire, fire, fire! (Campion)
Flow, my tears, fall from your springs (Dowland)
From silent night (Dowland)
From the famous peak of Derby (Johnson)
Full fathom five (Johnson)
Gloria tibi Trinitas (Anon/Tallis)
Go from my window (Anon/Dowland)
Go nightly cares (Dowland)
Go, crystal tears (Dowland)
Grief keep within
Grief of my best love's absenting (Jones)
Guttur tuum sicut vinum optimum
Hark! hark! the lark (Johnson)
Hark! Wot ye what? (Jones)
Have all our passions?
He whose desires are still abroad (Danyel)
Helas mon dueil (Dufay)
Her rosy cheeks, her ever smiling eyes (Campion)
Heureux qui nuit et jour (Guédron)
Humour, say what mak'st thou here (Dowland)
Hymn Tune Prelude on Song 13 (Gibbons/Vaughan Williams)
I care not for these ladies (Campion)
I die whenas I do not see (Danyel)
I must complain (Dowland)
I saw my lady weep (Dowland)
I was not wearier (Lanier)
Iam lucis orto sidere (Redford/Anon/Tallis)
If I could shut the gate (Danyel)
If my complaints could passions move (Dowland)
If thou long'st so much to learn (Campion)
In a merry May morn (Nicholson)
In darkness let me dwell (Coprario)
In darkness let me dwell (Dowland)
In terrors trapp'd (Hunnis)
Intenerite voi (Notari)
Introduxit me rex in cellam
Iste confessor (Anon/Tallis)
It fell on a summer's day (Campion)
Ite caldi sospiri (Jones)
Laeva eius sub capite meo
L'alta belleza tua (Dufay)
Lamento d'Olimpia (India)
Lamento d'Olimpia (Monteverdi)
Lasso quel ch'altri fugge (Isaac)
Lasso vita mia (Dowland)
Leave prolonging thy distress (Campion)
Let not Chloris think (Danyel)
Like as the doleful dove (Tallis)
Like as the lute delights (Danyel)
L'incoronazione di Poppea (Monteverdi)
Lord, to thee I make my moan (Byrd)
Love of the Father
Ma belle, si ton ame (Anon/Besard)
Maids to bed and cover cole
Maledetto sia l'aspetto (Monteverdi)
Mille regretz (Josquin)
Mistress, since you so much desire (Campion)
Mourons Tirsis, vivons Silvie
Move now with measured sound (Campion)
Mrs M E her funeral tears for the death of her husband (Danyel)
My choice is made (Pilkington)
My complaining is but feigning (Jones)
My sweetest Lesbia (Campion)
My thoughts are wing'd with hopes (Dowland)
Natus est nobis hodie (Anon/Tallis)
Né più bella di queste
N'espérez plus, mes yeux
Never weather-beaten sail (Campion)
Nigra sum sed formosa
No, let chromatic tunes
Now each flowery bank of May (Gibbons)
Now hath Flora robbed her bowers (Campion)
Now the earth, the skies, the air (Danyel)
Now what is Love? (Jones)
Now, oh now I needs must part (Dowland)
O dear life, when may it be (Byrd)
O maligno e duro core (Anon/Isaac)
O rosa bella (Bedyngham)
O sing unto the Lord a new song (Amner)
O sing unto the Lord a new song (Tomkins)
O sing unto the Lord a new song (Tomkins)
O that most rare breast (Byrd)
Objét dont les charmes si doux
Oft have I sigh'd (Campion)
Ohime ch'io cado (Monteverdi)
On a time in summer season (Jones)
Once did I serve a cruel heart (Jones)
Osculetur me osculo oris sui
Perché fuggi (Monteverdi)
Phyllis, I fain would die now (Morley)
Piangono al pianger mio (India)
Prophetarum maxime (Isaac)
Pulchra es amica mea
Pur ti miro … pur ti godo (Nerone/Poppea)
Quae est ista quae progreditur
Quel sguardo sdegnosetto (Monteverdi)
Quis dabit capiti meo aquam? (Isaac)
Resonet in laudibus (Lassus)
Rest awhile, you cruel cares (Dowland)
Say, Love, if ever thou didst find (Dowland)
Scaramella (Compère)
Scaramella (Josquin)
Se i languidi miei sguardi (Monteverdi)
Se pur destina e vole (Monteverdi)
Se vittorie si belle (Monteverdi)
See, see, mine own sweet jewel (Morley)
Sfere fermate (India)
Shall I come, sweet love? (Campion)
Shall I strive with words to move? (Dowland)
Shall I sue, shall I seek for grace? (Dowland)
Si bona suscepimus (Lassus)
Si ignoras te, o pulchra
Si jamais mon ame blessée (Guédron)
Si le parler et le silence (Guédron)
Sian galanti di Valenza
Sicut lilium inter spinas
Sleep, wayward thoughts (Dowland)
So parted you (Campion)
Soave libertate (Monteverdi)
Song 46 (Gibbons/Dearmer)
Sorrow, stay, lend true repentant tears (Dowland)
Soupirs meslés d'amour (Guédron)
Stay, cruel, stay! (Danyel)
Surgam et circuibo civitatem
Sweet Kate (Jones)
Sweet, stay awhile, why will you rise? (Dowland)
Tell me, O love (Ferrabosco Sr.)
Tell me, true love (Dowland)
The cypress curtain of the night (Campion)
The Mayden's Songe, BK82 (Byrd)
The silver swan (Gibbons)
The three ravens (Anon/Ravenscroft)
There is none, o none but you (Campion)
There were three ravens sat on a tree
Think'st thou then by thy feigning (Dowland)
Think'st thou to seduce me then? (Campion)
Thou pretty bird, how do I see (Danyel)
Though Amaryllis dance (Byrd)
Though your strangeness frets my heart (Jones)
Time stands still (Dowland)
Time's eldest son, Old Age (Dowland)
'Tis late and cold (Johnson)
To ask for all thy love (Dowland)
Tobacco, tobacco (Hume)
Toccata – Perle care (Piccinini/Strozzi)
Torna il sereno zefiro (India)
Tornate, o cari baci (Monteverdi)
Tota pulchra es, amica mea
Trionfo delle dée (Isaac)
Tune thy music to thy heart (Campion)
Un jour Amarille et Tircis
Uncertain turns of thought
Unquiet thoughts (Dowland)
Ut, Re, Mee, Fa, Sol, La, The playnesong … by a second Person, BK58 (Byrd)
Vain, all our life I (Sheppard)
Veni, dilecte mi
Veni, redemptor gentium (Anon/Tallis)
Venus' Birds (Bennet)
Vergene bella (Dufay)
Vineam meam non custodivi
Voglio di vita uscir (Monteverdi)
Vorrei baciarti (Monteverdi)
Vox dilecti mei
What delight can they enjoy (Danyel)
What if I never speed? (Dowland)
When shall my sorrowful sighing slack (Tallis)
Where the bee sucks (Johnson)
Where the blind and wanton boy (Byrd)
Who ever thinks or hopes of love for love (Dowland)
Who likes to love (Byrd)
Why canst thou not? (Danyel)
Will said to his mammy (Jones)
Wilt thou, unkind, thus reave me of my heart? (Dowland)
Woo her, and win her (Campion)
Would my conceit that first enforced my woe (Dowland)
Ye sacred Muses (Byrd)
You meaner beauties of the night (East)
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