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Artist Index Singers Bass/Baritones

An alphabetical listing of all bass/baritones represented on Hyperion and Helios.

Abete, Antonio (bass)
Albert, Donnie Ray (baritone)
Alder, Stephen (bass)
Allen, Sir Thomas (baritone)
Appl, Benjamin (baritone)
Ardagh-Walter, Patrick (bass)
Arnold, Jonathan (bass)
Arthur, James (bass)
Ashby, Nicholas (bass)
Ashworth, Alexander (baritone)
Bannan, Richard (bass)
Bannatyne-Scott, Brian (bass)
Barnard, David (bass)
Batsleer, Gregory (bass)
Beavan, Nigel (bass)
Beezer, David (bass)
Bell, Ian (bass)
Berg, Nathan (baritone)
Berger, William (baritone)
Best, Jonathan (bass)
Best, Martin (baritone)
Bevan, Maurice (bass)
Birchall, Jeremy (bass)
Birchall, Simon (bass)
Black, Jeffrey (baritone)
Boesch, Florian (baritone)
Borrett, Christopher (bass)
Boughton, Ian (baritone)
Brett, Francis (bass)
Brook, Matthew (bass)
Brookes, Nigel (bass)
Brookes, Timothy (bass)
Brown, Jonathan (bass)
Bruerton, Christopher (baritone)
Bryce, Roderick (bass)
Bryson, Roger (bass-baritone)
Bundy, Michael (baritone)
Burgess, Kenneth (baritone)
Butter, Markus (baritone)
Campbell, Colin (bass)
Caswell, Edward (bass)
Charlesworth, Stephen (baritone)
Charrier, Paul (bass)
Clarkson, Julian (bass)
Clements, William (bass)
Clover, Richard (bass)
Cogan, Tom (baritone)
Coleman-Wright, Peter (bass)
Colombara, Carlo (bass)
Comerford, Milo (bass)
Connell, John (bass)
Connolly, Stephen (bass)
Craddock, Michael (bass)
Craddock, Trevor (bass)
Crouch, Gabriel (bass)
Dale Forbes, Andrew (bass)
Danby, Graeme (bass)
Davies, Andrew (bass)
Davies, Ben (bass)
Davies, Neal (bass)
Davies, Robert (bass)
Dawes, Will (bass)
Daymond, Karl Morgan (baritone)
Dazeley, William (baritone)
Deas, Kevin (bass)
Dinnage, Graham (bass)
Donato, Luigi de (bass)
Dougan, Eamonn (bass)
Doxat-Pratt, Alistair (bass)
Empett, Julian (bass)
Evans, Robert (bass)
Ewing, Alan (bass)
Farnsworth, Marcus (baritone)
Faulkner, Thomas (bass)
Finley, Gerald (baritone)
Fiskovics, Eduards (bass)
Fitchew, Michael (baritone)
Flower, Nick (bass)
Foster-Williams, Andrew (bass)
Foulkes, Stephen (baritone)
Gabbitas, Christopher (baritone)
Gadd, Stephen (bass)
Gaunt, William (bass)
Genz, Stephan (baritone)
George, Michael (bass)
Gibbs, Charles (bass)
Goddard, James (bass)
Goerne, Matthias (baritone)
Goldsby, John (bass)
Grant, Simon (baritone)
Greig, Donald (baritone)
Grint, Edward (bass)
Gunthorpe, Jonathan (bass)
Guthrie, Thomas (bass)
Hampson, Thomas (baritone)
Harvey, Peter (bass)
Hayes, Quentin (bass)
Head, Christoper (bass)
Heighway, John (bass)
Henderson, David (bass)
Herford, Henry (baritone)
Herschenfeld, Ethan (bass)
Hewitt, Peter (bass)
Hillier, Paul (baritone)
Hodges, Christopher (bass)
Holl, Robert (bass-baritone)
Holliday, Jimmy (bass)
Howard, Jonathan (bass)
Howell, Gwynne (bass)
Humphreys, George (bass)
Hunt, Thomas (bass)
Hutton, Adrian (bass)
Im Thurn, Paul (baritone)
Imbrailo, Jacques (baritone)
Jackson, Richard (baritone)
Jackson, Stephen (bass)
John, Gareth (bass)
Johnson, Peter (bass)
Jones, Gordon (baritone)
Jones, Timothy (bass)
Kargl, Lukas (baritone)
Keenlyside, Simon (baritone)
Kempster, David (baritone)
Kennedy, Roderick (bass)
Kennedy, Stephen (bass)
Kilhams, Jonathan (bass)
Knight, Alex (bass)
Knight, Andrew (bass)
Koc, Jozic (baritone)
Koningsberger, Maarten (baritone)
Lawson, Philip (baritone)
Le Roux, François (baritone)
Learmonth, Alexander (baritone)
Lemalu, Jonathan (baritone)
Ling, Tim (bass)
Loges, Stephan (baritone)
Ludlow, Ivan (baritone)
Lukas, Ralf (baritone)
Macco, Andreas (bass)
Macdonald, Robert (bass)
Magee, Garry (baritone)
Maltman, Christopher (baritone)
Markham, Jonathan (baritone)
Markov, Alexey (baritone)
Marson, Robert (baritone)
Mason, Colin (baritone)
Maxwell, Donald (baritone)
Mayor, Andrew (baritone)
McCarthy, Michael (bass)
McCrae, Peter (baritone)
McGovern, Jonathan (baritone)
McMullin, Peter (bass)
Melrose, Leigh (baritone)
Mengelis, Ugis (bass)
Miles, Alastair (bass)
Mofidian, Michael (baritone)
Morsch, André (baritone)
Moses, Geoffrey (bass)
Müller-Brachmann, Hanno (baritone)
Murphy, Timothy (bass)
Mustard, James (bass)
Nazarov, Alexander (bass)
Nelson, Benedict (baritone)
Newby, James (bass)
Norris, David Owen (baritone)
Oliemans, Thomas (baritone)
Oliver, Aidan (baritone)
Opie, Alan (baritone)
Oxenham, Martin (baritone)
Pacey, Jonathan (bass)
Padden, Thomas (baritone)
Parfitt, Paul (baritone)
Peacock, Adrian (bass)
Perfect, Nicholas (bass)
Perkins, Duncan (bass)
Perkins, Julian (bass)
Pitman, James (bass)
Poppleton, Sam (bass)
Porter-Thomas, David (bass)
Pott, Charles (bass)
Poulton, Robert (baritone)
Prideaux, William (baritone)
Prince, John (bass)
Puke, Agris (bass)
Purves, Christopher (bass)
Rice, Charles (baritone)
Rice, Robert (baritone)
Richardson, Stephen (bass)
Riches, Ashley (bass)
Rickard, Paul (baritone)
Roberts, Stephen (baritone)
Robinson, Paul (baritone)
Robson, Timothy (baritone)
Roles, Kenneth (bass)
Rose, Matthew (bass)
Roth, Detlef (bass)
Rupp, Andrew (bass)
Russell, Bruce (bass)
Rutherford, James (baritone)
Safiulin, Anatoli (bass)
Savenko, Vassily (bass)
Scorer, Peter (deacon)
Shaw, Geoffrey (bass)
Sheldrake, Christopher (bass)
Shimell, William (baritone)
Short, Nigel (baritone)
Sidhom, Peter (bass)
Skeaping, Roddy (baritone)
Skidmore, Greg (bass)
Smith, Paul (baritone)
Smoriginas, Kostas (bass-baritone)
Somerville Wright, David (bass)
Sorini, Enea (bass)
Staber, Ulfried (bass)
Stainsby, Jon (bass)
Steele, Francis (bass)
Stone, Mark (baritone)
Stout, David (baritone)
Stuart, David (bass)
Suart, Richard (baritone)
Sweeney, Donald (bass)
Terfel, Bryn (baritone)
Thomas, David (bass)
Thomas, Paul (bass)
Thorpe, Callum (bass)
Titus, Graham (bass)
Tomlinson, Sir John (bass)
Townend, William (bass)
Trakas, Chris Pedro (baritone)
Twilley, Amon-Ra (bass)
Underwood, Giles (bass)
Van Allan, Richard (bass)
Van Dam, José (bass)
Varcoe, Stephen (baritone)
Velarde, Brandon (baritone)
Vigar, Christopher (bass)
Waddington, Henry (bass)
Wagner, Josef (baritone)
Walker, Julian (bass)
Wallace, Michael (bass)
Wallington, Lawrence (bass)
Ward, John (bass)
Warden, Nicholas (bass)
Whelan, Paul (baritone)
White, Jeremy (bass)
Whitehead, Laurence (baritone)
Whiteley, Simon (bass)
Whiteley, Tim Scott (baritone)
Wickham, Henry (bass)
Widmer, Oliver (baritone)
Wilgenhof, Dennis (bass)
Williams, Laurence (bass)
Williams, Roderick (baritone)
Willis, Johnson (baritone)
Wilson, Agnus (bass)
Wilson-Johnson, David (baritone)
Wistreich, Richard (bass)
Woldt, Lars (bass-baritone)
Woodgates, Benjamin (bass)
Yandell, Dingle (bass)
Young, Stuart (bass)
Zanasi, Furio (baritone)

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