How to browse and search this catalogue

The default search box is pre-populated with many of the most common search terms. This is generally the most convenient way to browse the extensive collections available on this website.

You can also browse the catalogue using the various indexes in the menu above. This is a quick way to find specific Artists (alphabetically, or by instrument/voice-type) or Composers (alphabetically, or by period or nationality).

An advanced search is also available — you can select it using the drop-down arrow next to the search button. The advanced search is slower, and it will search through literally millions of search terms to find what you are looking for.

You can use simple search terms:

piano concerto

You can also put different types of terms together:

beethoven piano sonata
flemish sacred music
british romantic orchestral music
john mark ainsley warlock

Dates are also valid: a search term 2000 would return the names of all Composers who died (or were born ) in 2000; all Albums released in the year 2000; and all Musical Works composed or first performed in the year 2000.

Search tips

  1. Searching is not case sensitive.
  2. It is not necessary to type accents.
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