Contact Details

Hyperion Records Limited
PO Box 25, London SE9 1AX, England
Telephone +44 [0]20 8318 1234; fax +44 [0]20 8463 1230

Hyperion Records Limited is a registered company: No 1501587, having its registered offices at
19-20 The Chiltonian Estate, Manor Lane, Lee, London SE12 0TX

For general questions and information about Hyperion Records,
send e-mail to .

Company Accountant LES WATERS
Accounts Manager ALISON PERRY
Head of Production & Website NICK FLOWER
Copyright and Licensing Manager EDWARD TAYLOR
Production Department and Website ANNE CHARLOTTE VERNIER
Production Department and Website TIMOTHÉE VAN DER STEGEN
Warehouse Manager LEE ASTELL
Warehouse Assistant CIARAN BARNSWELL

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