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Christoper Head (bass)


Britten: Christ's Nativity & other choral works
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Tormis: Choral Music

Alphabetical listing of all musical works

A Hymn to the Virgin (Britten)
Kahvatu valgus 'Pale light'  
Kanarbik 'Heather'  
Külm sügisöö 'Cold autumn night'  
Of one that is so fair and bright  
On hilissuvi 'It is late summer'  
Sügismaastikud 'Autumn landscapes' (Tormis)
Tuul kõnnumaa kohal 'Wind over the barrens'  
Üle taeva jooksevad pilved 'Clouds are racing'  
Valusalt punased lehed 'Painfully red are the leaves'