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Wilson-Johnson, David (baritone)
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David Wilson-Johnson (baritone)

Baritone David Wilson-Johnson is one of Britain’s most established artists, and in a long and illustrious career he has been a regular guest of the major opera houses and orchestras and festivals worldwide under conductors including Ashkenazy, Boulez, Brüggen, Dutoit, Giulini, Harnoncourt, Holliger, King, Knussen, Mackerras, Previn, Rattle and Rozhdestvensky.

His discography includes Mahler’s Symphony No 8 with Rattle and the CBSO, Brahms’ Requiem with Previn and the London Symphony Orchestra, Schubert’s Winterreise with fortepianist David Owen Norris, Berlioz’ Romeo and Juliet and The Damnation of Faust with the Philadelphia Orchestra and Dutoit, and Bernard Herrmann’s cantata Moby Dick with Schønwandt and the Danish National Radio Symphony Orchestra.

David Wilson-Johnson lives between houses in London, Amsterdam and the South West France, where he has for the last thirty years run a summer school at Ferrandou.

'Boughton: The Immortal Hour' (CDD22040)
Boughton: The Immortal Hour
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'Grainger & Grieg: At twilight' (CDH55236)
Grainger & Grieg: At twilight
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'Grainger: Jungle Book & other choral works' (CDH55433)
Grainger: Jungle Book & other choral works
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'Grieg & Grainger: At twilight' (CDH55236)
Grieg & Grainger: At twilight
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'Mozart: Missa solemnis & other works' (CDA67921)
Mozart: Missa solemnis & other works
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'Somervell: Maud & A Shropshire Lad' (CDH55089)
Somervell: Maud & A Shropshire Lad
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'Vivaldi: Sacred Music, Vol. 1' (CDA66769)
Vivaldi: Sacred Music, Vol. 1
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'Vivaldi: The Complete Sacred Music' (CDS44171/81)
Vivaldi: The Complete Sacred Music
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'A Treasury of English Song' (HYP30)
A Treasury of English Song
HYP30  Super-budget price sampler — Deleted  
Alphabetical listing of all musical works
A dollar and a half is a poor man's pay  First line to Dollar and a half a day (Grainger)
A Shropshire Lad (Somervell)
As the dawn was breaking the Sambhur belled  First line to Hunting-song of the Seeonee pack, No 8 of Jungle Book (Grainger)
By the hoof of the wild goat uptossed from the cliff where she lay in the sun  First line to The fall of the stone, No 1 of Jungle Book (Grainger)
Dixit Dominus, RV594 (Vivaldi)
Dollar and a half a day (Grainger)
Early one morning (Grainger/Tall)
For our white and our excellent nights – for the nights of swift running  First line to Red Dog, No 6 of Jungle Book (Grainger)
Four Psalms, Op 74 (Grieg)
God's Son hath set me free  No 2 of Four Psalms, Op 74 (Grieg)
How beautiful they are (Spirit Voices)  Act 1 Scene 2 No 12 of The Immortal Hour (Boughton)
How fair is thy face  No 1 of Four Psalms, Op 74 (Grieg)
Hunting-song of the Seeonee pack  No 8 of Jungle Book (Grainger)
I met my mates in the morning (and oh, but I am old!)  First line to The beaches of Lukannon, No 5 of Jungle Book (Grainger)
I will let loose against you the fleet-footed vines  First line to Mowgli's song against people, No 11 of Jungle Book (Grainger)
In heav'n above  No 4 of Four Psalms, Op 74 (Grieg)
Jesus Christ our Lord is risen  No 3 of Four Psalms, Op 74 (Grieg)
Jungle Book (Grainger)
Laudate Dominum  Movement 5 of Vesperae solennes de Dominica, K321 (Mozart)
Maud (Somervell)
Missa in C major 'Missa solemnis', K337 (Mozart)
Morning song in the jungle  No 2 of Jungle Book (Grainger)
Mowgli's song against people  No 11 of Jungle Book (Grainger)
Night-song in the jungle  No 3 of Jungle Book (Grainger)
Now Chil the Kite brings home the night that Mang the Bat sets free  First line to Night-song in the jungle, No 3 of Jungle Book (Grainger)
O Shenandoah I love your daughter  First line to Shenandoah, Unnumbered of Sea Chanty Settings (Grainger)
Old Stormy he is dead and gone  First line to Stormy, Unnumbered of Sea Chanty Settings (Grainger)
One moment past our bodies cast no shadow on the plain  First line to Morning song in the jungle, No 2 of Jungle Book (Grainger)
Pit where the buffalo cooled his hide  First line to The peora hunt, No 7 of Jungle Book (Grainger)
Red Dog  No 6 of Jungle Book (Grainger)
Sea Chanty Settings (Grainger)
Shaller Brown you're goin' ter leave me  First line to Shallow Brown (Grainger)
Shallow Brown (Grainger)
Shenandoah  Unnumbered of Sea Chanty Settings (Grainger)
Stormy  Unnumbered of Sea Chanty Settings (Grainger)
The beaches of Lukannon  No 5 of Jungle Book (Grainger)
The fall of the stone  No 1 of Jungle Book (Grainger)
The Immortal Hour (Boughton)
The Inuit  No 4 of Jungle Book (Grainger)
The only son  No 10 of Jungle Book (Grainger)
The People of the Eastern Ice, they are melting like the snow  First line to The Inuit, No 4 of Jungle Book (Grainger)
The peora hunt  No 7 of Jungle Book (Grainger)
The Three Ravens (Grainger)
There were three ravens sat on a tree  First line to The Three Ravens (Grainger)
Tiger! Tiger!  No 9 of Jungle Book (Grainger)
Vesperae solennes de Dominica, K321 (Mozart)
What of the hunting, hunter bold?  First line to Tiger! Tiger!, No 9 of Jungle Book (Grainger)
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