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‘Tis the last rose of summer
… mais mourir, FP137 (Poulenc)
10 Sonnets, Op 52 (Kabalevsky)
5 Poems, Op 23 (Prokofiev)
6 Hölderlin-Fragmente (Eisler/Baigent)
A blackbird singing
A bookworm 'Hommage modeste à Maurice Ravel'
A child's prayer (Bliss)
A child's sleep (Knowles)
A Christmas carol (Bliss)
A cradle song (Gurney)
A cross of wood
A day in the cornfield, I a-reapin'
À deux pas de la mer qu'on entend bourdonner
A fairy's love song (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
A flaxen-headed cowboy, as simple as may be
A foggy day in London town (Gershwin)
A Fool's Preferment, or The Three Dukes of Dunstable, Z571 (Purcell/Britten)
A fountain plays no more
A gentle wind
A gray day and quiet
A Green Cornfield (Head)
A green leaf falls to the ground
A head or tail which does he lack?
A Hebridean Sea-Reiver's Song (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
A ho hi … hirrum bo! Early sails she to the reiving
A knot of riddles (Bliss)
A maid goin' to Comber her markets to larn
A mood (Travers)
A moth devoured words
A North Country maid up to London had strayed
A Piper (Head)
A Poison Tree (Britten)
A poor soul sat sighing by a sycamore tree
A prayer to St Anthony of Padua
A red, red rose (Swann)
A rosebud by my early walk (Anon/McPhee)
À sa guitare, FP79 (Poulenc)
A sad song (Warlock)
A shower of pigeons arch over the rooftops
À son page
A Song of Enchantment
A Spinning Song (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
À Strasbourg en 1904
A Style of Loving
A Thirteenth-century Love Lilt (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
A time there was—as one may guess
À toutes brides
A weather cock
A young maid stood in her father's garden (Anon/Hughes)
Abend, D645 (Schubert/Brown)
Abril (Toldrá)
Ach, mir ist das Herz so schwer!
Ach, neige
Acorn and willow
Across the plain
Adelina à la promenade
Adieu amour nuage qui fuit et n'a pas chu pluie
Adieu, good man devil
After a few short bars
Afton water
Agite, bon cheval, ta crinière fuyante
Ah dit la fille frivole
Ah! fuyez à présent
Ah! la charmante chose
Ah! Mon cher docteur, je vous écris
Ah! Thetis, mother, goddess, why come from the sea?
Ah, how sweet it is to love
Ahi! Ahi! Mapa, nama, lila, tchil
Aignish on the machair (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Ailein Duinn 'A Harris Love Lament' (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Air champêtre
Air falalalo (Anon/Roberton)
Air grave
Aka tombo (Anon/Chilcott)
Alas, my love, ye do me wrong
Alas, my love, you do me wrong
All these dismal looks and fretting
All things are quite silent (Anon/Andrew)
Alla caccia, HWV79 (Handel/Bennett)
Allah (Chadwick)
Alleluia, ZS14 (Weldon/Purcell/Britten)
Allons plus vite
Amar sin esperanza
A-moaning thou, my own dear one
Amour oiseau d'étoile
An Chloen, D363 (Schubert/Hoorickx)
An eine Stadt
An Epitaph (Gurney)
An Epithalamium (Wedding Song)
An Eriskay love lilt (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
An Eriskay Love Lilt (Anon/Roberton)
An Eriskay Lullaby (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
An island sheiling song (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
An oyster
An rosen wyn (Anon/Monks)
And can the physician make sick men well?
André ne connaît pas la dame
Andy Flower Duet (Delibes/Stilgoe)
Âne ou vache coq ou cheval
Angels of the mind (Bliss)
Anna bheag 'Wee Anna' (Anon/Jackson/Mackenzie)
Annie Laurie (Anon/Bowen)
Any little fish (Coward)
Anything goes (Porter/Burton)
Aquarius: The Water-Carrier
Arcades (Swann)
Are you going to Scarborough Fair?
Are you going to Scarborough Fair?
Aries: The Ram
Arirang (Anon/Chilcott)
Art thou poor, yet hast thou golden slumbers?
As down by the shore I wander early at morn
As down the road she wambled slow
As ever I saw (Warlock)
As he was a-riding and a-riding one day
As I came by Blaweary
As I came through Sandgate
As I rode down to Yarmouth Fair
As I sat down by Saddle Stream
As I was a-walking one morning in May
As I was lying on Black Stitchel
As I was walking all alane
As I went out one May morning
As sweet Polly Oliver lay musing in bed
as the soldier and the sailor was a-walking one day
At The Fox Inn
At the mid hour of night (Anon/Britten)
At the window (Bliss)
Au bord de l’île on voit
Au dieu d’Amour une pucelle
Au pied de mon lit
Aubade (Séverac)
Auf den Tod einer Nachtigall, D399 (Schubert/Hoorickx)
Auf ein altes Bild
Auf ein altes Bild
Auf meinen heimischen Bergen
Auld lang syne (Anon/Earley)
Aussi bien que les cigales
Autumn (Herbert)
Autumn twilight (Warlock)
Auvergnat (Bliss)
Aux officiers de la Garde Blanche
Avant le cinéma
Avec mon face à main
Avec une si belle main
Avenging and bright (Anon/Britten)
Away with the music of Broadway
Aye, my lad, I've borne my creel
Ayihlome / Qula kwedini (Anon/Muyanga)
B for Barney (Anon/Hughes)
Ba mo leanabh 'O my baby' (Anon/Jackson/Mackenzie)
Ba, be, bi, bo, bu
Baby, baby dear
Bächlein, wie du eilen kannst
Banalités, FP107 (Poulenc)
Barbara Allen (Anon/Quilter)
Barefoot I went and made no sound
Be near me when my light is low
Be still, my sweet sweeting, no longer do cry
Before life and after
Before Lord God made the sea and the land
Belle âme qui fus mon flambeau
Belle source, je veux me rappeler sans cesse
Belle, méchante, menteuse, injuste
Belles journées, souris du temps
Benbecula Bridal Procession (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Beneath the light-leaved sycamores
Beneath the spreading wings of evening
Berceuse 'Mazurka in C major, Op 33 No 3' (Chopin/Viardot)
Bessie Bell and Mary Gray
Bessie Bobtail
Between your sheets you soundly sleep
Białą chorągiewka
Big Ben Blues (Owen Norris)
Bird Scarer's Song (Anon/Britten)
Bird Scarer's Song (Anon/Britten/Matthews)
Birds at the Fairy Fulling (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Black is the color (Anon/Chilcott)
Black is the colour of my true love's hair (Anon/Earley)
Black is the colour of my true love's hair (Anon/Niles)
Black Stitchel (Gurney)
Blah blah blah (Gershwin/Vignoles)
Blaweary (Gurney)
Bleuet, FP102 (Poulenc)
Blow away the morning dew (Anon/Langford)
Blow, blow, thou winter wind
Bó na leathadhairce (Anon/Earley)
Bobby Shaftoe (Anon/Carleston)
Bobby Shaftoe (Anon/Langford)
Bonjour toi, colombe verte
Bonne d'enfant
Bonne journée
Bonnie James Campbell
Bonnie wee thing (Anon/Davie)
Bonny at morn 'with guitar' (Anon/Britten)
Bonny at morn 'with harp' (Anon/Britten)
Botany Bay (Anon/Rice)
Boyhood's End (Tippett)
Bread and cherries (Gurney)
Bright Phoebus (Anon/Oates/Le Page)
Brush up your Shakespeare (Porter/Burton)
Bugeilio'r Gwenith Gwyn 'Watching the Wheat' (Anon/Britten)
Burd Ellen and young Tamlane
Burg meiner Väter … O Vater der Güte ich stammle (Graf)
Business Girls (Dring)
By a bierside (Gurney)
By beauteous softness mixed with majesty, Z332/7
By Strauss (Gershwin)
By the sea
By yon bonnie banks and by yon bonnie braes
Ca' the yowes (Anon/Britten)
Ca' the yowes (Anon/Liddell)
Ca' the yowes (Anon/MacLean/Bateman)
Ca' the yowes (Anon/Vaughan Williams)
Cabin in the sky (Arlen)
Caleno custure me (Anon/Plant)
Calligrammes, FP140 (Poulenc)
Calmes dans le demi-jour
Can ye no' hush yer weepin', O?
Can you recall, dear comrade, when we tramped God's land together
Cancer: The Crab
Canon and Gigue in D (Pachelbel/Brody/Reynolds)
Capricorn: The Goat
Caristiona (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Cariwch, medd Dafydd, Fy nhelun i mi 'Bring me my harp'
Carte postale
Castor et Pollux (Rameau/Aareskjold/Bennett)
Cathleen ni Houlihan (Gurney)
Ce doux petit visage, FP99 (Poulenc)
Certes si nous avions vécu en l’an dix-sept cent soixante
C'est ainsi que tu es
C'est le joli printemps
Chanson à boire
Chanson bretonne
Chanson d'automne
Chanson de fol (Honegger)
Chanson de la fille frivole
Chanson de l'oranger sec
Chanson d'Orkenise
Chanson triste (Duparc)
Chansons du clair-tamis
Chansons gaillardes, FP42 (Poulenc)
Chansons grises (Hahn)
Chansons villageoises, FP117 (Poulenc)
Chère âme, sans toi j'expire
Chinese Gardens (Roth)
Christmas 1936
Ciel! les colonies
Cinq poèmes de Paul Éluard, FP77 (Poulenc)
Clairières dans le ciel (Boulanger)
Close my darling both your eyes
Cocardes, FP16 (Poulenc)
Colloque, FP108 (Poulenc)
Colombe, colombe verte
Colombe, l’amour et l’esprit
Come away, death
Come unto these yellow sands
Come unto these yellow sands, Z631
Come ye sons of Art, away, Z323 (Purcell/Britten)
Come you not from Newcastle? (Anon/Britten)
Come, browse, my goats, Christ's manger hay
Come, sleep, and with thy sweet deceiving
Come, sleep, and with thy sweet deceiving
Come, sweetheart, come (Knowles)
Comin' thro' the rye (Anon/Liddell)
Comme d'un sein ouvert la main arrache une arme
Complainte de la Seine (Weill)
Con amores, la mi madre (Anchieta/Chilcott)
Connaissez-vous la blanche tombe
Contigo aprendí (Manzanero/Esteban)
Couple amoureux aux accents méconnus
Couplets bachiques
Courting is a pleasure (Anon/Earley)
Coventry Carol (Anon/Halsey)
Crabbed age and youth (Dring)
Cradle Song (Berkeley)
Cradle song (Herbert)
Cradle song (Warlock)
Cricket Theme Medley (Anon/L'Estrange)
Crossing the bar (Knowles)
Cruckhaun Finn (Anon/Hughes)
Da ich ein Knabe war
Da voi, cari lumi
Dadl dau (Anon/Webber)
Dance to your daddy (Anon/Byram-Wigfield)
Dance to your shadow (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Danny boy (Anon/Earley)
Danny boy (Anon/Knight)
Danny boy (Anon/L'Estrange)
Dans l'air s'en vont les ailes
Dans le jardin d'Anna
Dans le noir
Dans les ténèbres du jardin
Dans l'herbe
Dans ton cœur dort un clair de lune
Dark is the night
Dark rose of my heart (Swann)
Dark, he moves from shade to sun
Das eilende Bächlein
Das verlassene Mägdlein
Das war ich, D174a D450a (Schubert/Hoorickx)
Dashing away with the smoothing iron
Dashing away with the smoothing iron (Anon/Byrt)
David of the White Rock (Owen/Britten)
David of the White Rock (Owen/Britten/Matthews)
Day is the hero's shield
De jour merci de nuit prends garde
Dear Andy Flower
Dear delight (Head)
Dear harp of my country! (Anon/Britten)
Dear thoughts are in my mind
Dear thoughts are in my mind, and my soul soars enchanted
Dear thoughts are in my mind, and my soul soars enchanted
Deep river
Deep river (Anon/Lawson)
Deine edlen weissen Hände
Demain fera un an
Depuis neuf ans et plus dans l'amphore scellé
Depuis un moi, chère exilée
Der Damm zerreisst, das Feld erbraust
Der Gärtner
Der Graf von Gleichen, D918 (Schubert/Dünser)
Der König sass beim frohen Mahle
Der Kranke
Der Morgenstern, D172 (Schubert/Hoorickx)
Dernier poème, FP163 (Poulenc)
Des Menschen Seele
Desdemona's song
Desire in Spring (Gurney)
Deux ancolies
Deux mélodies de Guillaume Apollinaire, FP127 (Poulenc)
Deux mélodies inédites du bestiaire, FP15b (Poulenc)
Deux mélodies, FP162 (Poulenc)
Deux mélodies, FP162 (Poulenc)
Deux poèmes de Guillaume Apollinaire, FP94 (Poulenc)
Deux poèmes de Louis Aragon, FP122 (Poulenc)
Diaphenia (Britten)
Didone abbandonata 'Vedi quanto t'adoro', D510a (Schubert/Hoorickx)
Die drei Sänger, D329 (Schubert/Hoorickx)
Die Entzückung an Laura, D577 (Schubert/Hoorickx)
Die Heimat
Die Munterkeit ist meinen Wangen
Die Wallfahrt, D778a (Schubert/Hoorickx)
Dies eine kann mein Sehnen nimmer fassen
Dir, Mädchen, schlägt mit leisem Beben
Dithyrambe, D47 (Schubert/Hoorickx)
Don’t turn around
Donc, ce sera par un clair jour d'été
Don't fence me in (Porter/Burton)
Dors au fond de l'allée
Doundou tchil
Douze Rondels (Hahn)
Douze Rondels (Hahn)
Douze Rondels (Hahn)
Down by the riverside (Anon/Rice)
Down by the salley gardens (Anon/Carleston)
Down by the salley gardens (Anon/Hughes)
Down by the salley gardens (Gurney)
Down by the salley gardens my love and I did meet
Down by the sally gardens
Down by the sea lived a lonesome oyster
Down by the sea lived a lonesome oyster
Down yonder green valley where streamlets meander
Dream Angus (Anon/Roberton)
Drei Lieder, Op 18 (Korngold)
Drei Lieder, Op 22 (Korngold)
Drink to me only with thine eyes (Anon/Quilter)
Drink to me only with thine eyes (Anon/Roberton)
Du reine Frau aus Licht und Elfenbein
Du Stadt, du Psalm, aus Gottes Mund erklungen
Du, der ewig um mich trauert
Dúlamán (Anon/Earley)
Dulcibella, when e'er I sue for a kiss, Z485 (Purcell/Britten)
D'une prison (Hahn)
D'une rose mourante
Early one morning (Anon/Britten)
Early one morning (Anon/L'Estrange)
Early one morning (Anon/Parry)
Easter day was a holiday
Eau-de-vie! Au-delà!
Echo (Hindemith)
Edward, Edward (Gurney)
Eho! Eho! (Anon/Britten)
El vito (Anon/Esteban)
Elegiac sonnet (Bliss)
Élégie (Ives)
Elle est gravement gaie
Elles ont les épaules hautes
En allant se coucher le soleil
En la Macarenita (Anon/Chilcott)
En mes coupes d'un prix modique
En prière (Fauré)
En sourdine
Enfant de troupe
Enfant, cède au sommeil qui ferme ta paupière
Entendez-vous c'est le signal
Entoure ce citron de blanc d’œuf informe
Entra l'uomo allor che nasce 'Aria di Abramo', D33 No 1 (Schubert/Hoorickx)
Entra l'uomo allor che nasce 'Aria di Abramo', D33 No 2 (Schubert/Hoorickx)
Entre les fauves et les cubistes
Epitaph (Tate)
Epitaph in Old Mode (Gurney)
Épitaphe, FP55 (Poulenc)
Es dunkelt schon in der Heide (Anon/Langford)
Et le soir vient et les lys meurent
Et puis ce soir on s’en ira
Études latines (Hahn)
Even such is time (Gurney)
Everyone sang (Knowles)
Ev'ry time I feel the spirit
Ev'ry time we say goodbye (Porter/Burton)
Fagnes de Wallonie
Faible cœur 'Mazurka in F minor, Op 7 No 3' (Chopin/Viardot)
Fair and true (Warlock)
Fair is my love
Fair Lady Isobel sits in her bower sewing
Faire Daffadills, we weep to see
Fairest isle
Fais rafraîchir mon vin de sorte
Fancie (Britten)
Fancy, FP174 (Poulenc)
Far I hear the galloping galley
Fare thee well, my sun and moon light
Fare you well, my dear, I must be gone
Farewell to old England for ever
Feel the spirit (Anon/Rutter)
Feller from Fortune (Anon/Chilcott)
Fêtes galantes
Fêtes galantes (Hahn)
Fiançailles pour rire, FP101 (Poulenc)
Figure de force brûlante et farouche
Fileuse (Anon/Britten)
Finish! Finish, these Languours make me sick
Fish in river
Five Am'rous Sighs (Dove)
Five Am'rous Sighs (Dove)
Five Chinese Lyrics (Oldham)
Five Elizabethan Songs (Gurney)
Five Elizabethan Songs (Gurney)
Five Poems of Anna Akhmatova, Op 27 (Prokofiev)
Five Shakespeare Songs (Thomson)
Five Traditional Songs (Anon/Rutter)
Flow gently
For Jillian of Berry she dwells on a hill
For Morn, my dome of blue
For Poulenc (Rorem)
For the rain, it raineth every day
Four lyrics from In memoriam (Swann)
Four Romances on Poems by Pushkin, Op 46 (Shostakovich)
Four Shakespeare Songs, Op 31 (Korngold)
Four Songs (Purcell/Adès)
Four Songs (Purcell/Adès)
Four Songs, Op 13 (Barber)
Four Songs, Op 13 (Barber)
Friendly Persuasions (Heggie)
Froh kehrt der Schiffer heim an den stillen Strom
Fröhliches Scheiden, D896 (Schubert/Hoorickx)
From California (Roth)
From silent shades and the Elysian groves
From silent shades and the Elysian groves
From star to star, from sun and spring and leaf
From sweet lovely Derry for fair London town
Full fathom five
Full fathom five, Z631
Full moon
Fünf Lieder, Op 38 (Korngold)
Fünf Lieder, Op 38 (Korngold)
Fünf Lieder, Op 38 (Korngold)
Fünf Lieder, Op 38 (Korngold)
Fünf Lieder, Op 38 (Korngold)
Funny, the thoughts I have at night
Gar fröhlich kann ich scheiden
Gardez le trait de la fenêtre
Gedichte von Eduard Mörike (Wolf/Gottwald)
Gefasster Abschied
Gemini: The Twins
Gens du midi gens du midi
Georges Braque
Gesang der Geister über den Wassern, D705 (Schubert/Asti)
Gin a body, meet a body
God in me is the fury on the bare heath
God set a crimson rose upon your mouth
Golden slumbers
Golden slumbers kiss your eyes
Gols is the corn in the valley
Good people all, this Christmas time
Good people keep their holy day
Goodnight to the meadow (Gurney)
Gortnamona (Green)
Green grow the rashes (Anon/MacLean/Logan)
Greensleeves (Anon/Britten)
Greensleeves (Anon/Chilcott)
Greensleeves (Anon/Webber)
Gretchens Bitte 'Gretchen im Zwinger', D564 (Schubert/Britten)
Grüner wird die Au
Gur e mo ghille dubh-dhonn (Anon/Earley)
Had I a golden pound (Head)
Hälfte des Lebens
Ha'nacker Mill
Ha'nacker Mill (Gurney)
Happiness is a thing called Joe
Harawi (Messiaen)
Hark the ech'ing air!
Have you been catching of fish, Tom Noddy?
Hawk and Buckle (Gurney)
Hears not my Phillis how the birds
Heart of Fire-love (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Heaven bles the babe! they said
Heigh my hearts!
Heiland Harry (Anon/MacLean/Bateman)
Here, a sheer hulk, lies poor Tom Bowling
Herr, schicke was du willt
Hey Robin
Hickory Hill (Sargent)
Homme au sourire tendre
Horsemen (Herbert)
Hour by hour flow my tears in the darkness
How blest are shepherds
How sweet the answer (Anon/Britten)
How sweet the answer Echo makes
Hug ò in ò! When winds do blow, sea reivers know the maddening music
Huit chansons polonaises, FP69 (Poulenc)
Huit chansons polonaises, FP69 (Poulenc)
Huit chansons polonaises, FP69 (Poulenc)
Huit chansons polonaises, FP69 (Poulenc)
Huit chansons polonaises, FP69 (Poulenc)
Hunan blentyn, ar fy mynwes
Hunan blentyn, ar fy mynwes
Hush-a-ba, birdie, croon, croon (Anon/Moffat)
Hyde Park
Hymn to God the Father (Humfrey/Tippett/Bergmann)
Hymne, FP144 (Poulenc)
I am gone, sir
I am Queen Anne, of whom 'tis said
I am supple of body and sport with the wind
I attempt from love's sickness to fly
I attempt from love's sickness to fly
I cannot get to my love if I would dee
I cannot get to my love, if I would dee
I cannot lose thee for a day
I dal a du vil, I dal a du ho ro
I danced in the morning when the world was begun
I dreamed a dreary dream last night
I feel a sudden urge to sing
I fell in love with a Limehouse lass
I get a kick out of you (Porter/Burton)
I got a robe
I had a silver buckle
I have a bonnet trimmed with blue (Anon/Hughes)
I have come to the borders of sleep
I hear an army
I held love's head
I know where I'm goin' (Anon/Hughes)
I know where I'm going
I live again
I love my love (Anon/Lawson)
I must not think of thee
I often ask, because I feel I've every right to know
I once loved a boy and a bold Irish boy
I pant for the music which is divine
I remember, I remember (Knowles)
I saw a strange creature
I see myself in mountain lake
I shall go without companions
I sing of a maiden (Knowles)
I smiled at you because I thought that you
I spy Celia, Z499 (Purcell/Britten)
I stood at the edge of my child's sleep
I take no pleasure in the sun's bright beams, Z388 (Purcell/Britten)
I walked last night with my old friend
I wander'd lonely as a cloud
I was angry with my friend
I was mighty blue
I watched the Lady Caroline
I will give my love an apple (Anon/Britten)
I will walk with my love (Anon/Hughes)
I wish I were on yonder hill
I wonder as I wander (Anon/Britten)
Ich reit' ins finstre Land hinein
Ich sass an einer Tempelhalle
Ich schleiche bang und still herum, D787 No 2 (Schubert/Spiegl)
Ich wünsche dir Glück
If I had my way I'd trail you night and day
If I should die, think only this of me
If love were all (Coward)
If music be the food of love, Z379a (Purcell/Britten)
If music be the food of love, Z379a (Purcell/Tippett/Bergmann)
If music be the food of love, Z379c (Purcell/Britten)
I-Goli izwe lokhuhlupheka
Il est quelqu'un sur terre (Anon/Britten)
Il faut s’aimer toujours
Il la prend dans ses bras
Il me faut retourner aux anciennes amours
Il ne parle plus, l'escalier sourit
Il pleut
Il vole
I'll sail upon the dog-star
I'll sing you a song and it's not very long
Ils se disent, ma colombe
I'm a decent good Irish body (Anon/Hughes)
I'm homesick for my hills again
I'm lonesome since I cross'd the hill
Im Treibhaus
In a shady nook one moonlit night
In an arbour green (Warlock)
In Chester town there liv'd a brisk young widow
In der Väter Hallen ruhte
In Flanders (Gurney)
In grüner Landschaft Sommerflor
In guilty night, and hid in false disguise
In meine innige Nacht
In memoriam (Gill)
In memoriam (Knowles)
In praise of his Daphnis
In Praise of Woman (Poston)
In pride, high, leapest thou
In Scarlet Town, where I was born
In the beck
In the black dismal dungeon of despair, Z190 (Purcell/Britten)
In the black furrow of a field
In the dark pinewood (Barber)
In the dell are camped the gypsies
In the dim light of the golden lamp
In the eyes of our minds
In the heat of the day when the sun shines so freely
In the mist (Swann)
In the mornin' (Anon/Ives)
In the scented bud of the morning – O
In the still of the night (Porter/Burton)
In the swirl of its pool
In the tent
In the wild October night-time
Incassum Lesbia, incassum rogas
Infidélité (Hahn)
Invocation aux Parques
Iona Boat Song (Anon/Roberton)
Irrémédiable vie
Is that Mister Riley, who keeps the hotel?
Islay Reaper's Song (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Isle of my Heart (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Ist nicht heilig mein Herz, schöneren Lebens voll
It always seems funny
It is good to be out on the road
It is good to be out on the road
It is the academic conclusion that beyond reasonable doubt
It was a lover and his lass
Italienisches Liederbuch (Wolf/Gottwald)
It's de-lovely (Porter/Burton)
It's evening. I lack courage
It's up in the highlands, along the sweet Tay
Iunoshu, gor’ko rydaia
I've got you under my skin (Porter/Burton)
I've written you a song, a beautiful routine
J’ai perdu ma poulette
J’ai rêvé tellement fort de toi
J’ai vu reluire en un coin de mes âges
J’allais dans la campagne avec le vent d’orage
Jack Spratt
Jacques Villon
J'ai traversé les ponts de Cé
Je garde une médaille d'elle
Je jure, tant que je vivrai
Je me metz en vostre mercy
Je n’aime plus la rue Saint-Martin
Je n'ai envie que de t'aimer
Je n'ai plus que les os
Je ne peux plus rien dire
Je nommerai ton front
Je suis jaloux, Psyché, de toute la nature
Je suis tant que dure le jour
Jean Martin prit sa besace
Jeanne Houhou la très gentille
Jeg gik mig ud en sommerdag (Anon/Rice)
Jenny kiss'd me (Herbert)
Jeszcze jeden mazur dzisiaj, nim poranek świta
Jeune homme de vingt ans
Jillian of Berry (Warlock)
Jingle bells (Pierpont/Parry)
Joan Miró
Johanna Sebus, D728 (Schubert/Hoorickx)
Johnnie cam' to our toun
Johnny Doyle (Anon/Hughes)
Johnny I hardly knew ye (Anon/Hughes)
Joshua fit the battle of Jericho
Jouer du bugle
Joyful Noise (Swann)
Juan Gris
Jüngst träumte mir, ich sah auf lichten Höhen
K moryu 'To the sea'
Katchikatchi les étoiles
Khudozhnik-varvar kist’iu sonnoi
Kind Robin lo'es me (Anon/Davie)
King Arthur (Anon/Roberton)
King Arthur, or The British Worthy, Z628 (Purcell/Britten)
King Harald's saga (Weir)
Kirsteen (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Kishmul's Galley (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Kitten of course is the small for cat
Kolïbel'naya 'Lullaby'
Kreytserova sonata 'The Kreutzer Sonata'
L’aurore s’allume
L’enfant cherche sa voix
L’ombre de la très douce est évoquée ici
La belle est au jardin d'amour (Anon/Britten)
La belle jeunesse
La bonne chanson
La chère blessure (Hahn)
La colombe
La courte paille, FP178 (Poulenc)
La Cucaracha (Anon/Atmajian)
La dame d'André
La dame de Monte-Carlo, FP180 (Poulenc)
La danse 'Mazurka in G major, Op 50 No 1' (Chopin/Viardot)
La dure épreuve va finir
La fête 'Mazurka in E flat minor, Op 6 No 4' (Chopin/Viardot)
La fraîcheur et le feu, FP147 (Poulenc)
La grâce exilée
La grande rivière qui va
La Grenouillère, FP96 (Poulenc)
La jeunesse nous quitte, et les Grâces aussi
La lune blanche
La maîtresse volage
La mer n’a pas d’oranges
La noël passée (Anon/Britten)
La nuit
La Paloma (Iradier/Atmajian)
La pêche
La petite servante
La puce (Poulenc)
La reine de cœur
La Senna festeggiante, RV693 (Vivaldi/King)
La souris
La Statira (Albinoni/Bennett)
La tragique histoire du petit René
La village est tout en fête
La ville qui dormait, toi
Là-bas dans cette plaine (Anon/Chilcott)
Lad and lass thegither
Lady Isobel and the elf-knight
Lalela Zulu (Glasser)
L'allée est sans fin
Lamento (Duparc)
Lamorna (Anon/Richards)
L'amour de Piroutcha
Land of Heart's Desire (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Land of my fathers (Anon/Manners)
Lange lieb ich dich schon, möchte dich
Last hours (Gurney)
Last night by the sheiling was Mhairi, my beloved
Last night in Carnegie Hall Miss Sadabelle Smith
Last night, a storm of rain
Late at night alone in the sheiling
Late summer (Warlock)
Laura, über diese Welt zu flüchten
L'aurore (Fauré)
Lauter Freude fühl’ ich
Lay a garland on my hearse
Lay that burden down
Le baylère (Anon/Richards)
Le bon Pierrot, que la foule contemple
Le carafon
Le ciel est, par-dessus le toit
Le clocher chante
Le coucou c'est un bel oiseau
Le disparu, FP134 (Poulenc)
Le front comme un drapeau perdu
Le galop (Duparc)
Le garçon de Liège
Le jour
Le matin les branches attisent
Le mendiant
Le pêcheur vidant ses filets
Le petit garçon trop bien portant
Le portrait, FP92 (Poulenc)
Le printemps
Le retour du sergent
Le roi s'en va-t'en chasse (Anon/Britten)
Le sergent s’en revient de guerre
Le serpent
Le soir qu’Amour vous fit en la salle descendre
Le sommeil
Le souci, plus léger que les vents de l'Épire
Le souvenir d'avoir chanté
Le tombeau
Le travail du peintre, FP161 (Poulenc)
Le trésor du verger et le jardin en fête
Lebenstraum 'Gesang in c', D1a (Schubert/Hoorickx)
Leise flehen meine Lieder
Lemady (Anon/Britten)
Lemady (Anon/Britten/Matthews)
L'énamourée (Hahn)
L'enfant muet
Lenten flowers
Leo: The Lion
Les anges musiciens
Les bijoux aux poitrines
Les chemins de l'amour, FP106 (Poulenc)
Les cieux resplendissants d'étoiles
Les donneurs de sérénades
Les donneurs de sérénades
Les épis sont à Cérès
Les étoiles
Les faiseurs de religions
Les gars qui vont à la fête
Les hiboux (Séverac)
Les lilas qui avaient fleuri
Les rois d’Égypte et de Syrie
Les sanglots long
Les sorciers et les fées dansent sur le côteau
Les trois dames qui jouaient du bugle
L'escalier redit, gestes du soleil
Let the dreadful engines of eternal will
L'habitant de Saint Barbe (Anon/Chilcott)
L'herbe est molle au sommeil sous les frais peupliers
L'heure exquise
Libra: The Scales
Liebesrausch, D164 (Schubert/Hoorickx)
Lied eines Kindes, D596 (Schubert/Hoorickx)
Lied in der Abwesenheit, D416 (Schubert/Mandyczewski/Deutsch)
Life and its follies are fading away
Light now restricts itself
Light, stillness and peace lie on the broad sands
Lights Out
Lillygay (Warlock)
Limehouse Reach
L'incanto degli occhi, D990e (Schubert/Hoorickx)
L'Incrédule (Hahn)
Lisa lân (Anon/Webber)
Little David, play on your harp (Anon/Roberts)
Little Elegy (Rorem)
Little Sir William (Anon/Britten)
Loch Broom Love Song (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Loch Leven Love Lament (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Loch Lomond (Anon/Overton)
Lolay, lolay. Als I lay on Yoleis night (Anon/Wishart)
L'ombre des arbres dans la rivière embrumée
London Pride (Coward)
Longing (Swann)
Longtemps au pied du perron de
Lord of the Dance (Anon/Rutter)
Lord Randall (Anon/Scott)
Lord! I married me a wife (Anon/Britten)
Lorma sass in der Halle von Aldo. Sie sass
Lorsque j'étais jeunette, je gardais les moutons
Lost in the stars (Weill)
Lost is my quiet for ever, Z502 (Purcell/Britten)
Love gave I to thee, my lover
Loveliest of trees (Herbert)
Lovely kind, and kindly loving
Love's Lament (Head)
Love's secret (Herbert)
Low lie the mists
Lullaby (Warlock)
Lully, lulla, thou little tiny child
Lune d'avril
M’as-tu connu marchand d’journaux
Ma chambre a la forme d'une cage
Ma guitare, je te chante
Ma maîtresse est volage
Mad about the boy (Coward)
Mad Bess, Z370 (Purcell/Britten)
Mad Bess, Z370 (Purcell/Tippett/Bergmann)
Madame Eustache a dix-sept filles
Madrid (Puget)
Mae hen wlad fy nhadau yn annwyl i mi
Mai (Hahn)
Maig (Toldrá)
Mailied, D503 (Schubert/Hoorickx)
Main dominée par le cœur, FP135 (Poulenc)
Mains agitées aux grimaces nouées
Man is for the woman made
Mandoline, L43 (Debussy)
Marc Chagall
Marguerite (Swann)
Marie Laurencin (Auric)
Master Kilby (Anon/Britten)
Maxwelton’s braes are bonnie
Mazurka, FP145 (Poulenc)
Medley (Coward)
Mein kleiner grüner Kaktus (Reisfeld/Runswick)
Meine Tränen im Bussgewand
Mélodies passagères, Op 27 (Barber)
Métamorphoses, FP121 (Poulenc)
Mi sy'n fachgen ifanc ffôl 'I am a young and foolish lad'
Miel de Narbonne
Mieux qu'une tour profane
Miroirs brûlants, FP98 (Poulenc)
Mirror (Davis)
Misero pargoletto, D42 No 1b (Schubert/Hoorickx)
Miss Otis regrets (Porter/Burton)
Mists (Ives)
Mit dir zu schweigen
Mit gelben Birnen hänget
Mo Ghille Mear (Mac Domhnaill/Earley)
Mo li hua 'Jasmine flower song' (Anon/Cleobury)
Mo li hua 'Jasmine flower song' (Anon/Lawson)
Mollement accoudée
Mon amie, il faut que je parte
Mon cadavre est doux comme un gant
Mond, so gehst du wieder auf
Monday, Tuesday (Anon/Hughes)
Money, O!
Monsieur Sans-Souci
Montagnarde (Anon/Chilcott)
Morceau pour piston seul, polka
Most Holy Night (Gurney)
Most Holy Night, that still dost keep
Mrs MacQueen
MS of Benedictbeuern (Herbert)
Music (Tippett)
Music for a while
Music for a while
Music for a while
My abode's not silent, but I am not loud-mouthed
My agaran rosen wyn mar whek mar dek del dyfhy
My babe on a curling green wave
My breast is puffed up and my neck extended
'My God! My God,' she said
My heart belongs to Daddy (Porter/Burton)
My heart still hovering round about you
My Lagan love (Anon/Drayton)
My love is like a red, red rose (Anon/Carrington)
My love is like a red, red rose (Anon/Clements)
My love is like a red, red rose (Anon/Ešenvalds)
My love was born in Aberdeen
My mind has thunderstorms
My mistress' eyes
My own country
My own love said to me, My mother won't mind
My story is much too sad to be told
My young love said to me
Nastoyashchuyu nezhnost' 'About real tenderness'
Nature, the gentlest mother (Copland)
Ne crains pas de puiser aux réduits du cellier
Ne jamais la voir ni l'entendre
Near to Banbridge town, in the County Down
Near to Banbridge town, in the County Down
Nedorazumeniye 'Misunderstanding'
Nehm’ ich die Harfe, folgend dem Drange
Never more will the wind (Bolcom)
Never seek to tell thy love
Night (McArthur)
Night and day (Porter/Burton)
Night comes, an angel stands
Night mail (Knowles)
Nimm meinen schwarzen Dornenkranz
Nimmer, das glaubt mir, erscheinen die Götter
Nine of the clock (Gurney)
No me haga usted cosquillas
No, resistance is but vain
Nocturne (Hahn)
Noise of hammers once I heard
Not a line of her writing have I
Not all my torments can your pity move, Z400 (Purcell/Britten)
Not even summer yet (Britten)
Nothing but sweet music wakes
Notre amour est réglé par les calmes étoiles
Nous avons fait la nuit
Nous bénissons la douce nuit
Nous nous aimerons tant
Nous voulons une petite sœur
Now hark, all you gallants!
Now help us Lord, thy yoke to wear
Now listen you landsmen unto me
Now sleep, and take thy rest
Now that the sun hath veiled his light 'An Evening Hymn', Z193 (Purcell/Tippett/Bergmann)
Now that the sun hath veiled his light 'An Evening Hymn', Z193 (Purcell/Wollston)
Nur wer die Liebe kennt 'Impromptu', D513a (Schubert/Hoorickx)
O be still, be still, unquiet thoughts, and rest on love's adventer
Ô blanche Tyndaris, les Dieux me sont amis
O Brighde! 'Tis seaward, the dreamland, the youth land
O can ye sew cushions
O can ye sew cushions? (Anon/Bantock)
O can ye sew cushions? (Anon/Britten)
O come all you young fellows that carry a gun
Ô doux printemps d’autrefois, vertes saisons
O father, father build me a boat (Anon/Hughes)
O heartling of my heart (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
O Himmel! Kannst du mir so freundlich lächeln? … Mein Weib, o Gott, mein süßer Knabe (Graf)
O jezioro, jezioro
O love, 'tis a calm starry night (Anon/Hadley)
O mistress mine
O mistress mine (Morley/Grainger)
O my love is like a red, red rose
O my love’s like a red, red rose
O my Luve’s like a red, red rose
Ô porte de l'hôtel avec deux plantes vertes
O Quell, was strömst du rasch und wild 'Die Blume und der Quell', D874 (Schubert/Hoorickx)
O rich-soiled land, O land of Phthia
O Robin is my only jo, for Robin has the art tae lo'e
O Röschen rot
O Shenandoah, I long to see you
O sick heart, be at rest!
O solitude, my sweetest choice!, Z406 (Purcell/Boothby)
O solitude, my sweetest choice!, Z406 (Purcell/Britten)
O take me to your arms, love
O Tannenbaum (Anon/Halsey)
O the cuckoo she's a pretty bird
O the sight entrancing (Anon/Britten)
O 'twas on the broad Atlantic
O waly, waly
O waly, waly (Anon/Bannan)
O waly, waly (Anon/Britten)
O waly, waly (Anon/Britten/Boothby)
O waly, waly (Anon/Turner)
O what are you waiting for here, young man?
O where hae ye been, Lord Randall, my son?
O Willie's gane tae Melville Castle (Anon/Stephen)
O, chì, chì mi na mòrbheanna (Cameron/MacMillan)
O, whistle and I'll come to you, my lad (Anon/Stephen)
O’er the smooth enamelled green
October Valley (Head)
Oedipus, Z583 (Purcell/Boothby)
Oedipus, Z583 (Purcell/Britten)
Oedipus, Z583 (Purcell/Tippett/Bergmann)
Of all the girls that are so smart
Of cool sweet dew and radiance mild
Officiers de la Garde Blanche
Offrande (Hahn)
Offre un encens modeste aux Lares familiers
Oft in the stilly night (Anon/Britten)
Oh day, Yonder come day
Oh how oft do my thoughts in their fancy take flight
Oh the summertime is coming
Oh yet we trust that somehow good
Oh, all the money that e'er I had
Oh, breathe not his name (Anon/Moore/Hughes)
Oh, Danny Boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling
Oh, Danny Boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling
Oh, for a March wind (Head)
Oh, there’s lots of fish in Bonavist’ harbour
Oiseau d'étoile
Old bones (Muhly)
Old English song
Old lady in the herb garden
Old woman, old woman, are you fond of smoking?
Oliver Cromwell (Anon/Britten)
Ombre amene, amiche piante 'La serenata', D990f (Schubert/Hoorickx)
On a time (Herbert)
On buying a horse (Weir)
On the brow of Richmond Hill, Z405 (Purcell/Britten)
On the crest of their Downs
On the town (Bernstein)
On voit des marquis sur des bicyclettes
Once I had a sprig of thyme
Once I loved such a shattering physician
One evening just at sunset we laid him in the grave
One midsummer's morn as I was a-walking
One midsummer's morn as I were a-walking
One morning very early, one morning in the spring
One night as Dick lay half asleep
One white foot, try him
Only the wanderer knows England's graces
Oroonoko, Z584 (Purcell/Britten)
Orpheus with his lute (Schuman)
Ostatni mazur
Où le bedeau a passé
Oublie, ô Pholoé, la lyre et les festins
Out at sea, fair is she
Over the bridge (Lloyd Webber)
Over the hills and far away (Anon/Bennett)
Over the mountains (Anon/Quilter)
Over the rim of the moon (Head)
Pablo Picasso
Pâle espionne de l’Amour
Pamyat' o solntse 'Thoughts of the sunlight'
Pan fyddwyn rhodio gyda’r hwyr
Par ce que j'ai souffert
Par les portes d’Orkenise
Par un souris l'Amour surpris
Parfois, je suis triste
Parisian Pierrot (Coward)
Parisiana, FP157 (Poulenc)
Pasional (Yépez/Esteban)
Passing by (Warlock)
Passing stranger! you do not know how longingly I look upon you
Pâtre, par delà l’eau
Patroclus whirls there across the plain
Paul Éluard
Paul et Virginie, FP132 (Poulenc)
Paul Klee
Pausanias, the Betrayer of his Country, Z585 (Purcell/Britten)
Pausanias, the Betrayer of his Country, Z585 (Purcell/Tippett/Bergmann)
Paysage (Hahn)
Paysage triste
Peacock Pie (Howells)
Peat Fire Smooring Prayer (Anon/Roberton)
Pépita reine de Venise
Pesni i plyaski smerti 'Songs and dances of death' (Musorgsky/Shostakovich)
Peut-il se reposer
Pflicht und Liebe, D467 (Schubert/Friedländer)
Phidylé (Duparc)
Philis (Séverac)
Pierre Bernac
Pierrot, FP66 (Poulenc)
Pious Celinda goes to prayers, Z410 (Purcell/Britten)
Pisces: The Fish
Plainte d'amour 'Mazurka in F sharp minor, Op 6 No 1' (Chopin/Viardot)
Plaisir d'amour (Martini/Richards)
Plume d'eau claire
Płynie Wisła płynie
Poèmes de Ronsard, FP38 (Poulenc)
Pōkarekare ana (Anon/Roberts)
Polkovodets 'The field-marshal'
Polska młodzież
Potomki 'The descendants'
Pourquoi, pourquoi m’avez vous abandonné?
Pourquoi, se plaignait la carafe
Prépare-toi, faible cœur
Préservez-nous du feu et du tonnerre
Pretty ring time (Warlock)
Primrose, anemone, bluebell, moss
Produzhdeniye vesnï 'Spring awakening'
Psyche (Paladilhe)
Puces, amis, amantes même
Puirt a' bheul (Anon/Runswick)
Puisque tout passe
Puisqu'ici-bas toute âme
Puisqu'ici-bas toute âme
Quand je chemine, le soir
Quand je fus pris au pavillon
Quand je fus pris au pavillon
Quand j'étais chez mon père (Anon/Britten)
Quand le ciel et mon heure
Quand les gens
Quand on est morte entre les mortes
Quatre chansons pour enfants, FP75 (Poulenc)
Quatre poèmes de Guillaume Apollinaire, FP58 (Poulenc)
Quatre poèmes de Léo Latil, Op 20 (Milhaud)
Queen Anne (Warlock)
Quell' innocente figlio 'Aria dell' angelo', D17 No 1 (Schubert/Hoorickx)
Quell' innocente figlio 'Aria dell' angelo', D17 No 2 (Schubert/Hoorickx)
Quelle aventure!
Raiders' dawn (Swann)
Rain has fallen
Rain storm
Raymonde Linossier
Rayons des yeux
Reine des mouettes
Reiselied (Mendelssohn/Asti)
Remember this, Op 40 (Venables)
Renouncement (Herbert)
Renouveau (Boulanger)
Répétition planétaire
Rest, sweet nymphs (Warlock)
Rêverie (Hahn)
Rêverie (Saint-Saëns)
Review (Dougherty)
Reynardine (Anon/Hughes)
Rhyme (Walton)
Rich and rare (Anon/Britten)
Rich or poor (Bliss)
Rien que ce doux petit visage
Ring out, wild bells, to the wild sky
Robin Goodfellow (Warlock)
Rôdeuse au front de verre
Romantic Residues (Roth)
Romanze, D144 (Schubert/Hoorickx)
Rose kissed me today (Herbert)
Rosemonde, FP158 (Poulenc)
Rouge-violet, noir sur noir
Round and Round
Round, round, round goes the merry-go-round
Rule a Wife and Have a Wife, Z587 (Purcell/Britten)
Rży koniczek mój bułany
Sagittarius: The Archer
Sail on, sail on (Anon/Britten)
Sailing with thee thro' seas of Erin
Sailor-boy (Anon/Britten)
Saint Anthony whom I bear
Sally in our alley (Carey/Britten)
Sally is gone that was so kindly
Sally is gone that was so kindly
Satirï 'Satires', Op 109 (Shostakovich)
Saul and the witch at Endor, Z134 (Purcell/Britten)
Save Me (Davis)
Scarborough Fair (Anon/Gabbitas)
Scarborough Fair (Anon/Roberts)
Schwingt freudig euch empor, BWV36 (Bach/Roberts)
Scorpio: The Scorpion
Scotch minstrelsy (Weir)
Scots wha hae (Anon/Liddell)
'Sé mo laoch mo ghille mear
Sea love (Bliss)
Sea Moods (Tyson)
Sea Wandering (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Sea-longing (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser/Bantock)
Searching for lambs (Anon/Rutter)
Sechs Hölderlin-Fragmente (Britten)
Sein Lauf kam von Vater her
Sent as a present from Annam
Séraphine (Hahn)
Serenada 'Serenade'
Sérénade (Duparc)
Seroglazïy korol' 'The grey-eyed king'
Severn Meadows (Gurney)
She is gentle and also wise
She lived beside the Anner (Anon/Hughes)
She moved thro' the fair (Anon/Hughes)
She moved thro' the fair (Anon/Young)
She moved through the fair (Anon/Runswick)
She walks in beauty (Knowles)
Sheep and cattle I hae nane, O
Shenandoah (Anon/Chilcott)
Shenandoah (Anon/Chilcott)
Shenandoah (Anon/Erb)
Shepherd, leave decoying
She's like the swallow (Anon/Britten)
She's like the swallow (Anon/Britten/Matthews)
She's like the swallow (Anon/Chapman)
She's like the swallow (Anon/Chilcott)
Shoemaker, shoemaker, are ye within?
Shoo all 'er birds you be so black
Shoo all 'er birds you be so black
Should old acquaintance be forgot
'Sí do Mhamó í (Anon/Earley)
Si j'étais, ô mon amoureuse
Si la voix d'un enfant peut monter jusqu'à vous
Si mon marin vous le chassez
Si tout ceci n'est qu'un pauvre rêve
Sie hüpfte mit mir auf grünem Plan
Sie in jedem Liede, D896a (Schubert/Hoorickx)
Sie ist dahin, die Maienlieder tönte
Sigh no more, ladies
Sigh no more, ladies (Bush)
Sigh no more, ladies (Warlock)
Silent worship (Handel/Jacobson)
Simples (Bliss)
Sing-übungen, D619 (Schubert/Roblou)
Siúil a Rún (Anon/McGlynn)
Six Poems of Ruth Pitter (Head)
Six Sea Songs (Head)
Six songs for children (Herbert)
Six Songs, Op 33 (Venables)
Skies ain't gonna cloud no mo'
Skye Water-Kelpie's Lullaby (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Sleep (Warlock)
Sleep my baby on my bosom
Sleep now
Sleep on her breast, roase of my heart
Sleep, oh babe, for the red bee hums
Sleeps the noon in the deep blue sky (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Slow March (Ives)
Slowly, silently, now the moon
Snova tuchi nado mnoiu
So by my singing am I comforted
So in love (Porter/Burton)
So sweet love seemed (Milford)
Softly the civilized centuries fall
Sois le bienvenue, rouge automne
Sokrates und Alcibiades
Soleil de proie prisonnier de ma tête
Soll ich dich denn nun verlassen
Solntse komnatu napolnilo 'Sunlight filled the room'
Sombre nuit, aveugles ténèbres
Some other time
Some talk of Alexander
Somebody's sending me flowers
Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
Song (Herbert)
Song to the witch of the cloisters (Corigliano)
Songs for Achilles (Tippett)
Songs for Ariel (Tippett)
Songs of the clown, Op 29 (Korngold)
Songs of the Countryside (Head)
Songs of the Zodiac (Bush)
Sonnet 153
Sonnet 66, Op 62 No 5 (Shostakovich)
Sonnet 8
Sonnett für Wien, Op 41 (Korngold)
Sore sea-longing in my heart
Sound the trumpet
Soupir (Duparc)
Souric et Mouric
Sous les ifs noirs qui les abritent
Speak low (Weill)
Speed, bonnie boat, like a bird on the wing
St Mark's Square
Ständchen (Weir)
Star Candles (Head)
Stärker als der Tod
Steal away
Steal away (Anon/Chilcott)
Steht ein Mädchen an dem Fenster
Stern der Liebe, Glanzgebilde
Strange dear, but true dear
Strange in the mist to wander!
Sun and moon
Sun stands still (Davis)
Sunday night in the house
Sun-Gold (Lloyd Webber)
Sunset and evening star
Suntanned, windblown
Suo gân (Anon/Bowen)
Suo gân (Anon/Innes)
Suo gân (Anon/Rice)
Suo gân (Anon/Young)
Sur la pente fatale le voyageur profite
Sur les fils de la pluie
Sur ton sein pâle mon cœur dort
Sure on this shining night
Swansongs (Brunning)
Sweet Chance, that led my steps abroad
Sweet content (Warlock)
Sweet Kitty (Anon/Webber)
Sweet Polly Oliver (Anon/Britten)
Sweeter than roses
Sweeter than roses
Swing low, sweet chariot (Anon/Knight)
Swing low, sweet chariot (Anon/Newton-Rex)
Sylvia (Speaks)
Ta chair, d'âme mêlée
Take not a woman's anger ill
Takeda lullaby (Anon/Ives)
Tant de tristesses plénières
Targa swéj wianeczek
Taurus: The Bull
Te voilà, rire du printemps!
Técla: notre âge d’or. Pipe, Carnot, Joffre
Tel jour telle nuit, FP86 (Poulenc)
Tell me where is Fancy bred
Tell me, lovely shepherd (Boyce/Poston)
Tell me, where is fancy bred
Tell me, where is fancy bred
Terra qui floreix
Tewkesbury Road (Head)
Tewkesbury Road (Herbert)
The acorn that we planted will grow into a tree
The ash grove (Anon/Britten)
The Ballad of Nornagest (Anon/Brunt)
The Banks o' Doon (Anon/Roberton)
The banks of my own lovely Lee (Anon/Webber)
The Bard of Armagh (Anon/Hughes)
The beautiful city of Sligo (Anon/Stanford)
The Beggar's Song (Barber)
The birds in the spring (Anon/Oates/Le Page)
The Birlinn of the White Shoulders (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser/Bantock)
The Black Loorgin 'A Hebridean Seafaring Song' (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
The boat is chafing (Gurney)
The bold grenadier
The bonny Earl O'Moray (Anon/Britten)
The braes of Yarrow
The brisk young widow (Anon/Britten)
The British grenadiers
The buckle
The bunny
The Children (Chanler)
The cloths of heaven (Gurney)
The cock is crowing
The cockle gatherer (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
The Collection (Ives)
The Colour (Milford)
The Comical History of Don Quixote, Z578 (Purcell/Britten)
The contented lover (Warlock)
The Coolin of Rhum (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
The cork leg (Anon/Hughes)
The crimson rose (Herbert)
The Crocodile (Anon/Britten)
The Crone's Creel (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
The cuckoo
The daffodils (Knowles)
The Daisies
The dandelion
The Dashing White Sargeant (Anon/Roberton)
The Deaf Woman's Courtship (Anon/Britten)
The Death Farewell (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
The deep sea suckled me, the waves sounded over me
The distracted maid
The earth was green, the sky was blue
The Estuary
The fairest flow’r of all, men call the rose
The Fairy Queen, Z629 (Purcell/Britten)
The Fairy Queen, Z629 (Purcell/Tippett/Bergmann)
The falling star (Anon/Stanford)
The false knight upon the road (Anon/Britten)
The Fanaid grove (Anon/Hughes)
The fatal hour comes on apace, Z421 (Purcell/Tippett/Bergmann)
The fiddler of Dooney (Gurney)
The fields are full (Gurney)
The fields are full of summer still
The foggy, foggy dew (Anon/Britten)
The Fox (Warlock)
The Gartan Mother's Lullaby (Anon/Earley)
The Gartan Mother's Lullaby (Anon/Hughes)
The gentle waves pavilion
The gift to be simple (Anon/Chilcott)
The girl I left behind me
The girls today in society
The Gondolier
The gypsies
The gypsies came to our good lord's castle gates
The hammers (Bliss)
The hare
The harlot’s house
The Harper (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
The herd boy's song
The Herdmaiden's Song (Anon/Roberton)
The hippo
The humble administrator's garden
The Indian Queen, Z630 (Purcell/Britten)
The Indian Queen, Z630 (Purcell/Tippett/Bergmann)
The Isle of Mull (Anon/Roberton)
The Isle of Portland (Orr)
The keel row
The knight met the child in the road
The knotting song, Z371 (Purcell/Britten)
The lark in the clear air (Anon/Carleston)
The lark in the clear air (Anon/Tate)
The lark in the clear air (Anon/Vaughan Williams)
The lark in the morning (Anon/Oates/Le Page)
The last rose of summer (Anon/Britten)
The last rose of summer (Anon/Cambell)
The last rose of summer (Anon/Lynch)
The last rose of summer (Anon/Moore/L'Estrange)
The lazy man (Anon/Chilcott)
The Leaping Galley (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
The leaves fall gently on the grass
The leprehaun (Anon/Joyce/Hughes)
The Lincolnshire poacher (Anon/Britten)
The little angels of Heaven
The little green lane (Anon/Lovatt)
The long September evening dies
The lost nightingale (Herbert)
The lover's maze (Warlock)
The magpie's nest (Anon/Hughes)
The maid of Culmore (Anon/Whyms)
The Maid's Last Prayer, or Any rather than Fail, Z601 (Purcell/Britten)
The man who spills his soup (Anon/McMillan)
The master-of-nets garden
The mermaid (Anon/Vignoles)
The miller of Dee
The miller of Dee (Anon/Britten)
The minstrel boy (Anon/Britten)
The Mock Marriage, Z605 (Purcell/Britten)
The Mock Marriage, Z605 (Purcell/Clarke/Tippett/Bergmann)
The moon is aloft
The next market day (Anon/Hughes)
The night
The night of Trafalgar (Gurney)
The oak and the ash (Anon/Langford)
The Oddities (Dibdin/Britten)
The odds were a hundred to one against me
The old brown thorn-trees break in two
The old turf fire (Anon/Hughes)
The Owl (Britten)
The Oxen (Britten)
The Parting Glass (Anon/Earley)
The pedlar of spells
The physician (Porter/Burton)
The plough boy (Shield/Britten)
The poor soul sat sighing by a sycamore tree
The Prophetess, or The History of Dioclesian, Z627 (Purcell/Tippett/Bergmann)
The Queen's Epicedium, Z383 (Purcell/Britten)
The Queen's Maries (Anon/McVicar)
The ragwort
The Rainbow
The Red Cockatoo (Britten)
The red fox, the sun, tears the throat of the evening
The Reiving Ship (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
The return from town
The Rival Sisters, or The Violence of Love, Z609 (Purcell/Britten)
The Robin on the frosted twig
The robin's petition (Anon/Oates/Le Page)
The Room and the Street
The rose family (Musto)
The salley gardens (Anon/Britten)
The sheep's in the meadows
The sheep's in the meadows, the kye's in the corn
The ship (Gurney)
The Ship at Sea (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
The ships of Arcady
The shoemaker
The shooting of his dear (Anon/Britten)
The sick heart
The Side Show (Ives)
The singer (Gurney)
The singer (Warlock)
The Skye Boat Song (Anon/Earley)
The soldier (Knowles)
The soldier and the sailor (Anon/Britten)
The songs of the birds in the sunshine
The Spanish Lady (Anon/Hughes)
The sprig of thyme
The Sprig of Thyme (Anon/Rutter)
The Sprig of Thyme (Anon/Rutter)
The Sprig of Thyme (Anon/Rutter)
The star of the County Down (Anon/Goodall)
The Star of the County Down (Anon/Hughes)
The star-filled seas are smooth tonight
The stolen heart (Anon/Stanford)
The stuttering lovers (Anon/Hughes)
The sun's in his cradle
The tadpole
The tale of the oyster (Porter)
The tale of the oyster (Porter/Burton)
The tarrying garden
The tempest (Bliss)
The thistles on the sandy flats
The Tiger (Ewazen)
The tocherless lass (Anon/Macfarlane)
The tramps (Bliss)
The trees they grow so high (Anon/Britten)
The turtle dove (Anon/Lawson)
The turtle dove (Anon/Vaughan Williams)
The twa corbies (Gurney)
The Uncanny Mannikin of the Cattlefold (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
The Viper
The war is raging in Europe and in his poetry
The water is wide (Anon/Lawson)
The water is wide, I cannot get o’er
The water is wide, I cannot get o'er
The water is wide, I cannot get o'er
The water is wide, I cannot get o'er
The water of Tyne (Anon/Poston)
The wee cooper o' Fife (Anon/Davie)
The wee cooper o' Fife (Anon/Roberton)
The white cockade (Anon/McVicar)
The Wild Swan (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
The willow tree
The wish
The Witchery Milking Croon (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
The world is growing darker
The wraggle taggle gypsies, O! (Anon/Brittain)
The wraggle taggle gypsies, O! (Anon/Webber)
There is a fish, that quivers in the pool
There is a lady sweet and kind
There is a wind where the rose was
There rolls the deep
There shall be more joy (Nordoff)
There was a jolly miller once
There was a jolly miller once lived on the river Dee
There was a man was half a clown
There was a wee cooper wha lived in Fife
There was a wee copper wha lived in Fife
There was no song nor shout of joy
There were three gypsies a-come to my door
There were three gypsies a-come to my door
There's a wind where the rose was
There's nae lark (Barber)
There's none to soothe (Anon/Britten)
There's not a swain of the plain
These, my Ophelia (Chanler)
They all laughed (Gershwin)
Think of the buried body laid
Thíos cois na toinne
This is a sacred city, built of marvellous earth
This is the night mail crossing the border
This is the weather the cuckoo likes
This night
This time of year (Orr)
This way to the tomb (Britten)
This wind wafts little creatures
Thou gav'st me leave to kiss
Thou slumbering sea below me
Thoughts of Phena
Three Belloc songs (Warlock)
Three Jolly gentlemen (Bliss)
Three Romances (Mosolov)
Three Romantic songs (Bliss)
Three Songs (Bliss)
Three Songs of Venice (Head)
Three Songs, Op 10 (Barber)
Three Songs, Op 2 (Barber)
Three Songs, Op 2 (Barber)
Three times a day (Gershwin)
Three Two-Part Songs (Britten)
Thrice happy lovers, may you be for ever free
Thro' the faintest filigree
Through bushes and through briars (Anon/Vaughan Williams)
Through the years (Youmans)
Tide be runnin' the great world over
Tigaree torum orum (Anon/Hughes)
Tiger! Tiger! burning bright
Times have changed
Tis but a week since down the glen
'Tis the last rose of summer
Tit for Tat
To a stranger (Marder)
To daffodils (Herbert)
To violets (Gurney)
Tom Bowling
Tom O' Bedlam's Song (Bennett)
Tombeau dans un parc
Ton père est à la messe
Toréador, FP11 (Poulenc)
Toungou, ahi, toungou
Tous deux
Tout disparut
Tout est ravi quand vient le Jour
Trèmola rialla
Trigai gwraig bur gysglyd gynt
Triolet (Musto)
Tristes apprêts
Trois chansons de F García Lorca, FP136 (Poulenc)
Trois poèmes de Louise de Vilmorin, FP91 (Poulenc)
True love (Porter/Burton)
Trust me
Tu ab den Schmerz
Tu crois au marc de café
Tu t’acharnes sur la beauté
Tu vois le feu du soir
Tune on my pipe the praise of my Love
Tuoll’ on mun kultani (Anon/Chilcott)
Turn then thine eyes, Z425 (Purcell/Britten)
'Twas on a Monday morning
'Twas on a Monday morning
'Twas within a furlong of Edinboro' town
Two American poems (Bliss)
Two Love songs (Bliss)
Two Love songs (Bliss)
Two Nursery rhymes (Bliss)
Two poems by Oscar Wilde (Swann)
Two poems by Thomas Hardy (Swann)
Two short songs (Warlock)
Two songs (Warlock)
Tyrannic Love, or The Royal Martyr, Z613 (Purcell/Tippett/Bergmann)
Über allen Zauber Liebe, D682 (Schubert/Hoorickx)
Uist Cattle Croon (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Ullapool Sailor's Song (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Um Mitternacht (Britten)
Un cygne
Un garçon de conte de fée
Un oiseau s’envole
Un poète disait
Und willst du deinen Liebsten sterben sehen
Under his feet the furrows run
Under the Greenwood tree
Under the pondweed
Une chanson de porcelaine, FP169 (Poulenc)
Une femme qui pleurait
Une gente bergère (Anon/Richards)
Une herbe pauvre
Une puce, dans sa voiture
Une roulotte couverte en tuiles
Unis la fraîcheur et le feu
Urlicht (Mahler)
Use ton cœur. Les clowns fleurissent du crottin d’or
Vair me o rovan o – When I'm lonely dear white heart
Vair me o rovan o, vair me o rovan ee
Va-t’en va-t’en mon arc-en-ciel
Venus, take my votive glass
Vers le sud
Vien con nuova orribil guerrra
Viens par le pré (Anon/Chilcott)
Viens! C'est le jour d'un Dieu
Vier Abschiedslieder, Op 14 (Korngold)
Vier Abschiedslieder, Op 14 (Korngold)
Vile potabis
Vine, vine and eglatine
Violets (Herbert)
Violon hippocampe et sirène
Virgo: The Virgin
Vocalise (Bliss)
Vocalise, FP44 (Poulenc)
Vocalise-étude (Fauré)
Voici des fruits, des fleurs
Voici le printemps (Anon/Britten)
Voici l'orme qui balance
Voici ton Jean, ton Jean, ô! Marguerite
Vospominaniye 'Recollection'
Vous êtes belle comme un ange
Vous m'avez regardé avec toute votre âme
Vous n'écrivez plus?
Voyage à Paris
Wanda Landowska
Warszawianka dla kochanka szyła białą chorągiewkę
Warum huldigest du, heiliger Sokrates?
Warum sind denn die Rosen so blass? (Mendelssohn/Asti)
Water o' Tyne (Anon/Plant)
Way down to Lamorna
We are the children who play in the park
We caught the tread of dancing feet
We go walking on the green grass
We sing to him whose wisdom form'd the ear, Z199 (Purcell/Britten)
Wearing worry about money like a hair shirt
Weathers (Knowles)
Weep you now more, sad fountains
Weine nicht, dass ich jetzt gehe
Welcome, maids-of-honour!
Welt ist stille eingeschlafen
Wenn du schläfst, ich segne dich, Kind
Were you there? (Anon/Roberton)
Wexford Carol (Anon/Rugen)
What can I say to you? How can I now retract
What can we poor females do?, Z518 (Purcell/Britten)
What is this life if, full of care
What shall I bring you?
What shall I do to show how much I love her?
What shall we do with the drunken sailor? (Anon/Bowen)
What, then, did I want?
When a knight won his spurs (Anon/Lamb)
When birds do sing
When I had money, money, O!
When I have sung my songs (Charles)
When I play on my fiddle in Dooney
When I was a bachelor I lived all alone
When I was bound apprentice in famous Lincolnshire
When Myra sings, Z521 (Purcell/Britten)
When poppies fall
When that I was and a little tiny boy
When the leaves had forsaken the trees
When the saints go marching in
When through life unblest we rove (Anon/Moore/Hughes)
Where has the time all gone to?
Where is landlord of old Hawk and Buckle
Where Lagan stream sings lullaby
Where the bee sucks
Where, oh where? (Porter/Dring)
Wherefore should darkness terrify my soul?
While tearing off a game of golf
Who am I? (Bernstein)
Who is Silvia? (Horder)
Who my heart has free from sorrow deep unbound
Who will walk with thee, Kirsteen
Whoever stole you from that bush of broom
Why does your brand sae drop wi' blude
Why should I sit and sigh, puin' bracken, puin' bracken
Why were you born when the snow was falling?
Wi' a hundred pipers (Anon/Mansfield)
Widdicombe Fair (Anon/Langford)
Widzisz dziewczę choragiewkę
Wie ist es denn, dass trüb und schwer
Wild Cat Kelly, looking mighty pale
Wild mountain thyme (Anon/Conway)
Willow song
Witches' song (Britten)
With glass like a bull's-eye
With rue my heart is laden
With thy true love I have more wealth
Without you no rose can grow
Wolke und Quelle, D896b (Schubert/Hoorickx)
Worry about money
Written in March (Knowles)
Yarmouth Fair (Warlock)
Ye banks and braes o' bonnie Doon
Ye banks and braes o' bonnie Doon (Anon/Liddell)
Ye Hielands and ye Low-lands
Yestreen the queen had four Maries
Yonder come day (Anon/Rudoi)
You are my sky (Gurney)
You couldn't stop a lover (Anon/Hughes)
You do something to me (Porter/Burton)
Youngling fair, and dear delight
Yunoshu, gorku rïdaya 'A girl, sobbing bitterly'
Yuuyake koyakeno akatombo
Zai na yao de di fang (Anon/Lawson)
Zdravstvuy! 'Greetings!'
Zhelaniye 'Desire'
Zorya 'Dawn', Op 37 No 1 (Lyatoshinsky)
Zwei Studien zu Tristan und Isolde (Wagner/Gottwald)
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