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Artist Index Alphabetical C

An alphabetical listing of all performers beginning with C represented on this website.

Caballé-Domenech, Josep (conductor)
Caddy, Ian (speaker)
Cairncross, Heather (alto)
Calder Quartet
Calder, Mark (trumpet)
Callimahos, Lambros (flute)
Callow, Colin (violin)
Cambridge Co-Operative Band, The
Camerata of London, The
Cameron, Basil (conductor)
Cameron, Margaret (alto)
Campbell, Colin (bass)
Campbell, David (clarinet)
Campbell, Jamie (violin)
Campbell, Richard (cello)
Canter, Robin (oboe)
Cappella Amsterdam
Cappella Nova
Carby, Catherine (mezzo-soprano)
Cardinall's Musick, The
Carducci String Quartet
Carey, Alastair (tenor)
Carey, Colm (organ)
Cargill, Karen (mezzo-soprano)
Carolan, Lucy (organ)
Carpenter, Josie (soprano)
Carr, Colin (cello)
Carroll, Thomas (conductor)
Carslake, William (treble)
Carter, William (guitar)
Carter, William (lute)
Carter, William (theorbo)
Cartwright, Colin (alto)
Carwood, Andrew (conductor)
Carwood, Andrew (tenor)
Cassard, Philippe (piano)
Cassidy, Jennie (alto)
Cassidy, Meghan (viola)
Caswell, Edward (bass)
Catling, Ashley (tenor)
Caudle, Mark (cello)
Caudle, Mark (viol)
Caudle, Mark (viola da gamba)
Caudle, Theresa (violin)
Cavaliero, Anna (mezzo-soprano)
Cave, Penelope (harpsichord)
Cave, Philip (conductor)
Cave, Philip (tenor)
CBSO Youth Chorus
Ceccato, Aldo (conductor)
Ceccato, Marco (cello)
Ceccato, Teresa (viola)
Chachereau, Hubert (violin)
Chaconne Brass
Challacombe, Fiona (alto)
Chamber Orchestra of Europe
Chambers, Graham (trombone)
Chambers, Mark (countertenor)
Chambers, Stephen (tenor)
Chaminade, Cécile (piano)
Chance, Michael (countertenor)
Chandler, Adrian (violin)
Chandos Baroque Players, The
Chapelle du Roi
Chapman, Jane (harpsichord)
Chapman, Paul (treble)
Chapple, Stanley (conductor)
Charbonnet, Jeanne-Michèle (soprano)
Charivari Agréable
Charleson, Elizabeth (violin)
Charlesworth, Stephen (baritone)
Charlston, Helen (mezzo-soprano)
Charrier, Paul (bass)
Chase, Roger (viola)
Chastenier, Frank (piano)
Chateauneuf, Paula (chitarrone)
Chateauneuf, Paula (guitar)
Chateauneuf, Paula (lute)
Chateauneuf, Paula (theorbo)
Chater, Eos (violin)
Chazal, William de (treble)
Chesapeake Minstrels, The
Chew, David (cello)
Chichester Cathedral Choir
Chilcott, Bob (conductor)
Chilcott, Michael (bass)
Childress, Richard (countertenor)
Chilingirian Quartet
Chilingirian, Levon (violin)
Choir of Christ Church, Southgate
Choir of Sevenoaks School
Choir of the Enlightenment, The
Choir of Tonbridge School
Choristers of St George's Chapel Choir, Windsor
Christ Church Cathedral Choir, Dublin
Christ Church Cathedral Choir, Oxford
Christiansen, Jan Fredrik (trumpet)
Christophers, Harry (conductor)
Chung, Lucille (piano)
Cincinnati Philharmonia Orchestra
City of Birmingham Symphony Chorus
City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra
City of London Sinfonia
City Waites, The
Clapham, Geoffrey (treble)
Clapton, Nicholas (countertenor)
Clare College Choir Cambridge
Clark, Andrew (horn)
Clark, Benjamin (tenor)
Clark, Christopher (tenor)
Clark, James (violin)
Clarke, Fiona (soprano)
Clarke, Olivia (organ)
Clarke, Raymond (piano)
Clarkson, Gustav (viola)
Clarkson, Julian (bass)
Classical Opera
Clausen, René (conductor)
Claycomb, Laura (soprano)
Clayton, Allan (tenor)
Clayton-Jolly, Michael (treble)
Cleaver, Michael (piano)
Clegg, David (countertenor)
Clegg, Ruth (alto)
Clein, Natalie (cello)
Clements, William (bass)
Clemmow, Kate (oboe)
Cleobury, Stephen (conductor)
Clifton-Griffith, Natalie (soprano)
Clover, Richard (bass)
Clulow, Simon (countertenor)
Coates, Geoffrey (oboe)
Coatsworth, Sarah (alto)
Cobb, Samantha (soprano)
Cockett, Thomas (treble)
Coe, Jane (cello)
Coe, Jane (viola all'inglese)
Cogan, Tom (baritone)
Cohen, David (cello)
Cohen, Harriet (piano)
Cohen, Jonathan (cello)
Cohen, Jonathan (conductor)
Cohen, Robert (cello)
Cohn, Joanna (soprano)
Coldstream, Alison (soprano)
Coldstream, Bene't (tenor)
Cole, Jeremy (conductor)
Cole, Jeremy (organ)
Cole, Nancy (alto)
Coleman-Wright, Peter (bass)
Coletti, Paul (viola)
Collarbone, Barry (trumpet)
Collegium Regale
Collingwood, Lawrance (conductor)
Collins, Mervyn (tenor)
Collins, Michael (clarinet)
Collins, Michael (conductor)
Collyer, Isobel (soprano)
Colombara, Carlo (bass)
Colorado Symphony
Colorado Symphony Chorus
Columbia Concert Band
Colwell, Thomas (treble)
Comberti, Micaela (violin)
Comberti, Sebastian (cello)
Comerford, Milo (bass)
Concerto Caledonia
Concerto Palatino
Concordia Choir, The
Connell, Elizabeth (soprano)
Connell, John (bass)
Connolly, Sarah (mezzo-soprano)
Connolly, Stephen (bass)
Conrad, Andreas (tenor)
Consort of Musicke, The
Conway, William (cello)
Cook, Alastair (treble)
Cook, Lis (alto)
Cookson, Brian (tenor)
Coombs, Stephen (piano)
Cooper, Deirdre (cello)
Cooper, Gary (organ)
Cooper, Gary (piano)
Cooper, Julie (soprano)
Cooper, Katy (soprano)
Coote, Alice (mezzo-soprano)
Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choristers
Côr Caerdydd
Corcoran, Flann (treble)
Cordier, David (countertenor)
Corkhill, David (percussion)
Cornwell, Joseph (tenor)
Corp, Ronald (conductor)
Corr, Declan (tenor)
Cortot, Alfred (piano)
Corydon Brass Ensemble
Corydon Orchestra
Corydon Singers
Coton, Jacob (treble)
Coull Quartet
Coull, Roger (violin)
Court, Robert (organ)
Coventry, Katie (alto)
Covey-Crump, Rogers (tenor)
Cox, Michael (flute)
Coxwell, Janet (soprano)
Crabtree, Libby (soprano)
Craddock, Michael (bass)
Craddock, Trevor (bass)
Cragg, Elizabeth (soprano)
Craig, Patrick (countertenor)
Crawford, Peter (countertenor)
Crawford-Phillips, Simon (piano)
Crawshaw, Rebecca (trumpet)
Crayford, Marcia (violin)
Criswell, Theodore (treble)
Critical Band
Cronin, Hilary (soprano)
Crook, Howard (tenor)
Cross, Antony (trumpet)
Cross, Fiona (bass clarinet)
Crossland, Jill (piano)
Crouch, Gabriel (bass)
Crouch, Gabriel (conductor)
Crouch, Ruth (violin)
Crowe, Lucy (soprano)
Crowley, Andrew (trumpet)
Cullen, Joseph (organ)
Cunningham, Richard (countertenor)
Cunnold, Judith (soprano)
Curtis, David (conductor)
Curtis, David (viola)
Cutting, Guy (tenor)
Cvilak, Sabina (soprano)
Czech Philharmonic Orchestra
Czech, Marek (viola)
King's College London Choir
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