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Elizabeth Wallfisch violin
Paul Nicholson harpsichord
Richard Tunnicliffe cello


see also The Locatelli Trio

Convivium, formerly known as The Locatelli Trio, is one of the most exciting period instrument groups to have emerged in Britain in recent years. It brings together the talents of three highly experienced and respected musicians, violinist Elizabeth Wallfisch. cellist Richard Tunnicliffe and harpsichordist Paul Nicholson.

The trio originally came together when Elizabeth Wallfisch was invited to make a series of recordings for the BBC of early Italian violin sonatas. Twelve programmes were made for the original series, by which time the trio so enjoyed working together that they decided to form a permanent partnership. Recordings for the BBC now form a regular part of their schedule.

In August 1993 the Trio took part in the Nordic Baroque Music Festival and later that year made its first tour of Australia. Its USA debut took place in New York, in 1994. While fulfilling busy schedules in their members' individual careers, Convivium has subsequently performed at venues and festivals both in Britain and Europe. Major engagements have included the Dutch Early Music Network, broadcasts for WDR Cologne, the Bruges Festival, concerts in Spain, Australia, and concerts at the Bath, Greenwich, Gower and Swaledale Festivals.

Convivium's performances and recordings have earned them the highest praise. Their first volume of Tartini sonatas was greeted as, 'without doubt one of the finest records of baroque chamber music ever issued' (CD Review, October 1991).

The Trio offered specially devised programmes in celebration of the tercentenary of the birth of Pietro Locatelli linking Locatelli with those whom he would have known, worked with, been influenced by, or influenced. Featured composers included Corelli, Valentini, Vivaldi, Galuppi and Leclair. An appearance at the Locatelli tercentenary celebrations in Amsterdam followed an engagement at the Irsee Festival.

In 1996 Convivium made a return visit to Irsee and also to the Utrecht Early Music Festival, as well as making recordings for BBC Radio 3 and Hyperion, and appearing at British festivals and the Duisberg Schubert Festival. 1997 saw a visit to Bulgaria as well as concerts at venues throughout England. The members of Convivium also have very active lives as soloists, with engagements all over the UK and abroad.

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'Buxtehude: Seven Sonatas Op 1' (CDA67236)
Buxtehude: Seven Sonatas Op 1
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'Corelli: Violin Sonatas Op 5' (CDD22047)
Corelli: Violin Sonatas Op 5
Buy by post £10.50 CDD22047  2CDs Dyad (2 for the price of 1)  
'Early Italian Violin Sonatas' (CDA66985)
Early Italian Violin Sonatas
Buy by post £13.99 (ARCHIVE SERVICE) CDA66985  Archive Service  
'Handel: Trio Sonatas for oboe, violin and continuo' (CDH55280)
Handel: Trio Sonatas for oboe, violin and continuo
Buy by post £5.50 CDH55280  Helios (Hyperion's budget label)  
'Leclair: Sonatas, Vol. 1' (CDA67033)
Leclair: Sonatas, Vol. 1
Buy by post £13.99 (ARCHIVE SERVICE) CDA67033  Archive Service  
'Leclair: Sonatas, Vol. 2' (CDA67068)
Leclair: Sonatas, Vol. 2
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'The Essential Hyperion, Vol. 1' (HYP12)
The Essential Hyperion, Vol. 1
HYP12  Super-budget price sampler — Deleted  
'The Essential Hyperion, Vol. 2' (HYP20)
The Essential Hyperion, Vol. 2
HYP20  2CDs Super-budget price sampler — Deleted  
Alphabetical listing of all musical works
Quarta sonata a due, Soprano e Trombom overo violetta (Castello)
Romanesca (Marini)
Sinfonia 'La Gardana', Op 1 (Marini)
Sinfonia 'La Orlandina', Op 1 (Marini)
Sinfonia 'La Ponte', Op 1 (Marini)
Sinfonia No 22 (Stradella)
Sonata 1 (Cima)
Sonata 2 (Cima)
Sonata in B flat major, Op 5 No 4 (Leclair)
Sonata in C major, Op 5 No 10 (Leclair)
Sonata in C minor 'Le Tombeau', Op 5 No 6 (Leclair)
Sonata in D major, Op 9 No 3 (Leclair)
Sonata in D major, Op 9 No 6 (Leclair)
Sonata in E minor, Op 5 No 3 (Leclair)
Sonata in E minor, Op 9 No 2 (Leclair)
Sonata in G major, Op 9 No 7 (Leclair)
Sonata in G minor 'No 8', HWV393 (Handel)
Sonata in G minor, Op 5 No 11 (Leclair)
Sonata No 1 in B flat major, HWV380 (Handel)
Sonata No 1 in F major, BuxWV252 (Buxtehude)
Sonata No 2 in D minor, HWV381 (Handel)
Sonata No 2 in G major, BuxWV253 (Buxtehude)
Sonata No 3 in A minor, BuxWV254 (Buxtehude)
Sonata No 3 in E flat major, HWV382 (Handel)
Sonata No 4 in B flat major, BuxWV255 (Buxtehude)
Sonata No 4 in F major, HWV383 (Handel)
Sonata No 5 in C major, BuxWV256 (Buxtehude)
Sonata No 5 in G major, HWV384 (Handel)
Sonata No 6 in D major, HWV385 (Handel)
Sonata No 6 in D minor, BuxWV257 (Buxtehude)
Sonata No 7 in E minor, BuxWV258 (Buxtehude)
Sonata ottava a violino e basso, Op 4 (Uccellini)
Sonata over Toccata Quinta a violino solo 'detta la Laura Rilucente' (Uccellini)
Sonata per sonar con tre corde a modo di Lira, Op 8 (Marini)
Sonata prima 'Semplice' (Marini)
Sonata quarta per sonar con due corde, Op 8 (Marini)
Sonata seconda a soprano solo (Castello)
Sonata seconda 'La luciminia contenta a violino solo', Op 4 (Uccellini)
Sonata settima a due, sopran e bassoon (Castello)
Sonata terza 'Variata' (Marini)
Violin Sonata in A major, Op 5 No 6 (Corelli)
Violin Sonata in A major, Op 5 No 9 (Corelli)
Violin Sonata in A major, Op 5 No 9 (Corelli/Geminiani)
Violin Sonata in B flat major, Op 5 No 2 (Corelli)
Violin Sonata in C major, Op 5 No 3 (Corelli)
Violin Sonata in D major, Op 5 No 1 (Corelli)
Violin Sonata in D minor 'La Folia', Op 5 No 12 (Corelli)
Violin Sonata in D minor, Op 5 No 7 (Corelli)
Violin Sonata in E major, Op 5 No 11 (Corelli)
Violin Sonata in E minor, Op 5 No 8 (Corelli)
Violin Sonata in F major, Op 5 No 10 (Corelli)
Violin Sonata in F major, Op 5 No 4 (Corelli)
Violin Sonata in G minor, Op 5 No 5 (Corelli)
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