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Cappella Amsterdam

Cappella Amsterdam

Cappella Amsterdam was established by Jan Boeke in 1970. In recent years the choir has occupied a prominent position in the field of Dutch music and has also enjoyed great success in Europe and beyond. Cappella Amsterdam has thus played a vital role in the European Tenso Network of choirs. Cappella Amsterdam is renowned for it’s homogenous, refined consonance and its extraordinary versatility. The choir excels in both modern repertoires as in music by the old masters and especially embraces the works of Dutch composers. Cappella Amsterdam won the VSCD Klassieke Muziekprijs in the category ‘most impressive achievement of a small (chamber) ensemble’.


Léonin 'Magister Leoninus': Magister Leoninus, Vol. 1 – Sacred Music from 12th-century Paris
CDH55328Helios (Hyperion's budget label)
Moody: Passion & Resurrection
CDA66999Archive Service

Alphabetical listing of all musical works

Alleluya. Dies sanctificatus illuxit nobis (Léonin)
Alleluya. Dulce lignum, dulces clavos (Léonin)
Alleluya. Inter natos mulierum (Léonin)
Alleluya. Non vos relinquam orphanos (Léonin)
Alleluya. Paraclitus Spiritus Sanctus (Léonin)
Alleluya. Pascha nostrum immolatus est (Léonin)
Alleluya. Spiritus Sanctus procedens (Léonin)
Passion and Resurrection (Moody)
Priusquam te formarem (Léonin)
The agony in the garden  
The crucifixion  
The deposition from the Cross  
The last supper  
The resurrection  
The sealing of the tomb  
The trial  
Viderunt omnes fines terre (Léonin)