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Artist Index Alphabetical H

An alphabetical listing of all performers beginning with H represented on this website.

Hadden, Nancy (flute)
Haderer, Andy (trumpet)
Hager, Leopold (conductor)
Haggart, Robin (tuba)
Hagner, Viviane (violin)
Haines, Andrea (soprano)
Hairapetyan, Lusine (double bass)
Haitink, Bernard (conductor)
Hakim, Naji (organ)
Hall, Dimity (violin)
Hall, Joy (cello)
Hall, Lucy (soprano)
Hall, Peter (tenor)
Hallchurch, Philip (treble)
Hallé Choir, The
Hallé Orchestra, The
Halliday, Bethany (soprano)
Halls, Matthew (conductor)
Halls, Matthew (harpsichord)
Halls, Matthew (organ)
Halls, Matthew (piano)
Halsey, Simon (conductor)
Halstead, Anthony (conductor)
Hamelin, Marc-André (piano)
Hamer, Lauren (saxophone)
Hamilton, Roger (harpsichord)
Hamilton, Roger (organ)
Hamilton, Susan (soprano)
Hammond, Mark (tenor)
Hamon, Jacob (treble)
Hampson, Thomas (baritone)
Han, Seung-Youn (treble)
Hancock, Michael (piano)
Hancox, Ben (violin)
Händler, Jack Martin (conductor)
Handley, Vernon (conductor)
Handy, Lionel (cello)
Hanover Band, The
Hanslip, Chloë (violin)
Hanson, Peter (violin)
Hardenberger, Håkan (trumpet)
Harding, Daniel (conductor)
Harding, Oliver (treble)
Harper, Celia (harp)
Harper, Jenni (mezzo-soprano)
Harper, Tim (organ)
Harre-Jones, Robert (countertenor)
Harries, Kathryn (mezzo-soprano)
Harris, Charles (treble)
Harris, Dorothea (soprano)
Harris, Keith (domra)
Harris, Keith (mandolin)
Harris, Michael (basset horn)
Harris, Michael (clarinet)
Harrison, Caroline (speaker)
Harrison, Charles (organ)
Harrold, Steven (tenor)
Harshagen, Jan (horn)
Hart, Catherine (soprano)
Hart, Jim (vibraphone)
Hart, Martha (mezzo-soprano)
Harte, John (reader)
Harte, John (tenor)
Hartley, Patrick (trombone)
Harvey, Jonathan (electronics)
Harvey, Keith (cello)
Harvey, Lara Rebekah (alto)
Harvey, Peter (bass)
Harvey, Roger (trombone)
Haslam, Micaela (harp)
Hatfield, Lesley (violin)
Hatt, Chris (piano)
Haumer, Günter (baritone)
Hausenplas, Piotr (cello)
Hauwe, Joris van der (oboe)
Havel, Rosanne (soprano)
Haveman, Barbara (soprano)
Hawes, Patrick (conductor)
Hawes, Patrick (piano)
Hawgood, Anthony (tenor)
Hawkins, Alexander (piano)
Hawkins, Jack (countertenor)
Haworth, Amy (soprano)
Hawthorne, Nigel (narrator)
Hayes, Quentin (bass)
Hayward, Lucy (speaker)
Haywood, Sam (piano)
Head, Christoper (bass)
Headley, Erin (viol)
Headley, Erin (viola da gamba)
Healey, Philippa (soprano)
Heathcote, Emma (viola)
Heaton, Sara (soprano)
Hebrides Ensemble
Heeney, Aoife (mezzo-soprano)
Hegedus, Olga (cello)
Heighway, John (bass)
Heinrich, Susanne (viol)
Heinrich, Susanne (viola da gamba)
Heley, John (cello)
Heller, Paul (clarinet)
Hellgren, Marianne (soprano)
Hellier, Rowan (alto)
Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra
Henderson, David (bass)
Henderson, Frances (soprano)
Henderson, Rosemary (soprano)
Hennessy, Gail (oboe)
Henning, Rebecca (soprano)
Henry, Richard (bass trombone)
Henry's Eight
Hensel, Joanna (horn)
Herbert, Giselle (harp)
Herford, Henry (baritone)
Herford, Johnny (bass)
Heringman, Jacob (lute)
Herrick, Christopher (organ)
Herrmann, Anke (soprano)
Herschenfeld, Ethan (bass)
Hess, Andrea (cello)
Hetherington, Ann (soprano)
Hetherington, Xavier (tenor)
Hewitt, Angela (piano)
Hewitt, Peter (bass)
Hickey, Alexander (tenor)
Hickey, Rebecca (soprano)
Hickox, Richard (conductor)
Higginbottom, Edward (conductor)
Higginbottom, Edward (harpsichord)
Higginbottom, Edward (organ)
Higham, Philip (cello)
Hill, Adrian (countertenor)
Hill, Alison (soprano)
Hill, David (conductor)
Hill, David (organ)
Hill, Edmund (treble)
Hill, Katy (soprano)
Hill, Martyn (tenor)
Hill, Simon (countertenor)
Hill, Valery (soprano)
Hilliard Ensemble, The
Hillier, Paul (baritone)
Hillier, Paul (medieval harp)
Hirsch, Rebecca (violin)
His Majestys Consort of Voices
His Majestys Sagbutts & Cornetts
Hiscock, Stephen (percussion)
Hobbs, Alexander (treble)
Hobbs, Thomas (tenor)
Hobson, Ian (piano)
Hodges, Christopher (bass)
Hoffman, Gary (cello)
Hoffman, Toby (viola)
Hogarth, Alisdair (piano)
Hogwood, Christopher (conductor)
Holden, Poppy (soprano)
Holl, Robert (bass-baritone)
Holland-Smith, Jeremy (conductor)
Holland-Smith, Jeremy (treble)
Holliday, Jimmy (bass)
Holloway, John (violin)
Holman, Peter (chamber organ)
Holman, Peter (conductor)
Holman, Peter (harpsichord)
Holmes, Robert (treble)
Holst Orchestra
Holst Singers
Holt, Anthony (baritone)
Holton, Ruth (soprano)
Holtslag, Peter (recorder)
Homburger, Maya (violin)
Honeyball, David (conductor)
Honeyman, Ian (tenor)
Honoré, Philippe (violin)
Hope, Stuart (piano)
Hopkins, Alexander (treble)
Hopkins, Jamie (treble)
Hopkins, Kirsty (soprano)
Hopper, Catherine (soprano)
Hornung, Maximilian (cello)
Horsewood, Adrian (bass)
Horsey, Kitty (soprano)
Horton, Tim (piano)
Hosford, Richard (basset horn)
Hosford, Richard (clarinet)
Hoskins, Bob (speaker)
Hough, Stephen (piano)
Houghton, William (trumpet)
Hounsell, Mark (tenor)
Houssart, Robert (organ)
Howard, Jonathan (bass)
Howard, Leslie (piano)
Howard, Lucy (violin in tromba marina)
Howard, Matthew (tenor)
Howard, William (piano)
Howarth, Judith (soprano)
Howarth, Robert (conductor)
Howat, Roy (piano)
Howell, Gwynne (bass)
Howells, Ursula (speaker)
Howes, Robert (percussion)
Howley, Patricia (soprano)
Hu, Yu-Wei (flute)
Huddersfield Choral Society
Huggett, Monica (conductor)
Huggett, Monica (violin)
Hugh, Tim (cello)
Hughes, Dominic (countertenor)
Hughes, Edward (tenor)
Hughes, Emilia (soprano)
Hughes, Jessica (soprano)
Hughes, Ruby (soprano)
Hulcup, Caitlin (mezzo-soprano)
Hulett, Benjamin (tenor)
Hulse, Gareth (cor anglais)
Hulse, Gareth (oboe)
Hume, Alastair (countertenor)
Humphreys, George (bass)
Humphries, Charles (countertenor)
Humphries, Ian (violin)
Humphrys, Sarah (oboe)
Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra
Hunt, Donald (conductor)
Hunt, Donald (organ)
Hunt, Thomas (bass)
Hunt, William (viol)
Hunt, William (viola da gamba)
Hunter, Joel (viola)
Huntly, Vanessa (soprano)
Huppmann, Jakob (countertenor)
Hurley, David (countertenor)
Hurndall Smith, Nicholas (tenor)
Hurwitz, Emanuel (violin)
Hurwitz, Michael (cello)
Hustis, Gregory (horn)
Hutchins, John (trumpet)
Hutton, Adrian (bass)
Hutton, Alexandra (soprano)
Hyde, Daniel (conductor)
Hyde, Daniel (organ)
Hyde, Philippa (soprano)
Hymas, Benedict (tenor)
Hyperion Chorus of Baritones, The
Morgan Hitchcock, Jaime (treble)
Opera Holland Park
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