Help! The Download Manager Won't Work!

It's very unusual for the Download Manager not to work as you would expect, but here are a few issues that have been raised by customers.

Download Manager reports you are not authenticated to our server
You should start the Hyperion Download Manager from within the Hyperion site (click here). If you start the Download Manager in any other way, it will not log you on to our website and your music will not show up unless you log-in when prompted. It is occasionally possible to get 'stuck in a loop', in which case you should log out of the site, close the Download Manager, and start again.

Mac + External Hard Drive / USB
In certain situations, it may prove impossible to download direct to an external hard drive. This seems to be because the Mac OS maps the Volume in a manner the Download Manager can't understand. In this situation, you would see all the tracks with the status "waiting", but nothing happens. Please try changing the download location (in the Settings window of the Download Manager) to a local drive.

Why aren't all my purchases showing in the Download Manager?
If not all your tracks show up, don't worry. Tracks are prepared for download on demand (this ensures that they always contain the most up-to-date metadata). If the Download Manager initially picks up only some of your tracks, it will download these first. Then it will automatically re-contact the Hyperion site and pick up the rest. This can mean that albums download apparently out of sequence; this will have no effect on playback.

'Contacting Hyperion website' message won't go away
If the Hyperion Download Manager sticks on the 'Contacting Hyperion website' message, there are two possible causes.
1: When a very large number of people are downloading simultaneously the web server occasionally fails to respond to new download requests. Typically you'll see no progress bars behind the 'Contacting Hyperion website' message and the log-in screen will intermittently appear even though you already have logged in. If this happens, please either shut the Download Manager and try again later, or you can leave it open and it will eventually work, though on occasion this can take several hours. (We are working to address this issue; please bear with us.)
2: Alternatively (Windows only), if the 'Contacting Hyperion website' message hangs and *no other message appears*, then it's possible Adobe Air is unable to access the internet. To fix this problem you need to adjust a security setting within Internet Explorer (irrespective of whether this is a browser you ever use). Open Internet Explorer, select Tools, Internet Options, Advanced. And then in the Security settings near the bottom of the list, make sure that Use TLS 1.0, Use TLS 1.1 and Use TSL 1.2 are all ticked (the exact options might vary depending on your version of Internet Explorer). You can then go back to your normal browser, and the Hyperion Download Manager should work correctly.

My computer has frozen / there was a power failure / earthquake
If the Download Manager is interrupted for any reason, don't worry. Next time you log on to the 'My Hyperion' area of our website, just launch the Download Manager and it will pick up from wherever it had got to when the interruption occurred. Downloads are available for 21 days from date of purchase (and can be extended if you email

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