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Hyperion CDD Dyad series
CDD22001 Bach: Brandenburg Concertos  034571120010
CDD22002 Bach: Four Orchestral Suites  034571120027
CDD22003 Bartók: Complete String Quartets  Archive Service Only  034571120034
CDD22004 Beethoven: Complete Cello Music  Archive Service Only  034571120041
CDD22005 Mozart: String Quintets  034571120058
CDD22006 Reicha: Wind Quintets  Archive Service Only  034571120065
CDD22007 Rubinstein: Complete Piano Sonatas  034571120072
CDD22008 Hummel, Schubert & Schumann  Deleted  034571120089
CDD22009 Bach: Sonatas & Partitas for solo violin  Archive Service Only  034571120096
CDD22010 Schubert: The Songmakers' Almanac Schubertiade  Archive Service Only  034571120102
CDD22011 Corelli: Concerti Grossi, Op. 6  034571120119
CDD22013 Chopin: Nocturnes  034571120133
CDD22014 Spohr: Four Double Quartets  034571120140
CDD22015 Strauss R: Complete Music for Winds  Superseded by CDA66731/2  034571120157
CDD22017 The Clarinet in Concert  034571120171
CDD22018 Brahms: String Quartets & Piano Quintet  Deleted  034571120188
CDD22019 Handel: Messiah  034571120195
CDD22020 Mendelssohn: Songs without words  034571120201
CDD22021 Sheppard: Cantate Mass  Superseded by CDS44401/10  034571120218
CDD22022 Sheppard: Western Wynde Mass  Superseded by CDS44401/10  034571120225
CDD22023 Rubinstein: Solo Piano Music  Archive Service Only  034571120232
CDD22024 Nikolai Demidenko Live  034571120249
CDD22025 Bach: Sonatas for violin & harpsichord  Archive Service Only  034571120256
CDD22026 War's Embers  Archive Service Only  034571120263
CDD22027 English Music for Clarinet  034571120270
CDD22028 Monteverdi: Vespers  Superseded by CDA66311/2  034571120287
CDD22029 Mendelssohn: Music for Organ  034571120294
CDD22030 Balakirev: Symphonies & Symphonic Poems  034571120300
CDD22038 Howells: St Paul's Service & other music  Superseded by CDA66260  034571120386
CDD22039 Martinu: Chamber Music  034571120393
CDD22040 Boughton: The Immortal Hour  034571120409
CDD22041 Bach: Wedding Cantata & Hunt Cantata  034571120416
CDD22042 Britten: Complete Folk Song Arrangements  Superseded by CDA66941/2  034571120423
CDD22043 Berwald: Symphonies & Overtures  034571120430
CDD22044 A Shropshire Lad  034571120447
CDD22045 Handel: Harpsichord Suites  034571120454
CDD22046 Scharwenka: Complete Chamber Music  034571120461
CDD22047 Corelli: Twelve Violin Sonatas  034571120478
CDD22048 Albinoni: Sonate & Trattenimenti  034571120485
CDD22049 Vaughan Williams: Hugh the Drover  034571120492
CDD22050 Handel: The Triumph of Time & Truth  034571120508
CDD22051 Bach: Mass in B minor  034571120515
CDD22052 Handel: Organ Concertos  034571120522
CDD22053 Berwald: Chamber Music  034571120539
CDD22054 Bortkiewicz: Piano Music  034571120546
CDD22055 Blow: Anthems  034571120553
CDD22056 Lassus: Penitential Psalms  034571120560
CDD22057 Locatelli: Sonatas, Op. 8  034571120577
CDD22058 Britten: Complete Purcell Realizations  034571120584
CDD22059 Dupré: Organ Music  034571120591
CDD22060 Avison: Concerti Grossi after Scarlatti  034571120607
CDD22061 Tartini: The Devil's Trill & other violin sonatas  034571120614
CDD22062 Bach: Great Fantasias, Preludes & Fugues  034571120621
CDD22063 Boyce: Trio Sonatas  034571120638
CDD22064 Locatelli: Sonatas, Op. 4  034571120645
CDD22065 Vivaldi: The Complete Cello Sonatas  034571120652
CDD22066 Locatelli: Concerti Grossi, Op. 1  034571120669
CDD22067 Berlioz: L'Enfance du Christ  034571120676
CDD22068 Magnard: The Four Symphonies  034571120683
CDD22069 Beethoven: The Complete String Trios  034571120690
CDD22070 Finzi: Earth & Air & Rain  034571120706
CDD22071 Bridge: Songs  July 2014 release  034571120713
CDD22072 Lo Sposalizio  034571120720
CDD22073 Arne: Artaxerxes  034571120737
CDD22076 Weber: Complete Piano Sonatas  034571120768
CDD22077 Bach: The Complete Flute Sonatas  034571120775
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