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Artist Index Woodwind
An alphabetical listing of all woodwind players represented on Hyperion and Helios.
Arfken, Katharina (oboe)
Beckett, Edward (flute)
Beckett, Rachel (flute)
Beckett, Rachel (recorder)
Bellamy, Alexandra (oboe)
Bennett, William (flute)
Beynon, Emily (flute)
Beznosiuk, Lisa (flute)
Bicknell, Katherine (flute)
Black, Neil (oboe)
Bliss, Julian (clarinet)
Boyd, Douglas (oboe)
Brown, Rachel (flute)
Bruine, Frank De (oboe)
Bryan, Katherine (flute)
Bucknall, Nicholas (clarinet)
Buyse, Leone (flute)
Callimahos, Lambros (flute)
Campbell, David (clarinet)
Canter, Robin (oboe)
Clemmow, Kate (oboe)
Collins, Michael (clarinet)
Cox, Michael (flute)
Cross, Fiona (bass clarinet)
Daniel, Nicholas (oboe)
Darke, Valerie (oboe)
Davies, Gareth (flute)
Davies, Philippa (flute)
Davies, Philippa (piccolo)
Dobing, Duke (flute)
Dobrée, Georgina (basset horn)
Dobrée, Georgina (clarinet)
Eliot, Rosemary (flute)
Elliot, Rosemary (flute)
Farrall, Joy (clarinet)
Francis, Sarah (oboe)
French, Hannah (flute)
Fuest, David (clarinet)
Garratt, Christine (flute)
Gonçalves, Marta (flute)
Goodwin, Paul (oboe d'amore)
Goodwin, Paul (oboe)
Grauwels, Marc (flute)
Hadden, Nancy (flute)
Harris, Michael (basset horn)
Harris, Michael (clarinet)
Hauwe, Joris van der (oboe)
Heller, Paul (clarinet)
Holtslag, Peter (recorder)
Hosford, Richard (basset horn)
Hosford, Richard (clarinet)
Hulse, Gareth (cor anglais)
Hulse, Gareth (oboe)
Humphrys, Sarah (oboe)
Ipata, Carlo (flute)
Jackson, Sally (bassoon)
James, Mary (cor anglais)
Keen, Helen (flute)
King, Dame Thea (basset clarinet)
King, Dame Thea (clarinet)
Knight, Janice (cor anglais)
Knights, Andrew (oboe)
Lafont, Josep Domènech (oboe)
Lamb, Anthony (clarinet)
Lawson, Colin (basset horn)
Lawson, Colin (chalumeau)
Lawson, Colin (clarinet)
Leveaux, Ursula (bassoon)
Lines, Timothy (clarinet)
Malsbury, Angela (clarinet)
Mann, Elizabeth (flute)
Marsh, Molly (oboe)
Marshall, Keith (oboe)
Martin, Jaime (flute)
Martín, Maximiliano (clarinet)
McLaren, Neil (flute)
Meija, Ilona (flute)
Messiter, Malcolm (oboe)
Miles, Rebecca (recorder)
Mitchell, Alastair (bassoon)
Mitchell, Alison (flute)
Murphy, Emma (recorder)
Neidich, Charles (clarinet)
Nelson, Howard (flute)
Neufang, Jens (clarinet)
Oliva, Andrea (flute)
O'Neal, Christopher (oboe)
O'Neill, Robin (bassoon)
Pay, Antony (clarinet)
Pearce, Judith (flute)
Perkins, Laurence (bassoon)
Peters, Olivier (flute)
Rix, David (clarinet)
Robson, Anthony (oboe)
Robson, Barnaby (clarinet)
Rodwell, Nicholas (clarinet)
Roelofs, Joris (clarinet)
Ruhemann, Ileana (flute)
Schatzberger, Lesley (clarinet)
Scheck, Gustav (flute)
Schied, Emma (oboe)
Scott, Ruth (oboe)
See, Janet (flute)
Sheen, Graham (bassoon)
Sholl, Emma (flute)
Sleath, Will (flute)
Smith, Fenwick (flute)
Smith, Kenneth (flute)
Snowden, Jonathan (flute)
Sperry, Julian (flute)
Spreckelsen, Katharina (oboe)
Stenhouse, John (bass clarinet)
Strassmayer, Karolina (flute)
Theodore, David (oboe)
Thomsen, Janne (flute)
Thorby, Pamela (recorder)
Tinguely, Dominique (recorder)
Viscardi, Giulio Giannelli (flute)
Ward, Jeremy (bassoon)
Welch, Jennifer (piccolo)
Whelan, Peter (bassoon)
White, Robert (reed drones)
Wightman, Brian (bassoon)
Williams, Robin (oboe)

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