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Davies, Philippa (flute)
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Philippa Davies (flute)

see also Philippa Davies (piccolo)

Philippa Davies has established an international reputation as one of the finest flautists currently performing. A ‘first-rate virtuoso’ with ‘exceptional eloquence’ she has been noted for an ‘almost electrical response to technique’. As a recitalist, she plays and broadcasts throughout the world at international festivals, whilst performing concertos and giving master classes from China to the USA. She has performed concertos with the New Stockholm Chamber Orchestra, the BBC Symphony, the BBC Philharmonic and the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, the English Chamber Orchestra, City of London Sinfonia and the London Mozart Players.

Philippa's current schedule includes many performances with The Nash Ensemble and London Winds, Davies Cole Duo (with Maggie Cole) and her quartet Arpège. Earlier in her career she was the flute player with Sir Peter Maxwell Davies's ensemble Fires of London and also Capricorn and the Albion Ensemble. Originally Principal Flute of the National Youth Orchestra, Philippa went on to train at the Royal College of Music with Douglas Whittaker where she won many awards including the Tagore Gold Medal Prize, Eve Kitsch flute prize and the Worshipful Company of Musicians Award. She then studied with William Bennett and won the National Federation of Music Societies Award, the Mozart Memorial Prize and was a Park Lane Group Young Artist.

Since her much-admired performance of Mozart's D major concerto with the BBC Symphony Orchestra at the BBC Proms in 1988 she has become a popular BBC Proms artist. As the solo flute in Havoc by Giles Swayne, she gave a thrilling performance at the World premiere (BBC Proms 2000). Since then she has appeared at the BBC Proms with The Nash Ensemble performing the Copland Duo, Pierrot lunaire and Façade as well as with London Winds.

Mozart, Bach and Vivaldi feature prominently in her repertoire, memorable live performances and recordings include those of Mozart's D major, G major and Flute & Harp concertos, Bach B minor suite, and Vivaldi concertos. Philippa is as well known for her interpretations of contemporary pieces as the classics. with composers including Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, Jonathan Harvey, Giles Swayne and Robert Saxton having written for her.

Philippa is a Professor at the Guildhall School of Music and runs her own highly regarded Flute Course at Benslow each summer.

'Bax: Nonet & other chamber music' (CDA66807)
Bax: Nonet & other chamber music
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'Brundibár' (CDA67973)
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'Chilcott: Requiem & other choral works' (CDA67650)
Chilcott: Requiem & other choral works
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'Holloway: Serenade; Schumann: Liederkreis' (CDA66930)
Holloway: Serenade; Schumann: Liederkreis
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'Lambert: Piano Concerto & other works' (CDH55397)
Lambert: Piano Concerto & other works
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'Poulenc: The Complete Chamber Music' (CDA67255/6)
Poulenc: The Complete Chamber Music
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'Saint-Saëns: Chamber Music' (CDA67431/2)
Saint-Saëns: Chamber Music
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'Saint-Saëns: Songs' (CDA66856)
Saint-Saëns: Songs
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'Schumann: Liederkreis; Holloway: Serenade' (CDA66930)
Schumann: Liederkreis; Holloway: Serenade
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'Vaughan Williams: Early Chamber Music' (CDA67381/2)
Vaughan Williams: Early Chamber Music
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'Warlock: The Curlew, Capriol, Serenade & Songs' (CDA66938)
Warlock: The Curlew, Capriol, Serenade & Songs
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'Birtwistle: The Moth Requiem' (SIGCD368)
Birtwistle: The Moth Requiem
SIGCD368  Download only   Studio Master FLAC & ALAC downloads available
Alphabetical listing of all musical works
A summer day  No 1 of Eight Poems of Li-Po (Lambert)
Blue water … a clear moon  First line to Nocturne, No 2 of Eight Poems of Li-Po (Lambert)
Caprice sur des airs danois et russes, Op 79 (Saint-Saëns)
Carmen Paschale (Birtwistle)
Concerto for piano and nine players (Lambert)
Cool is the autumn wind  First line to Lines written in autumn, No 4 of Eight Poems of Li-Po (Lambert)
Eight Poems of Li-Po (Lambert)
Elegiac Trio (Bax)
Fair one, when you were here, I filled the house with flowers  First line to The long-departed lover, No 8 of Eight Poems of Li-Po (Lambert)
Fantasy-Pieces on the Heine 'Liederkreis' of Schumann, Op 16 (Holloway)
Gavotte: Quasi lento  Movement 3 of Suite de ballet (Vaughan Williams)
Humoresque: Presto  Movement 2 of Suite de ballet (Vaughan Williams)
Improvisation: Andante  Movement 1 of Suite de ballet (Vaughan Williams)
In the deserted garden among the crumbling walls  First line to The ruin of the Ku-Su palace, No 5 of Eight Poems of Li-Po (Lambert)
Lines written in autumn  No 4 of Eight Poems of Li-Po (Lambert)
Mr Bear Squash-you-all-flat (Lambert)
Naked I lie in the green forest of summer  First line to A summer day, No 1 of Eight Poems of Li-Po (Lambert)
Nocturne  No 2 of Eight Poems of Li-Po (Lambert)
Nonet (Bax)
On the city street  No 7 of Eight Poems of Li-Po (Lambert)
Once upon a time, in the middle of a dark wood  First line to Mr Bear Squash-you-all-flat (Lambert)
Passepied: Allegro vivacissimo  Movement 4 of Suite de ballet (Vaughan Williams)
Requiem (Chilcott)
Sextet for piano, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and horn (Poulenc)
Sonata for flute and piano (Poulenc)
Suite de ballet (Vaughan Williams)
Suite from Brundibár (Krása/Matthews)
Tarentelle in A minor, Op 6 (Saint-Saëns)
The Curlew (Warlock)
The grass of Yen is growing green and long  First line to The intruder, No 6 of Eight Poems of Li-Po (Lambert)
The intruder  No 6 of Eight Poems of Li-Po (Lambert)
The long-departed lover  No 8 of Eight Poems of Li-Po (Lambert)
The Moth Requiem (Birtwistle)
The ruin of the Ku-Su palace  No 5 of Eight Poems of Li-Po (Lambert)
They meet in the pink dust of the city street  First line to On the city street, No 7 of Eight Poems of Li-Po (Lambert)
Une flûte invisible (Saint-Saëns)
Viens! – une flûte invisible  First line to Une flûte invisible (Saint-Saëns)
With a man of leisure  No 3 of Eight Poems of Li-Po (Lambert)
Yonder the mountain flowers are out  First line to With a man of leisure, No 3 of Eight Poems of Li-Po (Lambert)
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