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Hyperion Records

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Still Life with Hunting Horn (1827) by Jean-Georges Hirn (1777-1839)
Track(s) taken from CDH55074
Recording details: July 1999
St Michael's Church, Highgate, London, United Kingdom
Produced by Mark Brown
Engineered by Tony Faulkner
Release date: June 2000
Total duration: 11 minutes 5 seconds

'I put the disc on and was immediately intrigued and delighted' (Early Music Review)

'Horn players will no doubt find much to interest and entertain them here' (International Record Review)

'Played with real style and verve by Andrew Clark and Geoffrey Govier' (BBC CD Review)

‘A tour de force for horn and piano … presents natural hornist Andrew Clark and fortepianist Geoffrey Govier as virtuosi of the first rank … A very enjoyable disk, full of joie de vivre and technical pyrotechnics as well as some beautiful Schubert melodies' (Historic Brass Society Newsletter)

Andante e Polacca

Andante  [3'12]

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The Andante e Polacca is the only piece for horn and piano by Czerny not published in his lifetime. This suggests that it may have been written for a special occasion. Like Mendelssohn, Brahms and other composers, Czerny continued to compose for the natural horn after the valved horn became prevalent throughout much of Europe. As John Humphreys suggests, Czerny may have been inspired by a visit to Vienna from French virtuoso natural horn-player, Eugène Vivier, for whom Rossini wrote his Prelude, Theme and Variations. As in the finale of the Introduction, Theme and Concert Variations, Czerny was perhaps influenced by one of the several other polaccas composed earlier in the century for the horn. The most famous of these is the last movement of Weber’s Concertino, which similarly exploits the highest and lowest notes of the instrument. The solo horn in both of these works revels in the innate joie de vivre of fanfares, flourishes and arpeggios derived from the harmonic series while Czerny’s piano part glitters in cascades of notes that rival Chopin’s compositions and leave no avenue of the instrument unexplored.

from notes by Andrew Clark © 2000

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