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Track(s) taken from CDA67478
Recording details: December 2003
All Saints' Church, East Finchley, London, United Kingdom
Produced by Martin Compton
Engineered by Julian Millard
Release date: September 2004
Total duration: 3 minutes 58 seconds

'Even the most devoted of Gottschalk's admirers will make some arresting discoveries among the less familiar works here … those who have enjoyed the series so far will want to add this disc to their collections, too' (International Record Review)

'Gottschalk is never abstruse or merely technical, but it is obvious from the elegance of his writing that he was a wonderful pianist. He is still underestimated, I think—as a composer, too. I can listen to his music for hours, and I don't feel that way about much piano music. The piano sound is simply wonderful—Hyperion manages to convey an individual instrument's personality in piano recordings' (Fanfare, USA)

Fairy land 'Schottische de concert', RO91
1859; published in Boston in 1863; alternative title: Dans les nuages; under pseud. Seven Octaves

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This charming, if slight, piece was one of three dance pieces composed in the summer of 1859 while Gottschalk was living at Matouba, a remote and mountainous retreat in Guadeloupe. The other two are Amour chevaleresque (see track 9) and Hurrah Galop, all three accessible to the amateur player and, one surmises, written as money-spinners. Two early biographers concur. According to Luis Ricardo Fors, ‘Avaricious editors obliged [Gottschalk] to compose against his will and contrary to the impulses of his good taste and his talent. He wrote these under burlesque pseudonyms or completely vulgar names but the editors, always thirsty for maximum profit … published these imperfect compositions over the author’s actual name.’ Octavia Hensel, in her biography, actually quotes a letter from Gottschalk: ‘I think so little of these compositions that I do not care to attach my name to them. But Ditson [his publisher] will take them with a nom de plume.’

As if to confirm this, the music for Fairy Land states that it is by ‘Seven Octaves’. Cheekily, it bears the dedication ‘To my dear friend L.M.Gottschalk’.

from notes by Jeremy Nicholas © 2004

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