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Martin, Philip (piano)
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Philip Martin (piano)

Philip Martin combines a busy solo performing career with that of a composer and teacher. It is these three elements of his musical personality that make him such a force in musical life today.

Born in Dublin, he studied with Mabel Swainson before winning an Associated Board scholarship to the Royal Academy of music in London. Here he continued with the pianist and composer Franz Reizenstein, himself a pupil of Solomon, Hindemith and Vaughan Williams.

Whilst at the Academy, Philip gained his recital diploma and won many prestigious awards, including the coveted MacFarren gold medal. He was later awarded the first Sir Frederick Shinn Fellowship. He continued private studies with Louis Kentner in London and later with Yvonne Lefebure in Paris, receiving impressive reviews from the press.

He made his London debut in the Wigmore Hall and this led to frequent appearances on the South Bank and throughout Britain with all the BBC orchestras, the London Symphony, London Sinfonietta, the Royal Philharmonic, the Halle, the Bournemouth Symphony, the City of Birmingham and the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic.

He has used his extensive repertoire of over 60 concertos, playing in such diverse countries as France, Italy, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, the USA and Canada, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Mexico, where he is a regular and very popular visitor.

He has also proudly retained his relationship with Ireland where he returns each season. For his first concerto appearance in Dublin, he played the George Gershwin Concerto in F and this set the seal for his passion and interest in American music. He then gave the Irish premier of Samuel Barber’s Piano Concerto for which he has a particular affection. Many performances of this work followed. Besides the many RTÉ National symphony broadcasts, he has also performed this work with three separate BBC orchestras as well as an EBU broadcast from Ankara in Turkey and the first performance of the work in Paris.

His BBC, RTÉ and foreign broadcasts are many and he has also been a frequent visitor to the BBC Promenade concerts, where he toured with the National Youth orchestra of Great Britain playing in the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam and Tivoli Gardens in Denmark before his appearance in the Royal Albert hall. He followed this two years later with a televised performance of Rachmaninov’s ‘Paganini Rhapsody’.

For Hyperion Philip has recorded an eight-volume set of the music of the colourful nineteenth-century American composer, Louis Moreau Gottschalk, the critically acclaimed Maiden’s Prayer which is heard repeatedly on Classic FM, RTÉ and BBC Radio 3, and an album of the solo piano music of the Austrian composer, Henri Herz. He has also recorded on the Nimbus, RCA Red Seal, Continuum, Marco Polo, BBC and Chandos labels as well as Somm recordings.

As a composer, Philip Martin is prolific and he has fulfilled many major commissions including a Harp concerto and several large choral works. His large-scale choral work, In Dublin’s Fair City was written to mark the millennium. His output includes a symphony, three piano concertos, over 300 songs and many instrumental and chamber works including seven piano trios. Many of these works have been commercially recorded.

His music has an immediate appeal, often using places, paintings and people as a starting point. These pictorial and dramatic qualities moved a recent reviewer to write about his first symphony, ‘This work created a distinctive harmonic language through the contrapuntal combination of certain kinds of vigorously rhythmic, colourful ideas’.

Philip is a member of Aosdana, Ireland’s state-sponsored academy of creative artists. In 1989 Yehudi Menuhin presented him with an honorary Fellowship of the Royal Academy of Music in London. In 2010 he received a BA in Humanities from the Open University specialising in Art history.

By donating his professional services, Philip supports numerous charities and every year raises generous amounts for their benefit.

'Gottschalk: Piano Music, Vol. 1' (CDA66459)
Gottschalk: Piano Music, Vol. 1
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Gottschalk: Piano Music, Vol. 2
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Gottschalk: Piano Music, Vol. 3
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Gottschalk: Piano Music, Vol. 4
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Gottschalk: Piano Music, Vol. 5
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Gottschalk: Piano Music, Vol. 6
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Gottschalk: Piano Music, Vol. 7
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Gottschalk: Piano Music, Vol. 8
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Gottschalk: The Complete Solo Piano Music
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'Herz: Piano Music' (CDA67606)
Herz: Piano Music
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The Maiden's Prayer
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Alphabetical listing of all musical works
10 Danses de salon (Pieczonka)
12 morceaux, Op 40 (Tchaikovsky)
6ème Ballade, RO14 Op 85 (Gottschalk)
7 Marionnettes (Poldini)
7ème Ballade, RO15 Op 87 (Gottschalk)
8ème Ballade, RO16 Op 90 (Gottschalk)
Air, with five variations 'The harmonious blacksmith'  Movement 4 of Suite No 5 in E major, HWV430 (Handel)
Andante  Movement 1 of Symphony No 1 'La nuit des tropiques', RO5 (Gottschalk/Napoleão dos Santos)
Apothéose 'Grande marche solennelle', RO8 Op 29 (Gottschalk)
Ballade in A flat, RO271 (Gottschalk)
Bamboula 'Danse de nègres', RO20 Op 2 (Gottschalk)
Bataille 'Étude de concert', RO25 Op 64 (Gottschalk)
Battle cry of freedom 'Caprice héroïque, grand caprice de concert', RO62 Op 55 (Gottschalk)
Berceuse 'Cradle song', RO27 Op 47 (Gottschalk)
Caprice élégiaque, RO38 Op 56 (Gottschalk)
Caprice-polka, RO44 Op 79 (Gottschalk)
Chanson du gitano, RO35 (Gottschalk)
Chanson triste  No 2 of 12 morceaux, Op 40 (Tchaikovsky)
Chant de guerre, RO48 Op 78 (Gottschalk)
Chant du soldat 'Grand caprice de concert', RO51 Op 23 (Gottschalk)
Colliers d'or 'Deux mazurkas', RO58/9 Op 6 (Gottschalk)
Columbia 'Caprice américain', RO61 Op 34 (Gottschalk)
Cracovienne fantastique  No 6 of Humoresques de concert, Op 14 (Paderewski)
Danse des sylphes 'Caprice de concert', RO65 Op 86 (Godefroid/Gottschalk)
Danse ossianique, RO64 Op 12 (Gottschalk)
Danza, RO66 Op 33 (Gottschalk)
Dernier amour 'Étude de concert', RO73 Op 62 (Gottschalk)
Deux Mélodies, Op 3 (Rubinstein)
Deuxième ballade, Op 117 No 2 (Herz)
Deuxième thème original avec introduction et variations, Op 81 (Herz)
Eight Humoresques, Op 101 B187 (Dvořák)
El cocoyé 'Grand caprice cubain de bravura', RO57 Op 80 (Gottschalk)
Fairy land 'Schottische de concert', RO91 (Gottschalk)
Fantaisie dramatique, Op 89 (Herz)
Fantaisie et variations sur der airs nationaux américains variés, Op 158 (Herz)
Fantôme de bonheur 'Illusions perdues, caprice', RO94 Op 36 (Gottschalk)
Five Pieces, Op 75 (Sibelius)
Forest glade polka 'Polka brillante', RO98 Op 25 (Gottschalk)
Forget me not 'Mazurka caprice', RO99 (Gottschalk)
God save the Queen 'Morceau de concert', RO106 Op 41 (Gottschalk)
Gottschalk's melody (Gottschalk)
Grand scherzo, RO114 Op 57 (Gottschalk)
Grande fantaisie triomphale sur l'hymne national brésilien, RO108 Op 69 (Gottschalk)
Hercule 'Grande étude de concert', RO116 Op 88 (Gottschalk)
Home, sweet home 'Caprice', RO117 Op 51 (Bishop/Gottschalk)
Humoresque in G flat  No 7 of Eight Humoresques, Op 101 B187 (Dvořák)
Humoresques de concert, Op 14 (Paderewski)
Hurrah galop 'Galop de concert, pas redoublé, caprice de concert', RO118 (Gottschalk)
Impromptu, RO122 Op 54 (Gottschalk)
Jerusalem 'Grande fantaisie triomphale', RO126 Op 13 (Verdi/Gottschalk)
Jeunesse 'Mazurka brillante', RO129 Op 70 (Gottschalk)
Kevätyö 'May Night'  No 4 of Spring, Op 57 (Palmgren)
Klokkeklang  No 6, Bell ringing of Lyric Pieces Book 5, Op 54 (Grieg)
Kuusi 'The spruce tree'  No 5 of Five Pieces, Op 75 (Sibelius)
La brise 'Valse de concert', RO30 (Gottschalk)
La chasse du jeune Henri 'Morceau de concert', RO54 Op 10 (Gottschalk)
La chute des feuilles 'Nocturne', RO55 Op 42 (Gottschalk)
La colombe 'Petite polka', RO60 Op 49 (Gottschalk)
La coquette – valse brillante (Herbert)
La dolcezza  No 1 of Trois Nocturnes caractéristiques, Op 45 (Herz)
La favorita 'Grande fantaisie de concert', RO95 Op 68 (Donizetti/Gottschalk)
La fileuse  No 2 of Two Pieces for piano, Op 157 (Raff)
La gallina 'Danse cubaine', RO100 Op 53 (Gottschalk)
La gitanella 'Caprice caractéristique', RO103 Op 35 (Gottschalk)
La jota aragonesa 'Caprice espagnol', RO130 Op 14 (Gottschalk)
La mélancolie 'Étude caractéristique d'après F Godefroid', RO167 (Godefroid/Gottschalk)
La melanconia  No 2 of Trois Nocturnes caractéristiques, Op 45 (Herz)
La moissonneuse 'Mazurka caractéristique', RO173 Op 8 (Gottschalk)
La savane 'Ballade créole', RO232 Op 3 (Gottschalk)
La semplicità  No 3 of Trois Nocturnes caractéristiques, Op 45 (Herz)
Le bananier 'Chanson nègre', RO21 Op 5 (Gottschalk)
Le banjo 'Fantaisie grotesque, an American sketch', RO22 Op 15 (Gottschalk)
Le carnaval de Venise 'Grand caprice et variations', RO45 Op 89 (Gottschalk)
Le chant du martyr 'Grand caprice religieux', RO49 (Gottschalk)
Le mancenillier 'La sérénade', RO142 Op 11 (Gottschalk)
Le mouvement perpétuel, Op 91 No 3 (Herz)
Le songe d'une nuit d'été 'Caprice élégant', RO240 Op 9 (Gottschalk)
L'étincelle 'Mazurka sentimentale', RO80 Op 20 (Gottschalk)
Lieder ohne Worte V, Op 62 (Mendelssohn)
Love and chivalry 'Caprice élégant en forme de schottisch', RO135 (Gottschalk)
Lyric Pieces Book 5, Op 54 (Grieg)
Madeleine 'Étude', RO140 (Gottschalk)
Manchega 'Étude de concert', RO143 Op 38 (Gottschalk)
Marche de nuit, RO151 Op 17 (Gottschalk)
Marche funèbre, RO147 Op 61 (Gottschalk)
Marguerite 'Grande valse brillante, valse sentimentale', RO158 Op 76 (Gottschalk)
Mazurka in F sharp (Gottschalk)
Melody in F  No 1 in F major of Deux Mélodies, Op 3 (Rubinstein)
Minuet in G  No 1 of Humoresques de concert, Op 14 (Paderewski)
Minuet in G  No 2 of Six Minuets, WoO10 (Beethoven)
Minuit à Séville 'Caprice', RO170 Op 30 (Gottschalk)
Miserere du Trovatore 'Paraphrase de concert', RO171 Op 52 (Gottschalk)
Moods, impressions and reminiscences, Op 41 (Fibich)
Morte!! 'Lamentation', RO174 Op 60 (Gottschalk)
Murmures éoliens, RO176 Op 46 (Gottschalk)
Narcissus  No 4 of Water Scenes, Op 13 (Nevin)
Notturno  No 4 of Lyric Pieces Book 5, Op 54 (Grieg)
Ô ma charmante, épargnez-moi! 'Caprice', RO182 Op 44 (Gottschalk)
Ojos criollos 'Danse cubaine, caprice brillant, contradanza', RO185 Op 37 (Gottschalk)
Orfa 'Grande polka', RO186 Op 71 (Gottschalk)
Ossian 'Deux Ballades', RO187 Op 4 (Gottschalk)
Pasquinade 'Caprice', RO189 Op 59 (Gottschalk)
Pastorella e cavalliere, RO190 Op 32 (Gottschalk)
Pensée poétique, RO194 Op 62 (Gottschalk)
Pensive 'Polka-rédowa', RO196 Op 68 (Gottschalk)
Poème  No 14 of Moods, impressions and reminiscences, Op 41 (Fibich)
Polka de salon, RO207 Op 1 (Gottschalk)
Polka in A flat, RO275 (Gottschalk)
Polka in B flat, RO273 (Gottschalk)
Polonia 'Grand caprice de concert', RO210 Op 35 (Gottschalk)
Poupée valsante  No 2 of 7 Marionnettes (Poldini)
Première ballade, Op 117 No 1 (Herz)
Première valse, Op 83 (Durand)
Printemps d'amour 'Mazurka, caprice de concert', RO214 Op 40 (Gottschalk)
Radieuse 'Grande valse de concert', RO218 Op 72 (Gottschalk/Maylath)
Rayons d'azur 'Polka de salon', RO220 Op 77 (Gottschalk)
Reflets du passé 'Rêverie', RO223 Op 28 (Gottschalk)
Réponds-moi 'Danse cubaine, caprice brillant', RO226 Op 50 (Gottschalk/Wachtmann)
Ricordati 'Nocturne, méditation', RO227 Op 26 (Gottschalk)
Romance in E flat, RO270 (Gottschalk)
Romanze, Op 45 No 1 (Grünfeld)
Rustle of Spring  No 3 of Six Pieces, Op 32 (Sinding)
Scherzo-romantique, RO233 Op 73 (Gottschalk)
Second banjo, RO24 Op 82 (Gottschalk)
Serenata  No 1 of Six Pieces, Op 15 (Moszkowski)
Ses yeux 'Polka de concert', RO235 Op 66 (Gottschalk/Napoleão dos Santos)
Silver Spring, Op 6 (Mason)
Six Minuets, WoO10 (Beethoven)
Six Pieces, Op 15 (Moszkowski)
Six Pieces, Op 32 (Sinding)
Solitude, RO239 Op 65 (Gottschalk)
Sonata No 6 (Paradies)
Sospiro 'Valse poétique', RO241 Op 24 (Gottschalk)
Souvenir de Cuba 'Mazurka', RO245 Op 75 (Gottschalk)
Souvenir de la Havane 'Grand caprice de concert', RO246 Op 39 (Gottschalk)
Souvenir de Lima 'Mazurka', RO247 Op 74 (Gottschalk)
Souvenir de Porto Rico 'Marche des Gibaros', RO250 Op 31 (Gottschalk)
Souvenir des Ardennes 'Mazurka de salon', RO243 (Gottschalk)
Souvenirs d'Andalousie 'Caprice de concert sur la caña, le fandango, et le jeleo de Jerez', RO242 Op 22 (Gottschalk)
Spring, Op 57 (Palmgren)
Suis-moi! 'Contradanza, caprice', RO253 Op 45 (Gottschalk)
Suite No 5 in E major, HWV430 (Handel)
Symphony No 1 'La nuit des tropiques', RO5 (Gottschalk/Napoleão dos Santos)
Tarantella in A minor  No 1 of 10 Danses de salon (Pieczonka)
The dying poet 'Meditation, arpejos de saudade', RO75 (Gottschalk)
The dying swan 'Romance poétique', RO76 Op 100 (Gottschalk)
The last hope 'Méditation religieuse', RO133 Op 16 (Gottschalk)
The maiden's blush 'Grande valse de concert', RO141 (Gottschalk)
The Maiden's Prayer (Badarzewska)
The water sprite 'Polka de salon', RO296 Op 27 (Gottschalk)
To a Water-Lily  No 6 of Woodland Sketches, Op 51 (MacDowell)
To a wild rose  No 1 of Woodland Sketches, Op 51 (MacDowell)
Toccata in A  Extract from Sonata No 6 (Paradies)
Tournament galop, RO264 (Gottschalk)
Tremolo 'Grande étude de concert', RO265 Op 58 (Gottschalk)
Trois Nocturnes caractéristiques, Op 45 (Herz)
Trolltog  No 3, March of the trolls of Lyric Pieces Book 5, Op 54 (Grieg)
Two Pieces for piano, Op 157 (Raff)
Union 'Paraphrase de concert on the national airs Star-Spangled Banner, Yankee Doodle, and Hail Columbia', RO269 Op 48 (Gottschalk)
Variations de concert sur l'hymne portugais, RO290 Op 91 (Gottschalk/Napoleão dos Santos)
Variations on 'Non più mesta' from Rossini's La Cenerentola, Op 60 (Herz/Rossini)
Vision 'Étude', RO295 Op posth. (Gottschalk)
Water Scenes, Op 13 (Nevin)
Woodland Sketches, Op 51 (MacDowell)
Ynés 'Danza in E flat', RO277 (Gottschalk)
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