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Hyperion Records

CDS44501/98 - Liszt: Complete Piano Music
Recording details: Various dates
Various recording venues
Produced by Various producers
Engineered by Various engineers
Release date: February 2011
Total duration: 7255 minutes 52 seconds


'This 99 CD box, from the hands of a master, is without question the main event of Liszt's centenary year' (The Independent)

'Liszt, one of music's greatest innovators, tends to be known by a tiny fraction of his work. Here's a chance to see the fuller picture' (The Guardian)

'Almost any way you choose to look at it, this is a staggering achievement. Pianistically, very few professionals are capable of getting this amount of music under their fingers; when the composer also happens to be, in historical terms, the foremost executant of the instrument, the number dwindles further. From a musicological point of few, Howard and his colleague Michael Short have unearthed a good deal of music that heretofore has been virtually unknown, not to mention unrecorded … the grand scope of this project gives us the chance, as listeners, to experience the almost incomprehensible breadth and depth of Liszt's imagination' (International Record Review)

'Leslie Howard, with his gigantic 99-CD box set on Hyperion, has surely served up the biggest birthday cake any composer could wish for. Of all the Liszt performers … Howard often offers the most musical version of any given Liszt piece … do treat yourself to this monumental offering' (Pianist)

'No music library or serious Liszt aficionado will wish to be without these treasurable recordings' (International Piano)

'Howard certainly has the incredible techinique the task required; his playing is often both splendid and enchanting, and consistency of vision is worth a great deal on such an epic journey … there is charm, invention and delight on every disc, and plenty of genius too' (The Age, Melbourne)

'La somme est inestimable … on ne pourra nulle part prendre Leslie Howard en défaut de technique ou de goût … sa constance, son intelligence, son brio souple cimentent un monument vertigineux, qui contribuera peut-être à évincer une bonne partie des idées reçues' (Diapason, France)

Complete Piano Music
The Young Liszt
No 1: C major  [1'13]
No 2: A minor  [1'14]
No 3: F major  [2'19]
No 4: D minor  [1'10]
No 6: G minor  [1'23]
No 8: C minor  [1'47]
No 10: F minor  [1'55]
No 2: Vivamente  [3'43]
Douze Grandes Études
Études d'exécution transcendante
No 1: Preludio  [0'48]
No 2: [untitled]  [2'24]
No 3: Paysage  [5'15]
No 4: Mazeppa  [7'19]
No 6: Vision  [6'01]
No 7: Eroica  [4'41]
No 8: Wilde Jagd  [5'31]
No 9: Ricordanza  [10'33]
Complete Paganini Études
Préludes, Concert Études & Episodes from Faust
Album d'un voyageur
I: Impressions et Poésies
No 1: Lyon  [6'58]
No 6: Psaume  [2'58]
II: Fleurs mélodiques des Alpes
No 7a: Allegro  [1'45]
No 7b: Lento  [4'16]
III: Paraphrases
Album d'un voyageur
Années de pèlerinage I
No 3: Pastorale  [2'01]
No 5: Orage  [4'25]
No 7: Eglogue  [3'40]
Années de pèlerinage II
No 1: Sposalizio  [7'25]
No 1: Gondoliera  [6'06]
No 2: Canzone  [3'55]
No 3: Tarantella  [8'55]
Années de pèlerinage III
Ballades, Legends & Polonaises
Harmonies poétiques & religieuses
No 1: Invocation  [2'57]
No 1: Invocation  [6'35]
No 2: Ave Maria  [5'27]
No 7: Funérailles  [11'39]
Alleluia S183/1  [3'35]
No 1: Benedictus  [5'16]
Litanies de Marie