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Warlock, Peter (1894-1930)  

Peter Warlock

born: 30 October 1894
died: 17 December 1930
country: United Kingdom

The reputation of Peter Warlock rests chiefly on his work as a song writer. He composed over one hundred works for voice and piano, all of which are still in print nearly seventy years after his death. One instrumental work, Capriol, has retained its popularity in its string orchestra version, though it is less well known that the original version was for piano duet, and that a version for full orchestra was prepared two years later. All three versions were published. Warlock’s other two works for orchestra – An Old Song for small orchestra and the Serenade for string orchestra – are seldom performed, while the Folksong Preludes for piano are almost forgotten.

This seems a somewhat small output, even allowing for the composer’s early death, but then Warlock was not merely a composer. As Philip Heseltine he was a musicologist of some importance, transcribing and editing much music of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, including six volumes of lute songs and many works for viols including Purcell’s Fantasias and works by Matthew Locke. He was also an established music critic: a projected collection of his writings on music will occupy no less than four volumes, without including his valuable short books Delius and The English Ayre. It may be argued that he spread his talents too widely, but hardly that he failed to make good use of his time.

from notes by Michael Pilkington 1997

'Warlock: Songs' (CDH55442)
Warlock: Songs
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Warlock: The Curlew, Capriol, Serenade & Songs
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A Christmas Present from Polyphony
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Adeste fideles
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A Treasury of English Song
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Alphabetical listing of all musical works
A Cornish Christmas Carol (Warlock)
A prayer to St Anthony of Padua  No 1 of Two songs (Warlock)
A sad song (Warlock)
And can the physician make sick men well?  First line to Robin Goodfellow (Warlock)
Art thou poor, yet hast thou golden slumbers?  First line to Sweet content (Warlock)
As dew in Aprylle (Warlock)
As ever I saw (Warlock)
As I rode down to Yarmouth Fair  First line to Yarmouth Fair (Warlock)
At The Fox Inn  First line to The Fox (Warlock)
Autumn twilight (Warlock)
Be still, my sweet sweeting, no longer do cry  First line to Cradle song (Warlock)
Benedicamus Domino (Warlock)
Bethlehem Down (Warlock)
Bethlehem Down (Warlock/Hill)
Blow high, blow low  First line to The wind from the West (Warlock)
Bright is the ring of words  First line to To the memory of a great singer (Warlock)
Burd Ellen and young Tamlane  No 4 of Lillygay (Warlock)
Burd Ellen sits in her bower windowe  First line to Burd Ellen and young Tamlane, No 4 of Lillygay (Warlock)
Capriol (Warlock)
Chopcherry (Warlock)
Come, sleep, and with thy sweet deceiving  First line to Sleep (Warlock)
Corpus Christi (Warlock)
Cradle song (Warlock)
Fair and true (Warlock)
For Jillian of Berry she dwells on a hill  First line to Jillian of Berry (Warlock)
Golden slumbers kiss your eyes  First line to Lullaby (Warlock)
Ha'nacker Mill  No 1 of Three Belloc songs (Warlock)
I am Queen Anne, of whom 'tis said  First line to Queen Anne (Warlock)
I held love's head  No 1 of Two short songs (Warlock)
I saw a fair maiden (Warlock)
I shall go without companions  First line to My own country, No 3 of Three Belloc songs (Warlock)
In an arbour green (Warlock)
In the dim light of the golden lamp  First line to The singer (Warlock)
It was a lover and his lass  First line to Pretty ring time (Warlock)
Jillian of Berry (Warlock)
Johnnie cam' to our toun  First line to Johnnie wi' the tye, No 2 of Lillygay (Warlock)
Johnnie wi' the tye  No 2 of Lillygay (Warlock)
Late summer (Warlock)
Lay a garland on my hearse  First line to A sad song (Warlock)
Lillygay (Warlock)
Lovely kind, and kindly loving  First line to Fair and true (Warlock)
Lullaby (Warlock)
Lullaby my Jesus (Warlock/Carter)
Lully, lullay – The faucon hath borne my make away  First line to Corpus Christi (Warlock)
Most Holy Night, that still dost keep  First line to The night, No 2 of Three Belloc songs (Warlock)
Most holy night, that still dost keep  First line to The night, No 2 of Three Belloc songs (Warlock)
Most Holy Night, that still dost keep  First line to The night, No 2 of Three Belloc songs (Warlock)
Most holy night, that still dost keep  First line to The night, No 2 of Three Belloc songs (Warlock)
Most Holy Night, that still dost keep  First line to The night, No 2 of Three Belloc songs (Warlock)
Most holy night, that still dost keep  First line to The night, No 2 of Three Belloc songs (Warlock)
Mourn no moe (Warlock)
My gostly fader (Warlock)
My lady is a pretty one (Warlock)
My little sweet darling (Warlock)
My own country  No 3 of Three Belloc songs (Warlock)
Now sleep, and take thy rest  First line to The contented lover (Warlock)
O be still, be still, unquiet thoughts, and rest on love's adventer  First line to The lover's maze (Warlock)
O sick heart, be at rest!  First line to The sick heart, No 2 of Two songs (Warlock)
One morning very early, one morning in the spring  First line to The distracted maid, No 1 of Lillygay (Warlock)
Ox and ass at Bethlehem  First line to The first mercy (Warlock)
Passing by (Warlock)
Pretty ring time (Warlock)
Queen Anne (Warlock)
Rest, sweet nymphs (Warlock)
Robin Goodfellow (Warlock)
Saint Anthony whom I bear  First line to A prayer to St Anthony of Padua, No 1 of Two songs (Warlock)
Sally is gone that was so kindly  First line to Ha'nacker Mill, No 1 of Three Belloc songs (Warlock)
Serenade (Warlock)
She is gentle and also wise  First line to As ever I saw (Warlock)
Shoemaker, shoemaker, are ye within?  First line to The shoemaker, No 3 of Lillygay (Warlock)
Sigh no more, ladies (Warlock)
Sleep (Warlock)
Sweet content (Warlock)
Take, O take those lips away (Warlock)
The bayley berith the bell away (Warlock)
The contented lover (Warlock)
The Curlew (Warlock)
The distracted maid  No 1 of Lillygay (Warlock)
The Fairest May (Warlock)
The fields are full of summer still  First line to Late summer (Warlock)
The first mercy (Warlock)
The Fox (Warlock)
The long September evening dies  First line to Autumn twilight (Warlock)
The lover's maze (Warlock)
The maidens came when I was in my mother's bow'r  First line to The bayley berith the bell away (Warlock)
The night  No 2 of Three Belloc songs (Warlock)
The shoemaker  No 3 of Lillygay (Warlock)
The sick heart  No 2 of Two songs (Warlock)
The singer (Warlock)
The wind from the West (Warlock)
There is a lady sweet and kind  First line to Passing by (Warlock)
There is a lady sweet and kind (Warlock)
Thou gav'st me leave to kiss  No 2 of Two short songs (Warlock)
Three Belloc songs (Warlock)
To the memory of a great singer (Warlock)
Two short songs (Warlock)
Two songs (Warlock)
Weep no more, nor sigh, nor groan  First line to Mourn no moe (Warlock)
When he is King we will give him the King's gifts  First line to Bethlehem Down (Warlock)
Yarmouth Fair (Warlock)
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