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1EMHDUS - Harmonies d'un Soir

Recording details: February 2012
L'espace Jéliote d'Oloron-Sainte-Marie, France
Produced by Jérôme Hallay
Engineered by Jérôme Hallay
Release date: May 2014
Total duration: 69 minutes 39 seconds

Harmonies d'un Soir
Piano à quatre mains
Petit poucet  [2'51]

1equalmusic continues to wax lyrical on the theme of four-hand piano music with this recording from the Franco-Romanian piano duo Duo Bohêmes, whose ever delightful and often surprising 'evening harmonies' transport the listener from the Bohemia of Dvořák via Schubert's 'storms of life' and the China of Ravel's childlike dreams to the intensely rhythmical India as reimagined by John Pitts.

Introduction  EnglishFrançais
'In the beginning was the dream …'
Duo Bohêmes sum up their first album with this short phrase, as redolent of the creative style of Franz Schubert, master of the art of piano duets, as it is symbolic of the decade-long friendship and enthusiasm of this young Franco-Romanian duo and their mutually enriching quest for the ideal. With their desire to re-evaluate the duet tradition, Aurélie Samani and Gabriela Ungureanu are reviving duets that currently have a low profile, such as extracts from Dvorák's Opus 68, revitalizing masterpieces of Schubert and Ravel, and taking great delight in revealing pieces from the contemporary repertoire: in this case Raag Gezellig which they have been active in bringing to audiences in Europe and the USA.

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