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Müller, Rufus (tenor)

Rufus Müller (tenor)

The English-German tenor, Rufus Müller was born in Kent, England and was a choral scholar at New College, Oxford. He is at present studying in New York with Thomas LoMonaco.

Rufus Müller made his debut as Bastien in Mozart’s Bastien un Bastienne at the Kent Opera in 1984 and received the first prize at the English Song Award in Brighton during the following year. In 1999 he was a prize winner in the Oratorio Society of New York Singing Competition. Rufus Müller has worked with many leading conductors and his performances in song recitals and oratorios have taken him to numerous European countries and to Puerto Rico, the USA and Japan.

He is Assistant Professor of Music at Bard College, New York.

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'Benda: Cephalus and Aurora' (CDA66649)
Benda: Cephalus and Aurora
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'Enchanting Harmonist' (CDA66698)
Enchanting Harmonist
with Invocation
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'O tuneful voice' (CDA66497)
O tuneful voice
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'Purcell: Odes, Vol. 3 – Fly, bold rebellion' (CDA66412)
Purcell: Odes, Vol. 3 – Fly, bold rebellion
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'Purcell: The Complete Odes & Welcome Songs' (CDS44031/8)
Purcell: The Complete Odes & Welcome Songs
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'The Marriage of Heaven and Hell' (CDH55273)
The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
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'The Romantic Music' (CDA66740)
The Romantic Music
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'Ward: Sweet Philomel & other madrigals' (CDA66256)
Ward: Sweet Philomel & other madrigals
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'Josquin: Missa Pange lingua & Missa La sol fa re mi' (CDGIM009)
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'Palestrina: Missa brevis' (CDGIM008)
Palestrina: Missa brevis
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'Palestrina: Missa Nigra sum' (CDGIM003)
Palestrina: Missa Nigra sum
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'Palestrina: The Tallis Scholars sing Palestrina' (CDGIM204)
Palestrina: The Tallis Scholars sing Palestrina
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'Renaissance Giants' (CDGIM207)
Renaissance Giants
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'Renaissance Radio' (CDGIM212)
Renaissance Radio
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'Sacred Music in the Renaissance, Vol. 1' (GIMBX301)
Sacred Music in the Renaissance, Vol. 1
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'Sacred Music in the Renaissance, Vol. 2' (GIMBX302)
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'Sarum Chant' (CDGIM017)
Sarum Chant
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'Sheppard, Taverner & Tye: Western Wynde Mass' (CDGIM027)
Sheppard, Taverner & Tye: Western Wynde Mass
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'Taverner: Missa Gloria tibi Trinitas' (CDGIM004)
Taverner: Missa Gloria tibi Trinitas
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'The Essential Tallis Scholars' (CDGIM201)
The Essential Tallis Scholars
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'The Tallis Scholars sing Tudor Church Music, Vol. 1' (CDGIM209)
The Tallis Scholars sing Tudor Church Music, Vol. 1
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'The Tallis Scholars sing Tudor Church Music, Vol. 2' (CDGIM210)
The Tallis Scholars sing Tudor Church Music, Vol. 2
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'Tye, Sheppard & Taverner: Western Wynde Mass' (CDGIM027)
Tye, Sheppard & Taverner: Western Wynde Mass
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Alphabetical listing of all musical works
A shepherd lov'd a nymph so fair (Pinto)
A solis ortus (Anon)
Adieu, adieu, my heartes lust (Cornysh Jr.)
Adieu, courage (Cornysh Jr.)
Ah dear heart (Gibbons)
Ah, Robin (Cornysh Jr.)
All creatures now (Bennet)
Angelus ad virginem (Anon)
Assumpta est Maria (Anon)
Ave Maria … virgo serena (Josquin)
Ave Maria a 4 (Victoria)
Ave Maria a 8 (Victoria)
Ave Maria, mater Dei (Cornysh Sr.)
Awake, my lyre (Linley Sr.)
Be welcome then, great Sir, to constant vows  Movement 7 of Fly, bold rebellion, Z324 (Purcell)
Beata es virgo … Ave Maria (Verdelot)
Benedicta es (Anon)
Carters, now cast down (Farnaby)
Celebrate this Festival, Z321 (Purcell)
Christe redemptor omnium (Anon)
Come, sable night (Ward)
Could he whom my dissembled rigour grieves, Op 3 No 3 (Jackson)
Coventry Carol (Anon)
Cruel Madame (Vautor)
Cruel unkind (Ward)
De la virge Katerine/Quant froidure/Agmina milicie/AGMINA (Anon)
Die not, fond man (Ward)
Du, klein Blondine, bezauberst ja schon! (Benda)
Ein trunkner Dichter leerte (Benda)
Elegy (Arnold)
En non Dieu/Quant voi la rose/NOBIS (Anon)
Es ist ein Ros' entsprungen (Praetorius)
Faulheit, itzo will ich dir (Benda)
Festa januaria (Anon)
Fly, bold rebellion, Z324 (Purcell)
From thee, Eliza, I must go (Pinto)
Gaude virgo mater Christi (Cornysh Sr.)
Go, lovely rose (Salomon)
Go, rose! my Chloe's bosom grace (Earle)
Hark! Alleluia (Morley)
High on the giddy bending mast  First line to Sailor's song, Hob XXVIa:31 (Haydn)
Hope of my heart (Ward)
I have entreated (Ward)
Ich liebte nur Ismenen (Benda)
If heaven's just wrath (Ward)
If the deep sighs (Ward)
In dulci iubilo (Praetorius)
Je m'en vois/Tels a mout/OMNES (Anon)
Joseph, lieber Joseph mein (Praetorius)
Lamentations (Brumel)
Lamentations (White)
Lieber Amor, leihe mir (Benda)
Love wakes and weeps (Webbe Jr.)
Lulla, lulla la, lulla, lullaby  First line to Lullaby 'My sweet little baby' (Byrd)
Lullaby 'My sweet little baby' (Byrd)
Lullay … I saw a sweetë (Anon)
Lully, lulla, thou little tiny child  First line to Coventry Carol (Anon)
Magnificat (Cornysh Sr.)
Mir Armen, den des Fiebers Kraft (Benda)
Missa brevis (Palestrina)
Missa in gallicantu (Anon)
Missa La sol fa re mi (Josquin)
Missa Nasce la gioja mia (Palestrina)
Missa Nigra sum (Palestrina)
Missa Pange lingua (Josquin)
Mout souvent/Mout ai esté en dolour/MULIERUM (Anon)
My breast I'll set (Ward)
Nasce la gioja mia (Primavera)
Nigra sum (Anon)
Nigra sum (De Silva)
Nigra sum (Lhéritier)
Nigra sum (Victoria)
Nowell … Dieu vous garde (Anon)
Nowell sing we (Anon)
Nowell. Who is there that singeth so: Nowell?  First line to Nowell … Dieu vous garde (Anon)
O talk not to me of my country's delights  First line to The emigrant (Hook)
O tuneful voice (Salomon)
Oft have I tender'd (Ward)
Our bugles sung truce, for the night cloud had lower'd  First line to The Soldier's Dream (Attwood)
Out from the vale (Ward)
Pange lingua … Corporis (Anon)
Par un matinet/Hé, sire!/Hé, bergier!/EIUS (Anon)
Philint ist still, und flieht die Schönen (Benda)
Philint stand jüngst vor Babets Thür (Benda)
Phyllis, I fain would die now (Morley)
Plus bele que flors / Quant revient / L'autrier jouer / FLOS FILIUS EIUS (Anon)
Quant voi l'alouete/Diex! je ne m'en partiré ja/NEUMA (Anon)
Retire, my troubled soul (Ward)
Sailor's song, Hob XXVIa:31 (Haydn)
Salvator mundi (Anon)
Salve regina (Cornysh Sr.)
She never told her love, Hob XXVIa:34 (Haydn)
Sleep, fleshly birth (Ramsey)
Sound the trumpet, beat the drum, Z335 (Purcell)
Stabat mater (Cornysh Sr.)
Super te Ierusalem/Sed fulsit virginitas/PRIMUS TENOR/DOMINUS (Anon)
The day that saw thy beauty rise (Jackson)
The emigrant (Hook)
The lyre (Harington)
The Soldier's Dream (Attwood)
There is no rose (Anon)
Though Amaryllis dance (Byrd)
Time has not thinn'd my flowing hair (Jackson)
To heal the wound a bee had made (Linley Jr.)
Trois sereurs/Trois sereurs/Trois sereurs/PERLUSTRAVIT (Anon)
Veni, redemptor gentium (Anon)
Venus, wenn du willst mich rühren (Benda)
Von nun an, o Liebe, verlaß' ich dein Reich (Benda)
Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme (Praetorius/Bach)
Western Wynde Mass (Sheppard)
Western Wynde Mass (Taverner)
Western Wynde Mass (Tye)
Westron wynde (Anon)
When young life's journey I began  First line to Elegy (Arnold)
Where the bee sucks, Op 11 No 6 (Jackson)
Woefully arrayed (Cornysh Jr.)
Ye balmy breezes, gently blow (Shield)
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