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European Union Chamber Orchestra

Formed in 1981, the European Community Chamber Orchestra brings together young professional musicians who live and work in the member countries of the EEC. With distinguished conductors and soloists, including its Principal Guest Conductor, Jörg Faerber, himself founder of the Württemberg Chamber Orchestra, the ECCO has toured in France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Great Britain and Ireland, playing in numerous major venues and for leading festivals.

'Concertos for the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies' (CDH55005)
Concertos for the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies
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'Fiorillo & Viotti: Violin Concertos' (CDH55062)
Fiorillo & Viotti: Violin Concertos
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'Haydn: Violin Concertos' (CDH55007)
Haydn: Violin Concertos
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'The Concerto in Europe' (CDH55035)
The Concerto in Europe
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'The Symphony in Europe, 1785' (CDA66156)
The Symphony in Europe, 1785
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'Viotti & Fiorillo: Violin Concertos' (CDH55062)
Viotti & Fiorillo: Violin Concertos
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'Vivaldi: The Four Seasons' (CDH88012)
Vivaldi: The Four Seasons
Buy by post £13.99 (ARCHIVE SERVICE) CDH88012  Helios (Hyperion's budget label) — Archive Service   Download currently discounted
Alphabetical listing of all musical works
Cello Concerto in G major (Porpora)
Cello Concerto No 2 in B flat major (Garth)
Concerto for violin and strings in C major, Hob VIIa:1 (Haydn)
Concerto for violin and strings in G major, Hob VIIa:4 (Haydn)
Concerto for violin, piano and strings in F major, Hob XVIII:6 (Haydn)
Concerto No 6 in E major (Scarlatti)
Concerto per quartetto No 1 in F minor (Durante)
Flute Concerto in C major (Grétry)
Flute Concerto in G major (Pergolesi)
Harp Concerto in A major (Paisiello)
Sinfonia di Concerto Grosso No 12 in C minor (Scarlatti)
Symphony in F major 'Périodique', Downs 23 (Schwindl)
Symphony in G minor, Op 4 No 1 (Maldere)
Symphony No 20 in B flat major, G514 (Boccherini)
Symphony No 5 in A major (Wesley)
Viola Concerto in D major, Op 1 (Stamitz)
Violin Concerto in E major 'Spring', RV269 (Vivaldi)
Violin Concerto in F major 'Autumn', RV293 (Vivaldi)
Violin Concerto in F minor 'Winter', RV297 (Vivaldi)
Violin Concerto in G minor 'Summer', RV315 (Vivaldi)
Violin Concerto No 1 in F major (Fiorillo)
Violin Concerto No 13 in A major (Viotti)
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