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Milne, Lisa (soprano)

Lisa Milne (soprano)

The Scottish soprano Lisa Milne studied at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. She was awarded an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours in 2005. A renowned recitalist, she has appeared at the Aix-en-Provence, Edinburgh and City of London festivals, the Oxford Lieder Festival, London’s Wigmore Hall, the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Brussels, and at the Schumannfeste in Dusseldorf. She is regularly partnered by Malcolm Martineau with whom she has performed and recorded a variety of repertoire.

In opera, her appearances have included Pamina (Die Zauberflöte) and Susanna (Le nozze di Figaro) at the Metropolitan Opera, New York and Pamina, Marzelline (Fidelio), Micäela (Carmen) and the title roles in Rodelinda and Theodora at the Glyndebourne Festival. Her many roles at the English National Opera have included Contessa (Le nozze di Figaro), the title role in Alcina and Anne Trulove (The Rake’s Progress). At the Welsh National Opera she created the role of Sian in the world premiere of James MacMillan’s opera The Sacrifice and, for the Scottish Opera, she has sung the title role in Semele, Adina (L’Elisir d’Amore), Zerlina (Don Giovanni), Susanna and Ilia (Idomeno). She has also appeared with the Dallas Opera, Stuttgart Opera, Royal Danish Opera, at the Göttingen Handel Festival, at the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris and on tour with the Salzburg Festival.

Equally in demand on the concert platform, highlights have included appearances with the Boston Symphony Orchestra and Levine, the Berlin Philharmonic with Rattle, the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra with Gergiev, the Dresden Staatskapelle with Ticciati, the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra with Chung, the Accademia Santa Cecilia with Adès, the London Philharmonic Orchestra with Jurowski, the Budapest Festival Orchestra with Fischer and the New York and Vienna Philharmonic Orchestras with Harding.

For Hyperion Lisa Milne has recorded songs by Haydn, Ireland and traditional Scottish folksongs, as well as Vivaldi and Handel with The King’s Consort.

Askonas Holt Ltd, Lincoln House, 300 High Holborn, London WC1V 7JH; email info@askonasholt.co.uk ; www.askonasholt.co.uk

'Debussy: Songs, Vol. 2' (CDA67883)
Debussy: Songs, Vol. 2
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'Handel: The Occasional Oratorio' (CDA66961/2)
Handel: The Occasional Oratorio
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'Haydn: Songs' (CDH55355)
Haydn: Songs
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'Ireland: Songs' (CDA67261/2)
Ireland: Songs
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'Land of Heart's Desire' (CDH55204)
Land of Heart's Desire
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'MacCunn: Land of the mountain and the flood & other orchestral works' (CDA66815)
MacCunn: Land of the mountain and the flood & other orchestral works
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'Vivaldi: Sacred Music, Vol. 1' (CDA66769)
Vivaldi: Sacred Music, Vol. 1
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'Vivaldi: The Complete Sacred Music' (CDS44171/81)
Vivaldi: The Complete Sacred Music
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'A Treasury of English Song' (HYP30)
A Treasury of English Song
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'The King's Consort Baroque Collection' (KING4)
The King's Consort Baroque Collection
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Alphabetical listing of all musical works
A day in the cornfield, I a-reapin'  First line to Islay Reaper's Song (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
A ho hi … hirrum bo! Early sails she to the reiving  First line to The Reiving Ship (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
A Spinning Song (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
A Thirteenth-century Love Lilt (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Aignish on the machair (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
An Eriskay love lilt (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
An Eriskay Lullaby (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Ariettes oubliées, L63 (Debussy)
As down by the shore I wander early at morn  First line to Isle of my Heart (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Aye, my lad, I've borne my creel  First line to The Crone's Creel (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Baby  No 6 of Mother and child (Ireland)
Bed in summer (Ireland)
Benbecula Bridal Procession (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Birds at the Fairy Fulling (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Caristiona (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
C'est l'extase  No 1 of Ariettes oubliées, L63 (Debussy)
Chevaux de bois  No 4 of Ariettes oubliées, L63 (Debussy)
Dance to your shadow (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Dans l'ennui si désolément vert  First line to De fleurs, No 3 of Proses lyriques, L90 (Debussy)
De fleurs  No 3 of Proses lyriques, L90 (Debussy)
De grève  No 2 of Proses lyriques, L90 (Debussy)
De rêve  No 1 of Proses lyriques, L90 (Debussy)
De soir  No 4 of Proses lyriques, L90 (Debussy)
Death-parting  No 7 of Mother and child (Ireland)
Despair, Hob XXVIa:28 (Haydn)
Dimanche sur les villes  First line to De soir, No 4 of Proses lyriques, L90 (Debussy)
Dixit Dominus, RV594 (Vivaldi)
Earth's call 'A sylvan rhapsody' (Ireland)
Esurientes  Movement 6 of Magnificat, RV610a (Vivaldi)
Far from this throbbing bosom haste  First line to Pleasing pain, Hob XXVIa:29 (Haydn)
Far I hear the galloping galley  First line to The Ship at Sea (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Fidelity, Hob XXVIa:30 (Haydn)
Green  No 5 of Ariettes oubliées, L63 (Debussy)
Heart of Fire-love (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Her song  No 2 of Three Songs to poems by Thomas Hardy (Ireland)
Hope  No 3 of Mother and child (Ireland)
I dal a du vil, I dal a du ho ro  First line to The cockle gatherer (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
I have twelve oxen (Ireland)
I love a lass (Dumbiedykes)  Excerpt 2 of Jeanie Deans (MacCunn)
If there were dreams to sell (Ireland)
Il pleure dans mon cœur  No 2 of Ariettes oubliées, L63 (Debussy)
In pride, high, leapest thou  First line to The Leaping Galley (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Islay Reaper's Song (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Isle of my Heart (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Jeanie Deans (MacCunn)
Kirsteen (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Kishmul's Galley (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
La nuit a des douceurs de femmes!  First line to De rêve, No 1 of Proses lyriques, L90 (Debussy)
Lad and lass thegither  First line to Loch Broom Love Song (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Land of Heart's Desire (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Late at night alone in the sheiling  First line to The Uncanny Mannikin of the Cattlefold (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Lauda, Jerusalem, RV609 (Vivaldi)
Les roses étaient toutes rouges  First line to Spleen, No 6 of Ariettes oubliées, L63 (Debussy)
Loch Broom Love Song (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Loch Leven Love Lament (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
L'ombre des arbres  No 3 of Ariettes oubliées, L63 (Debussy)
Love and friendship  No 1 of Three Songs 1926 (Ireland)
Love gave I to thee, my lover  First line to A Spinning Song (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Magnificat, RV610a (Vivaldi)
Mother and child (Ireland)
Musette  Act 3 No 1, Symphony Part 2 of The Occasional Oratorio (Handel)
My babe on a curling green wave  First line to An Eriskay Lullaby (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
My mother bids me bind my hair  First line to Pastoral song, Hob XXVIa:27 (Haydn)
Newborn  No 1 of Mother and child (Ireland)
Now the dancing sunbeams play  First line to The mermaid's song, Hob XXVIa:25 (Haydn)
O Brighde! 'Tis seaward, the dreamland, the youth land  First line to The Coolin of Rhum (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
O tuneful voice, Hob XXVIa:42 (Haydn)
Oh! would that I again (Effie)  Excerpt 10 of Jeanie Deans (MacCunn)
Out at sea, fair is she  First line to The Birlinn of the White Shoulders (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser/Bantock)
Pastoral song, Hob XXVIa:27 (Haydn)
Pleasing pain, Hob XXVIa:29 (Haydn)
Proses lyriques, L90 (Debussy)
Recollection, Hob XXVIa:26 (Haydn)
Rest  No 3 of Three Songs (Ireland)
Sailing with thee thro' seas of Erin  First line to Sea Wandering (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Sea Wandering (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Sea-longing (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser/Bantock)
Skye Water-Kelpie's Lullaby (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Skylark and nightingale  No 4 of Mother and child (Ireland)
Sleep for the day is done (Effie)  Excerpt 11 of Jeanie Deans (MacCunn)
Sleeps the noon in the deep blue sky (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Sore sea-longing in my heart  First line to Sea-longing (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser/Bantock)
Spleen  No 6 of Ariettes oubliées, L63 (Debussy)
Summer schemes  No 1 of Three Songs to poems by Thomas Hardy (Ireland)
Sur la mer les crépuscules tombent  First line to De grève, No 2 of Proses lyriques, L90 (Debussy)
The adoration  No 1 of Three Songs (Ireland)
The anguish of my bursting heart  First line to Despair, Hob XXVIa:28 (Haydn)
The Birlinn of the White Shoulders (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser/Bantock)
The Black Loorgin 'A Hebridean Seafaring Song' (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
The blind boy  No 5 of Mother and child (Ireland)
The cockle gatherer (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
The Coolin of Rhum (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
The Crone's Creel (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
The garland  No 8 of Mother and child (Ireland)
The Harper (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
The journey (Ireland)
The Leaping Galley (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
The mermaid's song, Hob XXVIa:25 (Haydn)
The Occasional Oratorio (Handel)
The only child  No 2 of Mother and child (Ireland)
The rat  No 2 of Three Songs (Ireland)
The Reiving Ship (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
The season comes when first we met  First line to Recollection, Hob XXVIa:26 (Haydn)
The Ship at Sea (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
The Uncanny Mannikin of the Cattlefold (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
The Wild Swan (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
The Witchery Milking Croon (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Thou shalt bring them in (alto)  Act 3 No 3, Aria of The Occasional Oratorio (Handel)
Three Songs (Ireland)
Three Songs 1926 (Ireland)
Three Songs to poems by Thomas Hardy (Ireland)
To God, our strength, sing loud (bass)  Act 2 No 10, Aria and Chorus of The Occasional Oratorio (Handel)
Tournez, tournez, bons chevaux de bois  First line to Chevaux de bois, No 4 of Ariettes oubliées, L63 (Debussy)
Uist Cattle Croon (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Vair me o rovan o, vair me o rovan ee  First line to An Eriskay love lilt (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Voici des fruits, des fleurs, des feuilles et des branches  First line to Green, No 5 of Ariettes oubliées, L63 (Debussy)
Weathers  No 3 of Three Songs to poems by Thomas Hardy (Ireland)
What art thou thinking of? (Ireland)
What can it be? (Jeanie)  Excerpt 3 of Jeanie Deans (MacCunn)
When I am dead, my dearest (Ireland)
While hollow burst the rushing winds  First line to Fidelity, Hob XXVIa:30 (Haydn)
Who is like unto thee, O Lord?  Act 3 No 4, Chorus of The Occasional Oratorio (Handel)
Who will walk with thee, Kirsteen  First line to Kirsteen (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
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