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Skidmore, Jeffrey (conductor)
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Jeffrey Skidmore (conductor)

Jeffrey Skidmore’s reputation as one of the UK’s leading choral directors and an ardent advocate of the importance of singing in people’s lives today is rooted in his work with Ex Cathedra, the choral ensemble he founded over forty years ago in his home city of Birmingham.

Jeffrey’s driving passion has been to refresh and reinvigorate the choral repertoire and to make it accessible to as many people as possible, both now and in the future. He and Ex Cathedra have long been known for exciting and innovative but always attractive programming, underpinned by thorough research and preparation. Under his direction, Ex Cathedra has also shown an enduring commitment to vocal education from its groundbreaking children’s singing programme, Singing Playgrounds, to the nurturing of gifted young singers at the start of their careers.

Jeffrey is a pioneer in the field of research and performance of choral works of the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and is currently researching Brazilian Baroque music. He is also a champion of contemporary choral music and has commissioned more than a dozen new works in recent years.

Directing Ex Cathedra and its associated consort and baroque orchestra, Jeffrey has appeared in many concert halls and festivals across the UK and overseas. He has made a number of highly acclaimed recordings ranging from Renaissance polyphony to Latin American and French Baroque repertoire. He has also worked with other ensembles including the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, Aalborg Sinfoniorkester and the BBC Singers. In the field of opera he has worked with Welsh National Opera, Marc Minkowski and David McVicar on the 2004 production of Semele at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées in Paris, and has given the first performances in modern times of the French Baroque operas Zaïde by Royer and Isis by Lully.

Jeffrey is a Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham and an Honorary Fellow at Birmingham Conservatoire where he is Artistic Director of the Early Music Programme. He is a regular contributor to the choral programme at Dartington International Summer School and to a wide range of choral workshops and summer schools at home and abroad.

Caroline Phillips Management, The Old Brushworks, Pickwick Road, Corsham Wiltshire,SN13 9BX England.

Telephone [0]1249 716 716; fax [0]1249 716 717.

email cphillips@caroline-phillips.co.uk. web www.caroline-phillips.co.uk

'A French Baroque Diva' (CDA68035)
A French Baroque Diva
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'Charpentier: Mass for four choirs' (CDA67435)
Charpentier: Mass for four choirs
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'Fire burning in snow' (CDA67600)
Fire burning in snow
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'Fire burning in snow – Baroque Music from Latin America' (SACDA67600)
Fire burning in snow – Baroque Music from Latin America
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'Gabrieli: Sacred Symphonies' (CDA67957)
Gabrieli: Sacred Symphonies
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'Moon, sun & all things' (CDA67524)
Moon, sun & all things
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'New World Symphonies' (CDA67380)
New World Symphonies
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'New World Symphonies – Baroque Music from Latin America' (CDA30030)
New World Symphonies – Baroque Music from Latin America
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'Peerson: Latin Motets' (CDA67490)
Peerson: Latin Motets
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'Rameau: Règne Amour' (CDA67447)
Rameau: Règne Amour
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'Lalande: Music for The Sun King' (CDA67325)
Lalande: Music for The Sun King
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'Hyperion monthly sampler – June 2014' (HYP201406)
Hyperion monthly sampler – June 2014
HYP201406  Download-only monthly sampler  
Alphabetical listing of all musical works
¡A, de la región de luces! (Araujo)
¡A, del cielo! (Araujo)
¡A, del tiempo! (Araujo)
¡Albricias, mortales! (Sumaya)
¡Aquí, Valentónes! (Araujo)
¡Ay, andar! (Araujo)
¡Fuego de amor! (Araujo)
¡Salga el torillo hosquillo! (Salazar)
¡Salga el torillo hosquillo! 'Guadalupe Juegete' (Salazar/Araujo)
¡Viva Ignacio! ¡Viva! (Fernandes)
Accordez vos sons et vos pas  No 1 from La lyre enchantée (Rameau)
Ah! quand reviendront nos beaux jours?  Prologue Scene 1 from Philomèle (Lacoste)
Air gracieux – L'Amour, le seul Amour  Extract from Dardanus (Rameau)
Amour, lance tes traits  Act 3 Scene 4 from Platée (Rameau)
Assumpta est Maria (Nivers)
Aux langueurs d'Apollon  Extract from Platée (Rameau)
Ave maris stella (Nivers)
Ave maris stella (Zipoli)
Beatus vir (Zipoli)
Cantate Domino, S72 (Lalande)
Canzon primi toni a 10, C176 (Gabrieli)
Castor et Pollux (Rameau)
C'est trop soupirer  Extract from Les Paladins (Rameau)
Christus factus est  Secunda pars of Mulieres sedentes (Peerson)
Cinquième 'O': O Oriens  Movement 6 of Salut de la veille des 'O' (Charpentier)
Convidando esta la noche (Zéspedes)
Cui luna, sol et omnia (López Capillas)
Cum caenasset Jesus et dedisset discipulis  First line to Le reniement de St Pierre (Charpentier)
Daphnis et Alcimadure (Mondonville)
Dardanus (Rameau)
Deus in adiutorium (Padilla)
Deus omnipotens (Peerson)
Deuxième 'O': O Adonai  Movement 3 of Salut de la veille des 'O' (Charpentier)
Dime, amor (Araujo)
Dios de amor (Araujo)
Dios itlazonantziné (Franco)
Dixit Dominus (Araujo)
Dixit Dominus a 3 choros (Araujo)
Domine, salvum fac regem  Movement 6 of Messe à quatre chœurs (Charpentier)
Du pouvoir de l'Amour  Extract from Pygmalion (Rameau)
Dulce Jesús mío (Anon)
Ecce non dormitabit  Secunda pars of Levavi oculos meos (Peerson)
Écoutons … D'un doux frémissement  No 3 from La lyre enchantée (Rameau)
En el muy gran Padre Ignacio (Araujo)
Exsurgat Deus, S71 (Lalande)
Exultet iam angelica turba, C131 (Gabrieli)
Formons les plus brillants concerts  Extract from Platée (Rameau)
Fra le pupille  Extract from Les Indes galantes (Rameau)
Gasouillats auzeléts  Act 1 Scene 2 from Daphnis et Alcimadure (Mondonville)
Hanacpachap cussicuinin (Anon)
Hippolyte et Aricie (Rameau)
Hodie si vocem  Movement 6 of Venite, exsultemus (Mondonville)
Honneur à la Folie – Aimables jeux  Extract from Platée (Rameau)
Honneur à la Folie – Je jeux finir – Hymen  Extract from Platée (Rameau)
Hora nona (Peerson)
In ecclesiis, C78 (Gabrieli)
Kyrie, C71-73 (Gabrieli)
La grande pièce royale, S161 (Lalande)
La lyre enchantée (Rameau)
Laboravi in gemitu meo (Peerson)
Latus eius  Secunda pars of Hora nona (Peerson)
Laudate Dominum (López Capillas)
Laudate pueri (Fiocco)
Le reniement de St Pierre (Charpentier)
Les Indes galantes (Rameau)
Les Paladins (Rameau)
Levavi oculos meos (Peerson)
Litaniae Beatae Mariae Virginis, C63 (Gabrieli)
Los coflades de la estleya (Araujo)
Magnificat (López Capillas)
Magnificat, C75 (Gabrieli)
Marche pour les différentes nations – Par tes bienfaits  Extract from Dardanus (Rameau)
Maria virgo, C35 (Gabrieli)
Menuet en rondeau – Si l'Amour coûte des soupirs  Extract from Dardanus (Rameau)
Messe à quatre chœurs (Charpentier)
Missa Ego flos campi (Padilla)
Missa San Ignacio (Zipoli)
Mulieres sedentes (Peerson)
Multa flagella peccatoris  Secunda pars of Nolite fieri (Peerson)
Musettes, résonnez – Menuet en rondeau  Extract from Les Indes galantes (Rameau)
Nolite fieri (Peerson)
O Domine Jesu Christe (Peerson)
O Jesu mi dulcissime, C24 (Gabrieli)
O Jesu mi dulcissime, C56 (Gabrieli)
O rex gloriae (Peerson)
Omnes gentes plaudite manibus, C52 (Gabrieli)
Panis angelicus  Movement of Sacris solemniis, S74 (Lalande)
Pater fili paraclete (Peerson)
Philomèle (Lacoste)
Platée (Rameau)
Premier 'O': O Sapientia  Movement 2 of Salut de la veille des 'O' (Charpentier)
Pygmalion (Rameau)
Qhapaq eterno Dios (Anon)
Quatrième 'O': O Clavis David  Movement 5 of Salut de la veille des 'O' (Charpentier)
Quid vobis videtur (Peerson)
Redemptor mundi  Secunda pars of Deus omnipotens (Peerson)
Regna terrae  Movement 5 of Exsurgat Deus, S71 (Lalande)
Règne Amour  Extract from Zoroastre (Rameau)
Régnez, Amour  Extract from Les Indes galantes (Rameau)
Rigaudon I – Rigaudon II – Fuyez, vents orageux!  Extract from Les Indes galantes (Rameau)
Rossignols amoureux  Extract from Hippolyte et Aricie (Rameau)
Sacris solemniis, S74 (Lalande)
Salut de la veille des 'O' (Charpentier)
Salut de la veille des 'O': O salutaris hostia  Movement 1 of Salut de la veille des 'O' (Charpentier)
Salve regina (Franco)
Salve regina (Rousseau)
Salve regina à trois chœurs (Charpentier)
Sancta Maria, e! (Hernández)
Septième 'O': O Emmanuel  Movement 8 of Salut de la veille des 'O' (Charpentier)
Silencio (Araujo)
Sixième 'O': O Rex gentium  Movement 7 of Salut de la veille des 'O' (Charpentier)
Soleil, fuis de ces lieux!  Extract from Platée (Rameau)
Tambourin I – Tambourin II  Extract from Dardanus (Rameau)
Tambourin I – Tambourin II – Partez!  Extract from Les Indes galantes (Rameau)
Te Deum laudamus, S32 (Lalande)
Tempête. La nuit couvre les cieux!  Extract from Les Indes galantes (Rameau)
Troisième 'O': O Radix Jesse  Movement 4 of Salut de la veille des 'O' (Charpentier)
Tu ad liberandum suscepturus hominem  Movement 9 of Te Deum laudamus, S32 (Lalande)
Tu rex gloriae  Movement 8 of Te Deum laudamus, S32 (Lalande)
Un tendre intérêt vous appelle – Tristes apprêts  Act 1 Scenes 2-3 from Castor et Pollux (Rameau)
Ut queant laxis (Araujo)
Venite, adoremus  Movement 4 of Venite, exsultemus (Mondonville)
Venite, exsultemus (Mondonville)
Venite, exsultemus, S58 (Lalande)
Versa est in luctum (Lobo)
Viderunt omnes termini terrae  Movement 5 of Cantate Domino, S72 (Lalande)
Vole, Amour, prête-moi tes armes  No 4 of La lyre enchantée (Rameau)
Vox Domini super aquas Jordanis, C64 (Gabrieli)
Xicochi conetzintle (Fernandes)
Zoroastre (Rameau)
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