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Schiager, Halgeir (organ)

Halgeir Schiager (organ)

Halgeir Schiager was born 1955 at Biri near Gjøvik, Norway, and in 1979 he graduated as an organist from the Norwegian State Academy of Music where he studied the organ with Magne Elvestrand. He continued his education in Munich and Strasbourg, where he studied with Professor Franz Lehrndorfer and Professor Daniel Roth respectively. He made his debut in the Oslo Concert Hall in 1985. Schiager has given concerts in many European countries and made radio recordings in Germany and Norway. He has also taken part in a number of highly acclaimed CD recordings. He has been member of the jury by international organ competitions. At present Halgeir Schiager is organist in Grefsen Church in Oslo.

'Eben: Organ Music, Vol. 1 – Job' (CDA67194)
Eben: Organ Music, Vol. 1 – Job
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'Eben: Organ Music, Vol. 2 – Faust' (CDA67195)
Eben: Organ Music, Vol. 2 – Faust
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'Eben: Organ Music, Vol. 3' (CDA67196)
Eben: Organ Music, Vol. 3
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'Eben: Organ Music, Vol. 4' (CDA67197)
Eben: Organ Music, Vol. 4
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'Eben: Organ Music, Vol. 5' (CDA67198)
Eben: Organ Music, Vol. 5
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Alphabetical listing of all musical works
A Festive Voluntary 'Variations on Good King Wenceslas' (Eben)
Acceptance of suffering  Movement 3 of Job (Eben)
Campanae gloriosae (Eben)
Chorale Fantasy 'Amen, es werde wahr' (Eben)
Da Christus geboren war  No 1 of Ten Chorale Preludes (Eben)
Despair and resignation  Movement 5 of Job (Eben)
Destiny  Movement 1 of Job (Eben)
Die Nacht ist kommen  No 2 of Ten Chorale Preludes (Eben)
Due preludi festivi per organo (Eben)
Easter choirs  Movement 4 of Faust (Eben)
Epilogue  Movement 9 of Faust (Eben)
Es geht daher des Tages Schein  No 3 of Ten Chorale Preludes (Eben)
Es sind doch selig alle, die  No 4 of Ten Chorale Preludes (Eben)
Faith  Movement 2 of Job (Eben)
Faust (Eben)
Festivo I  No 1 of Due preludi festivi per organo (Eben)
Festivo II  No 2 of Due preludi festivi per organo (Eben)
Four Biblical Dances (Eben)
Gloria 'Prelude 2' (Eben)
God's reward  Movement 8 of Job (Eben)
Gretchen  Movement 6 of Faust (Eben)
Hinunter ist der Sonne Schein  No 5 of Ten Chorale Preludes (Eben)
Hommage à Buxtehude (Eben)
Hommage à Henry Purcell (Eben)
Ich dank dir schon durch deinen Sohn  No 6 of Ten Chorale Preludes (Eben)
Jesu Kreuz, Leiden und Pein  No 7 of Ten Chorale Preludes (Eben)
Job (Eben)
Kleine Choralpartita über O Jesu, all mein Leben bist du (Eben)
Landscapes of Patmos (Eben)
Laudes (Eben)
Lob Gott getrost mit singen  No 8 of Ten Chorale Preludes (Eben)
Longing for death  Movement 4 of Job (Eben)
Momenti d'organo (Eben)
Moto Ostinato  Movement 3 of Sunday Music (Eben)
Mutationes for one or two organs (Eben)
Mysterium  Movement 2 of Faust (Eben)
Mystery of Creation  Movement 6 of Job (Eben)
Okna 'Windows' (Eben)
Penitence and realization  Movement 7 of Job (Eben)
Prelude 1 (Eben)
Prologue  Movement 1 of Faust (Eben)
Protestant Chorales (Eben)
Requiem  Movement 7 of Faust (Eben)
Song of the beggar with the hurdy-gurdy  Movement 3 of Faust (Eben)
Sonne der Gerechtigkeit  No 9 of Ten Chorale Preludes (Eben)
Student songs  Movement 5 of Faust (Eben)
Sunday Music (Eben)
Ten Chorale Preludes (Eben)
The dance of David before the Ark of the Covenant  No 1 of Four Biblical Dances (Eben)
The dance of Jephtha's daughter  No 3 of Four Biblical Dances (Eben)
The dance of the Shulamite  No 2 of Four Biblical Dances (Eben)
The wedding in Cana  No 4 of Four Biblical Dances (Eben)
Triptychon (Eben)
Two Chorale Fantasies (Eben)
Versetti (Eben)
Walpurgis night  Movement 8 of Faust (Eben)
Wohlauf, die ihr hungrig seid  No 10 of Ten Chorale Preludes (Eben)
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