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Archer, Malcolm (conductor)
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Malcolm Archer (conductor)

Malcolm Archer was educated at King Edward VII and Queen Mary School, Lytham before studying at the Royal College of Music (as an RCO scholar). He was later organ scholar at Jesus College, Cambridge. His organ teachers include Ralph Downes, Gillian Weir, and Nicolas Kynaston and he studied composition with Herbert Sumsion and Alan Ridout. Malcolm Archer's first posts were at Bristol Cathedral and Norwich Cathedral. Archer was appointed Organist and Master of the Choristers at Wells Cathedral in 1996 where he directed and trained the Cathedral choir for its daily services in the Cathedral, as well as being the Musical Director for Wells Cathedral Oratorio Society. He has made several recordings with the choir to critical acclaim. He took over as organist and Director of Music at St Paul's from John Scott in 2004. In August 2007 he took up a new position as Director of Chapel Music and Organist at Winchester College, where he is in charge of the Winchester College Chapel Choir as well as teaching the organ. Archer is also a distinguished and popular composer of church music, and has over 200 published compositions.

'Howells: Choral Music' (CDH55456)
Howells: Choral Music
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'The English Hymn, Vol. 1 – Christ Triumphant' (CDP12101)
The English Hymn, Vol. 1 – Christ Triumphant
Buy by post £8.50 CDP12101 
'The English Hymn, Vol. 2 – Jerusalem the Golden' (CDP12102)
The English Hymn, Vol. 2 – Jerusalem the Golden
Buy by post £8.50 CDP12102 
'The English Hymn, Vol. 3 – Hills of the north, rejoice' (CDP12103)
The English Hymn, Vol. 3 – Hills of the north, rejoice
Buy by post £8.50 CDP12103 
'The English Hymn, Vol. 4 – All things bright and beautiful' (CDP12104)
The English Hymn, Vol. 4 – All things bright and beautiful
Buy by post £8.50 CDP12104 
'The English Hymn, Vol. 5 – Lead, kindly Light' (CDP12105)
The English Hymn, Vol. 5 – Lead, kindly Light
Buy by post £8.50 CDP12105 
Alphabetical listing of all musical works
A Hymn for St Cecilia (Howells)
A Sequence for St Michael (Howells)
A Spotless Rose  No 2 of Three Carol-Anthems (Howells)
Abbot's Leigh (Taylor)
Abends (Oakeley)
Abide with me  First line to Eventide (Monk/Archer)
Ah, holy Jesu, how hast thou offended  First line to Herzliebster Jesu (Crüger)
Alberta (Harris)
All glory, laud and honour  First line to St Theodulph (Teschner)
All my hope on God is founded  First line to Michael (Howells)
All things bright and beautiful (Monk)
All things which live below the sky  First line to Jackson (Jackson)
Alleluia! Alleluia! Hearts to heav'n and voices raise  First line to Lux Eoi (Sullivan)
Angel Voices (Monk)
Angel-voices ever singing  First line to Angel Voices (Monk)
At the name of Jesus  First line to Evelyns (Monk)
Aurelia (Wesley)
Aus der Tiefe (Herbst)
Away in a manger (Kirkpatrick/Archer)
Benedictus  Canticle 2 of St George's Windsor Service (Howells)
Blaenwern (Rowlands/Frogatt)
Blest are the pure in heart  First line to Franconia (Havergal)
Bow Brickhill (Nicholson)
Breathe on me, breath of God  First line to Carlisle (Lockhart)
Brightest and best are the sons of the morning  First line to Epiphany (Thrupp)
Brother James' Air (Bain/Archer)
Buckland (Hayne)
Bunessan (Anon)
Carlisle (Lockhart)
Children of the heavenly king  First line to Lübeck (Anon)
Christ is made the sure foundation  First line to Westminster Abbey (Purcell)
Christ is our cornerstone  First line to Harewood (Wesley)
Christ triumphant, ever reigning  First line to Guiting Power (Barnard)
Christmas Carol (Davies)
Coe Fen (Naylor)
Collegium Regale 'King's College Cambridge Service' (Howells)
Come down, O love divine  First line to Down Ampney (Vaughan Williams)
Come, Holy Ghost, our souls inspire  First line to Veni Creator (Anon)
Come, ye faithful, raise the strain  First line to St John Damascene (Brown)
Converse (Converse)
Corvedale (Bevan)
Crown him with many crowns  First line to Diademata (Elvey)
Cuddesdon (Ferguson)
Cwm Rhondda (Hughes)
Cypress Court (Ferguson)
Daisies are our silver  First line to Glenfinlas (Finlay)
Darwall's 148th (Darwall/Gray)
Day of rest (Elliott)
Dear Lord and Father of mankind  First line to Repton (Parry)
Diademata (Elvey)
Divinum Mysterium (Anon)
Down Ampney (Vaughan Williams)
Drop, drop, slow tears  Strain 1 of Song 46 (Gibbons)
East Acklam (Jackson)
Ellers (Hopkins)
Engelberg (Stanford)
Epiphany (Thrupp)
Eudoxia (Baring-Gould)
Evelyns (Monk)
Eventide (Monk/Archer)
Everton (Smart)
Ewing (Ewing/Monk)
Faithfulness (Runyan)
Father, hear the prayer we offer  First line to Cypress Court (Ferguson)
Firmly I believe and truly  First line to Shipston (Anon/Vaughan Williams)
For all the Saints who from their labours rest  First line to Sine nomine (Vaughan Williams)
For all the Saints who from their labours rest  First line to Engelberg (Stanford)
For the beauty of the earth  First line to Lucerna Laudoniae (Evans/Arthur)
For the fruits of his creation  First line to East Acklam (Jackson)
Forty days and forty nights  First line to Aus der Tiefe (Herbst)
Four Anthems (Howells)
Four Anthems to the Blessed Virgin Mary (Howells)
Franconia (Havergal)
From out of a wood did a cuckoo fly  First line to The Birds (Anon)
From the eastern mountains  First line to Cuddesdon (Ferguson)
Fulda (Gardiner)
Gentle Jesus, meek and mild  First line to Innocents (Anon)
Gerontius (Dykes/Archer)
Give me the wings of faith to rise  First line to San Rocco (Williams)
Glenfinlas (Finlay)
Glorious things of thee are spoken  First line to Abbot's Leigh (Taylor)
God be in my head (Davies)
God my Father, loving me  First line to Vienna (Knecht)
Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost  First line to Guildford Cathedral (Ives)
Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost  First line to Lake MacDonald (Archer)
Great is thy faithfulness  First line to Faithfulness (Runyan)
Guide me, O thou great redeemer  First line to Cwm Rhondda (Hughes)
Guildford Cathedral (Ives)
Guiting Power (Barnard)
Hail the day that sees him rise  First line to Llanfair (Williams)
Hail, gladdening Light  First line to Sebaste (Stainer)
Harewood (Wesley)
Hark what a sound, and too divine for hearing  First line to Highwood (Terry)
He who would valiant be  First line to Monks Gate (Anon/Vaughan Williams)
Here is the little door  No 1 of Three Carol-Anthems (Howells)
Hereford (Wesley)
Herongate 'In Jesse's City' (Anon/Vaughan Williams)
Herzliebster Jesu (Crüger)
Highwood (Terry)
Hills of the north, rejoice  First line to Little Cornard (Shaw)
Holy Spirit, ever dwelling  First line to Salisbury (Howells)
Holy, Holy, Holy! Lord God Almighty!  First line to Nicaea (Dykes)
Horbury (Dykes)
Horsley (Horsley)
How shall I sing that majesty  First line to Coe Fen (Naylor)
I bind unto myself today  First line to St Patrick's Breastplate (Anon/Stanford)
I love all beauteous things (Howells)
I vow to thee, my country  First line to Thaxted (Holst)
I, the Lord of sea and sky 'Here I am Lord' (Schutte)
In Memoriam (Stainer)
Innocents (Anon)
It is a thing most wonderful  First line to Herongate 'In Jesse's City' (Anon/Vaughan Williams)
Jackson (Jackson)
Jerusalem the Golden  First line to Ewing (Ewing/Monk)
Jesu, the very thought of thee  First line to St Botolph (Slater)
Jesus good above all other  First line to Quem pastores laudavere (Anon)
Jesus, friend of little children  First line to Westridge (Shaw)
Jesus, tender Shepherd, hear me  First line to Shipston (Anon)
Jubilate  Morning Canticle 2 of Collegium Regale 'King's College Cambridge Service' (Howells)
King of Glory, King of Peace  First line to Redland (Archer)
Lake MacDonald (Archer)
Laudate Dominum (Parry)
Laudes Domini (Barnby)
Lead, kindly light  First line to Sandon (Purday)
Lead, kindly Light, amid the encircling gloom  First line to Alberta (Harris)
Like a mighty river flowing  First line to Old Yeavering (Tredinnick)
Like as the hart desireth the waterbrooks  No 4 of Four Anthems (Howells)
Little Cornard (Shaw)
Little Jesus, sweetly sleep  First line to Rocking (Anon/Willcocks)
Living Lord (Appleford)
Llanfair (Williams)
Lord Jesus Christ  First line to Living Lord (Appleford)
Lord Jesus, think on me  First line to St Paul's (Stainer)
Lord of all hopefulness  First line to Slane (Anon/Routley)
Lord of the Dance (Anon/Carter)
Lord of the Years (Baughen)
Lord, enthroned in heavenly splendour  First line to St Helen (Martin)
Lord, for the years your love has kept and guided  First line to Lord of the Years (Baughen)
Lord, her watch thy church is keeping  First line to Everton (Smart)
Love divine, all loves excelling  First line to Blaenwern (Rowlands/Frogatt)
Love Unknown (Ireland)
Loving Shepherd of thy sheep  First line to Buckland (Hayne)
Lübeck (Anon)
Lucerna Laudoniae (Evans/Arthur)
Lux Eoi (Sullivan)
Lydia (Phillips)
Maccabaeus (Handel)
Magnificat  Canticle 1 of New College Service (Howells)
Magnificat  Evening Canticle 1 of Collegium Regale 'King's College Cambridge Service' (Howells)
Michael (Howells)
Michael, Archangel, of the King of Kings  First line to A Sequence for St Michael (Howells)
Monks Gate (Anon/Vaughan Williams)
Morning has broken  First line to Bunessan (Anon)
My song is love unknown  First line to Love Unknown (Ireland)
Nearer, my God, to thee  First line to Horbury (Dykes)
New College Service (Howells)
Nicaea (Dykes)
Now the day is over  First line to Eudoxia (Baring-Gould)
Nunc dimittis  Canticle 2 of New College Service (Howells)
Nunc dimittis  Evening Canticle 2 of Collegium Regale 'King's College Cambridge Service' (Howells)
O for a thousand tongues to sing  First line to Lydia (Phillips)
O God, you search me and you know me (Farrell)
O Jesus, I have promised  First line to Day of rest (Elliott)
O Jesus, I have promised  First line to Wolvercote (Ferguson)
O little town of Bethlehem  First line to Christmas Carol (Davies)
O perfect love (Barnby)
O praise ye the Lord!  First line to Laudate Dominum (Parry)
O pray for the peace of Jerusalem  No 1 of Four Anthems (Howells)
O strength and stay upholding all creation  First line to Strength and stay (Dykes)
O thou who camest from above  First line to Hereford (Wesley)
Of the Father's heart begotten  First line to Divinum Mysterium (Anon)
Old Yeavering (Tredinnick)
On Jordan's bank the Baptist's cry  First line to Winchester New (Anon/Archer)
Onward, Christian soldiers  First line to St Gertrude (Sullivan)
Palms of glory (Maclagan)
Palms of glory, raiment bright  First line to Palms of glory (Maclagan)
Praise the Lord of heaven  First line to Vicars' Close (Archer)
Praise to the holiest in the height  First line to Gerontius (Dykes/Archer)
Praise, my soul (Goss)
Praise, my soul, the King of heaven  First line to Praise, my soul (Goss)
Quem pastores laudavere (Anon)
Redland (Archer)
Repton (Parry)
Rocking (Anon/Willcocks)
Rockingham (Miller)
Salisbury (Howells)
Salve regina  No 4 of Four Anthems to the Blessed Virgin Mary (Howells)
San Rocco (Williams)
Sandon (Purday)
Saviour, again to thy dear name we raise  First line to Ellers (Hopkins)
Sebaste (Stainer)
Shipston (Anon)
Shipston (Anon/Vaughan Williams)
Sine nomine (Vaughan Williams)
Sing for the morning's joy, Cecilia, sing  First line to A Hymn for St Cecilia (Howells)
Sing lullaby  No 3 of Three Carol-Anthems (Howells)
Slane (Anon/Routley)
Song 46 (Gibbons)
St Botolph (Slater)
St Clement (Scholefield/Archer)
St Fulbert (Gauntlett)
St George's Windsor Service (Howells)
St Gertrude (Sullivan)
St Helen (Martin)
St John Damascene (Brown)
St Patrick's Breastplate (Anon/Stanford)
St Paul's (Stainer)
St Theodulph (Teschner)
Stories of Jesus (Challinor)
Stowey (Anon)
Strength and stay (Dykes)
Sun of my soul, thou Saviour dear  First line to Abends (Oakeley)
Te Deum  Canticle 1 of St George's Windsor Service (Howells)
Te Deum  Morning Canticle 1 of Collegium Regale 'King's College Cambridge Service' (Howells)
Tell me the stories of Jesus  First line to Stories of Jesus (Challinor)
Tell out, my soul  First line to Woodlands (Greatorex)
Thaxted (Holst)
The Birds (Anon)
The Church's one foundation  First line to Aurelia (Wesley)
The day thou gavest, Lord, is ended  First line to St Clement (Scholefield/Archer)
The Lord's my shepherd  First line to Brother James' Air (Bain/Archer)
There is a green hill far away  First line to Horsley (Horsley)
There's a Friend for little children  First line to In Memoriam (Stainer)
There's a wideness in God's mercy  First line to Corvedale (Bevan)
Thine be the glory  First line to Maccabaeus (Handel)
Thornbury (Harwood)
Three Carol-Anthems (Howells)
Thy hand, O God, has guided  First line to Thornbury (Harwood)
Veni Creator (Anon)
Vicars' Close (Archer)
Vienna (Knecht)
We have a gospel to proclaim  First line to Fulda (Gardiner)
We plough the fields and scatter  First line to Wir pflügen (Schulz)
We sing the praise of him who died  First line to Bow Brickhill (Nicholson)
Westminster Abbey (Purcell)
Westridge (Shaw)
What a friend we have in Jesus  First line to Converse (Converse)
When a knight won his spurs  First line to Stowey (Anon)
When I survey the wondrous Cross  First line to Rockingham (Miller)
When morning gilds the skies  First line to Laudes Domini (Barnby)
Winchester New (Anon/Archer)
Wir pflügen (Schulz)
Wolvercote (Ferguson)
Woodlands (Greatorex)
Ye choirs of New Jerusalem  First line to St Fulbert (Gauntlett)
Ye holy angels bright  First line to Darwall's 148th (Darwall/Gray)
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