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'Bantock: Orchestral Music' (CDS44281/6)
Bantock: Orchestral Music
Buy by post £33.00 CDS44281/6  6CDs Boxed set (at a special price)  
'Bantock: Thalaba the Destroyer & other orchestral works' (CDA67250)
Bantock: Thalaba the Destroyer & other orchestral works
Buy by post £13.99 (ARCHIVE SERVICE) CDA67250  Archive Service; also available on CDS44281/6  
'Schubert: The Complete Songs' (CDS44201/40)
Schubert: The Complete Songs
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'Songs by Schubert's contemporaries' (CDJ33051/3)
Songs by Schubert's contemporaries
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Alphabetical listing of all musical works
Camel Caravan  Extract of Omar Khayyám (Bantock)
Heraus in eure Schatten, rege Wipfel  First line to Monolog der Iphegenia (Reichardt)
Monolog der Iphegenia (Reichardt)
Omar Khayyám (Bantock)
Prelude  Extract of Omar Khayyám (Bantock)
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