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Aldeburgh Young Musicians

Aldeburgh Young Musicians (AYM) is a distinctive Centre for Advanced Training (CAT) designed to realize the artistic potential of 45 exceptionally talented young musicians (8-18 years) across a wide range of music. AYM combines a bespoke curriculum for each member with a collaborative exchange of creative ideas, taught by leading performers, including many Aldeburgh alumni who they can aspire to be. Forming part of Aldeburgh Music’s artistic development ladder and performance programme, AYM is shaping the musicians of tomorrow and is rapidly gaining a national reputation for pushing the boundaries of what young musicians can achieve. The young musicians rub shoulders with the professionals, working together as equals, rather than in a more traditional teacher/student setting. AYM is less about formal teaching and more about encouragement to question and experiment, using their talents to explore new ways of working, including creating new music and performing in different styles. Recent performances have included: The Royal Festival Hall and Clore Ballroom (Sound Moves - March 2010), Pumphouse, Aldeburgh Festival (June 2010), The Moller Centre, Cambridge (July 2010), the Snape Proms (August 2010), Spirit Level, Southbank Centre (March 2011) and the Spitalfields Festival (June 2011) – as part of Road to Jericho.

'Pitts: Jerusalem-Yerushalayim' (1EMJ2O)
Pitts: Jerusalem-Yerushalayim
1EMJ2O  Download only   Studio Master FLAC & ALAC downloads available
Alphabetical listing of all musical works
Adam Shet Enosh  First line to Prelude (chorus) –, Movement 1a of Jerusalem-Yerushalayim (Pitts)
Jerusalem-Yerushalayim (Pitts)
The peace of Jerusalem  Movement 13 of Jerusalem-Yerushalayim (Pitts)
Though the mountains be removed  First line to The peace of Jerusalem, Movement 13 of Jerusalem-Yerushalayim (Pitts)
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