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Hannah Partridge (soprano)

'Beyond all mortal dreams' (CDA67832)
Beyond all mortal dreams
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'Howells: Requiem & other choral works' (CDA67914)
Howells: Requiem & other choral works
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Alphabetical listing of all musical works
Four Anthems to the Blessed Virgin Mary (Howells)
I heard a voice from heaven  Movement 6 of Requiem (Howells)
I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills  First line to Psalm 121, Movement 4 of Requiem (Howells)
O saviour of the world  First line to Salvator mundi, Movement 1 of Requiem (Howells)
Psalm 121  Movement 4 of Requiem (Howells)
Psalm 23  Movement 2 of Requiem (Howells)
Requiem (Howells)
Requiem aeternam I  Movement 3 of Requiem (Howells)
Requiem aeternam II  Movement 5 of Requiem (Howells)
Salvator mundi  Movement 1 of Requiem (Howells)
Salve regina  No 4 of Four Anthems to the Blessed Virgin Mary (Howells)
The Lord is my shepherd  First line to Psalm 23, Movement 2 of Requiem (Howells)
Tonight eternity alone (Clausen)
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