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Pearce, Alison (soprano)
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Alison Pearce (soprano)

Alison Pearce is a young soprano whose reputation is now firmly established in the United Kingdom as a concert and oratorio singer and recitalist. She has an extensive repertoire and has received world wide recognition for her recordings of Celtic music. Born in Bath, she studied at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, where she gained an Associate Diploma with distinction in performance. She then studied with Pierre Bernac in Paris and more recently with Gerhard Husch in Munich. In 1977 she won the Arts Council of Creat Britain Miriam Licette Scholarship and a distinguished second place in the Kathleen Ferrier Memorial Competition. Her many awards and distinctions include first prize in the Grimsby International Competitions for Singers 1980, and the top soprano award among 53 entries at the 1983 s-Hertogenbosch International Singing Competition in the Netherlands. In addition to her many appearances overseas, Alison Pearce has in recent years become a regular and favourite artist at the Three Choir Festival where she has sung in such works as the Elgar oratorios and the Verdi Requiem. She sang in the first performance of the reconstructed Mussorgsky Mass with Worcester Cathedral Choir and the Royal Liverpool Philharmonie under Donald Hunt, and in Mahler's Eighth Symphony with the RLPO under Libor Pesek.


Haydn: The Rising of the Lark
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My Lagan Love – other songs of Ireland
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Songs of the Hebrides
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Complete works available for download

A Hebridean Sea-Reiver's Songwith Susan Drake (harp)
A Spinning Songwith Susan Drake (harp)
A young maid stood in her father's gardenwith Susan Drake (harp)
Ailein Duinn 'A Harris Love Lament'with Susan Drake (harp)
An Eriskay Lullabywith Susan Drake (harp)
An island spinning songwith Susan Drake (harp)
Caristionawith Susan Drake (harp)
Dobbin's Flowery Valewith Susan Drake (harp)
Draherin-o-Machree 'Little Brother of my Heart'with Susan Drake (harp)
I have a bonnet trimmed with bluewith Susan Drake (harp)
I will walk with my lovewith Susan Drake (harp)
In know where I'm goin'with Susan Drake (harp)
Islay Reaper's Songwith Susan Drake (harp)
Isle of my Heartwith Susan Drake (harp)
Johnny O'Reillywith Susan Drake (harp)
Kirsteenwith Susan Drake (harp)
Little Boatswith Susan Drake (harp)
Loch Broom Love Songwith Susan Drake (harp)
My Lagan Lovewith Susan Drake (harp)
O heartling of my heartwith Susan Drake (harp)
Oh! where are the swifts and the swallows gone?with Susan Drake (harp)
Sea Wanderingwith Susan Drake (harp)
Sea-longingwith Susan Drake (harp)
She moved thro' the fairwith Susan Drake (harp)
The Birlinn of the White Shoulderswith Susan Drake (harp)
The Castle of Dromorewith Susan Drake (harp)
The Coolin of Rhumwith Susan Drake (harp)
The Crone's Creelwith Susan Drake (harp)
The Dear Irish Boywith Susan Drake (harp)
The Death Farewellwith Susan Drake (harp)
The Drinaun Donn 'The Brown Thorn'with Susan Drake (harp)
The Gartan Mother's Lullabywith Susan Drake (harp)
The Leaping Galleywith Susan Drake (harp)
The leprehaunwith Susan Drake (harp)
The next market daywith Susan Drake (harp)
The Reiving Shipwith Susan Drake (harp)
The Ship at Seawith Susan Drake (harp)
The Star of the County Downwith Susan Drake (harp)
The Uncanny Mannikin of the Cattlefoldwith Susan Drake (harp)
The verdant braes of Skreenwith Susan Drake (harp)
Ullapool Sailor's Songwith Susan Drake (harp)
JOSEPH HAYDN (1732-1809)
All through the night 'The Widow's Lament'with Susan Drake (harp)
Away, my herd, under the green oakwith Susan Drake (harp)
David of the White Rock 'The Dying Poet to his Harp'with Susan Drake (harp)
Jenny's Mantlewith Susan Drake (harp)
The Ash Grove 'Sir Watkyn's Dream'with Susan Drake (harp)
The break of daywith Susan Drake (harp)
The crystal groundwith Susan Drake (harp)
The Despairing Bardwith Susan Drake (harp)
The dimpled cheekwith Susan Drake (harp)
The lambs' fold vale 'David of the Blue Stone'with Susan Drake (harp)
The March of the Men of Harlechwith Susan Drake (harp)
The minstrelsy of Chirk Castlewith Susan Drake (harp)
The rising of the larkwith Susan Drake (harp)
The rising sunwith Susan Drake (harp)
The Sleeping Beautywith Susan Drake (harp)

Alphabetical listing of all musical works

A day in the cornfield, I a-reapin'  
A Hebridean Sea-Reiver's Song (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
A ho hi … hirrum bo! Early sails she to the reiving  
A maid goin' to Comber her markets to larn  
A Spinning Song (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
A young maid stood in her father's garden (Anon/Hughes)
Ailein Duinn 'A Harris Love Lament' (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
All through the night 'The Widow's Lament' (Haydn)
A-moaning thou, my own dear one  
An Eriskay Lullaby (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
An island spinning song (Anon)
As down by the shore I wander early at morn  
Away, my herd, under the green oak (Haydn)
Aye, my lad, I've borne my creel  
Caristiona (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Come every shepherd with his love  
Come, sweetest composer of grief and pain  
Dauntless sons of Celtic sires  
David of the White Rock 'The Dying Poet to his Harp' (Haydn/Owen)
Dobbin's Flowery Vale (Anon)
Draherin-o-Machree 'Little Brother of my Heart' (Anon)
Far I hear the galloping galley  
Fare thee well, my sun and moon light  
Hug ò in ò! When winds do blow, sea reivers know the maddening music  
I gaze upon those mountains, that mingle with the sky  
I grieve when I think on the dear happy days of youth  
I have a bonnet trimmed with blue (Anon/Hughes)
I once loved a boy and a bold Irish boy  
I will walk with my love (Anon/Hughes)
In a shady nook one moonlit night  
In days of ancient story  
In know where I'm goin' (Anon)
In pride, high, leapest thou  
In the vale of Llangollen a cottage is seen  
Islay Reaper's Song (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Isle of my Heart (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Jenny's Mantle (Haydn)
Johnny O'Reilly (Anon)
Kirsteen (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Lad and lass thegither  
Late at night alone in the sheiling  
Little Boats (Anon)
Loch Broom Love Song (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Love gave I to thee, my lover  
My babe on a curling green wave  
My Connor his cheeks are as ruddy as morning  
My Lagan Love (Anon)
My young love said to me, “My mother won’t mind  
Near to Banbridge town, in the County Down  
O Brighde! 'Tis seaward, the dreamland, the youth land  
O heartling of my heart (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
O welcome bat and owlet grey  
October winds lament around the Castle of Dromore  
Of late I'm captivated by a handsome young man  
Oh! where are the swifts and the swallows gone? (Anon)
'Oh, I'll not sit on the grass,' she said  
One came before her and said, beseeching  
One morning fair as Phoebus bright his radiant charms display'd  
Out at sea, fair is she  
Sailing with thee thro' seas of Erin  
Sea Wandering (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Sea-longing (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser/Bantock)
See, O see, the breaking day  
She moved thro' the fair (Anon)
Sir Watkyn intending  
Sleep on, and dream of heaven a while  
Sleep, O babe, for the red bee hums  
Softly, softly sing  
Sore sea-longing in my heart  
The Ash Grove 'Sir Watkyn's Dream' (Haydn)
The Birlinn of the White Shoulders (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser/Bantock)
The break of day (Haydn)
The busy hours of day are o'er  
The Castle of Dromore (Anon)
The Coolin of Rhum (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
The Crone's Creel (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
The crystal ground (Haydn)
The Dear Irish Boy (Anon)
The Death Farewell (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
The Despairing Bard (Haydn)
The dimpled cheek (Haydn)
The Drinaun Donn 'The Brown Thorn' (Anon)
The Gartan Mother's Lullaby (Anon)
The lambs' fold vale 'David of the Blue Stone' (Haydn)
The Leaping Galley (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
The leprehaun (Anon/Joyce/Hughes)
The March of the Men of Harlech (Haydn)
The minstrelsy of Chirk Castle (Haydn)
The next market day (Anon/Hughes)
The Reiving Ship (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
The rising of the lark (Haydn)
The rising sun (Haydn)
The Ship at Sea (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
The Sleeping Beauty (Haydn)
The Star of the County Down (Anon/Hughes)
The Uncanny Mannikin of the Cattlefold (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
The verdant braes of Skreen (Anon)
There's never the equal of Johnny O'Reilly  
Ullapool Sailor's Song (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
What avails thy plaintive crying?  
What have I done that my Mary should fly me?  
Where Lagan stream sings lullaby  
While sad I strike the plaintive string  
Who my heart has free from sorrow deep unbound  
Who will walk with thee, Kirsteen