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Royal Holloway Choir

Royal Holloway Choir

Royal Holloway is one of the largest colleges in the University of London with an excellent reputation for teaching and research. Founded as a women’s college in 1886, the College is located in Egham, Surrey, and housed in an extraordinary Victorian building inspired in design by a grand French château. Contained within this Founder’s Building is a beautiful gilded chapel, with sculptures by Ceccardo Fucigna, as well as a Picture Gallery containing one of the world’s most important and finest collections of Victorian paintings.

The present mixed-voice choir is made up of student choral scholars, currently funded by generous support from Santander, who undertake a busy schedule of services, concerts, tours, recordings and broadcasts. The choir has developed a particular reputation for the performance of music from the Baltic region through their performances and recordings for Hyperion. The choir also enjoys close collaborations with living composers and has had many works written for it, including most recently by Richard Rodney Bennett, Gabriel Jackson and James MacMillan.


Hymns to Saint Cecilia
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Hyperion monthly sampler – November 2014
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HYP41Super-budget price sampler
Dubra: Hail, Queen of Heaven & other choral works
Hansson: Endless border & other choral works
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Kõrvits: Kreek's Notebook
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Miškinis: Choral Music
Philips: Cantiones sacrae octonis vocibus
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Complete works available for download

Veni Sancte Spirituswith Gawain Glenton (cornett), Rupert Gough (organ), Rupert Gough (conductor)
Verses on Saint Cecilia's Daywith Rupert Gough (conductor) NEW
SIR ARTHUR BLISS (1891-1975)
Sing, mortals!with Rupert Gough (conductor), Matthew Searles (organ) NEW
Hymn to Saint Cecilia, Op 27with Rupert Gough (conductor), Sophie Edwards (soprano), Samantha Cobb (soprano), Leilani Barratt (alto), James Gallimore (tenor), Amon-Ra Twilley (bass) NEW
Ave Maria Iwith Rupert Gough (conductor)
Ave Maria IIIwith Rupert Gough (conductor)
Duo Seraphimwith Rupert Gough (conductor)
Felix namque es …with Rupert Gough (conductor)
Gloria Patriwith Rupert Gough (conductor)
Hail, Queen of Heavenwith Rupert Gough (conductor)
Hodie Christus natus estwith Rupert Gough (conductor)
Miserere meiwith Rupert Gough (conductor)
Missa de Spiritu Sanctowith Rupert Gough (conductor), Alexander Norman (organ)
Oculus non viditwith Rupert Gough (conductor)
Stetit Angeluswith Rupert Gough (conductor)
Ubi caritaswith Rupert Gough (conductor)
SIR GEORGE DYSON (1883-1964)
Live for ever, glorious Lordwith Rupert Gough (conductor), William Mason (organ), Jessica Smith (soprano) NEW
JOHN GARDNER (1917-2011)
A Song for St Cecilia's Day, Op 119with Rupert Gough (conductor), Matthew Searles (organ) NEW
BO HANSSON (b1950)
Endless borderwith Rupert Gough (conductor)
For as the rainwith Rupert Gough (conductor), William Baldry (organ)
Lighten mine eyeswith Rupert Gough (conductor)
Missa breviswith Rupert Gough (conductor), William Baldry (organ)
Salve reginawith Rupert Gough (conductor)
Som när handen 'As when day dawns'with Rupert Gough (conductor)
The place amongst the treeswith Rupert Gough (conductor)
Then I heard the singingwith Rupert Gough (conductor)
A Hymn for St Ceciliawith Rupert Gough (conductor), William Mason (organ) NEW
La musiquewith Dame Felicity Lott (soprano), Rupert Gough (conductor) NEW
Kreegi vihik 'Kreek's Notebook'with Rupert Gough (conductor)
The night is darkening round mewith Kate Telfer (soprano), Rupert Gough (conductor)
Cecilia Virgowith Rupert Gough (conductor) NEW
Lugums naktij 'Prayer to the night'with Rupert Gough (conductor)
Ave Maria IIwith Rupert Gough (conductor)
Ave Maria IIIwith Rupert Gough (conductor)
Dum medium silentiumwith Rupert Gough (conductor)
Neišeik, saulala 'Don't leave me, sun'with Rupert Gough (conductor), Gillian Franklin (soprano)
O magnum mysteriumwith Rupert Gough (conductor)
O sacrum conviviumwith Rupert Gough (conductor)
Oi šala, šala 'Oh, it's getting cold'with Rupert Gough (conductor)
Pater nosterwith Rupert Gough (conductor)
Salve reginawith Rupert Gough (conductor)
Seven O Antiphonswith Rupert Gough (conductor)
Tenebrae factae suntwith Rupert Gough (conductor)
Time is endlesswith Rupert Gough (conductor)
PETER PHILIPS (1560/1-1628)
Alma redemptoris mater a 8with Rupert Gough (conductor)
Beata Dei genitrix a 8with The English Cornett and Sackbut Ensemble, Rupert Gough (conductor)
Beati estiswith The English Cornett and Sackbut Ensemble, Rupert Gough (conductor)
Benedictus Deus nosterwith The English Cornett and Sackbut Ensemble, Rupert Gough (conductor)
Benedictus Dominuswith The English Cornett and Sackbut Ensemble, Rupert Gough (conductor)
Caecilia virgowith The English Cornett and Sackbut Ensemble, Rupert Gough (conductor)
Ecce panis angelorum a 8with The English Cornett and Sackbut Ensemble, Rupert Gough (conductor)
Gaudens gaudebowith The English Cornett and Sackbut Ensemble, Rupert Gough (conductor)
Hodie nobis de caelowith The English Cornett and Sackbut Ensemble, Rupert Gough (conductor)
Jubilate Deo omnis terrawith The English Cornett and Sackbut Ensemble, Rupert Gough (conductor)
O quam suavis est a 8 IIwith Rupert Gough (conductor)
Regina caeli laetare a 8with The English Cornett and Sackbut Ensemble, Rupert Gough (conductor)
Salve regina, vita, dulcedowith Rupert Gough (conductor)
Fatamorgana 'Mirage'with Rupert Gough (conductor)
In memoriamwith Rupert Gough (conductor)
BERNARD ROSE (1916-1996)
Feast Song for Saint Ceciliawith Rupert Gough (conductor), Sophie Edwards (soprano), Louise Laprun (alto), Jack Wilde (tenor) NEW
Silence and Musicwith Rupert Gough (conductor) NEW

Alphabetical listing of all musical works

A Hymn for St Cecilia (Howells)
A Song for St Cecilia's Day, Op 119 (Gardner)
All that is good flies heavenwards  
Alma redemptoris mater a 8 (Philips)
Ave Maria I (Dubra)
Ave Maria II (Miškinis)
Ave Maria III (Dubra)
Ave Maria III (Miškinis)
Beata Dei genitrix a 8 (Philips)
Beati estis (Philips)
Benedictus Deus noster (Philips)
Benedictus Dominus (Philips)
Caecilia virgo (Philips)
Cecilia Virgo (MacMillan)
Dum medium silentium (Miškinis)
Duo Seraphim (Dubra)
Ecce panis angelorum a 8 (Philips)
Endless border (Hansson)
Fatamorgana 'Mirage' (Plakidis)
Feast Song for Saint Cecilia (Rose)
Felix namque es … (Dubra)
For as the rain (Hansson)
Four Choral Songs, Op 53 (Elgar)
From harmony, from heav'nly harmony  
Gaudens gaudebo (Philips)
Gloria Patri (Dubra)
Hail, Queen of Heaven (Dubra)
Hark, my soul, how everything  
Hodie Christus natus est (Dubra)
Hodie nobis de caelo (Philips)
How long wilt thou forget me, O Lord?  
Hymn to Saint Cecilia, Op 27 (Britten)
I am in need of music that would flow  
Ienac mana setina  
In a garden shady this holy lady  
In memoriam (Plakidis)
Jubilate Deo omnis terra (Philips)
Kas kaiteja man dziedat? –  
Kreegi vihik 'Kreek's Notebook' (Kõrvits)
La musique (Jackson)
Lenda üles kurbtusest  
Let there be dark: a veiling  
Lighten mine eyes (Hansson)
Live for ever, glorious Lord (Dyson)
Lugums naktij 'Prayer to the night' (Maskats)
Ma kiitlen ükspäinis neist verisist haavust  
Ma vaatan üles mäele  
Meza virinš  
Minu hing, oh ole rõõmus  
Miserere mei (Dubra)
Missa brevis (Hansson)
Missa de Spiritu Sancto (Dubra)
Nakts …  
Neišeik, saulala 'Don't leave me, sun' (Miškinis)
Nüüd ole, Jeesus, kiidetud  
Nüüd on see päev ju lõppenud –  
O Adonai  
O Clavis David  
O Emmanuel  
O magnum mysterium (Miškinis)
O Oriens  
O quam suavis est a 8 II (Philips)
O Radix Jesse  
O Rex gentium  
O sacrum convivium (Miškinis)
O Sapientia  
Oculus non vidit (Dubra)
Oh võta, armas Jeesus, vastu mult –  
Oi šala, šala 'Oh, it's getting cold' (Miškinis)
Pater noster (Miškinis)
Regina caeli laetare a 8 (Philips)
Salve regina (Hansson)
Salve regina (Miškinis)
Salve regina, vita, dulcedo (Philips)
Seven O Antiphons (Miškinis)
Silence and Music (Vaughan Williams)
Silence, come first: I see a sleeping swan  
Sing for the morning's joy, Cecilia, sing  
Sing, mortals! (Bliss)
Slowly rises the narrow whirl of longing  
Som när dagen gryr  
Som när handen 'As when day dawns' (Hansson)
Stetit Angelus (Dubra)
Su hooleks ennast annan ma  
Tenebrae factae sunt (Miškinis)
The night is darkening round me (Kõrvits)
The place amongst the trees (Hansson)
Then I heard the singing (Hansson)
Then, her hands extended and her eyes fixed on the sky  
There is sweet music  
Time is endless (Miškinis)
Tuksnešu karstos puteklos  
Ubi caritas (Dubra)
Veni Sancte Spiritus (Anon/Philips)
Verses on Saint Cecilia's Day (Bennett)
When Planets first their stately measures trod  
When the sun with great flashes of grandeur  

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