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Goldner String Quartet

Goldner String Quartet

Launched in 1995, the Goldner String Quartet is named after Richard Goldner, founder of the original Musica Viva Australia. The players are all well known to Australian and international audiences through solo performances and recordings, and their concurrent membership of the Australia Ensemble (resident at the University of New South Wales). All four members have occupied principal positions in organizations such as the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and Australian Chamber Orchestra.

The Goldner String Quartet regularly appears at major music festivals around Australia in addition to national tours for Musica Viva. They made their debut at London’s Wigmore Hall in 1997, and in New York (at the 92nd St Y) in 2001. In 2011 they celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the Music in the Hunter festival, where they appear annually. The quartet’s members have been a mainstay of the Australian Festival of Chamber Music in Townsville since 1993. In 2000 they performed a major retrospective of twentieth-century string quartets at the Adelaide Festival, and in 2004 performed their first complete Beethoven cycle in Sydney for Musica Viva. They have collaborated with many international artists including Piers Lane, Boris Berman, Philippe Cassard, Steven Osborne, Ian Munro, Irina Schnittke and Malcolm Bilson.

'Arensky & Taneyev: Piano Quintets' (CDA67965)
Arensky & Taneyev: Piano Quintets
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'Bloch: Piano Quintets' (CDA67638)
Bloch: Piano Quintets
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'Bridge: Piano Quintet, String Quartet & Idylls' (CDA67726)
Bridge: Piano Quintet, String Quartet & Idylls
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'Dvořák: Piano Quintets Opp 5 & 81' (CDA67805)
Dvořák: Piano Quintets Opp 5 & 81
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'Elgar: Piano Quintet & String Quartet' (CDA67857)
Elgar: Piano Quintet & String Quartet
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'Harty: String Quartets & Piano Quintet' (CDA67927)
Harty: String Quartets & Piano Quintet
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'Pierné: Piano Quintet; Vierne: String Quartet' (CDA68036)
Pierné: Piano Quintet; Vierne: String Quartet
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'Taneyev & Arensky: Piano Quintets' (CDA67965)
Taneyev & Arensky: Piano Quintets
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'Vierne: String Quartet; Pierné: Piano Quintet' (CDA68036)
Vierne: String Quartet; Pierné: Piano Quintet
Buy by post £10.50 CDA68036  Studio Master FLAC & ALAC downloads available
Alphabetical listing of all musical works
Alpestre: Allegretto  No 2 of Paysages (Bloch)
Night (Bloch)
North: Moderato molto  No 1 of Paysages (Bloch)
Paysages (Bloch)
Piano Quintet in A minor, Op 84 (Elgar)
Piano Quintet in D major, Op 51 (Arensky)
Piano Quintet in E minor, Op 41 (Pierné)
Piano Quintet in F major, Op 12 (Harty)
Piano Quintet in G minor, Op 30 (Taneyev)
Piano Quintet No 1 (Bloch)
Piano Quintet No 1 in A major, Op 5 (Dvořák)
Piano Quintet No 2 (Bloch)
Piano Quintet No 2 in A major, Op 81 (Dvořák)
Piano Quintet, H49a (Bridge)
String Quartet in D minor, Op 12 (Vierne)
String Quartet in E minor, Op 83 (Elgar)
String Quartet No 1 in F major, Op 1 (Harty)
String Quartet No 2 in A minor, Op 5 (Harty)
String Quartet No 4, H188 (Bridge)
Three Idylls, H67 (Bridge)
Tongataboo: Allegro  No 3 of Paysages (Bloch)
Two Pieces (Bloch)
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