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see also Stevie Wishart (symphony)

see also Stevie Wishart (medieval fiddle)

Stevie Wishart developed her musical studies at the University of York, the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, and with a Vicente Canada Blanch Fellowship at Oxford University.

As the founder-director of Sinfonye since 1986, Stevie Wishart has been pioneering a new approach to the medieval repertory, combining performance practices from certain traditional musics with historical research. Such explorations have also influenced her own compositions which reflect the sonorous overlaps between medieval and traditional musics, and contemporary and experimental idioms.

Recent performance projects have spanned both medieval and contemporary repertoires. These include reconstructing the recently discovered Cantigas de Amor by Dom Dinis of Portugal (1261-1325) for a world premiere at the 1992 Utrecht Festical. and devising a multi-media presentation of the Symphony of Celestial Revelations by Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179) for the 1992 Adelaide, York and Exeter Festivals and BBC Radio. Sinfonye were also filmed for the documentary on improvisation presented by Derek Bailey.

With her own music, Wishart collaborated with four Sydney musicians to compose and perform in a dance-music piece, The Square of Infinity (directed by Tess de Quincey), which was initiated and premiered in the isolated dry bed of Lake Mungo, New South Wales and in Sydney, and collaboratively composed the soundtrack for a film version. She devised a new piece with the music-text group, the Machine for Making Sense. Recent performances have included those for the London Musicians' Collective (LMC) Festival, London and the Fabrik Jazz, Zurich. This was the culmination of a project to collaborate with an octet of women improvisers from various European countries.

'Christmas through the ages' (NOEL1)
Christmas through the ages
NOEL1  Super-budget price sampler — Download only  
'Gabriel's Greeting – Medieval English Christmas Music' (CDH55151)
Gabriel's Greeting – Medieval English Christmas Music
with Sinfonye
Buy by post £5.50 CDH55151  Helios (Hyperion's budget label)  
'The Courts of Love – Music from the time of Eleanor of Aquitaine' (CDH55186)
The Courts of Love – Music from the time of Eleanor of Aquitaine
with Sinfonye
Buy by post £5.50 CDH55186  Helios (Hyperion's budget label)  
'The sweet look and the loving manner' (CDA66625)
The sweet look and the loving manner
with Sinfonye
CDA66625  Deleted  
Alphabetical listing of all musical works
A chantar m'er (La Comtesse de Die/Wishart)
Avant hier en un vert pre (Anon)
Ave Maria, virgo virginum (Anon/Wishart)
Bele Doette as fenestres se siet (Anon)
Bele Emmelos (Audefroi le Bastart)
Bona domna, un conseil vos deman (Anon)
Can vei la lauzeta mover (Bernart de Ventadorn)
C'est desoz l'olive en mi les prez (Anon)
C'est la gieus en mi les prez (Anon)
Conortz, era sai ben (Bernart de Ventadorn)
Domna N'Almucs, si-us plages (Iseut de Capio/Almuc de Castelnau)
Ecce mundi gaudium (Anon/Wishart)
Era-m cosselhatz, senhor (Bernart de Ventadorn)
Estampie on 'Vide miser et iudica' (Anon/Wishart)
Estat ai en greu cossirier (La Comtesse de Die)
Et une chambre cointe et grant/ET GAUDEBIT (Anon)
Gabriel fram evene king (Anon/Wishart)
Gabriel fram evene king. Untexted realization (Anon/Wishart)
Kalenda maia ni fueills de faia. Instrumental version (Raimbaut de Vaqueiras)
Kalenda maia ni fueills de faia. Vocal version (Raimbaut de Vaqueiras)
La jus desouz l'olive (Anon)
Li debonnaires Dieus (Anon)
Lolay, lolay. Als I lay on Yoleis night (Anon/Wishart)
L'on dit q'amors est dolce chose (Anon)
Main s'est levee Aëlis/NE (Anon)
Miri it is – Estampie (Anon/Wishart)
Mout m'abelist quant le voi (Marie de Dregnau de Lille)
Na Carenza (Carenza, Alais, Iselda)
Na Maria (Beatritz de Romans)
Non es meravelha s'eu (Bernart de Ventadorn)
Nowell, nowell, nowell! This is the salutacyon of the angell Gabryell (Anon/Wishart)
Por coi me bait me maris (Anon)
Procedenti puero (Anon/Wishart)
Quant flours et glais (Gace Brulé)
Quant je voi la noif remise (Gace Brulé)
Quant voi le tens bel et cler (Gace Brulé)
Quant voi renverdir (Gace Brulé)
Salva nos, stella maris (Anon/Wishart)
Salve, virgo virginum (Anon/Wishart)
S'anc fuy belha ni prezada. Instrumental version (Cadenet)
S'anc fuy belha ni prezada. Vocal version (Cadenet)
Se be-m partetz, mala dompna, de vos (Gui d'Ussel)
S'ie-us quer conselh, bell' ami' Alamanda (Giraut de Bornelh)
Soufrés, maris (Anon)
Ther is no rose of swych vertu (Anon/Wishart)
Ther is no rose of swych vertu. Instrumental realization (Anon/Wishart)
Tout leis en mi les prez/DOMINUS (Anon)
Toute seule, passerai (Anon)
Untitled instrument piece (Anon/Wishart)
Ut iam cesset calamitas (Anon/Wishart)
Vide miser et iudica / Vide miser et cogita / Wynter (Anon)
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