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Frayling-Cork, Isobel (clarsach)
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Isobel Frayling-Cork (clarsach)

'Songs of Scotland' (CDH55336)
Songs of Scotland
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Alphabetical listing of all musical works
A fairy's love song (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
An Eriskay love lilt (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Hush-a-ba, birdie, croon, croon (Anon/Moffat)
I dal a du vil, I dal a du ho ro  First line to The cockle gatherer (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Speed, bonnie boat, like a bird on the wing  First line to The Skye boat song (Anon)
The cockle gatherer (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
The Skye boat song (Anon)
Vair me o rovan o, vair me o rovan ee  First line to An Eriskay love lilt (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Why should I sit and sigh, puin' bracken, puin' bracken  First line to A fairy's love song (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
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