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Roberts, Timothy (fortepiano)
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Timothy Roberts (fortepiano)

see also Timothy Roberts (organ/regal)

see also Timothy Roberts (harpsichord/spinet/virginals)

see also Timothy Roberts (conductor)

Timothy Roberts is an early-keyboard specialist, working as an accompanist, director or soloist on harpsichord, organ, fortepiano or clavichord in many areas of music from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century. He is principal keyboard player of The Gabrieli Consort and Players, appearing on many of their award-winning discs. He has toured widely with His Majestys Sagbutts and Cornetts. In the field of Baroque and Classical song he has accompanied many outstanding singers including Emma Kirkby, Catherine Bott, Julia Gooding, Rufus Müller and John Mark Ainsley. Directing his own ensemble, Invocation, he has made a series of pioneering recordings of Georgian vocal music for Hyperion. His many recitals have ranged from Renaissance harpsichord works to sonatas by Mozart and by British composers.

Timothy was born in London, was a music scholar at Cambridge University and studied harpsichord at The Guildhall School of Music under the late Christopher Kite, and with Jill Severs. He has published numerous editions of early music, most recently with Oxford University Press.

'Benda: Cephalus and Aurora' (CDA66649)
Benda: Cephalus and Aurora
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'Haydn and his English Friends' (CDA67150)
Haydn and his English Friends
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'O tuneful voice' (CDA66497)
O tuneful voice
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'The Romantic Music' (CDA66740)
The Romantic Music
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'While shepherds watched' (CDH55325)
While shepherds watched
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Alphabetical listing of all musical works
A shepherd lov'd a nymph so fair (Pinto)
Ave Maria! maiden mild!  First line to Ellen's Song (Attwood)
Belise starb, und sprach im Scheiden (Benda)
Cephalus und Aurore (Benda)
Das Andenken (Benda)
Die Lüfte deckte noch der dunkle Flor der Nacht  First line to Cephalus und Aurore (Benda)
Drey Sommer grünet mir bereits  First line to Das Andenken (Benda)
Du fehlest mir, wie einsam und wie stille (Benda)
Du, klein Blondine, bezauberst ja schon! (Benda)
Duet in D minor on Scottish Airs (Meyer)
Ein trunkner Dichter leerte (Benda)
Ellen's Song (Attwood)
Eloisa to Abelard (Pinto)
Faulheit, itzo will ich dir (Benda)
From thee, Eliza, I must go (Pinto)
Funeral March in Honour of Beethoven (Webbe Jr.)
Go, lovely rose (Salomon)
Hark! Hark, what I tell to thee  First line to The spirit's song, Hob XXVIa:41 (Haydn)
Hark! what I tell to thee  First line to The spirit's song, Hob XXVIa:41 (Haydn)
High on the giddy bending mast  First line to Sailor's song, Hob XXVIa:31 (Haydn)
How oft, instinct with warmth divine (Haydn)
Hymning seraphs wake the morning (Handel/Taylor)
Ich liebte nur Ismenen (Benda)
I'd fain ask you a this, but in pops a that  First line to 'Tis only no harm to know it, you know (Shield)
Invocation to Nature (Pinto)
It was a winter's evening, and fast came down the snow  First line to The Distress'd Mother (Pinto)
Lieber Amor, leihe mir (Benda)
Love wakes and weeps (Webbe Jr.)
Maker of all! be thou my guard (Haydn)
Mein Geliebter hat versprochen (Benda)
Mein Thyrsis! dürft ich dir doch sagen (Benda)
Minuetto in A flat (Pinto)
Mir Armen, den des Fiebers Kraft (Benda)
Nature! sweet mistress of the pensive mind  First line to Invocation to Nature (Pinto)
O tuneful voice (Salomon)
O tuneful voice, Hob XXVIa:42 (Haydn)
Of unrecorded name  First line to The Death of the common soldier (Webbe Jr.)
Philint ist still, und flieht die Schönen (Benda)
Philint stand jüngst vor Babets Thür (Benda)
Rondo in E flat (Pinto)
Rondo on God rest you merry, gentlemen (Wesley)
Sailor's song, Hob XXVIa:31 (Haydn)
She never told her love, Hob XXVIa:34 (Haydn)
Sonata No 9 in A minor (Benda)
Sonatina No 16 in G minor (Benda)
Sonatina No 21 in F major (Benda)
Sonatina No 29 in E flat major (Benda)
Sonatina No 3 in A minor (Benda)
Sonatina No 32 in A major (Benda)
Soon as the letters trembling I unclose  First line to Eloisa to Abelard (Pinto)
The Death of the common soldier (Webbe Jr.)
The Distress'd Mother (Pinto)
The spirit's song, Hob XXVIa:41 (Haydn)
The wanderer, Hob XXVIa:32 (Haydn)
'Tis only no harm to know it, you know (Shield)
To wander alone when the moon, faintly beaming  First line to The wanderer, Hob XXVIa:32 (Haydn)
Venus, wenn du willst mich rühren (Benda)
Von nun an, o Liebe, verlaß' ich dein Reich (Benda)
What art expresses 'Dr Harington's Compliment' (Haydn)
Why still before these streaming eyes (Salomon)
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