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A Capella Portuguesa

A Capella Portuguesa specializes in the performance of music from Portugal and Spain. Founded in 1989, the choir presents a regular series of concerts in Oxford and, between 1994 and 1996, has contributed to international festivals in Lisbon, Avila (Spain), London and Regensburg (Germany). Through the integration of polyphony and chant, A Capella Portuguesa attempts to provide a sense of the liturgical context for which sacred music was composed. Bernadette Nelson, a freelance musicologist based in Oxford, was a founder member of A Capella Portuguesa. She studied music at Somerville College, Oxford, and was awarded a Senior Research Fellowship from the Vincente Cañada Blanch Foundation and a grant from the Wingate Foundation for post-doctoral research in Iberian music. Research into the musical archives at Vila Viçosa was made possible through a grant awarded by Portugal 600, London, and by kind permission of the Casa de Bragança, Lisbon. Owen Rees studied music at Cambridge and taught at Oxford before moving to the University of Surrey where he is a Reader in the Department of Music. As a musicologist and choral director he specializes in the music of the High Renaissance, and particularly the English, Spanish and Portuguese sacred repertories: his study of the manuscripts of sacred music from Santa Cruz in Coimbra was published in 1995. In addition to A Capella Portuguesa he directs the Cambridge Taverner Choir.

'Christmas through the ages' (NOEL1)
Christmas through the ages
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'Holy Week at the Chapel of the Dukes of Braganza' (CDA66867)
Holy Week at the Chapel of the Dukes of Braganza
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'Masters of The Royal Chapel, Lisbon' (CDA66725)
Masters of The Royal Chapel, Lisbon
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'Music from Renaissance Coimbra' (CDA66735)
Music from Renaissance Coimbra
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Alphabetical listing of all musical works
Alleluia (Paiva)
Alleluia. Felix es (Anon)
Ante sex dies (Anon)
Asperges me (Magalhães)
Asperges me (Mendes)
Ave maris stella (Pedro de Cristo)
Ave virgo sanctissima (Guerrero)
Beata es, Virgo Maria (Anon)
Beata viscera (Anon)
Beate martir (Pedro de Cristo)
Benedicamus Domino (Fernandez)
Caligaverunt oculi mei (Castro y Malagaray)
Circumdederunt me (Fernandez)
Clarifica me, Pater (Giorgi)
Commissa mea pavesco (Magalhães)
Converte nos, Deus (Anon)
Cum descendentibus (Morata)
Famulis tuis (Anon)
Fratres ego enim accepi (Palestrina)
Gloria, laus, et honor (Anon/Almeida)
Heu mihi, Domine (Lopez)
Hosanna filio David (Anon)
Ignatus est super nos lumen vultus tui Domine  First line to Psalm 133 'Ecce nunc benedicite', with antiphon (Anon)
In manus tuas (Pedro de Cristo)
In monte Oliveti (Almeida)
Incipit lamentatio Hieremiae prophetae  First line to Lamentation for Maundy Thursday (Anon)
Incipit lamentatio Jeremiae prophetae (Almeida)
Iube, Domine, benedicere (Anon)
La luz de vuestros ojos (Guerrero)
Lamentation for Maundy Thursday (Anon)
Miserere mei, Deus (Almeida)
Missa O soberana luz (Magalhães)
Nunc dimittis (Fernandez)
O crux benedicta (Anon)
O vos omnes (Esquivel Barahona)
Osanna filio David (Pedro de Cristo)
Panis angelicus, fit panis hominum (Rebelo)
Per omnia saecula – Dominus vobiscum – Vere dignum et iustum est (Anon)
Posuerunt super caput eius (Fernandez/Ceballos)
Psalm 133 'Ecce nunc benedicite', with antiphon (Anon)
Pueri Hebraeorum portantes (Anon)
Pueri Hebraeorum vestimenta (Victoria)
Regina caeli (Anon)
Salva nos, Domine (Pedro de Cristo)
Salvator mundi (Anon)
Salve regina (Brito)
Salve sancta parens (Anon)
Sanctorum meritis (Pedro de Cristo)
Sanctus and Benedictus (Díaz Bessón)
Te lucis ante terminum (Fernandez)
Tristis est anima mea (Lobo)
Tu autem in nobis (Anon)
Vexilla regis prodeunt (Anon)
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